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Foster Aussies
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of available dog listings: Foster, Shelter, Owner-listed and Pocket dogs. To learn about our adoption process, go to FAQs on our site. If you'd like to MEET ANY DOGS, PLEASE FILL OUT AN adoption application. This is the 1st step.

This adorable female puppy was found in Sacramento and finders tried for almost 2 months to find her owner before asking me for help. She's smart as a whip, is used to going places with her finders, inquisitive and Velcro. She's almost 6 months old and 17 pounds now, so she'll likely grow to be under 25 pounds. (But I've been wrong about this before!)

8/12 DNA RESULTS: Novak is 25% Chihuahua, 12.5% Scottish Terrier and 62.% combination of these breed groups: Companion, Guard, Asian and Sporting. WOW!

She's housebroken, very fun and sweet. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***Adoption Pending***

STAR NCAR # 1101
Star is an energetic, sweet and confident 5 year old Black Tri whose owner fell ill and couldn't exercise her anymore. Star is about 55 pounds, knows several commands, is crate trained, likes cats and is ready for agility classes or hiking, or both! Star is fostered in Sacramento.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/26***

Rufus was picked up in Auburn and had to stay in stray hold for 10 days because he was microchipped. The microchip was not registered by owner, so shelter staff had no one to contact. We rescued Rufus the first hour he was available and found him happy and Velcro.

I researched the microchip and talked to the vet clinic that bought the chip. Rufus was implanted at 5 months of age. He was a ranch Aussie in SoCal and lived with a family with two young teenagers up until January 2018 when he was given away for reasons unknown. He is 20 months old, about 46 pounds, and seems fine with all the other dogs here. He was a bit mouthy upon intake at the shelter, but was fine with our groomer. He is ultra sweet and loving in an adorable package. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at


Fuzz Lightyear NCAR # 1093
Fuzz was out of time at the San Jose shelter. He was in pain, snappy, wouldnt let the vet examine him and had flea bite dermatitis so bad that they put antibiotics in his food. Volunteers sent me videos of him and I caved. Hes doing much better now since weve given him medicated baths, have cleaned his ears which were filled with gunk, and let him come to us for pets.

Hes become a cuddle bug and would do best in a home where there arent a lot of visitors trying to pick him up! Hes about 20 pounds and some sort of terrier mix. Were guessing hes about 3-4 years old at the most. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

Trilby NCAR #1090
Trilby needs a lot of time to get over her fears that came from isolation. She is about 10 years old, 38 pounds and very sweet once she's near me and on leash. She was an outside dog all her life, and then her owners died and she ended up all alone in the back yard for 7 months while the estate was settled. Neighbors put a food bowl down for her every day, but she would only eat when they left the yard.

Although she comes when called now, and even gives me the happy dance, I advise no off-leash activity for this girl...she still scares easily. She needs a patient person, quiet household and a routine that she can adapt to easily. She is crate trained too. CATS OK.
Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***Adoption Pending***
Buddy NCAR #1086
We received a call from a man near Eureka who said Buddy and his sister, Sadie were left at the house he purchased this summer. Thankfully, their previous owners spoke with me so I learned about them. Buddy was born 4/28/06. Hes not uber energetic, but still gives me the happy dance!
He will fetch a tennis ball, and go on leash walks, and lives nicely inside the house, on a patio or in a yard. He's a content boy!
Hes an Aussie mix with a medium length tail. Hes very sweet, can live with another dog or a cat, but mostly he likes being by himself or getting pets from anyone! He was raised with 8 and 10 year old children. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at


Jasper NCAR #1072
Jasper is a 4-5 year old red Border Collie mix. He's stunning, agile and able to climb out of our 6 foot high chain link kennels. Jasper was picked up as a stray by the Apple Valley Animal Shelter and no one came for him. He was neutered 9/21/17.

This boy is quite independent, agile and capable! He is learning to play with other dogs and is OK being alone. He rarely engages play, but can hang with other dogs. He's not a fan of people he doesn't know reaching for his collar or his face....He air snaps or puts his teeth on a person's hand without much pressure.

He likes to carry around toys and can get possessive of them around other dogs, but not over the top. He wants to be near me or at least be able to see me - otherwise he'll come find me. He's really an easy boy to have around as long as one doesn't put a lot of pressure on him. He's also very food motivated. Jasper would make a nice ranch dog and sleeps fine outside or in a crate. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

Koda NCAR #1074
Koda is a 35 pound Miniature American Shepherd mix from the El Dorado County shelter. I traced his microchip and found out hes 12-13 years old and was at the Sacramento County shelter. He spent his life unaltered, and we recently had him altered.

Hes rather independent, but once near someone, will lie on his back for belly rubs. This boy is not yet trust worthy off leash, and needs a person or family to keep him close and cozy, and make him feel special. His hearing is going. Hes on the mellow side except if another dog is on the other side of his fence.....then he makes trouble! Fostered in Marysville.
Contact: Kim at

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