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Foster Aussies
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of available dog listings: Foster, Shelter, Owner-listed and Pocket dogs. To learn about our adoption process, go to FAQs on our site. If you'd like to MEET ANY DOGS, PLEASE FILL OUT AN adoption application. This is the 1st step.
Cabella is a 40 pound, 8 year old blue merle girl who is completely devoted to her person. Bella is excellent in house, Loves car rides, very obedient, and walks well on a leash. She’s easy to groom, good at the vet, has no separation anxiety and is a gentle soul.
That said, she does not like other dogs in close proximity, so should live as an only dog, and avoid other dogs coming to meet her on a leash walk. She has been a ranch dog and a suburban dog, but has fought with a neutered male Aussie in the house. This doll baby is a great companion Aussie! She just had a dental, is microchipped and UTD on all vaccines. Fostered in Alamo.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/21***

We have no history on Bandi as her owner died and there were no records. We do know that she’s spayed, and our vet guesses 10-11 years young. We’ve updated her shots and given her a dental including blood work and she's 100% healthy!

She is down to 52 pounds and working her way to 50 pounds! She’s almost deaf, enjoys pets, liked her grooming and plays fetch. She guards her ball from other dogs, so she thinks the ball is pretty special! Yet, she plays tug of war with a stuffed toy with most dogs....go figure!
She would do best as an only dog soaking up all the love and attention.

She doesn't handle lots of stairs well....can go down, but avoids going up! She handles the 3 stairs to my deck OK, and should live in a single story home. She’s stunning, loves people, including children, and is easy-going. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

Rusty was a stray who found his way into the Yolo County Shelter. He's a bit mouthy and has no training. If I put my hand near the top of his head, he hits the deck--but he's improving daily. He is not mean and likes to play with blankets and soft toys. He hasn't played fetch yet, but we'll keep trying!

He comes immediately to a whistle, and is still learning his name. He weighs about 50 pounds and needs gentle, positive guidance. We think he's about 2 years old. He'd be best in a home without other dogs or in a home with a playful, well mannered dog where he can get lots of human focused activities and training. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

KONA Courtesy listing
Kona is an timid 9 year old North American Miniature Shepherd purchased from a puppy mill. She's 20 pounds, barks at strangers, lunges on walks, but hasn't bitten anyone. She lived with a woman who basically kept her in her lap and let her outside to do her business. The woman died and Kona has no place to go.

We're looking for a quiet home where she can be held and loved, but not go on leash walks or places where she'll get scared. Kona is lovable! We're looking for a foster home or adoptive home. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

Joya turned 10 years old on March 1, 2021. She was found in her home next to her owner's body. We don't know much about her history except that she lived on a small ranch and is used to living with farm animals. She slept inside at night and is a perfect angel in the house. She was never spayed, has a growth near her vulva, and never had a dental.

We had her spayed and gave her a dental. Her tumor is a vulver tumor, it's benign and should shrink now that she's spayed. So, she's a healthy, energetic girl who is a pleasure to have around!

She is darling and an easy keeper, very spry and about 47 pounds. She was taught to chase cats off her property and never lived inside with them. She plays with my dogs, digs to find rodents and other critters, or hangs out beautifully in the house. This girl will chase animals, including deer, so fencing is a must. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

We rescued Kona and Blue (Blue was adopted in March) from a bad living situation. They lived in filth for years, with their owner gone day and night, getting infrequent visits to fill their food bowls. Neighbors finally complained about the barking and we were called.

Kona just turned 9 years old and weighs 55 pounds and is in good health. He was purchased from a breeder when he was 4-5 months old. He was an outside puppy that didnt get socialized before being sold, and didnt get much socialization in his new home and subsequently, is uneasy when meeting strangers. He grew up with 2 very young children.

He is an easy keeper, loves car rides and crates easily. He has begun to play with other dogs now, but has absolutely no leash manners. He is a formidable watch dog and barks when people visit.

Kona needs a quiet home with a fenced yard, and needs to be introduced to strangers on a leash. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

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