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Foster Aussies
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of available dog listings: Foster, Shelter, Owner-listed and Pocket dogs. To learn about our adoption process, go to FAQs on our site. If you'd like to MEET ANY DOGS, PLEASE FILL OUT AN adoption application. This is the 1st step.
Clancy NCAR #XXX
Clancy came into the Stockton Shelter as a stray and no one came for him. He seems to be a 7-8 year old Corgi/small Aussie mix because he weighs only 20 pounds. He was quite skittish when he first got here, so I had him dragging a 12 foot leash. Now he follows me everywhere, but if I reach down to pet him, he moves away. He will sit next to me on the sofa, and enjoys petting, but does not solicit it. He likes other dogs and will give chase.

I haven't seen him pick up a toy or chase a ball yet but maybe in the future he will! He's very sweet, doesn't have a bite in him and likes being inside or outside.
Contact: Kim at

Tucker NCAR #XXX
Tucker is a 9 year old blue merle who weighs about 60 pounds. He came into the Santa Cruz shelter by someone who got him from Craig's list. We traced his microchip and found that he was adopted from the shelter in Bakersfield when he was about 3 months old.
He LOVES everyone he meets and is Velcro. He needs a securely fenced yard and would do best with a doggie door to the inside. We placed him 4 months ago, but he showed us that he will find a way out of the house if he's left alone too long. He also can be leash reactive when confronted with new dogs. Best scenario is fenced yard, someone who can be with him most of the time and take him for hikes in open space. Tucker is crate trained and loves the car! Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

We rescued Roman from a recently widowed woman who needed to move from her home and couldn't take Roman with her. She and her husband bought Roman as a puppy. Roman is 5 years old, and absolutely darling! He loves all people and children, other dogs and cats. He has the sweetest disposition and a huge personality!

He has epilepsy which is under control with medication, and he hasn't had a seizure since going on medication 2 years ago. He was fed way too much and weighed a whopping 100 pounds when he came to us! We're happy to report that he is now 70 pounds! He's agile and full of fun! He can live with cats and dogs, too. He can get car sick, so we give him Cerenia before long trips. He walks well on a leash (uses an Easy Walk Harness) and is housebroken. He loves his stuffed toy and plays with it endlessly without tearing it apart.

FYI: Dogs with epilepsy can live long, happy lives. He's a darling boy who is VELCRO, and can open levered door handles to come inside to be with me. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

Blue Boy NCAR #
We received a call from an elderly woman who was desperate to find a home for Blue Boy, her 7 year old Chi-Doxie mix. No one would take him, she made endless phone calls to rescue groups and shelters and always got the same response "We're Full" So I drove to her house as her family was packing the UHaul. She was so grateful that I took him that she cried.

Blue is sweet, sweet, sweet and lived with children of all ages. Blue has one blue eye, and one amber eye, weights 14 pounds, was a DOLL at the vet where we updated all his shots and gave him a much-needed dental. He's a cuddle bunny, likes to fetch a ball, and would LOVE being an only dog or live with a small, non pushy dog. He walks easily on a leash, likes the couch and is crate trained. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

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