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Owner Listed Aussies
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings: foster, shelter, owner-listed and mixes. If you would like to meet Foster or Owner Listed dogs with the hope of finding a new family member, please fill out an adoption application and we will contact you. Please do not call to ask about a dog without first filling out an adoption application. Owner listed dogs have met the written evaluation standards required by NCAR. Owner listed dogs have not been temperament tested by NorCal Aussie Rescue volunteers unless stated otherwise. Dogs posted that are fostered by other rescue organizations such as MILO or ARPH are likely to have been temperament tested by a representative from that organization. We recommend that you inquire with the contact.
Finn is just 3 years old and had a bit of a rough start. His owners purchased him as a puppy, and did everything right ... except they found the wrong trainer when he was only 7 months old. The trainer promoted old fashioned, draconian methods for barking at the door, including pulling him off his feet and a shock collar. We all had a good cry when they told me this. They eventually found a reputable, positive method trainer who helped his reactivity immensely, but he's still too much for this couple. He can lunge at other dogs on walks, and it's hard for them to stay ahead of it. A year ago, they moved to a condo without a yard, and are gone 9 hours per day.

I met Finn and found him to be fun, biddable, and fine with my very socialized Aussies. He's not really lovey-dovey and will do well with structure and plenty of exercise. Although he runs with his owner every morning, he's 53 pounds and should be approximately 45 pounds. Finn is in San Jose. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

Brody turned 8 years old in February, 2018. Heís a well trained, 55 pound, blue merle whose owner had a major life style change that includes living with a senior Golden Retriever who Brody does not like. Brodyís owner is also working long hours and Brody isnít getting enough attention and exercise. Brody has had years of obedience and agility training. Heís received Level 4 Standard National High Point Champion at CPE Nationals in Washington, June 2012. Brody knows sit, down, stay, wait, come, heel, back, off, inside, outside and kisses.

When Brody was 6 months old, he was attacked by a dog, and has had a hard time with dogs ever since. He will sometimes want to play, but he easily gets wound up over play and toys, and can become aggressive. He is okay with strangers in public, gives an occasional bark, but has never been aggressive towards people. He has no experience being around children under 12. Heís fine by himself in the house, the yard, or in the car. He loves agility, playing with his squeeky toys and being brushed.

He'll be an incredible companion for an Aussie-savvy person who might like to do agility and/or obedience. Brody will do best without cats, other dogs or children under 12. Brody is in Concord. Application required.
Contact: Kim at

***Adoption Pending***
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