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Lost Dogs
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Lost Aussies
Please view the dogs below and help reunite these dogs with their owners if you can. Click on the images for a larger view.
Hes a 3 year old, neutered Australian Shepherd /Border Collie He is grey, white, and black...has some spotting on legs and face - brown eyes. He has a black patch over left eye and both ears are black with a white streak on his fore head. He disappeared from our home in Sonora, California on New Years Eve 2010. He had on a brown leather collar with no identification. DeNiro tends to be skittish with men but loves women and children.
We miss him terribly...
Mike and Kim Angel...
Phone 209.536.9181 or 209.352.8319

(south of Tracy on I 5)
She bolted out the door1/9 at 6 PM & no one has seen her since. Please help look for her, or if you've spotted her, contact Chelley (415) 215-2616
or email Kim at

12/7/09 - Australian Shepherd ran away last night (Arden/Sac/Carmichael)
Hi. Our Aussie got out last night and we couldn't find him last night. He's about 4 years old, pretty shy of people he doesn't know and has a white/black/brown coat. His name is Ripley. If you spot him or know where he is let me know at (916) 837-9369

Beautiful Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Dog-Gray & White Male Last seen on New Years Day near Donner Lake, in Truckee, CA Fireworks scare him and he bolted. If you have seen him, or know anything about his whereabouts, please call Don Kassler 530-587-3657 More Info

Stolen from yard between Lodi and Lockeford.
Around 4:00 PM on 1/29, a neighbor saw a man put her in his white pick up truck near Live Oak Rd. between Hwy 88 and Jack Tone Rd. in Lodi.
Tehya is a black tri, about 1 years old. She was last seen on Live Oak Rd. between Hwy 88 and Jack Tone Rd. in the Lodi area on Jan 29th in the late afternoon. If you have any information, contact Susan at or 209-406-5985.

Cali is one of the El Dorado Puppy Mill Aussies. Aussie Rescue of British Columbia fostered her and two others. Unfortunately, she slipped out of her collar on Saturday, Nov 4 and is still at large in Prince George. 1 YEAR OLD BLUE MERLE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD. FEMALE, NO TAIL. TATTOO # 207-JDS IN RIGHT EAR. BLUE EYES. CALL 250-562-6290 OR 250-563-0905 IF FOUND.

Doger dug out of Richard's yard on June 25, 2006. Richard lives on east 33rd street in Oakland between Highland Hospital and Oakland High school. Doger is 5 years old. 60 # with scars on his knees and top of paws. High strung and very, very smart. Doger actually lives and is licensed in Marin County, CA
He is a fear biter and doesn't like delivery trucks and the men in them in uniform. Whoever has him should be mindful of the responsibility that goes with keeping Doger. He is very territorial and overprotective in the area he feels he needs to guard or the persons he needs to protect. He has been recorded as biting a jogger and a CHP officer. He is also needy for attension and very well trained. He will sit or lie down with a look or by pointing at the floor. He loves tennis balls. His family, including two children, miss him very much!
Contact: Lynette Harris 415-455-8455, cell 415-297-4658,
Richard's number is 510-295-3594,

Buzz Lightyear
Buzz is a 6 year old male, blue merle, approximately 80 lbs. Click on the picture for a larger image. He was lost from the Strathmore area, 1/4 mile from highway 65. Contact

Riley disappeared in April from his home in Oroville. If you know anything about this blue eyed darling boy, please contact Kim at or Debbie at He's lanky, has a long tail, shorter coat, piercing blue eyes and very friendly.

Lucy is a Aussie/German Shepherd Mix with a gold-tan-black coat and stubby tail. She is believed to have been seen in the Discovery Park area, east & west of Northgate Avenue, south of Garden Highway in Sacramento. My family misses me VERY much!

Please contact Tracy at 916/920-5403 or 916/532-3253.

$1000 CASH REWARD! Drew is a 5 year old Australian Shepherd who was lost on 9/20/2005 in Torrance, CA. He is a blue merle with a fluffy white chest, no tail, about 50 lbs, and has partially blue eyes. He was wearing a leather collar with tags, and is tattooed. His family is heartbroken.

If you have any information about him, please call Susan at 310-213-6612.

For more information:

REWARD! Bo is a blue merle male Aussie. He's been missing since 9/3/05. He was lost in the Cloverdale-McCray Road area. His owner's are heartbroken. Please contact the following numbers with any information:

BLUE has been missing since Jan 1, 2004

8 years old, one brown and one blue eye. Last seen in Fairfield in front of our home at 11:30 PM. He jumped the fence when we were out for dinner. Neighbor saw him in front of the home at 11:30, but didnt see what happened to him.

Contact: Veronica or Mark at or 707-864-2114.

LOST or STOLEN - $1000 REWARD "Thumper"; 11 year old neutered Blue Merle male, one blue eye and one brown eye, last seen December 16th in the Poway area. His coat may be more grown out now than what the picture shows. If you have any information about the whereabouts of "Thumper", please contact Beauregard Investigations at 760-742-2432 or e-mail: or contact owner Ann Boudah at 858-829-2346 (cell) or 858-486-0748 (office) or e-mail:
One blue eye and one brown, his fur is black,brown,tan & white. He is missed greatly. Last seen on Oak Hill Dr. Placerville, approx. last week in January '03. REWARD$$$$$$$$ Australian Shepherd-PB
Placerville,CA 5306442198
Owner: Angie
Date Lost: Last week in January '03
Name: Blue
Age:8 yrs

After 16 days of being out on his own in El Doraod Hills, Wendy got a call from someone at Blue Shield stating they spotted Milo in a nearby field. Wendy called and called and finally Milo popped out and ran to her.

Contact: Kim at

Franky, Lost at Muir Beach FOUND! Family found Franky on the beach, called the shelter who never showed up so they took him home to WOODLAND! Mike, one of our adopters who lives in Esparto saw Frankie walking with his new family and gave them his owner info we had posted on our website. ALWAYS, ALWAYS HAVE A TAG ON YOUR DOG! This could have been prevented! The kids in his new home were heartbroken when he left with his former owner. Thank you Rena and Mike for getting Franky home.

Lost Aussie in the Muir Beach area - across the bridge from San Francisco, not too far from Sausalito, off Hwy 1
I'm hoping you might help find my dog Franky. He was taken from Muir Beach. He's three legged, light red & white Aussie; one silver blue eye an one brown eye. He's 11 years old. I've had him since he was a puppy. We recently lost his sister so he's been a bit forlorn an not eating well and gotten kinda skinny. Please contact me if you have any information.
Contact: John Koene 415/531-8499 or email

11/8/08 FOUND!
Oct. 30/2008: Mini Aussie lost in Antioch/Pittsburg area, Last seen on Bucannan
Red Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd
Red, brown, and white, medium length hair Blue eyes. About 14 inches tall, 17 pounds. My dog was lost on Thursday, Oct 30 at around 4 pm. He is a 3 year old miniature australian shepherd. His coloring is red merle and he has two blue eyes. His name is Blue and he is very friendly but is scared of the vet's office. If you find him please contact us. He has a blue collar with a tag that has our numbers on it as well as our address.

Our numbers are 925-330- 9224 or 925-285-9906.
Thank you so much,
Jessica and Josh
P.S. He is micro chipped. Please scan similar looking dogs!

Bean FOUND!!!
Bean -a Red Merle Aussie, 7 year old, intact male, 45-50lbs, Recently shaved to the skin except for head and feet he slipped his collar and got out of the yard 2/25/07 near the berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville border at SanPablo and Alcatrez White line down the nose with white socks, super good natured.

IF FOUND CALL: 917.526.0609/718.344.8204/510.285.6929/510.704.0140

Scout- FOUND! 9 days later! Someone saw the flyer and Scout's home!
Scout may have been stolen on 9/16. She was at a neighbor's house and people saw folks interact with her, then she was nowhere to be found. We think she went off in the car with the people.....but can't be sure. She was last seen in the 5200 block of Trophy Drive in Fairfield. She's easy to recognize - with 2 blue eyes and lots of bright white in her coat.
EMAIL: Kim at

Megan FOUND!!!!
Lost between 6:15 - 6:30 PM Wednesday on 8/23, our black tri color australian shepherd, Megan, was lost (spooked) along the multi use path in front of Mike's Bikes in Sausalito. She was last seen running north along ht epath in the vicinity of the Hwy 101 overcrossing.

Megan was found 3 days later...NEVER GIVE UP!

"Max" was lost 6/10 and reunited with his owner on 6/29 after his rescuer saw a flier in the neighborhood. Max now wears a collar with ID and is microchipped.

1/4/06 FOUND!!!!! Mikey
My name is MIKEY
I live in Reedley

FOUND!!!!! Tara
Tara is home after 2 months! Seen on the expressway dodging traffic, Tara was picked up and brought home by a woman who is a dog groomer. During a trip to the feed store, she saw the flier of Tara and called immediately.

Tara is beautifully groomed and back home with her happy and grateful family! YAHOO!


My sister has lost her Aussie, Tara. Although Tara lives with another Aussie she decided she needed to go visiting and dug out of her yard (This dog is 6 years old and has never done this before.

So.....PLEASE keep your eyes OPEN!

Tara is a very friendly, outgoing girl, a dark red tri with lots of copper and minimal white. Eileen and her family live in south San Jose near Hwy 85, between Hwy 17 and Hwy 87. Please keep Tara in mind as you check the shelters in this area or respond to any calls about Aussies.
Contact: Nancy at

Gibson, San Jose FOUND!!!!!
Gibson, a 7 year old neutered Aussie was lost July 6th in San Jose. Gibson showed up exactly one month later at the San Martin shelter...dirty, 4 lbs. lighter & very tired.

You can't be too careful or too worried during July 4th....and don't give up looking for your dog if he/she bolts!!

He was just turned into the shelter after all this time, and his owners came for him. YAHOO!

He was lost July 18, 2004 in Salinas, CA
Age: 4 years
Color: Red Tri
Gender: Male
Eyes: Amber
Tail: cropped
Ears: folded
Weight: approx. 45lbs

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