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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.
American Humane Association in Louisiana and Mississippi Coordinating Animal Rescue Effort
September 7, 2005
from Michael Lawley, Care2 and ThePetitionSite team
Dogs Stranded by Katrina
Hurricane Katrina forced many people to leave their homes and flee to public evacuation centers that do not allow pets. Now there are thousands of stranded animals facing dehydration, sickness, and starvation. The American Humane Association is working to rescue and reunite these animals with their families, but they need your help.

Hi Kim,

Tales of survival coming out of New Orleans include the rescue of dogs, cats and other family pets that had to be abandoned by families fleeing the rising water. And now help is desperately needed for the thousands of pets being rescued from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina.

A massive relief effort to care for and reunite these lost pets with their families has been launched by the American Humane Association. Please help support American Humane's animal rescue operation.

Many of the animals who survived have suffered extreme trauma and are in need of veterinary care. Finding and being reunited with their pets will be an important part of healing the shattered lives of many people who have lost their homes, their neighborhoods, their jobs, and life as they knew it before the storm.

Right now American Humane's Animal Emergency Services are in Louisiana and Mississippi coordinating a multi-state animal rescue and recovery effort. This team is rescuing animals whose owners were forced to flee in evacuations, treating animals in need of veterinary care, and providing food and supplies to shelters and pet owners.

Help the American Humane Association rescue and care for the animals and families caught in Hurricane Katrina by making a donation today.

For decades Americans have relied upon the American Humane Association to rescue and care for animals after a disaster. The organization's rescue efforts began during World War I, when they cared for injured horses. And more recently American Humane has been called upon to help the lost and abandoned animals from Hurricanes Floyd, Charlie, and Ivan.

There are thousands of stranded pets who have been left behind. They are starving, dehydrated, and filthy. They are also running out of time.

Please, your support is desperately needed to make sure American Humanes rescue efforts continue.

Thank You!

Michael Lawley
Care2 and ThePetitionSite team

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