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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.
Cali used to be Nina, who came from a puppy mill.....
Cali was one of the dogs rescued from the puppymill in El Dorado County
2/07 - Cali is in Agility, UPDATE! | 3/06 -Update on Nina (Cali)! | Original Story

Photo courtesy of Mambomutts Photography

Photo courtesy of Tracey Eide Photography

Photo courtesy of Mambomutts Photography

Cali & Ella

Cali & brother Roswell

11/08: From Cali's Mom:
Cali is still doing awesome and has gained even more confidence than the last update I did. She is now at the Masters level of agility in all the Games but still is in Advanced level for Standard. She’s definitely more Aussie than ever before and is always trying to “herd” up my other 2 dogs, much to their dismay. She’s great to take out for walks/hikes and loves to be off leash literally “hopping” around playing.

She’s looks better and more beautiful each year if that’s possible, she’ll have been with us for 3 years on Nov.10th so we call that her birthday and she’ll be 4! I’m still so very grateful to everyone involved in her rescue and rehabilitation, she’s wonderful dog who still surprises us with her love of life and willingness to learn. She’s so lovable and loyal you couldn’t ask for a better dog to be a part of you family. Her story still gets told and people are still surprised how well she’s doing, people meeting her now would never be able to tell how she started out. It makes me feel good knowing I had a part in helping her be what she is today, she repays me more each day than I could ever deserve.

2/07: From Cali's Mom:
I just wanted to give you another update on Cali (Nina) since we’ve had her for 14 months now and she’s doing awesome.

Cali is doing great; she has come even farther since I last sent an update on her. I love this girl more than I can say; she brightens my day, every day and makes me laugh so hard at times. She is full of life and such a clown, I can’t believe the flexibility this dog has and the positions she can get into! Cali has been learning agility for just over a year now and entered her first fun match back in May 2006. Boy was that fun! She actually did very well and managed to “Q” in one Jumpers and one Tunnelers course.

Cali Runs the Course

Photo courtesy of Tracey Eide Photography

I entered her in her first “real” agility trial in July 2006, it was hosted by the K9 Cliffhangers who hold a trial at this time every year, this was the same trial that the year before she made her “big break through” and pawed at Ella (foster sister) to initiate play. As this trial was the year anniversary of her big break through and helped her become the dog she is today, I wanted it to be her first ever trial. This is a very special trial to us now and always will be. She did very well for it being her first trial though we didn’t get any Q’s it was fun and it was getting her used to a judge in the ring with us and crowds watching. We have since entered 5 trials and she now has a few Q’s enough that she’s an Advanced dog in Jumpers, Gamblers and Snooker!! It took a year for Cali to except that the teeter will not kill her, this has held us back a little in trials but she just very recently conquered the teeter, so watch out here we come. I can’t wait to get her out at a trial again and have some fun. She loves agility and it has done wonders for her confidence. She now approaches people on her own, she still won’t let people just reach out and touch her but she always goes in for a sniff and to see if they have a treat for her. She has made some great human buddies from agility lessons and trials; she even wags her stubby tail for a few of them.

She of course still goes crazy when she sees her foster mum, Joanne and foster sister, Ella and lucky for us we get to see them often.

We moved at the end of last summer and I was a little concerned how Cali would handle yet another new environment but she was awesome. She did better than my other 2 dogs that have been with us since puppies. Our new house is bigger with a far bigger back yard, big enough that I can set up agility equipment and practice at home. The dogs love it and that’s how I got Cali to beat that teeter fear and to weave really well, practicing in the back yard! We’ve had some bad snow storms this winter, far more than we ever normally get and Cali loves it! She and her sister Bailey roll around in it, they bury themselves so all you can see are 2 dogs butts sticking up out of the snow, it’s very funny. I got some great video footage of all the fun snow days they had.

So Cali has become a wonderful, wonderful dog, I couldn’t dream for a better one. I can take her anywhere and let her off leash; she never goes far and always comes back to a whistle. She is so easy to train and so eager it’s a joy to work with her. She adores my other 2 dogs just as they adore her; we have all become a tight knit pack and live well balanced lives. She is one of the most well balanced dogs I’ve ever met, and I would never have thought she could be like this after how she started out. It makes me so proud to be apart of this dogs life. She is very healthy and active, she can eat a chicken back in 3 bites and bones…….I’ve never seen a dog eats bones like she does, needless to say her teeth are excellent!!

I can never thank all the people enough that helped this girl become a part of my life. I have told so many people Cali’s story and it has touched many lives, her story will hopefully let people realize how horrible puppy mills are and if given the chance the dogs for these horrible situations can be saved. I constantly let people know how it affected her and how she was a lucky one and got out early in her life, can you imagine is she hadn’t?! I try to educate people about puppy mills and back yard breeders, about adopting a rescue dog instead of going to a pet store or back yard breeder. Cali is a great example of how a rescued dog can be an amazing family member and that they deserve a second chance always!

Thanks again Kim not just for Cali but for all the other Cali’s out there that you’ve helped over the years.

Faith and a silly grin from Cali

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