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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support is greatly appreciated.
Dollie's Rescue
Dollie has a close call........ then a forever home.

Dollie graduates with a Bachelors of Puppyhood!

The "Gift"
Dollie was just an 11 week old puppy when she came to NorCal Aussie Rescue. She was purchased as a gift for a grandmother who quickly found her to be too much to handle and surrendered her to the Clovis Animal Shelter. This is not uncommon for shelters to take in dogs that were given as "Gifts" and in response, most of them have signs that read "ANIMALS ARE NOT GIFTS!" though I suspect that by the time people surrendering dogs see those signs, they have figured that out.

Sometimes you meet someone special
Dollie was a special character right from the beginning. She is a darling aussie/border collie cross and she got the best of both breeds. Even as a pup she has been independent, self-assured, smart, curious and very dog friendly. She loves everyone she meets on 2 or 4 legs. She quickly became the belle of the ball at Kim's bulging foster home.

So little to be so sick!
Not long after she was rescued by NCAR via our Fresno connection, Dollie became lethargic, running a high fever and vomiting. She tested negative for Parvo but her kennel cough had either progressed to pneumonia or she had something worse. Distemper could not be ruled out. Clearly, she was very ill. Anitbiotics were not immediately helping and Kim was not sure for close to 2 weeks if she was going to make it.

Silver lining
It's always heartbreaking when we have a dog in this kind of trouble. They are so helpless and usually so acceptingly dear as they go through treatment. Kim and Dollie really bonded during this ordeal and when the miracle of her recovery finally happened, Kim just couldn't let her go and adopted her.

Dollie mugs for the camera
Social director Dollie adopts Kim!

Dollie is now the main social director at Kim's aussie waystation. She engages the most withdrawn of dogs as well as the more social ones, helping them to adjust and have a little fun! She and Kim are going to obedience lessons and Dollie assures us she will soon have Kim completely trained.

If you are visiting Kim, you will no doubt be greeted by Dollie then see her head off to lie in the wading pool or start a wrestling session with one of the foster sibs. Dollie loves water, and Kim tells me Dollie has learned to turn on the water outside to ensure a constant supply. She's got the best of everything, a loving home, an important job to do and DOGS, DOGS, DOGS!

Below are the daily updates from the 2 weeks of illness. They start at the bottom, with the newest updates on the top.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    The Illness    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Back from the Pet Hospital, Video of Dollie & Taylor [199 KB]

Dollie at home - 6/28

Dollie cuddling with Taylor 6/28

Dollie at the Vet 6/19

7/5/05 7 am Dollie's just fine! No more coughing and she's up to her regular antics. She flies through the doggie door, runs around the yard and into the wading pool and solicits play with every dog she meets. Dollie is a fun and bright girl!

6/28/05 6 pm Dollie cames home...again. She spent three more days in the hospital and received a different antiobiotic. Her fever came down, but she still has quite a cough and goop coming from her nose. We hope she will maintain a normal temperature and keep food down for the next 48 hours. If she gets worse again, then we know she has distemper and a compromised immune system. For now, she is enjoying being back home, playing with her green stuffed elephant and playing with Cheyenne. All our paws are crossed.

6/24/05 3 pm Dollie went back into the hospital. Her temperature rose to 103.4, she was vomiting and became listless. The vet stated that kennel cough rarely progresses to pneumonia in puppies and that perhaps Dollie's immune system is weak or perhaps she has distemper. We are not sure what to expect and will post more in a few days.

6/22/05 8 pm Dollie is home!!!! She was so excited when she saw the open tailgate, she tried to jump in! She's baaaack! I take her back for another chest X Ray in 3 days to see if her pneumonia is gone...we're all hopeful that this is the end of it!

Hospital bill and take home antibiotics $1,050; Free-range chicken, white rice and cottage cheese & Pepcid AC four times daily for 3 weeks $200; Puppy kisses, hearing her squeeky toy and seeing her wildly wagging tail.....priceless!

6/22/05 7 am
Dollie is making progress! She has not thrown up for 28 hours. Small victories!

Dollie ate food out of my hand and drank some water out of her bowl. She hasn't vomited for 18 hours which is good! She is not out of the woods and will stay in isolation at the hospital at least another day and night - Distemper has not been ruled out.

6/19 6:00 PM
Dollie, the puppy, is at the emergency vet hospital with a 104 fever.
Within 3 hours she had vomited 7 times, would not drink water, and became listless. Either her kennel cough progressed to pneumonia or she's got something worse. She tested negative for Parvo. She'll be in for at least two nights to get intravenous fluids, more tests and antibiotics. We would like to replenish our medical reserve and hope you might help us pay for her hospital stay which will cost about $800. Thank you for your help.

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