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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.

Duffy's Story

This is truly the best part of my job… helping a wonderful dog who otherwise would have no chance.

This black bi-boy came into the Yuba County shelter as a stray. He has a severely mal-formed front leg, is missing two teeth, is intact, was badly matted and has dangling dew claws. He had a hard time moving around but so incredibly loving.

Duff and Carol

Duff All Clean

Duff is a star at the Vet

He’s super sweet and although very scared, allowed Carol, our resident professional groomer to brush him and give him a bath. The blow dryer scared him too much, so we elected not to use it.

He started leaning on Carol for brushing – he clearly liked his spa day! We guess him to be about7-8 years old.
We are able to help Duffy because you have given so generously to our medical fund. Please help again as his X Rays, surgeries and dental cost upwards of $2,000 and made a big dent in our Medical Fund. Thank you.

What I presumed to be a birth defect is in fact an old break to his leg…at least 3 years old. The tendons in his paw are so tight from non use, that it curled his paw inwards. The best solution is amputation which will free him up to run around with ease. He had a full blood panel to make sure he’s able to undergo surgery and a sidebar is that he’s heartworm negative….YAY!!

Duff's XRay
11/2/10: Duff's surgery was a success! Poor kid had two surgeons working on him for 3 hours. His atrophied limb, dew claws and 6 dead teeth were removed, plus he was neutered. He's on heavy pain medications, yet he walked outside to potty the very next morning and is eating fine. Thank you to Dr. Karen Mulvihill and Dr. Bertoy and everyone at Sacramento Animal Hospital for their exceptional care; to Kathy and Jon who have taken Duff into their home so he can recuperate in peace (without 22 other Aussies!) and to all the people who donated towards his surgery. We're still short $500 - help is greatly appreciated!

Duff is playful, sweet, can get along fine with other dogs and would do best in a single story home with a few stairs to yard. Leash walks aren't the best for him because he decides when he's had enough and lies down for a well deserved break! He fetches and likes plush toys and is fine with children. Fostered in Sacramento.

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