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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.
Fly and Mooch are about the sweetest Aussies you'll ever meet. They are 4 year old littermates who have lived together since birth. After a month with Kim in Sacramento, they have gone to live in their forever home. Here is the letter from their new owners!

Thank you for changing our lives!

You should be so proud of these dogs! They've done nothing but nudge their little noses into our hands for attention. They have behaved so well, that my mother declared this morning before they left for Tahoe, "This is's like they've lived here for years!"

Last night we gave them the pick of sleeping domain, and left the bedroom doors open...Mooch was easy going, he just wants lots of space and his own floor space---and sleeps through the night. Fly was a little more to handle. She jumped onto the bed with us and fell right asleep, but at about 3am, she was just sitting up, panting, and squirming around. So we took her out back to do her thing. After a few rounds of that, she was still squirmy, and we just thought, "Well, she's just anxious to be in a new place," and upon returning to the living room from the backyard, she jumped right up onto the sofa and laid her head on the armrest like it had been her perch for years...she slept like a baby the rest of the night.

They drank lots of water, so we're assuming they are just adjusting. We took them for a long walk first thing this morning, and fed them upon returning. We gave them each a green treat to clean their teeth at lunch, and we'll feed them again at dinner. They've already been for another long walk, and we're taking them to the doggie park right now, so plenty of excercise is not going to be a problem.

We found what we think is a great way to apply Mooch's ointment---while he was napping during a movie last night at about 9 o'clock, Amy just quick rubbed it on, and before he knew what happened, it was all over & his nose was looking much better already! (but he really doesn't like having it applied if he suspects it's coming).

We're brushing them on the back deck right now, and they're as happy as I think 2 dogs can be, really. I can't imagine a better home for them, and they've settled in amazingly fast. I've never seen anything like it (which is probably cause for being very cautious with them as well).

My parents were so impressed with you, the rescue, and your web site, they really wanted me to send my regards, and thank you again for making our birthdays so very special.

Amy's excited to send you photos of Mooch in his slim and trim state very soon! Again, thanks for making the drive, and you should feel really good about placing these guys with a wonderful family who's going to take such good care of them...This is really a life changing experience, and this means so much to us.

Thanks Kim, Look forward to many more photos. Tell everyone they're happy (not 'fat & happy' for long!), and they'll be living the rest of their lives with a great young couple who will bring them so much happiness!

We also want to continue making donations to Norcal Aussie Rescue every year as a special thanks for your changing our lives.

Scot & Amy

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