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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.
EARS Hurricane Katrina Alert
August 31, 2005
from Jennifer Fearing, UAN President & CEO

I know we have all been watching Hurricane Katrina's devastation unfold before our eyes on round-the-clock news coverage. Now being heralded as the single largest natural disaster ever to befall the United States, Hurricane Katrina has caused billions of dollars of property damage, killed dozens of people, left millions more stranded and/or without power and of course, left untold numbers of animals in extremely dangerous situations.

At UAN headquarters, we have already received more than 20 frantic calls and e-mails, like the one from Jodie shown at right, from evacuees from Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi who can't get home to check on the animals they left behind.

United Animal Nations' Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) has been on high alert since Katrina first began threatening over the weekend, making contact with emergency management officials in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana, offering EARS' free animal disaster relief and sheltering services.

We were just notified this morning that we are being activated to respond to Louisiana, with our first goal to assist with the rescue of a reported 175 animals who are at a Metairie animal hospital, which is now flooding. Our National Director is headed to Houston, where she will drive straight through to assess the needs and begin our deployment.

And just 36 hours after alerting our entire EARS disaster volunteer force - now more than 2,300 strong - we have more than 400 volunteers, from 44 US states and a Canadian province, who have notified us of their willingness and ability to respond when our team is called in.

Among those who have responded already are...

  • Skilled professionals: 6 animal control officers, 3 chemical capture specialists, 12 large animal rescuers, 27 veterinary technicians, 8 veterinarians, 15 wildlife rehabilitators and 9 animal shelter directors.
  • Land/Equipment Offers: 6 people have offered land in the area to serve as an EARS staging area; 15 will provide transportation; 16 horse trailers have been offered along with 2 mobile veterinary clinics, 48 trucks and 20 RVs.
  • Foster homes: 50 people have offered to foster cats; 85 to foster dogs; 18 are willing to foster horses and 34 people have offered to foster other species.
... and the offers are still coming in by the dozens each hour!

But as we await further deployment, we must continue to strengthen our forces, build up our relief capacity and save some energy for the long days ahead. And this is where you - and your friends and family - can help. Please consider a gift to our EARS disaster fund, so that when we are called in to assist disaster's most innocent victims, we can buy the supplies they need, get them the best possible veterinary care and safely shelter them until they can be reunited with their families or placed in new loving homes.

Help us keep UAN's nearly 20-year commitment through more than 60 disasters... that no animal be left behind.

Click the button below to make your gift today and help us help them.

Click this link to sign up if you are having trouble: donate today.

And there are other things you can do in addition to giving (especially if you are among those who have already shown us your generosity):

  • Please tell a friend or two or ten about our efforts and encourage them to help us help the animals in need.
  • Keep up to date with our efforts by visiting our Action Report, which is updated each morning by 9:00 a.m. PST.
  • Discuss your concerns and interests related to Hurricane Katrina online in UAN's community forums.
  • Register for an upcoming training workshop - we'll be in Hartford, CT, Portland, OR, San Antonio, TX and Atlanta, GA later this year.
Thank you again for your continuing support and for your concern for the animals' safety during this frightening time. I will stay in touch.

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