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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.
Frisbee Queen Pheobe

Phoebe and her mom were stray mini Aussies at the Tracy Animal Shelter.
Her mom was very social and was adopted right away. Phoebe stayed in the corner of the kennel and wouldn't let me near her...even with treats! I had to carry her to the car.

Once home, she wouldn't let me put a leash on her for 5 days and howled at me. She finally warmed up to me and taught me that catching a Frisbee was all she wanted to do.

This girl is the fastest runner I've seen...and she doesn't jump for the Frisbee, she soars! She tried out for Skye Dogs, a group of performing Frisbee dogs and almost toured with them. But because she kept barking at the lead trainer, he thought she might be too shy for the entertainment business and life on the road.

I fostered Phoebe for 9 months before the perfect person came along. Tiffany came to meet Phoebe 9 times in order to forge a relationship - the longest courtship in NCAR history!

Tiff never stopped believing that Phoebe was her girl. Phoebe is doing great and lives in Coloma where she gets to swim and of course....where she's the undisputed FRISBEE QUEEN!

Frisbee Queen & Tiff

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