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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.

Case Closed 5/30/07: Arthur Warren released after 6 1/2 months in jail. He pled guilty to 3 misdemeanors: Cruelty to Dogs, Failure to provide care for horses and operating without a kennel license. He paid a $270 fine. Judge dropped the felony and gun charges in a plea bargain. Warren is not allowed to own any animals. Georgia Thompson, owner of the property has her Somerset ranch for sale. Both have penalties and fees to be paid to El Dorado County Animal Control.

8/26: Arthur Warren died of lung disease.

El Dorado County Supervisors did nothing to stop this operation. El Dorado County Animal Control worked hard to make sure Arthur Warren got shut down. For this we are grateful.

Puppy Mill Bust, May 11, 2005
The Journey for dogs rescued from the El Dorado Puppy Mill

On May 11, after a tip from a person who saw the disgusting situation first hand, El Dorado County officials seized 15 purebred Aussies and 6 horses from Georgia Thompson's property in Somerset, near Placerville. Arhur Warren and Georgia Thompson had been operating an illegal puppy mill for almost 30 years without a kennel license and without documentation or registration on the puppies they sold.

Two of the 15 Aussies were too aggressive to adopt and were put down. The remaining 13 were very timid and needed special homes where they'd get socialization. El Dorado County asked us to take them. Our first group included Angel, a lethal white who is blind and so malnourished she couldn't get spayed until she gained 15 pounds.

All 13 have been adopted into loving homes. The last one to get adopted was Nina, the shyest of them all. She went to Aussie Rescue of British Columbia. We gave her her very own Feature Story because it took 6 months for her to come around. Congratulations to her foster moms!!!

Many thanks to Carol and her family for driving 3 Aussies from California to Portland, Oregon where Aussie Rescue of British Columbia picked them up. That was a long, long drive with many stops! And many thanks to Jacinta of Aussie Rescue of SoCal who took 3 more Aussies and found them forever homes.

Here are some photos of their journey.

In the shelter
Video of Dogs at Shelter [265 KB]

Being evaluated
Video of of Dogs being Evaluated & Adopted [383 KB]

In transport
At home

Angel going to her new home!

Cher and Sherry

Donna decides on Red!
More At Home

Kimmie and her new family. Her owners understand the needs of a shy dog and will make sure she continues her progress.

Kylee with her new family near LA. She's loving all the attention and training!

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