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Quick Steps to Listing a Dog
  1. Fill out the application below.

  2. Email 2 photos of your dog (head shot & full body) to

  3. Make a minimum $50 donation using PayPal or mail to:
    NorCal Aussie Rescue, Inc.
    10556 Combie Rd. #6200
    Auburn, CA 95602
    phone 530-268-1600
    fax 530-268-9911

    Amount of Contribution:

Owners who would like to place their dog through NorCal Aussie Rescue, Inc. may fill out the following listing application. Once we've agreed to list your dog on our site, we ask a $50.00 to post photos, bio of your dog and screen potential adopters.
Photographs should be emailed to
We request two photos:
  1. a standing side view; and
  2. a head shot.
When the completed application is returned to us with photos, one of our volunteers will contact you for further information. .
Your donation is greatly appreciated and will help us to continue our rescue efforts. You may make your donation with a credit card through Paypal, or mail to:

NorCal Aussie Rescue, Inc.
10556 Combie Rd. #6200
Auburn, CA 95602
phone 530-268-1600
fax 530-268-9911

We strongly prefer that you use the online web form below, but a printable form printable form is available for mailing or faxing. The form is available as a PDF (portable document format). To read or print a PDF file, you will need Adobe's Acrobat program, which is free of charge.

Listing Application
Please fill out the form completely. This form cannot be processed without a phone number. We are an adoption referral agency. Should you wish to sell your dog, we suggest you advertise through other channels.
About You
* Name
* Home Phone * Work Phone
* Email
* Address
* City * State * Zip

About Your Dog
This application is extensive as it will help us to find the best possible home. Please help us by giving us this through history.
Is this dog purebred? Yes    No
Dog's Age: Dog's Date of Birth:
Call Name: Registered Name:
Color: Weight:
Sex: Male    Female Spayed/Neutered?: Yes    No
Tail docked?: Yes    No Natural Tail Bob?: Yes    No
Housebroken? Yes    No Crate Trained? Yes    No
How long have you owned this dog?
Where did you acquire this dog?
If breeder, what is the breeder's name?
If breeder, have you notified the breeder about the need to find the dog a new home? Yes    No   
What was the breeder's response?
Was this dog adopted from a shelter or placement organization? Yes    No   
If yes, give name
Do you have a contract with the shelter of organization to return this dog? Yes    No   

About Your Dog's Medical History
Name of dog's vet: Vet Phone:
* City * State * Zip
Are your dog's shots up to date? Yes    No
Date of last DHLP-P: Date of last rabies:
When was dog last wormed and for what type? Date:       Type:  
Will you provide health records to the new owner? Yes    No
Does the dog have any physical problems? (please list)
Does the dog have any old injuries or health problems? (please list)
Does the dog have any allergies? (please list)
Is the dog on any medications? (please list)
Is the dog currently on heartworm preventative? Yes    No
If on heartworm preventative, what kind?
Is the dog currently heartworm negative? Yes    No
If unspayed female, when was the last heat cycle?
Is there a posibility the dog might be pregnant? Yes    No

About Your Dog's Lifestyle
Has this dog had obedience classes? Yes    No
If yes, what age was the dog?
If yes, did you complete the course? Yes    No
Any other training?
(tracking, guard, field, agility, herding, etc.)
If yes, who was the dog's trainer?
List commands, tricks and skills
What brand dog food does dog eat?    Dry    Canned    Both
How much does dog eat daily?
Is this an inside or outside dog? Inside    Outside
Dog has lived:
Indoors    Basement    Garage   
Loose Outside    Tied Up    Kennel Run   
Is dog allowed on the furniture? Yes    No
How active is the dog? Above Average Activity Level
Average Activity Level
Below Average Activity Level (couch potato)
Where is the dog used to sleeping?
Owner's Room    Owner's Bed    Dog House   
Garage    Patio   

About Your Dog's Behavior
How does the dog react to other dogs?
(Please be specific)
How does the dog react to strangers in public?
How does the dog react to strangers in your home?
How does the dog react to children?
(age preference)
How does the dog behave alone in the house?
How does the dog react to being alone in the car?
How does the dog react being alone in the yard?
How does the dog react walking on a lead?
Does dog have any of the following habits? (if yes, please describe)
Excessive barking
Fence Jumping
Destructive chewing
Fights with other dogs
Has dog killed or chased other animals?
(if yes, describe)
Has dog ever bitten a person?
(if yes, describe)
If yes, was the bite reported to city or county animal control? Yes    No
Was dog quarantined? Yes    No
What led to this bite?
Does dog growl or stare when you take away its food or toys?
Does dog growl or stare when you remove him from couch or trash?
Have you ever been afraid of the dog?
(if yes, describe)
Does dog snap or nip at people?
(if yes, describe)
What causes this type of behavior?
(if yes, describe)
What have you done to correct any of these habits?
(please describe)
Is there anything else the new owner should be aware of?
(please describe)
What does this dog like best?
(please describe)
What does dog fear?
(check all that apply)
Men    Children    Brooms   
Thunder    Fireworks    Vacuums   
Large Trucks    Water    Appliances   
Hands    Feet    Leashes   
Dogs    Other:  
What does this dog dislike?
(please describe)
Does this dog chase anything?
(check all that apply)
People    Children    Cats   
Livestock    Cars    Bicycles   
Skateboards    Other:  
What other animals has this dog lived with?
Does this dog get along with other animals?
(check all that apply)
Dogs (male)    Dogs (female)    Cats (indoor)  
Cats (outdoor)    Birds    Poultry/Livestock   
When leashed, does the dog lunge at other dogs? Yes    No
When leashed, does the dog lunge at people? Yes    No
Do you feel this dog is protective? Overly    Moderately    Not At All
Does this dog have any favorite toys or activities?

Final Details
Why is your dog up for adoption?
Have you tried to place the dog yourself? Yes    No
What is the most appealing thing about this dog?
What is this dogs biggest fault?
Is there anything else we should know?
Do you understand that your dog must be spayed? Yes    No
Do you understand that we may be unable to place this dog due to its age, helath, physical condition, or personality? Yes    No
May we give your phone number and the best time to call to approved clients who may be interested in your dog? Yes    No
To verify you're a human: I have a sister named Liz and a brother named Tom. Which is my female sibling?
After filling out the form, please press the Submit button below which will forward your application form to Nor Cal Aussie Rescue for processing. We reserve the right to refuse an applicant. Please do not submit the form until you have completed it - and avoid submitting it more than once.
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