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April 2011 Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Blue NCAR #717
Blue and his family.

Blue is a 1 year old blue merle whose owners couldn't care for him any longer. He likes to play fetch, has become a constant companion to his foster parents on the couch, and is an all around nice boy. He will counter surf, so leaving food on the counter is risky! He's very cunning, and won't do it in front of his foster parents. He lives with Callie, a female Aussie and is enjoying life in his foster home in Modesto.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/20/11***
Melina NCAR #XXX
Rescued from an illegal puppy mill in Washington state. We flew Pendleton, Melina, Wally and 2 others from Spokane to Sacramento May, 09. Animal Friends in Salinas took two, and Gail & Brian have been rehabilitating Melina and Wally in Walnut Creek, and we have had Pendleton at the Sanctuary.These dogs are ultra timid and need a quiet, adult only home where they will have a routine and plenty of one on one time with their people.
Melina is sweet and gentle. She’s great with other dogs, and is fine with people, as long as they don't try and pet or hug her - she will shy away from that. She does best with another solid, playful and confident dog. Her favorite time of the day is when she knows she's going for a walk. She zooms around the house, and is so excited and happy. She walks great on a leash! She will hide away in a back room, so she needs to be encouraged to come join the family. She doesn't like to be left outside. She'll run out when needed, but needs to be able to get back into the house. Still has a lot of fear issues, but she's doing great in obedience class for "special" dogs. Needs a guardian who won't expect a lot, and will be happy with small victories.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/16***

Dora NCAR #714

Dora was out of time at the Yuba County shelter and I got talked into rescuing her. She is microchipped and her owner was tracked down. Owner told shelter staff that Dora is a 2 year old mini Aussie/Rat terrier mix she got from a neighbor who owned her mother and father. She said she mostly lived in the garage and the back yard, and lived with children and cats. She also said she'd be right down to pick her up...then never did. Dora's about 20 pounds, a bit timid, but loving and sweet. NO CATS!

Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/16***
Tommy NCAR PUP #31
We rescued Tommy from the Yuba County shelter where he was out of time. He's a 5-6 year old West Highland Terrier who is friendly and oh so cute! He was an outside dog who I'm housebreaking with crate training. He's not playful with other dogs, but is hanging with them at the Sanctuary. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

Sheila was one year old on May 25, 2010 and is about 45 pounds. Her mom is an Aussie, and her Dad is an Australian Cattle Dog.

She's working on her obedience training, is housebroken, crate trained, loves the water and fetches tennis balls and Frisbees. She's eager to play with other dogs and has been accepting of all the people she's met, young and old. She's smart and energetic and would be a great candidate for herding, agility, flyball, dock jumping and athletic activities. She'd do best with a job in an active household with someone who will make her a constant companion plus give her the mental stimulation she craves. She also loves to snuggle and is happy in your lap! Fostered in Auburn.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/12***

Sundae is a smart, energetic and loyal female Lab mix. She’s 9 years young and in great, I mean GREAT shape. She’s used to off leash romps, does fine on a leash, comes when called, sits, stays and is a wonderful companion. She's not particularly playful with other dogs, but can live with one.

Her owner can no longer give her the attention and exercise she needs, so has asked us to please find her a home where she can continue her daily regimen of exercise, car trips and playing in the yard! This is a great girl who has had excellent care, including dental cleaning, and is a healthy 62 pounds. Sundae is in Grass Valley .
Contact: Kim at

Duke (now Buster) stayed at the Sanctuary for only a week before Leslie and Roland met him and fell in love. He’s going to obedience at Marin Humane and with his people’s help, has overcome most of his fears and learned to embrace life!

Duke lived his whole life outside, craving attention. He is only 11 months old and so loving and completely naďve about what the world has to offer. He was headed to the shelter for killing a chicken when a kind neighbor offered to take him. The neighbor called me and brought him to us.

Keeley NCAR #XXX
Keeley and her family

Keeley is about a year old and came into the Corning Shelter as a stray. She’s very friendly and shelter staff didn’t realize right away that she’s deaf. Fearing she won’t get the training she needs, they asked us to take her. Hand signals are easy for any Aussie to learn! Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

Sammie NCAR #713
Sammie went home with her new Aussie brother and Sister JRT. Kathy and Edward wanted a small, loving black tri girl and Sammie exceeded their expectations! She’s living in Danville and Lake Tahoe and gets to be with her new family 24/7. Lucky girl!

Sammie is a 10-15 month old, wiggly black tri girl who was a stray picked up by Yuba County Animal Control. She's very affectionate and wants to jump up for pets and hugs. She' s very friendly with everyone and plays with the other playful dogs. She does quite well on a leash and would do well to go to an obedience class in her new home. She's about 40 pounds and quite striking. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/10***

Bean, NCAR #665

Bean waited a long time before the PERFECT people adopted him! He’s going to live with his new sister Fletcher and get a ton of love, training, socialization, and did I mention LOVE?

This is a 12-16 month old, small or mini red tri. He’s shy of strangers and very submissive…not a great dog for children, or busy household with lots of people coming and going. He will never be a happy go lucky dog with all people - he's ultra shy around them. But he’s very loving and sweet people in his home and will do well if he gets to do a lot with them.

I call him Bean because he can almost touch his nose to his butt and looks like a coffee bean! He’s only 30 pounds and should fill out to 30-32 pounds.

He's going on leash walks in his foster home and doing much better.He stayed with me over the weekend and he's so much more confident! He is happy to be with me, loving and slept in my bedroom with my other dogs. Thank you Dave and Carol for taking him through obedience classes and helping him so much. Fostered in Walnut Creek.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/10***

Gemma and her family

Gemma is a wonderful, 3 year old black bi girl who is smart and eager to learn. She walks on a leash nicely, has learned some commands, (sit, down, leave it, take it.) She gets along with other dogs, and is fine with children and cats too. What more could you ask? She does want lots of attention and when left alone will howl a bit and eat paper if not crated. But she’s still young and has come a long way since we rescued her from the Yolo County shelter. She tends to engage in attention-seeking behaviors like jumping up softly for pets.

Gemma weighs only 36 lbs and is low to medium in energy. She’ll chase balls and bring them back but is not fixated on it. She does love to play tug. She’s a bit timid with strangers and must have been mistreated, judging by some occasional cringing reactions, but will bond to someone who treats her kindly and brushes her a lot. She’s very good natured. A home with a dog door would be ideal for her. Fostered in Palo Alto.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/3***


Rooney and Bailey
Rooney and Bailey are 14 month old brother mini Aussies. They are neutered, current on shots and housebroken. They've lived harmoniously together, and with two cats. They herd geese and play well together. They can be placed together. Rooney is 16 pounds and Bailey, the blue merle is 23 pounds. The boys are in Fremont.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/2***

Ajax is a 3 year old blue merle Aussie rescued two years ago from a shelter. He's 45-50 lbs, neutered, and has his long tail. His rescuer is over the legal limit and must thin her herd, so she's forced to give up a dog, so she's giving up her youngest and most adoptable dog...Ajax. He's vision and hearing impaired, housebroken, crate trained and loves to play tug of war. He is great with other dogs and has been to dog parks without incident. He lives with little and big dogs, but no cats. He's very people friendly and excellent with children...although may be too active for toddlers.

He's crated when left alone in the house, and is great in the car- he lies down in the back seat and doesn't try to help drive! He does okay in a back yard if he has dog buddies with him. If left alone, he'll jump a fence to look for people or playmates. He must have a 6-7 foot fence. He walks well on a leash, but sometimes likes to grab hold of the leash and play tug of war...this can be corrected by giving him a toy to hold in his mouth instead.

He is a beautiful boy, has a great personality, and is totally non-aggressive.

He doesn't always come when called so his new person would need to work with him on that. Ajax is in Visalia.

Contact: Kim at

Hannah wandered into a parking lot in Stockton about 3 years ago...another abandoned puppy. She was saved by a kind woman who now must sell her ranch and move to a small home and can’t take all her animals with her…. Hanna needs help.

Hanna is a pretty, 40 pound Aussie mix. Her coat is a deep blue merle. She can jump a 4 foot fence, is OK with children old enough to stop her from herding them, plays with other dogs, lives with a cat.

Hanna is very afraid of GUN SHOTS and will go over fence and hide. She will chase cars if allowed to. She likes to be with you and is happy in the house with her person.

She’s lived with dogs, cats chickens, goats, horses and sheep. She might be a good candidate for herding or agility! Hannah is in Stockton.

Contact: Kim at

Cory is a 12 year old, spayed female Australian Shepherd. She loves people. Loves to "talk" to everyone going by on the side walk. She’s fabulous with children. Cory has epilepsy and needs her meds every morning. She has perfect vision and hearing, knows "sit, stay and down" and is really obedient. She is utd with all her shots and has had physicals every year. Owners have all vet records. She’s losing her home February 12.

Katrina McGinnis at


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