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April 2008 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Misty NCAR #401
Misty is a 2 year old black tri with her tail. She gives you a big, toothy grin! Shes just adorable and is medium build at about 44 pounds. She was found under a porch in Calaveras County and wouldnt come out. She was finally lured out and was taken to a vet who said she was 5-8 days from delivering puppies. All her pups have found wonderful homes, now it's Misty's turn.

Misty is very timid and needs a patient person to work with her...actually tether her to him/her! She's afraid to come when called...bad things must have happened to her when she came to a human. She is also afraid of strangers and barks and is quite a guard dog!. A patient person willing to work with her fears will be rewarded with a darling Aussie girl...but she'll never be outgoing. Misty is being fostered at the Sanctuary in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/30***
Austin was rescued from the Tri City Animal Shelter in Fremont . Hes being fostered by a volunteer who just thinks hes a dream. Hes 55 pounds, cute as a button and knows basic commands like sit, stay, down, come. Hes a good boy, about 2 to 4 years old and loves to play with other dogs and loves all people that hes met so far. Hes friendly towards strangers, and has been very good with children around 12 years of age. He hasnt been exposed to any younger children.

Hes great in the car and loves car rides. He wants to be right next to you, whether inside or out! He doesnt bark excessively and is a nice dog who should do well in an obedience classor maybe agility! He loves to run and play, enjoys balls, squeaky toys and of course, rawhide bones! Hes living with 3 male dogs in his foster home and does just great.

Austin will make a wonderful companion for someone who has an active lifestyle and truly wants a dog to be a part of their life on a DAILY basis. His foster mom says, I've been doing rescue for over ten years and he is truly one of the best dogs I've ever fostered. WOW! Austin is in Brentwood. Contact: Kim at

Sophie is 10 years young...she is always friendly to strangers, and very excited when people come to the home....this girl loves people! Sophie is good in the car, likes being outside and enjoys leash walks. She lives with 2 cats and herds them sometimes, but doesn't chase them. Sophie isn't a fan of swimming, but does love her stuffed toys, balls and rope toys.

Sophie is a terrific dog with lots of personality.  She was supposed to be a show dog, but had a very slight overbite, so her owners acquired Sophie when she was nine months old.  She is well groomed, has a beautiful coat, is not overweight (42 lbs).  She uses the doggie door, so she goes in and out of the house as needed.  Sophie lives with two cats, and will do best living without other dogs as she is used to being the only dog. According to her owners, she takes herself to bed and often lets her owners know when it is time to eat (morning and evening).  

Sophie is very smart and catches on the first time;  she also is a talker.  She plays ball, loves to be outdoors and go on walks. She goes jogging with her dad a few times a week and has lots of energy. Her mom has become frail and uses a cane to walk and understandably, is very afraid that Sophie might unintentionally knock her down. For that reason, they have asked us to find Sophie a great home where she will get the exercise and stimulation she needs and deserves.  

Sophie is very dependable in the house and has never destroyed or gotten into anything. She belies her age, is in fantastic shape and is a terrific, beautiful girl. Sophie is in Sebastopol and we'd like to find her a foster home or new permanent home soon. Sophie has been temperament tested by a NCAR volunteer.
Contact: Kim at

Miss Rosee
Miss Rosee is an 8 yrs young, spayed female, purebred Australian Shepherd with two blue eyes. This girl has also spent most of her recent life (except when taken out for a walk), in a six ft. By six ft. (divided in half) chain link enclosure with a cement pad and plywood roof. She too, is starved for attention and affection. She is a toy and ball dog. She was recently spayed, so we haven't had much of an opportunity to test out her skills. Rosee is very spry and agile. She will need some work on her leash and obedience skills; she was used for breeding and didn't get a lot of the family dog training basics. Rosee probably would do best without cats, as she shows a lot of interest in them, to the point that the cats are nervous. She is somewhat alpha, at least with Jake. The more Rosee gets settled into a non-kennel life, the more she calms down and looks forward to her bright future as a family member.

Contact: Jean Threlkeld at (707) 525-0689
Northbay Canine Rescue and Placement: (707) 795-7575


Darcy on her way to BC!
We rescued this little red tri from the Sacramento SPCA where she flunked temperament testing....too reactive! We found her fun, responsive and shes now being trained to be an agility dog!

Jake NCAR# 386

Jake on his way to BC! His fetching skills & sharp focus made him the perfect candidate for agility. This boy is FAST!
Jake is a 2.5 year old blue merle who was adopted to an experienced person who lives in the country. Because Jake is terrified of gun shots and lightning and the fact that she regularly goes hiking in the mountains where there's no "secure" place for Jake to go, he came back to the Sanctuary.

Jake is a darling boy who has lived with children including 2 five year olds as well as cats. He's easy to handle -- tolerates brushing (although he doesn't like it, particularly), and lets me work on his feet and ears. He's a great patient at the vet! He needs to feel secure, whether this means being in the house, in the car, in his crate, or in an outside pen or yard, or with his person. He would be fine as an only dog as he hoards his toys and wants other dogs to stay away from them, but doesn't care of people take his toys.

He loves people of all ages and sizes, but it will take awhile for him to develop total trust. He's great with cats. He's a great house dog and can be left loose all day unattended. He knows "sit," "down," "stay" and "wait." He's very easy to train. I get him to do things just by talking to him in an easy tone.

His hoarding of toys seems to be directly proportional to his stress level. When he first came here his crate was full of toys. Now there are only three toys in the crate and five outside the crate. He's very agile and could be good on ducks, or even sheep. He seems afraid of horses and mules.

He loves toys, but he is obsessed with the hose and digging for critters. He loves running in open space and needs regular running exercise. He's good on leash walks, too. Jake's a darling, darling boy who needs a quiet yet active home. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/14***


Sammy is a fabulous jumper and flies through the air to catch a Frisbee. He's pictured here on his way to BC with Jake and Darcy...all 3 will be agility dogs! !
We pulled Sammy from the Santa Clara Animal shelter after he'd been there almost a month. He's a deaf Aussie boy...once a cute puppy that someone an untrained and eager adolescent. We think he's about 18 months old. Although he's living with 3 cats in his foster home, we think he'd do best in a home without them!

He's goofy, loving and sweet and learning house and leash manners. He has been evaluated by a behaviorist/trainer and she determined he is very smart, willing to learn and a very nice boy!

He is a loving dog with a lot of love to give to someone who can spend the time with him. He gives kisses & is a wiggle worm, and thinks everything is his to play with! He likes to steal things and bring them into his crate! It's rather comical to watch! Sami is still a puppy and really fun to be around. He likes to play with other dogs and is a big fan of the dog park! Sami is fostered in San Leandro. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/14***
Remmy NCAR #432
Remmy now lives with her brother Buster (Schipperke) and Susan in Los Altos. Remmy is in pre-agility classes and will probably be competing before she's 1...she's quick and smart!

Remmy is a darling 6 month old red tri who is confident and pretty independent for a 5 month old pup. Maggie is her mom. Remmy is very affectionate, smart and playful with both people and dogs. She's toy aggressive with other dogs...but only when she's really invested in the toy. She plays beautifully with all the Aussies at the Sanctuary...especially the pups.
She will lie on the couch with me and fall asleep...she's very cuddly. She's very loving and sweet with all people and children. She is OK on a leash and should go to a puppy obedience class. Fostered in Grass Valley . Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/12***
Buddy NCAR #452
Buddy loves....we mean LOVES this 10 year old boy...and the feeling is mutual. Lucky Buddy will often get to go to his Dad's office and will get plenty of beach romps in his new home in San Francisco.

Buddy is a 2 year old black tri with his long, fluffy tail. Hes neutered, housebroken, good with all people and kids, good with dogs but not good with livestock. He was raised in a motor home touring the states but was recently given back to the daughter who has 4 horses on site one is a stud - 3 mares. Buddy chases the horses and nips at their hocks so has been put in a small kennel and was going crazy. Surprisingly, he LOVES cats and grooms them.

This is a very loving boy who is Velcro and easy to be around. He does not jump up on people and has nice house manners. Fostered in Grass Valley Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/12***
Kirby NCAR #432
Kirby's new family gives him a bath before going home to Concord where he'll start obedience training soon. Kirby took to the bath easily!

Kirby is a 6 month old, 34 pound black tri with his tail. Hes a playful boy, who adores toys especially squeaky ones. He is an adorable fellow, with his cute expressions, loves to collect all the toys and gather them together, super happy and friendly boy--always in good spirits, he is at the perfect age for obedience training. He loves to play ball, definitely a people oriented boy, and happy to meet new people. Hes crate trained, housebroken and knows the command sit and come. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/11***

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