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2010 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Amber's Puppy - Pink
Pink went home to Davis with her new family who will be with her just about 24/7. They are very excited to give Pink all the love, training and spoiling she deserves!


Buddy NCAR #609

Buddy lives in Belmont with Toby, Anne and their two children Leah and Jack. He’s wonderfully happy, getting lots of love and fetch time! He’s learning about stairs and will start obedience classes in a week. YAY BUDDY!
Buddy wandered onto a familys lawn in Galt. They advertised in their paper and put up fliers, but no one answered. Their vet estimates him to be about 2 years old and we believe hes an Aussie mixed with either BC or Cattle dog or bothbut hes very cute! We have gotten him neutered, heartworm tested and utd on shots.

Hes a sweet boy, seems OK with a cat and children ranging from infants on up. Hes ok with the other two Aussies in his foster home, too! He LOVES to play fetch, sits for treats and wants to be a good boy. Would like to find him a family with kids who will throw the ball endlessly! Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 430***
Aussies at Sacramento SPCA
JAKE ID# 114017 blk tri, Male, 4 years old, surrendered by owner. ADOPTED

Azori ID# 114013, blue merle, Spayed Female, 4 years old. ADOPTED

Red Tri ID#114308, Stray w/chip, Spayed Female, a few yrs old ADOPTED

Bistro ID#113693, black tri, Male, 5 years old, ADOPTED

Contact: Lizz Westphal
Rescue Coordinator, Animal Services Department
Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Road, Sacramento, CA 95828
(916) 383-7387, ext. X9108
(916) 383-7062 (Fax)

His impound #10-507-Male-Austrailan Shep-Black/white/tan--He is a very friendly and sweet boy. He is about 1 year old and around 55lbs. He isn't really used to the leash.He is available 4-21- If you are interested in adopting this animal please call 209-827-7089 ASAP!!!!!!!!

Contact: Los Banos Animal Shelter
c/o Los Banos Police Dept.
945 5th St.
Los Banos CA 93635
Phone: 209-827-7089

OLYMPIA is house trained and spayed/neutered.

Contact: Nevada Humane Society
Reno, NV
(775) 856-2000 X302


Pearl is adopted and now lives on the Oregon coast and gets to walk on the beach.
Pearl is in her new foster home in McMinnville, OR (about 40 mi. SW of Portland). She's doing well and her foster home says that she's busy soliciting pets from anyone sitting still -- nudges them when they stop petting!

Pearl is now up to date on all vaccinations; we've yet to get her microchipped. She has those beautiful blue Aussie eyes and sure enough, she's blind in her left eye.

This is a sweet, sweet dog. Her foster home has dogs and cats as well as younger children (7& 10) so we'll be able to get a good idea of how she deals with a variety of situations. We can't be sure how old she is; we're guessing on the older side.

Contact: Linda at

***ADOPTED 4/26***

Bella NCAR #593

Bella lives with Diane and Dave in Chico where she plays with her big sister Pebbles and gets to run around on 160 acres. She doesnt mind the horses either!!!
Bella is a 3 year old red merle with her fluffy tail. Bella is bilaterally deaf, and sees well enough to zoom around the Sanctuary! Shes a love bug with all people, Velcro, knows a few hand signals and is housebroken. Shes about 40 pounds and has a lovely coat.

Her owner turned her into the El Dorado County Shelter and wrote down, Ive had it. She keeps running off and wont stay on my property. He had no fencing and kept her tied out most of the time.torture for any dog. I can tell that shes been hit because she blinks and ducks when I put my hand up to her head to pet her. Amazing that she's as loving as she is.

She adores all people and comes up to strangers for pets. She is a complete love bug. She plays with most of the dogs at the Sanctuary. She seems interested in cats and barks at them. Bella is a sweet girl who would be fine with older children (over 12) who understand the needs of a deaf dog. Fostered in Grass Valley .
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/25***
Stitchy is a gorgeous, 3 year old, 65 pound, neutered blue merle. Hes grown up with children, dogs and a cat. He slept on the patio, but came inside often during the day to play with the kids or hang out with Mom. He gives kisses to the young children in his home. His ligaments in both knees were torn when he was young and his owners didnt realize it until he was almost 2 years old - he had no surgery. They dont seem to bother him, but he should not jump high or frequently. Our orthopedic vet in Sacramento could repair both his knees we would recommend surgery in such a young Aussie and hope his new owner will have it done. Stitchy loves to play fetch in the yard, and loves to chase a ball or stick in the lake. Swimming would be great for Stitchy! Owners lost their home and have moved into a condo with a very small deck. Stitchy is in Morgan Hill
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTed 4-14***
Alex is a 15 -year-old Australian Shepherd Mix with a tail. He likes everyone he meets and loves to be scratched behind the ears. He lived with a three-year-old child and is very good with children. He gets along fine with other dogs and has not been around cats. He is in relatively good health for a senior dog. He weighs about 45 pounds and is a bit underweight right now. Some extra meals will help him get back to 55 pounds which is his ideal weight. He has a little bit of hearing and vision loss, and some arthritis in the back end but gets around just fine. He loves to go on walks. Sadly, Alex's guardian passed away recently and left him with Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. Her final wish was for him to go to a new loving home. Her passing was peaceful in the end knowing that her beloved dog would be cared for.

If you would like to meet Alex and give him a great home to live out his senior years, please fill out our online adoption application. Or email us at

Blue Merle Female
I am a female, blue merle Australian Shepherd. The shelter thinks I am about 7 years old.

For more information about this animal, call:
City of Sacramento Animal Care Services at (916) 808-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A335490

***Redeemed by Owner***

Vance, 1 year old, 64lbs; Vancehandsome boy, wiggles with happiness, absolutely loves toys and will try and put two tennis balls in his mouth at the same time, it is a perplexing situation as he tries to figure it out, puts whole self into any activity, active fella, smart boy, knows the command sit even though his toes are tapping all the while he is sitting, good-natured, well mannered, playful, bounces around the yard, in high spirits, fun loving, goofy boy, gives kisses, will focus on the tennis ball, once he finds a ball it is all about the ball and he is very happy running around with it in his mouth, responsive, okay being handled, outgoing boy, cheerful, loves treats and can easily catch those tossed to him, with plenty of exercise he does calm down a bit, can be obsessive in regards to his tennis ball and can become over stimulated with so many things to see and do, full of life, athletic, has a wonderful spirit, heart worm negative.

Contact: Tehama County Department of Animal Services
1830 Walnut St.
Red Bluff, CA

Spade Folly
Shelter staff named me SPADE FOLLY. I am a male, white and black Australian Shepherd. The shelter staff think I am about 1 year and 1 month old.

For more information about this animal, call:
Merced County Animal Control at (209) 385-7436
Ask for information about animal ID number A064727

Maxwell is a 5 year old Aussie-Chow mix. Hes black and tan and weighs 75 pounds. Hes housebroken, has had basic and intermediate obedience, agility training at the SF SPCA. He knows Come, sit, down, shake, pee, poo poo, stay, leave it, take a bow, spin. He loves hugs, belly rubs, sleeping next to you/your feet, kongs with stuffed treats

Max had emergency bloat surgery in 03/2008. His stomach has been stapled to the side of body so bloat will not occur again. Hes been eating Solid Gold (what we feed our dogs!) which is wheat and corn free, and is in excellent health.

Maxwell is fine around female dogs and dogs that are smaller than he is He becomes leash reactive with male dogs who are as big or bigger than he is. He lived with a dog and a cat. He is very friendly to strangers in public or in his home. Hes tolerant of children, but doesnt seek them out. Hes crate trained, good in the car and actually enjoys car rides. He guards his back yard and barks a lot at noises or passing dogs. He is mostly an inside dog.

He needs a new home because his owners neighbors visited, let him out in the back yard unsupervised at exactly the same time a neighbors cat was on their fence. Maxwell found a loose board in the fence and broke through to the neighbor's house and mauled the cat and it died. The neighbors made it clear they do not want max living on their street

Maxwell is a great dog. He is very loyal, friendly, and aims to please. He is more Chow-like, however, and would need an experienced owner. He has a very high prey drive and low pack drive. Although he aims to please, sometimes his own preferences take precedent. Hes been to numerous dog training classes and had sessions with dog trainers. The bottom line is, his owners have modified his environment to ensure the safety of everyone, including Maxwell.

He needs to find a home nowhere near cats and/or an apartment or condo with no yard.

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 4/10/10***

Dutch NCAR #339 Puppy Mill Aussie

Dutch goes home
Dutch is a 6 year old, small black tri. She gave birth just before the last raid at the puppy mill. We rescued her in 9/06. She's about 38 lbs. and quick as lightning when you throw the tennis ball or Frisbee! We were told she's a good working Aussie, but we haven't seen her around livestock. She's extremely sweet and loving around me, and avoids strangers and will bark and make large circles if not on a leash. On leash, she's quiet and will tolerate being amongst strangers. She needs (as all the timid puppy mill dogs) is someone who will be a leader and let her know that she's safe.

She jumps straight up in the air when she's excited and plays fetch like a pro.....she's really, really fast! She has learned to trust me, and is very devoted, so she will bond to someone else. Dutch is not a family dog. As most of the puppy mill Aussies, she crates easily and gets along with other dogs. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

**ADOPTED 4-6 YAY!!!***

Crosby NCAR #625

Crosby goes home
Crosby is a gorgeous, 60 pound black tri who we rescued from the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. He's a little hesitant of new things, but loves me and will warm up to strangers. He's playful with playful dogs, especially females, but would do just fine as an only dog. we don't know how he'd be with cats.

We guess him to be 2-3 years old. Hes sweet, plays fetch, but is worried around new people. Thanks to Lisa for boarding him at Animal Den while we made room at the Sanctuary. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4-6***
Kelsey is a 2 year old red tri boy whose family is going through difficult times and losing their home. He's spending long days outside alone and doesn't get the attention he deserves. He's 54 pounds and is housebroken and has some herding behaviors around young children that are common to untrained Aussies. He should attend obedience classes in his new home and be taught not to jump or nip at running children.

He gets a bit barky at other dogs and can lunge at them on leash walks - again, training and more socialization will help him. Although he chases cats, he is currently living with 4 of them plus another dog. Kelsey likes to chase balls and is pretty good at bringing it back. He is beautiful, loves people, loves attention and needs socialization with other dogs. Kelsey is in Walnut Creek.
Contact: Kim at

My name is Ally. I am in need of a new forever home. Due to a major illness my masters have to leave their house and are looking to place me with someone who will love me and provide a secure home.

I am a spayed Aussie-Shepard mix, 6 years old and was adopted as a rescue puppy 6 years ago. I am in excellent health. I warm up to family and friends, but since I was raised with my mommy dog, I guess I have not really grown up on my own. I am timid with new people and not good with young children. I am very smart, am housebroken, will sit up for treats, and am very affectionate. I am good with cats and other dogs. I do well on a leash and love to chase sticks in the water.

Contact: Kim at

My name is Neesha. I am in need of a new forever home. Due to a major illness my masters have to leave their house and are looking to place me with someone who will love me and provide a secure home. I am a spayed Aussie-Shepard mix that was adopted as a rescue dog 6 years ago. I am about 8 or 9 years old and in excellent health , but since I am older lots of stairs in a house would not be good for me. I will watch over your home, do bark when guests come, but then settle and am mellow. Children love me and I am fine with other dogs and cats. I am well behaved at the groomers and boarding. I love tummy rubs and back scratches and am a wonderful companion. I chase sticks in the water at the beach and sit up for treats.

Contact: Kim at

Lucy, small Shepherd mix

Lucy is a 7 year old, 40 pound shepherd mix. She's spayed, minds well, soft temperament and great with kids. She has not been around cats. She gets along well with other dogs and likes sleeping in the house and going for walks.

She does get car sick on long car rides, does tricks like shake hands, rolls over and love to play ball. She can snuggle at your feet, too. Lucy is in Sonoma. Sweet family dog!

Contact: The Milo Foundation


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