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Recently Adopted Aussies

View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
BEAU NCAR # 1238

Looking for a foster home or permanent home without gravel because he tends to eat it!

Beau came into the Sacramento County Shelter as a stray. Hes 5 -6 months old and DNA test found him to be 100% Aussie.
Beau or Bowie has a mal-formed and underdeveloped eyes that the opthalmologist said will not get worse and are not painful. He sees more than shadows, and sees best close up.     

He follows me and other dogs closely, seems to find his way around the Sanctuary well, and likes stuffed toys and tennis balls. Hes a happy fellow, very playful, and weighs about 35 pounds now and I think hell be 45-50 pounds as an adult. Beau is doing great getting housebroken and needs to find a home without gravel to help him navigate the world. Looking for a foster or permanent home.      
Fostered in Grass Valley

Sweet Beau lives with Nellie and Tim in San Francisco and loves his walks to Dolores Park!

Contact: Kim at
***ADOPTED 8/27 ***

Carson is a 6-7 year old blue merle boy who loves fetch and is very devoted to his people. The only reason hes being given up is because they got a second tiny dog in their home and he has knocked her over several times. This boy is really a delight, about 60 pounds, housebroken, and will have his teeth cleaned before adoption. Carson is in Carmichael. (outside of Sacramento)

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 8/7***
Millie NCAR #

Millie is a pretty red tri and only 5 months old Through no fault of her own, she's been rehomed 3 times. First off, her breeder sold her to a young couple in an apartment, then she was given to an elderly couple, then she was given away as a "present" to someone who had her only 2 weeks before calling us. 

She's a busy, loving and jumpy little girl whose breeder doesnt take his dogs back. She's fun, ready for obedience classes and could easily do agility, distance running, hiking, and by the way, she loves our pond!

Millie is about 28 pounds now, and won't grow to more than 45 pounds. Shes used to being in the house, loves her toys and is crate trained. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Millie has a new brother named Presley and has many adventures in her future!

Contact: Kim at
***ADOPTED 8/15 ***
ALBO NCAR # 1234

Albos owner died and neighbors brought him as well as a neglected rabbit to Berkeley Humane.
I tried to find out details of how he lived, but have been unsuccessful.

Albo weighed 74 pounds when he was brought to the shelter, had overgrown nails and coat. He was intact and quite lethargic. Albo had blood work done including a thyroid test,and was neutered.     


We guess him to be around 11 years old and has slimmed down to about 63 pounds.  He's vocal, and is happy lying in the sun, or in the house, and seems to be fine with other dogs. Albo is housebroken. I assume hes OK with cats because he lived with a rabbit! Fostered in Larkspur .

Contact: Kim at
***ADOPTED 8/14***

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