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December 2008 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Parker NCAR #516
Parker is an 8 1/2 year old neutered Black Tri boy. He's been a loving family member all his life, and now that the kids are gone, he's got nothing to do. He's gone to obedience class when he was younger and knows Sit. Come. Stay. Pad (go to pad and stay). Lie down. Fetch. Heel.He's friendly with other dogs and loves children. He's well behaved and really has no issues or bad habits! Parker is in Lafayette. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/27***
Kona, NCAR #515

Kona and his family

Kona comes to us from the Stockton shelter where he landed twice. Each time, the owner gave him up because of fence climbing. Poor guy wants only to be near his people. He climbed out of an uncovered, 6 foot high kennel, so I know hes capable!

Hes a strapping 1 year old merle who weighs almost 70 pounds alreadyand hes not at all fat! Hes very biddable, did fine off leash on our hike in the Sierras, and likes to play with other dogs. He is built beautifully and would be a great jogging partner, agility candidate or just play partner as he likes to fetch and play with people. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 12/27/08***
Benji NCAR #503

Benji and his family
Benji and his family

Benji is a small, one year old Terrier mix who was kenneled with Logan, and Aussie we also rescued at the Yuba County Animal Shelter. His time was up, but he was spared.maybe because hes so sweet. We had to take him.

Benji is very loving, trusting and cute as a bugs ear. He plays with everyone and loves to be chased. I trust him with kids, but he would definately need to go to obedience class as he needs to learn basic commands. He jumps into a car, into my lap and up on my desksomeone loved him. Hes about 18 pounds and epitomizes a Disney Dog to every detail. Fostered in Grass Valley .

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 12/24/08***

Bart NCAR #510

Bart and his new family
Bart got adopted

Bart is a happy, darling, 11 15 month old red tri boy. He landed in the Manteca Animal Shelter where he stayed for a week before we rescued him. How could anyone abandon this wiggly boy? Hes doing great with everyone at the Sanctuaryeven the little ones.

Hes very enthusiastic, Velcro and would do well going into an obedience class in his new home. He's agile and quick, too! He wins the heart of everyone he meets. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/22***

Kody NCAR # xxx
Kody and his family

A woman contacted us who had lost her husband 2 weeks ago, then lost her home. She had no place to take her 6 year old Aussies. She brought Harley and Kody to the Sanctuary.

Harley and Kody should be adopted separately because they need to develop their own strengths....away from each other. They weren't taken anywhere, weren' t walked and didn't go to the dog park or get socialized with other dogs, they just had each other and when a new dog approaches, they wind each other up! Thankfully, they are good with people.

Harley is fostered with a female Aussie and is adapting nicely...they get along famously. He's very affectionate and loving and wiggles up to his foster mom for pets. He's good with all people, and lived nicely with cats. With a patient person who doesn't expect him to ever LOVE meeting new dogs, Harley will do just fine. Fostered in San Carlos.

Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/15 ***
Sydney NCAR #518
Sydney and her family

Sydney is a busy, 8 month old Blue Merle with her gorgeous tail. Shes darling, and has not been taught anythingnot even sit! Were working with her exuberanceshe puts her front paws on everything to see what it is or what Im doing! Shes a doll, and quite a beauty! She is food aggressive with other dogs, but not people.but I think desensitization is possible especially if the other dog in the home is laid back. Obedience class would be a good idea so she can learn the basics with her new family. Fostered in Grass Valley . Contact: Kim at

KIP ID 08100053s- Kip, 6 year old, neutered male, Australian shepherd

Kip is an older, sweet aussie boy. He came into our shelter as a surrender from people who had him for ten months and decided they no longer wanted him around. They got him off of craigslist. They said when they got him he was beaten, starved, and severely matted. He was also 100% outside. In the ten months his new home they also kept him outside 100% of the time, let his coat get really poor and let his nails get so long it was very painful for kip to walk. Kip was very overwhelmed at the shelter so I took him home as a foster. Poor Kip has never been exposed to anything, but is learning.

Kip wouldn't come in my house when I first brought him home, and now he is indoors 90% of the time. Kip does very well indoors as long as he has a crate and you leave the door open all the time. If he doesn't have his crate he will pace nervously around the house and won't settle down. When Kip is not eating, and getting attention he is laying in his crate. It is definitely his safe place. I think in time he won't feel the need to rely on his crate so much. Kip isn't fully housebroken but does well most of the time. You have to close the crate door when you leave or he will potty in the house. We just don't give him the opportunity to potty inside because we keep the back door open. If you don't keep an eye on him he may have an accident. Kip has really learned to love being indoors and will need to be an indoor dog at his new home.

Kip is very shy when meeting new people, but is sweet. He will take his time to approach strangers, but will eventually warm up. It takes Kip a long time to fully trust and bond with people, but it is worth the wait for this wonderful dog. Kip was unfamiliar with being petted, but has discovered that he likes it. He will nudge you when he wants to be petted and likes to touch noses with people he loves. Kip is getting to the point where he likes to cuddle, but isn't quite there yet.
Kip is very social with dogs, and is excellent with my dominant female. He doesn't mind being bossed around by another dog, and he likes both males and females. Because Kip is older and mellow he would be best with other mellow dogs.

Kip is fabulous around cats; he totally ignores them, and if they hiss or swat him he goes running. He definitely knows which cats belong in the yard and which ones don't. He never chases our cats, but he will playfully chase neighbor cats. I don't think he would ever harm a cat, but he will keep neighbor cats out of the yard.

Kip would not do well in a home with kids because he is so shy at first, and I think the commotion of young kids would be too much for him. He is such an easy- going mellow guy I'm sure he would love a quiet home. Kip has great manners; he never jumps and never barks. His only bad habit is counter surfing if you leave food out. Kip has such a wonderful temperament and deserves a great home.
If you have any questions about Kip please call Kim Thompson: 530-897-6000 or 530-354-5499

or email Kim:

***ADOPTED 12/11***
Jack NCAR #490
Jackie went home to Los Altos with Barbara, Bruce, son Sean and Aussie sister, Kiley last evening. Barbara and Bruce are retired and do everything with their Aussies, including long hikes and lots of Frisbee playing.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/13/08***

Jack NCAR #456
Jack is an adorable black tri who was one year old on March 1. He's playful, enthusiastic and plays fine with other Aussies here at the Sanctuary. They run and wrestle and play keep away. He lived on a 26 acre ranch where there were lots of visitors. He's good with strangers and lived with several children ages 6 to 19.

Jack loves car rides and likes all people, but is not overtly friendly with strangers...needs a little time to warm up. He's Velcro and calm. We placed Jack 3 months ago, but he wasn't getting the stimulation he needed, so we're looking for a home for him where he'll get lots of different things to do. After all, an Aussie's mind is a terrible thing to waste!

He could possibly work livestock...he's very smart and runs fast! I don't think an urban environment would be best for Jack as he will chase bicyclists. If a very dog savvy person handles him, this could be improved upon. Jack is in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/5***

Pete NCAR #472

Petie and family
Petie and his new family

Petie is a small, well built, 4 year old black tri. He came to us 15 months ago from the Penninsula Humane Society where his owners surrendered him for "herding their children". He was quickly adopted and lived with a couple for almost a year, but returned when he bit the Fed Ex guy for the second time. He was not on a leash both times.

Pete is an exceptional boy, always ready to play ball, fetch a toy or go for a ride. He gets along with all the dogs at the Sanctuary and plays nicely with males and females. Hes great off and on leash, very obedient and just adorable. Hes very loving and has a very expressive face. He kennels easily and is not a barker.

Petie is exceptional at agility! He moves well, listens to his handler and proved himself a real star in our last session of Agility classes. One of our volunteers took him through the course, so they learned together!

Although his issue is serious, it can be managed. If he has a barrier between him and a male visitor (especially in uniform) he can bite. He's around people all the time and if you throw a ball for him, he's YOURS FOREVER! Petie has many wonderful attributes and is a star at Agility. He's being fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at


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