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2012 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Abby NCAR #772
Abby is an 8 year old blue merle who lived outside for the first 7 years of her life. We brought her into rescue when her owners moved and she was adopted and became an inside and outside dog, got long leash walks, graduated from Beg and Int obedience class and really blossomed. Unfortunately, her adopter’s living circumstances changed and Abby was returned to us. She’s a needy girl who craves attention and is slightly restless in the house (when she’s not being petted) but if you’re willing to pet and cuddle her, she’s blissful. She’s only about 37 lbs and in great health. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/27***

Callie NCAR #829
Callie is a 2-year-old, bouncy red merle girl. She needs plenty to do or else she'll find stuff to do! She's sweet with people she knows, but barks at strangers, especially men with hats.

She is so loving, energetic and agile! She's from herding lines, her Mom is a mini, her Dad is all Aussie. She can be timid around new dogs and will get defensive, but is playing well with the boys here! She would LOVE to be an only dog or live with a playful male Aussie in an active home where she'll get lots of exercise, training, and mental stimulation.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/20***

Riley is an Aussie/BC mix who came into rescue with his sister (who was adopted) when was a scared, under socialized puppy of about 1 year old. He quickly blossomed into an incredibly sweet, loving dog especially to people he is comfortable with. He was adopted into a family that gave him a wonderful start on obedience training; Riley was the star of his class.

He was excellent with their family cats and their female border collie. However, they worked out of the home and Riley became increasingly insecure and uncomfortable with strangers coming and going so frequently. We all felt that a quieter home would be best for him. So now Riley is looking for a new home that doesn't have many visitors Riley doesn't know coming in and out; without kids is best. He needs someone who will be willing to give him the time, patience, and respect when meeting new people. He is happy to go where you go, included in crowded stores. He keeps a step behind if you talk with a stranger, like a well trained dog.  He just doesn't want to interact further with people he doesn't see on a relatively regular basis.  Aside from that, he is seriously the best dog ever. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Riley will have the most perfect in every other way, loyal, loving, and affectionate dog.

 If Riley sounds like the dog for you, and you have a relatively stranger-free home, please email (that is a zero in 056) to set up a time to meet him. Or you can fill out an adoption questionnaire at 

Wesley is a 7 year old, neutered mixed breed who is sweet, loving and has lived outside because the new step daughter is highly allergic to him. He wants to be with people, and is spending way too much time alone so his owner wants him to have a home where he can be in and outside and get the attention he deserves.

Wesley is about 80 pounds, likes other dogs, loves children, and walks well on a leash using a Gentle Leader but will pull when he sees another dog. He barks if someone comes to front door or back yard but warms right up, will chase cats, and loves squeaky toys. Wesley is in Davis.

Contact: Kim at


Charley NCAR #826

Charley is a 6-year-old, 58-pound black tri boy. He's been through obedience and knows tricks and commands such as stay, down, shake - he really likes to learn things! He's lived mostly inside with access to the yard through a doggie door. HE's average activity, crate trained, playful with other dogs and friendly to strangers in public.

He's NOT tolerant of handling on his back end by strangers, and is not great at the vet's office when it's time for shots. He's quiet in the house when left alone and great in the car. He does counter surf and VERY food motivated, which is good for training! He's good off leash, too! Fostered in Grass Valley..

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 12/19 ***
Missy NCAR #840
Missy is a 4-year-old, 40-pound, red merle who lives with two other Aussies and a brand new baby (human). She's a bit too focused on the baby for her owner's to feel comfortable, and they asked us to rehome her. She has been an inside and outside dog, knows basic commands and likes to herd the other dogs around! She's a loving, good girl who would probably like more to do. Missy is in Sacramento.

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 12/18***
Pippa is a one year old red tri girl who was purchased with her sister as puppies. Her family gave them no training and they ran loose all day on a large property without fencing. She connected with a gardner and the family gave her to a local agility trainer. She knows sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, and with a firm handler, come! She is crate trained, rides great in the car and is good with kids. She is tolerant of cats and so far was ok with horses. This dog has ALOT of drive and needs a job. She is spayed and vaccinated and turned a year old in July.

She is a sweet, wiggly fun girl who is smart and wants to please. I think she would be great for agility, rally, obedience or just a pet for an active family who gives her plenty of exercise and direction. Pippa is being fostered near Visalia, CA. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 12/16***
Sophie NCAR# 834
Sophie and her brother Tucker (NCAR #833) were twice picked up on a reservation in Yerington, Nevada. The second time, their owner did not come for them and after they spent 2 MONTHS in the reservation shelter, a volunteer called us to take them.
Sophie is a very energetic and dominant female. She, is about 2 years old and a lean 40 pounds. She's very quick and loves all people and children. She can be a bully with some dogs, but gets along with most of our boys here. She knows some commands, is housebroken, and would make an awesome running companion. She’s easily distracted and headstrong, but with an experienced handler and training, could probably excel at agility or herding.
Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 12/13***
Mokie NCAR #839
Lucky Moochie and Mokie went home with Sheila to Castro Valley. She recently lost her two, senior black tri boys, and fell in love with M & M's loving temperaments. They will be with Sheila all the time, and get to go to their country house in Morro Bay, too!

Mokie is a 3-year-old, black tri with his tail. For his first 2 years, he lived in a small pen outside. Then he was featured on Craigslist and a family took him in. They have 5 children under 12 years of age, horses and two other dogs. Unfortunately, Mokie had to sleep in the garage at night, usually in a crate. His owner grabbed him by the collar often to bring him into the garage, which Mokie did not like. Mokie had no vet care and was not allowed in the house. He chased the horses and recently growled at the 2-year-old… that's when I got the call.

I took him in and find him to be sweet-natured, high energy, playful and learning it's OK to come into the house! He's fine around all the dogs here (big and small). He allowed me to handle him all over and pull out a tick. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/9***
Moochie NCAR #812
Lucky Moochie and Mokie went home with Sheila to Castro Valley. She recently lost her two, senior black tri boys, and fell in love with M & M's loving temperaments. They will be with Sheila all the time, and get to go to their country house in Morro Bay, too!

Mooch got out of his yard in rural Woodland once too often and his owners thought it would be best if he were rehomed. He's 7 years old, 75 pounds and able to jump/climb a 4 foot chain link fence to look for people..

I think he'd love being an only dog, but could live with another dog who is playful and doesn't challenge him. He's funny, dopey and has lived with children, although I think he'd do best with sturdy children. This boy has personality plus! He comes when called, is housebroken, lived with a cat (although sometimes chased it) and seems to like everyone he meets. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/9***
Cody NCAR #762
Cody came in as a stray to the Monterey County shelter. He's an 18 month old blue merle with his long tail and seems to have been mistreated. He sometimes pees submissively and has shown that he will fear nip with some new people..but he has improved greatly.

He needs a quiet, adult home with someone who will monitor him around people and help him overcome his fears. An obedience class or two would help him build his confidence. He's a loving boy who simply needs a patient person. He LOVES other dogs. Cody weighs about 45 pounds.He and Taylor are best buds and could be adopted together. Fostered in Fort Bragg..
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/5***

Rocky NCAR #561

Rocky PayPal Fund
Please consider a contribution to Rocky's medical bills. You can contribute any amount via PayPal.
Thank you for your help.
Rocky is an 11 year old neutered Aussie/Border Collie found wandering in the Live Oak area; his collar had his name on it but not a (current) phone number.We researched his microchip and found he is 11 years young! He likes people and enjoys being petted. He really leans in for pets from his foster Dad whom he adores!

He's living with 2 other dogs in his foster home and doing just great, although he will push the others away for petting. He's had a hip X Ray thanks to his foster mom and dad, and the vet said his leg was broken a long time ago. It doesn't slow him down, but he favors that leg a bit. He is getting daily walks and his coat has come back. He loves people and is a very nice Aussie boy and would LOVE being an only dog!

4/10/11 Rocky had knee surgery. He's doing GREAT and everyone at Sac Animal Hospital loved him. Help towards his surgery would be greatly appreciated!

Fostered in Woodland. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/2***
Hunter is a 40-pound sweetie who was seized from a hoarder's home in Lassen County.

He's about 2 or 3 years old and on the timid side. He's not a good candidate for a busy household with children.

He's sweet, walks ok on a leash and is probably not housebroken. He's available Wednesday 8-22-12.

Contact: Laurie Rondi, Lassen County Animal Shelter, 472-000 Johnstonville Road, Susanville, CA 96130

***Adopted 12/1***

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