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December 2014 Recently Adopted Aussies

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Dugan NCAR# 952
Dugan was picked up in the country near Lincoln and brought to the Placer County Shelter. No one came for him. He's neutered, about 60 pounds, very friendly to everyone, gets along with other dogs, seems VERY interested in the cats in cages at the shelter. He was severely matted, but now he's beautifully groomed. He's a happy boy, about 4-5 years old and has two front teeth that grow straight out of his mouth that don't present a problem for him.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/20***
Chester is stray, 2 year old, mini red tri boy at the SF SPCA. He weighs about 22 lbs and he's beautiful! He's people-friendly and social with dogs his size or larger. However, he doesnt like small dogs (15 pounds or less) and will go after them, so needs a rural home where he wont encounter lots of small dogs on leash walks or in dog parks.

Application required.

Marti Watts, Shelter Manager
San Francisco SPCA Adoption Center
250 Florida Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone (415) 901-7430 Cell (415) 306-2314

**ADOPTED 12/20***
Colton is a 3-year-old red merle with his tail. He is 58 pounds, might be a mix - we are not certain. He's very smart, loves all humans and children and has had obedience training as well as training for reactive dogs. He's kind of the fun police around other dogs that want to play with him or are playing near him. His family just brought home a puppy, and they feel Colton is not happy now and should be rehomed to a family without any other dogs. He knows: paw, sit, down, stay, come, breakfast, inside, outside, rollover, stand, show me, off, leave it. He loves humans, is good off leash, good at Frisbee and likes the beach. This is a smart, young boy who would be an excellent companion for an active person or couple. No cats. Colton is in Fresno. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

**ADOPTED 12/20***

Heidi is a delightful 13-year-old blue merle Aussie/BC girl with her tail. We rescued her from the LA shelter in 2010.

She was adopted by Margaret, a delightful woman who was Heidi's constant companion. Sadly, Margaret passed away recently, so we brought her back to the Sanctuary.

She's only 39lbs, healthy, eats like a bird, chases the tennis ball and would do better without cats. We just had her teeth cleaned and she's in terrific health! She loves everyone she meets, especially children. Fostered in Vacaville. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/13***

Lucky NCAR#
Lucky is a 7 year old red tri whose owner lost her home. Lucky likes to be inside, is loving, but tentative around strangers. He needs time to warmup. His recall isn't great, but I think it's due to his trust issues.

He's fine around all the dogs here--not particularly playful, but doesn't mind being in close quarters with them. Easygoing, seems to be OK with cats. He is only 45p ounds, and would do best with no small children due to his shyness.Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 12/13***

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