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February 2012 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Toby turned 3 on November 4, 2011. He's a stunning 55 pound blue merle who has not been formerly trained, but knows many commands and loves to fly high to catch his Frisbee. He was recently shaved - so his coat is growing out.

He's above average energy, likes children and touches their noses with his nose, likes car rides, and loves to be near his person. He will counter surf and get into the garbage if he can...but corrects easily. He lives with an older female Aussie and with indoor cats. He's been around horses too. Toby is in Ben Lomand. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/20***
Hass goes home

Hass is a shy, sweet 11 month old black tri whose owner was giving him away at a market. We intervened and he’s now been neutered and is up to date on shots.

He seems to have had no exposure to new people or any formal training. It took 4 days for him to walk on a leash… he was petrified and just laid down.

He’s making great strides and should attend an obedience class or two with his new owner. He never showed any signs of aggression, just complete fright, and will occasionally pee submissively. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/19***

Shadow NCAR #777
Shadow goes home

Ginger is a laid back, sweet mini black tri whose owner lost his home and had to surrender her to the Lassen County shelter. She will turn 6 years old in May, 2012.

Ginger is about 40 pounds, lovoing and sweet and will play with playful male dogs, like her brother. She spent a lot of time in their owner's truck, is good with cats and kids. Ginger should not be placed with another female - she'd do best as an only dog or with an easy going male. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/14***
Annie is a 4 year old, blue merle, North American Miniature Australian Shepherd who weighs about 36 pounds.

Annie is crate trained, housebroken, utd on shots, and in good physical condition. She lives inside and outside, and can spend several hours happily outside with just her toys to amuse her. She greets strangers to her home happily. She's well behaved in the house alone, good in the car , walks well on lead with mild corrections, and is not an excessive barker.

Due to illness in the family, she has been living with a relative with several other Aussies, and will aggressively resource guard her people, her food and her toys from the other dogs. She does not have an ounce of aggression towards people, just the other dogs when they want petting, or a toy that she's near, or food. We're looking for a home for Annie where she'll be the only dog soaking up all the love and attention.

She loves biting and playing with the water from the hose, loves fetch, and lives peacefully with several cats. She's super affectionate and cuddly with people and fun to play with. Annie is in Columbia, near Sonora. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/14***

Broadway is a 3 year old Aussie mix. He's 40 pounds, neutered, utd on shots and heartworm negative. He's housebroken,and has had excellent vet care. Broadway can sit, come, lie down, and shake. He's not always great at coming when called, but with consistency, he should do better! He has been a running buddy and does well running along his person...he's in excellent shape.

Broadway has bitten twice - both times when someone picked up his food bowl. Two separate cases involving men, and the bites were 2 years apart. He's not shown any food aggression with me or his previous owner.

Broadway gets along with most dogs, even little ones. He really loves to play and wrestle with other dogs. Broadway is good with strangers in public that come up and pet him. He behaves more defensively if they come to his home, property or car - he then starts barking. He is especially leary of men coming into his home and needs to be introduced on leash and slowly. We think an experienced, adult home is best for this smart boy. Broadwa's owner is going back to college and cannot take him along.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/9***
Mia lives with her Chihuaha brother, Max and Toni in Folsom. Mia will be with Toni and Max 24/7 – this is the dream home she deserves!

Mia is 1 to 2 years old and the cutest example of a "Deer Chihuahua” She weighs only 4 ½ pounds and is very loving, crate trained and handles herself quite well with 20 other dogs at the rescue sanctuary!

She's a cuddle bug, is crate trained, utd on all shots, heartworm negative and microchipped.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/6***

Halli NCAR# 787

Halli goes home

Halli turned 9 years old in September. Her owners lost their home and asked us to take her. She's loving, housebroken and in great shape. Her owner said that she does not come when called if in an unfenced area, but I've experienced that she stays close at the Sanctuary. She walks OK on a leash, and LIKES cats!

We got her spayed and she's doing great! She is very lively and energetic and actually behaves like she's 4 or 5! She would do best with a friendly male dog, and not an alpha female dog. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/4***

Maggie NCAR #565

Maggie and Michael

Found running in Sacramento, Maggie immediately latched onto her finder and was very comfortable riding in the car. We traced her microchip and found out from the vet who implanted it that she turned 5 years old October, 2011. She's a mini Aussie at 30 pounds, but is afraid of most new dogs. She has gotten used to the pack here, but meeting new dogs is dicey - she gets defensive. She also likes to get pets and love from ALL people, and will grrrr at other dogs if they try to get petting too!

She knows sit and loves belly rubs. She's extremely sweet and loving. She can live with small dogs, but happiest as an only dog. She may be OK with cats...not sure. She's a good candidate for an obedience class to build her confidence and to learn that she doesn't have to go after other dogs. She's agile and can run fast, and would be happy being a running partner (on leash) with a jogger. She is not good off leash...she runs to the closest house and wants in! Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/3***

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