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January - February 2020 Recently Adopted Aussies

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Clancy NCAR #XXX
Clancy landed his perfect home with Nancy and Tom in woodland. They both recognized that hes loving and wants to be loved back. Im happy for him!
Clancy came into the Stockton Shelter as a stray and no one came for him. He seems to be a 7-8 year old Corgi/small Aussie mix because he weighs only 20 pounds. He was quite skittish when he first got here, so I had him dragging a 12 foot leash. Now he follows me everywhere, but if I reach down to pet him, he moves away. He will sit next to me on the sofa, and enjoys petting, but does not solicit it. He likes other dogs and will give chase.

I haven't seen him pick up a toy or chase a ball yet but maybe in the future he will! He's very sweet, doesn't have a bite in him and likes being inside or outside.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/25***
Journey #1147
In October, we rescued a sweet, stray black tri girl from the Sutter County Shelter. I named her Journey. She had a strange hop, and limited use of her hind legs. Her X Rays and CT Scan show that she had bone growth around her hips and femurs, which not only limit her range of motion, but gives pain.

After visits with 3 different orthopedic veterinarians, and review of her CT Scan and X Rays by radiologists, Journey was diagnosed with Multiple Cartilaginous Exostoses (MCE) - an uncommon disease in humans and in several domestic animals (dog, cat, horse). She has bone growth that is floating in her thigh muscles; mineralization of her muscles surrounding her hips. After lengthy discussion with our vets, we decided not to put Journey through any painful, dangerous surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation to remove the calcification from her thighs and hips. There are no guarantees she would feel better.

Journey is about 20-24 months old, very friendly with people and dogs, and housebroken. She would do well in a home with a yard for playing and soft bed for sleeping. She is on CBD oil and Carprofen to reduce inflammation plays nicely with everyone.
Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/19***

Harley NCAR #XXX
Harley is an extremely timid yet sweet 4-5 year old boy who we rescued from the Monterey Shelter where he was picked up with a female Border Collie. Harley is about 72 pounds, has a tail and avoids doorways, strangers, noises, just about everything. Once on a leash, he is just fine and stays close. He gets along with other dogs, likes petting, and thanks to his foster mom, is beginning to trust more.

The DNA results from the Wisdome Panel I had done are: 50% Border Collie, 37.5% Australian Shepherd and 12.5% Breed Group (either sporting, companion, herding or hound.

I don't know what happened to him in his past, but it must have been bad. He's very comfortable being outside and could do well sleeping in an enclosed porch or patio to get out of the elements. He's not a fan of crates. I adore this boy for the effort he's making. Fostered in Sacramento.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/11***

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