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2010 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Gibson NCAR #643
Gibson now LOGAN lives with Laurie and Susan in Claremont and Marin.Here's an update sent to me 2/1/11:

Logan aka Gibson aka NCAR #643 is not a dog. Logan is a spirit in the form of a dog. American Indians would have certainly recognized him as such. Susan and I have had three dogs before Logan in our 37 years of marriage, and Susan had four dogs before that. NONE were like Logan
(although) the other Aussie (more or less) found as a stray by Susan's father on a northern california ranch may have come close.

We love Logan; Logan loves us. Logan ALWAYS wants to be with us.
Wherever we are he makes sure he is right near us, or goes back and forth between us if we are at different places in the house or garden.
He does not pester, he does not beg, he is just always there to give and receive love. He is allowed on sofas and is always next to us on them if we are there. He loves being petted and hugged (he DOES let us know this) and will absorb petting and loving indefinitely. He is the only dog (spirit) we have ever had who likes being petted and held everywhere - feet, head, ears, chest, back, rump - he loves to be touched and held. He is the only dog (spirit) who literally lets you walk all over him. If he is lying down and we walk up to him he doesn't move. We can step RIGHT next to him and pass over him and that doesn't disturb him one bit. He is VERY responsive to calls, instructions, and commands. A friend of ours who has dogs was amazed when Logan responded to his calls much better than his own dogs did. Logan is very gentle with everybody. He likes children and adults and likes to be petted and loved by them. He is pretty smart. He certainly knows his name.

He has found one special new dog friend whose name is Chipper. Chipper is smaller and faster than Logan, but they LOVE chasing each other and especially wrestling with each other. They take turns jumping on each other and then being submissive with each other. We think we need to score their wrestling matches for "takedowns" and "escapes" and "reversals" and "pins", if you are familiar with wrestling scoring terminology.

Perhaps the smartest thing he knows (does) is if we are headed out of the house for an outing to which he can't come, and we say "stay", he doesn't really like it but he understands it and just turns around and goes back to the couch or one of his pillows, and lets us leave without further ado.

He will bark at times when he feels we or our house or car need protection. Logan is one in a million.

Laurie Graham

Gibson was tied up near Redding… for more than a year. A telephone worker was doing work in the area and noticed him, then stopped and petted him and saw his bloody feet and gave me a call to see how we could help him.. I told him to ask his owner if he wanted to give him up and alas, he did! We brought him to Lisa's at Animal Den where they removed more than 200 foxtails and ended up shaving his coat. This is a dear, sweet boy!

***Adopted 7/18***
Mexico was born 10/08/07 and weighs about 30 pounds. He is about 18-20 inches, neutered and a nice boy. His owners changed jobs and they travel out of town and work long days when they are at home and they feel Mexico deserves more attention.
He loves other dogs and wants to play with them whether they want to or not! He’s still a puppy - He wants to play and keeps trying. He loves people and other animals. Mexico knows sit and stay, and he runs along a bike (leashed), and he comes when called. He is housed trained (although we never leave him in alone). He comes in when we are home and he is in all evening and is quiet. He sleeps in a kenel at night. This is a darling boy.

Contact: Kim at

Foster is a 10 year old, 60 pound red merle whose family has fallen on hard times and asked us to find a great home for him. He’s great with the small children and has been mostly an inside dog, but true to the breed, wants to be wherever his people are. He knows some commands, is sweet, and will howl if left alone in a yard. He barks at strangers and other dogs on a leash, but isn’t aggressive. He chases horses and goats, so he’s got some spunk and drive! Foster needs a new home by August 1. Foster is in Napa.
Contact: Kim at

Maggie is a darling 5 year old, small black tri at 30 pounds. She's had obedience and beginning agility and knows many tricks! She knows Sit, stay, roll over, leave it, off, down, go to place, hide and seek toy or treat, retrieve ball and place in my hand, jump, lie down and stay, beginning weave poles and balance board. She is comfortable sleeping in crate, plays with most dogs and wants to say "Hi" to almost every human!

She prefers older children and loves having them chase her. She has been taught not to chase children or people when they run. She's a great traveler and can be left alone in the car She loves being with her owner and lying on the couch, going for walks, chasing and bringing back the ball. She loves squeaky toys, playing tug of war, swimming in the lake. She also plays with her best buddy, Toby the cat. Maggie's owner has serious health issues which prevents her from giving her the attention and exercise she deserves. So we are helping Maggie find another devoted person (she prefers females) to become her constant companion. Maggie is Velcro to the max and quite devoted. Maggie is near Sacramento. Application required.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/30***
Larz ID#A298734
Shelter Staff named me Larz and I am a neutered male, tricolor Australian Shepherd mix. The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old.

Contact: For more information about this animal, call
Stanislaus County Animal Services at (209) 558-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A298734

Black Tri Male ID#A299756

Contact: For more information about this animal, call
Stanislaus County Animal Services at (209) 558-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A299756

***Rescued by Aussie BC Rescue***
Red Tri Male ID#A299460

Contact: For more information about this animal, call
Stanislaus County Animal Services at (209) 558-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A299460

***Rescued by Animal Friends Rescue Project***
Black Tri Female ID#A299279

Contact: For more information about this animal, call
Stanislaus County Animal Services at (209) 558-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A299279

***Rescued by AussieBC Rescue***
This is a female border collie that came to the shelter on 6/26/2010 as an owner surrender due to loss of home. She’s sweet and passed temperament testing. She is available 6-30-10 HURRY!

Contact: Sacramento County Animal Shelter
3839 Bradshaw Road
Sacramento , CA 95827
Open Wednesday through Sunday (due to severe budget cuts)

Blue Merle Male in Oroville
I am a male, black and blue merle Australian Shepherd. The shelter staff think I am about 11 months old. I have been at the shelter since Jun 21, 2010. This information is less than 1 hour old.

For more information about this animal, call:
NW SPCA at (530) 533-7636
Ask for information about animal ID number A529725
NW SPCA, 2787 S. 5th Avenue, Oroville, CA

Hailey, # 22085
Hailey is spayed, 8 years old, deaf. She is a nice Aussie girl who was a stray, and has a history of being a stray and coming into the Sac SPCA at least three times since 2006.  Owner has reclaimed each time, except for this time. 
The owner left Hailey tied to a fence overnight and did not answer phone calls made to her.  Sounds like the owner doesn't have a stable residence either. We hope to get her out of a shelter environment and fostered or adopted ASAP. Contact: Lizz at

Blue Merle Female ID#A016775
This lovely older girl is available for adoption at the Amador County Animal Shelter. Please consider giving this golden oldie a home to spend the rest of her days.

Contact: For more information about this animal, call
Amador County Animal Control at (209) 223-6378
Ask for information about animal ID number A016775

I am 18 months old and I am a good dog. I am house trained & I am very shy until I get to know you. I am still a puppy and would like to go to more training classes. I like other dogs and was very polite to the cats I met here. I am an active and playful boy who would be a great pet for a family with older teenagers.

Contact: For more information about this animal, call
El Dorado County Animal Services - South Lake Tahoe at (530) 577-1766
Ask for information about animal ID number A063937


Shasta Boy
This cutie was picked up as a stray in Scott Valley - he looks to be a 1 year old. He was dragging a short section of leather lead and wearing a green nylon collar….like someone put him on a tie out and he chewed himself free. Other than a dime size pad burn (from running?) he is in great shape Very friendly, very handsome, and has lots of energy.

When we walk him he cowers at cars. He came in on 5/14 and is just a darling boy. Please adopt him so he can have a home of his own. . Will someone please adopt or foster him? Such a dear boy.

Contact: Emily Gaydos
Behavior Program Coordinator
Siskiyou Humane Society
Mt. Shasta, CA
(530) 926-4052

Rigby NCAR #592
Rigby went home to Novato with Jeff where he can romp on acreage as well as go hiking and on job sites with Jeff. This is a wonderful match as Jeff is a patient man who can handle Rigby’s exuberance! We’re all thrilled for Rigby!

Rigby’s a cute, 2 year old red tri who came in as a stray at the El Dorado County shelter. He loves to play with other dogs and is attracted to them more than people. He is sweet with people and follows me around, but he's not needy. He can get a little barky when over stimulated, but is not an incessant barker.

He's graduated from 3 obedience courses and knows lots of commands, but he’s so smart, he expects a treat to perform! HE LOVES FOOD! He plays very nicely with other dogs, and would be happiest with another playful, well behaved Aussie in his home.

He’s excellent off leash and has a lot of energy. He loves car rides, is crate trained, but can sleep loose in the house, too. He’s a sweet boy who still has some maturing to do! Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7-10 (DUTCH DAY!)***
Max NCAR #619
Max went home to Iowa Hill with Dave, our Sanctuary contractor and his wife Cerise. Dave has loved all the dogs at the Sanctuary, but Max stole his heart, and Cerise’s heart as well! Max is a lucky dude who will get to go to job sites with Dave and other times to the office with Cerise.

Max was found dodging traffic in Sacramento. The kind man who picked him up kept him for 3 weeks trying to find his owner, to no avail. He seriously bonded with Max and the feeling was mutual. Max was a perfect gentleman in the house, loved the two childdren (9 and 12) and behaved like he always lived in a house. The family would have kept him if Max hadn't put their cat in his mouth! Hey, he could have hurt the cat, but he didn't!

Max has a microchip, so I did some research and actually spoke with the person who microchipped him. The man adopted Max from the Sacramento City shelter when he was just 9 months old. He had children aged 1 and 4 and kept Max in the garage on a 15 foot cable for reasons I don't understand. He told me Max was a clever boy and very sweet with his children. He loved the two toddlers and played nicely with them as well as the dogs at the dog park.

The man and his family moved to Colorado in 2006 and gave Max to someone in Orangevale and Max's microchip was never updated. Max was found in traffic in this area, presumably because he jumped their fence.

Max is a nice boy who got very bonded to his foster Dad, gets along with other dogs and is great with children. He loves men, but shouldn't live with cats. He’s very sweet and smart and knows shake, lie down, sit, and is a perfect gentleman. He really doesn't care about playing with other dogs, but will sometimes. He would be an excellent family dog or single owner dog and could live in an apartment, or stay in a covered kennel outside.

He can climb a 6 foot chain link fence - he goes exploring, but doesn't go far and comes back when called. He will follow me down the street though....he doesn't want to be left behind. He's fine in the car and in the house. He's great off leash, too! Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7-10 (Dutch Day)***

Sydney NCAR #623
Sydney (or should I call her DIVA?) is a 20 pound, mini blue merle girl who ended up in the Stockton shelter. I researched her micro chip and located the vet that implanted it, so know that her birthday is 7-28-04. Her name has always been Sydney.

She loves her food, but also loves belly rubs and staying really close to me! She loves being on your lap, going for car rides, can sleep on or off my bed and tilts her head when I'm talking to her! She really doesn’t play with other dogs, and is more of the "fun police" when the dogs play rough. She can live with them, but doesn't really interact. She would not like a dog park!

She’s great with people, cats and is a complete cuddle bug. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/10***

Midas NCAR #636
Midas is a 5 year old handsome, neutered, UTD on vaccines, blue merle boy. He is calm in nature and has a moderate activity level. Like many aussies, Midas thrives on obedience and would prefer a home who would continue his obedience training and possible progress him into agility or rally training. He would do best with an experienced dog owner. He goes to doggy day care and lives with 3 other playful dogs in his foster home.

He would do best placed with a non dominant female and a larger dog. He requires a safe place when left alone, such as crate or exercise pen. No cats, kids over 12 ok. Midas is very affectionate boy, has a sweet soul and will bond very quickly with his new owner. Fostered in Folsom.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/8***

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