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Recently Adopted Dogs
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Recently Adopted Aussies

View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.

Roger was picked up with another dog in a park in Salinas. No one came for him at the shelter, so we rescued him. He's about 18 months old and just darling. He plays nicely with our dogs, follows me closely (Velcro for sure) and has stunning blue eyes.
Roger can live as an only dog or with another playful, well behaved dog.
Roger is about 47 pounds. Unknown how he'd do with cats.      
Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at
***ADOPTED 7/30 ***

This little Blue Merle girl was found in the country and no one came for her. She had a baseball sized tumor and was quite overweight. Juanita stayed in the Placer County Animal shelter for nearly a month, received surgery to remove her tumor and was spayed. er vet said it was a squamous cell tumor and that she got it all out with wide margins.

Juanita is down to about 44 pounds, we guess 8-9 years old, quite spry, knows sit, lie down, shake and will come when called.
She plays with all the dogs here. Our vet thinks she raised a few litter of pups. As with so many of our Aussies, were not sure what happened to her but we are happy to make sure she gets a loving home!

Juanita is sweet, easy on a leash, housebroken, and fine with cats                  .
Fostered in Grass Valley. 

Contact: Kim at
***ADOPTED 7/29 ***
HUGO NCAR # 1242

Hugo is a 10 month old, 58 pound Double Merle we rescued from the Oakland Animal Shelter. He is hearing and vision impaired, but sees well enough to chase balls and toys, and hears me calling him. He knows sit, lie down and shake. His owners surrendered him due to housing issues. Shelter staff didnt notice many gaping holes on the top of his neck, but I noticed and had our vet shave and clean the wounds. After 4 days on antibiotics, Hugos neck has healed. This boy is just darling with all people, rolls over for belly rubs and was a doll at the vet.

That said, he surprised the heck out of me when he viciously barked through the kennel at another dog eating - Hugo is food aggressive with other dogs. I think he got into it one too many times with dogs over food and probably his neck injuries were caused by that aggression. Poor kid. He wants to play with dogs here, but hes a bit much for some of the smaller ones hes really goofy and big and has one ice blue eye that might intimidate some dogs.

Contact: Kim at
***ADOPTED  7/9 ***

We rescued Bonnie from the Bakersfield shelter. Shes about 12 15 months old, 40 pounds, and has a stunning red tri coat and amber eyes. Shes a doll, on the timid side but warms up quickly. Bonnie needs to learn what the world has to offer. She ignores cats, is playful with dogs and sweet with humans, even our vet!
Bonnie needs more time sleeping in a crate in order to get housebroken.
Bonnie lives in Monterey with Lucy and her Aussie brother Arrow they spend waking and sleeping hours together!

Contact: Kim at
***ADOPTED 7/12  ***

Smudge is 11 years old and we guess he's an Aussie-German Shepherd mix with his long, fluffy tail . His owner died and family called us because he had nowhere to go. We gave him a dental on 2/20 and he had several extractions and is now good to go!

Smudge is a mellow guy, likes people and children. Smudge is housebroken. We dont know about cats.
Smudge lives with Theresa in Reno Theresa says, He fit right in the moment he got here!

Contact: Kim at
***ADOPTED 7/17***

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