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2009 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Taber NCAR #549
Taber is a beautiful, senior red tri boy who was picked up by Amador Animal Control. No one came for him. Hes neutered, well mannered, fine in the house, and has already begun playing with another red tri at the Sanctuary. Hes about 48 pounds, easy-going and wants to be near mecant blame him as someone obviously abandoned him. Were so happy to be able to help him find a wonderful home. Fostered in Rocklin . Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/31***
Moto NCAR #552

Moto is a 6 month old partially hearing impaired, and seriously vision impaired cutie. Hes a love, stays close and plays non stop with his favorites at the Sanctuary. He loves to be held and has a very nice temperament and is extremely socialized with people and dogs. He maneuvers very well around the Sanctuary, you'd not know he doesn't see well.

He's small....maybe 30 pounds now. He can hear me calling him, but needs some time to figure out my direction. He's housebroken, loves to snuggle and is just adorable. He sleeps with us in our bed, or in a dog bed in the living room or next to our bed...he's easy! Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/31***
Belle NCAR #xxx
Belle is about 2, very fun and a dominant female. We rescued her from Haven Humane with the help of Butte Humane! Long story, but suffice to say, a lot of people wanted to help Belle! Shes active, smart, loving with all people and children. Fostered in Chico. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/31***

Jackson NCAR# 527

Jackson is now Mariettas constant companion in Walnut Creek. He lives just down the street from Jamie, who was adopted from us 5 years ago. They pal around and get to go hiking in open space together. Jackson is very happy indeed!

Jackson was surrendered to the Yolo County shelter because his owner was having health problems. Jackson is a 7 year old, neutered, gorgeous black tri boy. According to his owner, Jackson was kept mostly inside, is house trained, and knows Sit, Shake (both hands!) wait and Get it. He went on car rides and is a well-socialized boy. He's been fine with grandchildren from ages 3 and up. His owner also stated that he is gun shy (witnessed that at the Sanctuary when a gun went off in the distance) and is afraid of bicycles and motorcycles. He'll chase them while barking if not on leash.

Jackson is very loving and is a typical Velcro boy...easy going and sweet. He loved being brushed today and is just a terrific example of an Aussie. Apparently, his groomer had cats roaming around and he didn't go bizerk.....but we haven't tested him. Fostered in Davis.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/28***
Misha, NCAR #529
Eliese and her Mom Reese in Fairfield love Meeshas spunk and loving nature. Eliese works for a vet and is already signed up for obedience classes and will give Meesha the consistent guidance and love she needs.

Misha lived her first 2 years outside 24/7 and played with children and another dog. Shes adjusting well to being inside and outside. She lived the last several months with a family who rescued her and found her delightful, but too aggressive with their cat, too barky with other dogs when shes on a leash walk, and too barky at their horse.

She would do best living in an environment where she can be with her people a lot, and go on car rides and get training. She's smart and very puppyish and LOVES to chew. She loves all people and children and is about 35 pounds. Very cute and very Velcro. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 5/28/09***

Barley NCAR #541

Barley and Alan
Alan really liked Barleys fun, enthusiastic nature, and takes him on hikes, to the beach and swimming at a friends pool! This is a really wonderful matching and Im thrilled for them! Alan and Barley live in Campbell.

Barley is an 8 year old, 60 pound, gorgeous blue merle. Hes been living with his Dad for 4 years on the beach in Monterey . Dad is newly married and now Barley is living with his expanded family, including a 2 year old child. Barley never really got on board with a toddler in the bed instead of, he came to us to find a new home.

He is OK with other dogs at the Sanctuary, and plays with several, including males and females. He loves playing ball, will bring it to you nicely....endlessly and he loves running off leash and swimming. An adult home with grown children who will throw the ball for hours would be a great home for him. No cats. Fostered with another playful male Aussie in San Jose. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/27***
Boomer is a 4 year old neutered Blue Merle who needs a new home because his owners have purchased a small condo in the East Coast and cant take him with them. He was purchased at 12 weeks from a pet shop in Paso Robles and lived with his family ever since. He has the run of more than an acre, sleeps in his owners bedroom at night and lives with little children, a lab and 2 cats. He loves playing outside with the children, jumping in their pool, and chasing a ball on land or sea! Boomer is in Hayward. Application required. Contact: Kim at

Magnolia is an 11 year old black tri who needs a loving home. She lived with a 4 year old and 2 cats, but really loves living as the only dog because she loves being the center of attention and loves people! Shes a bit reactive to other dogs on a leash, but plays just fine with them when off leash. Shes in great shape and has a lot of love to give. Magnolia is near Berkeley.
Contact: Kim at

Wilee is a 1 yr old neutered red merle aussie who loves everyone. He has plenty of energy to go all day with his humans where ever they choose to take him. Wilee needs a secure yard since he can jump over fences if bored. Wilee is OK with cats, kids chickens. Wilee would love to be a running partner with his human he also loves to play ball and Frisbee and would make a great sports dog. Wilee is very loving and has a great temperament. He is house and crate trained but needs more basic obedience training.Wilee is fed a raw food diet witch makes for a healthy dog. Located in Southern California.
Contact: Katie at

Roswell is a very calm and sweet 7 yr old neutered red tri boy. Roswell is house, and crate trained. Roswell would love to be the only animal so he can have all of the affection he wants. He is ok with other dogs , cats, horses ,chickens. Roswell is not a dog park dog but loves to go for long walks with his humans. Roswell is good with adults and older children but not small children. Roswell loves to go for car rides to expore new surroundings. Roswell is a velcro dog. Located in Southern California.
Contact: Katie at

Tess is a 7 year old blue merle who is spayed and weighs 50 pounds. Shes playful, fun and knows several commands: Sit, down, stay, shake paws, give a kiss, speak, whisper, load up, come, go, no beg, stop

Shes been on a raw diet because its good for her, and because she shows signs of skin allergies when on kibble. Shes very friendly and loves other dogs and humans. She loves menespecially loud, rough men! She likes children of all ages, but they dont interest her she prefers adult company.

Tess really wants to be someones 24 hour companion. Shes ready for anything and has lived with other dogs, cats, birds and even chickens. She loves to sit in the car and would prefer to go with someone than stay home (like almost every Aussie I know! Per Tess's owner, potential adopters must be committed to feeding Tess a raw diet and have no other dogs . Tess is in Petaluma.
Contact: Kim at

Lady is Bandit's sister. She was adopted with him at 4 months of age, and now, at a year old, she and her brother were returned to the shelter because "they were too much" for the owner to deal with. Lady is a blonde or possibly sable girl with docked tail. She's silly, happy and wants to please. They are happy and just need some time to learn not to be so exhuberant with their "hellos"
Rescued by Animal Savers in Central CA

Bailey NCAR #334 Puppy Mill Aussie

Bailey and brothers
Bailey at age 13 with his brothers Andy the BC who is 5 (left), and Barney the Aussie who is 11. Steve has been fostering Bailey for 2 years and we couldnt be happier for Bailey that hes staying put! To see more photos, go to

Bailey is a sweet and loving black tri. He's now 11 years old and losing his vision. He has a gorgeous coat and is still about the most handsome black tri I've seen. This boy fathered countless litters of puppies and never had a person love him till we rescued him. He spent 9 years glaring at other intact breeding males (like Sydney, adopted March, '07) through the kennel fence...suffice to say, he didn't have a good life.

Bailey is very easy-going, loves to hang out or go on walks and crates easily. He's come a long way since I got him in August, '06. He and Sydney wouldn't come into my house for 3 days after I brought them home. Now, he will slowly come up to strangers seeking pets. He desperately wants to be loved and is so very sweet. Bailey went through our obedience program and warmed up to his handler and got used to performing on a leash! He's very appreciative for pets and love. He loves Steve, his foster Dad who takes him on daily leash walks and to a nearby park... Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

Midas NCAR #501
Midas lives in Sacramento where hell start obedience classes in June, as well as go on hikes and trips to the beach!

Midas was found in Woodland and all efforts were made to reconnect him with his no avail. Hes about 18 months old, skinny at 48 pounds, very sweet, fun and a bit shy. Hed not seen stairs before, and is afraid of cats and sudden noises. He is goofy, walks decnelty on a leash, but kinda stops in front of you!

He is more of a follower than a leader. He prefers to follow other dogs around than to take the lead, and would probably like the company of another playful dog. He goes to Doggy day care and socializes very nicely. Backs away from the bossy dogs without any problems. Midas Sleeps well crated and is learning to get in/out of the car, and be an inside dog. Hes a big cuddler, loves nothing more to be smothered with kisses and hugs. He also likes being brushed, but doesnt care for water. Hes not a barker..door bell rings, my other dogs bark, he does nothing but stand there like a goofball! How anyone abandoned this boy is a mystery to all of us. Fostered in Folsom. Contact: Kim at


Casper, Chip and family

Casper is a 2 year old deaf blue merle who was rescued from the Casper, Wyoming shelter. He's been raised with hand signals and does very well. His activity level is above average, and he's used to jogging with his owner every morning. He is a good running partner and stays right along side.

CASPER'S PASSION IS TO PLAY FETCH! And he loves running fast! He's ok off leash and comes right back. He's lived with other dogs, cats and birds and his favorite toy is a ballbig or small! Casper is a beautiful dog and he just absolutely loves people. Casper is being fostered in Grass Valley where he can dig holes and run all over the property to his heart's content! I love this sweet boy. Contact: Kim at


Lindsay NCAR # 507
This little deaf Aussie came into the Lindsay shelter as a stray. She would do really well with someone who is always around. She is one of those constant companions who would do well going everywhere with her person or people. She's got some separation anxiety, would need to be crated when left alone, or in a safe, contained outside area. If she sees you, she does fine...if she can't see you, she gets into things.

She is very sweet and affectionate and likes to jump up on you. She loves to put her paws on you and is quite the clown when she is feeling excited. She is probably about a year old.

Fostered in Arizona. Contact Kim at

Stevie is a gorgeous red merle girl who was adopted about 2 years ago from the Central CA SPCA in Fresno. She's about 50 pounds, we think she's about 4 years old now, and has gorgeous eyes. This girl loves, loves, loves getting attention from people. Stevie has epilepsy and has it under control with 60 mg of Phenobarbital twice a day. Her favorite thing is to be with her person, inside or outside. She's lived with 2 cats and 2 dogs. She's not playful with toys or fetching things, she'd rather just be by your side! Her current owner keeps her outside most of the time, which frustrates Stevie to no end. Stevie is in Fresno.
Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 5/12/09***


Bogey and Laura
Bogey is 8 - 10 years old and turned into the Humboldt County shelter when he lunged at his owner's boyfriend during a heated argument with lots of yelling. His owner (girlfriend) doesn't want Bogey back. Shelter staff have tried to provoke Bogey repeatedly, but he's sweet, gentle and very biddable. We feel he was being loyal to his owner and we don't think it's a bad thing! He's neutered, up to date on shots and needs a caring home.

5/8 THANK YOU LAURA FOR ADOPTING BOGEY! Thank you Chris for driving him to Woodland, Thank you Alan for keeping him over night and driving him to Monterey on 5/9 where he'll drive to San Luis Obipso to live with Laura! YAHOO!
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/9***
Ozzie Harriet

Ozzie Harriet is a happy pup. He loves to be out and about with people. He is playful and very soft. Ozzie is handsome and energetic and has very pretty eyes. Ozzie is approximately 6 months old and about 30 pounds. This dog is available for adoption March 26, 2009! Because this dog is a stray, it is unknown if this dog is good with children, cats or if they are housebroken. You can pay the adoption fee before then to ensure that this pet will become your family member, if not claimed. Due to overcrowding, the shelter will be forced to euthanize this pet very soon.

For general information about this pet, please e-mail
To check on availability of this pet, you must call the shelter at (209) 385-7436.
If you can help this dog please call or go to the Merced County Animal Shelter immediately. --
Their hours are Mon-Fri 9:30-1:00 2:00-4:30 (closed for lunch from 1-2) and on Sat 10:00-12:00 1:00-3:00. (closed for lunch from 12-1). They are closed Sundays & holidays.
-- If you are driving a distance, please call (209) 385-7436 ext 4806, and make sure this pet is still available.


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