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2010 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Bubba NCAR# 679

Bubba went home to Yuba City with Connie, David and their daughter, Codee. Bubba will get to be with Connie all day, go to riding lessons with Codee and morning walks with David. What a great life for a fun boy!

Bubba is a one year old mini red tri with his impressively fluffy tail! Hes cute as a bug and very loving. Hes had no formal training, so would benefit from an obedience class or two. Hes housebroken, and plays nicely with other dogs. I dont know about cats, sorry. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 10/31***
Jaime NCAR #681
Jamie lives with Don and Diane in Citrus Heights where hell be Dons constant companion. He will start in obedience right away and agility after that. Don has trained setters and retrievers in the past and is thrilled to have his first Aussie!

Jamie will be 4 in December. Hes a strapping blue merle who lived his first three years in a back yard with nothing to do. A family member took him in, got him neutered and started making him a house dog. Unfortunatey, no one was home enough and he began barking when left alone and the neighbors complained.

This is a nice boy who would benefit from a constant companion who will give him training and exercise. Hes good with other dogs, cats and all people. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/30**
Link just turned 4 years old on August 10. He's 35 pounds, neutered and housebroken.He was raised his first year by a trainer and competed in county and state 4H dog shows. He knows: sit, lie down, shake, high-five, speak, "look at me"(eye contact), jump, balances treat on nose, and load-up Ironically, he needs leash work and wants to pull. He loves walking or hiking for hours, pulls the young son on his scooter using a harness. He's wary of people walking or running by front of house, and got into trouble. The young son left side gate open and Link was in back yard. Link heard/saw someone jogging by and ran down driveway barking to "herd" him away from house, man did not move which scared Link who was barking at him to leave and eventually nipped his back leg a bit & broke the skin.

Link's family spoke to several trainers, who told them that "Link is bored in their city home." Their daughter who showed him in 4 H and who provided strong leadership for this smart boy has gone off to college and the parents feel they can't give Link what he needs, like more exercise and mental stimulation on a regular basis.
Link would be great at agility, herding, and having lots of safe, off leash exercise with someone who will train him. Link is sweet, loving, playful, extremely smart and learns quickly and LOVES to learn new things. He herds his family's chickens back to coop when asked and sometimes on his own but walks them in, chases backyard squirrels and rats as often as possible. He's lived with house cats, 2 female mini-doxies, 8 chickens, guinea pigs, turtle, parakeet.

He is trained to ring bells when he has to go potty outside, loves squeaky toys, playing keep away with a stuffed animal, and rawhide chews. This boy is a JEWEL for the right person. Link is in Cupertino.

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 10/29***
Shotzi is a spayed, red tri Aussie, about 5-6 years old and highly trained and loved. Shes used to constant attention from person or another dog, but can be left alone in the house occasionally. Needs backyard. Poultry trained, house trained, knows 50 commands, not aggressive, ignores cats, loves dogs (extra attention will be needed if introduced to another alpha female dog of her own size). Can hike using hand signals when on 25' extension lead.

Shotzi alerts me to (but does confront) bobcats, mountain lions, skunks, coyotes, raccoons, bears, and will scare off deer from the property and ignore them on walks. Shell show which burrows are occupied so you can drop smoke bombs in the correct ones. Would attack predators, but I don't want her in that position. Loves to catch and kill lizards and rodents, but not very successful. Steps back and watches excitedly when a rifle is used on predators. Not easily spooked.

Shotzi does NOT tolerate small children, so only children 12 and over.

If not exercised enough, she may bolt while off leash and run around the neighborhood, so she is not a VELCRO dog and should not live in an urban area. She loves being an inside dog and could easily be someones companion and have access to a fenced yard with daily leash walks.

Shotzi is in Grizzly Flats.
Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 10/28***
Rocky ID #7890
Santa Maria Valley Humane Society
Rocky was adopted from the Santa Maria shelter by Kathy and her husband who live in Lompoc. They spotted him on our website and rushed to the shelter to adopt him!

Meet Rocky! This sweet guy is energetic and obedient. Rocky does not do well around cats and will need to go to a dog-only household. He knows basic commands, is housetrained, and does well with children. Rocky loves to run and is looking for a forever home where he can get plenty of attention and exercise!

Spayed/Neutered Up-to-date with routine shots House trained

Contact: Santa Maria Valley Humane Society
751 Black Road
Santa Maria, CA 93458
Phone: (805) 349-3435
Email Santa Maria Valley Humane Society

Molly went home to Chico with Jena, her young daughters, and Trailer, a 14 year old Cattle Dog mix. Molly sat with the girls endlessly and gave them kisses and nuzzles.shes a happy girl!

Molly is only 10 months old and 50 pounds. Shes mixed with something short haired, like Labrador and shes got a little of the mellowness of a lab too.

She chases cats, but thats about the only drawback to this cutie! She loves, loves, LOVES children, plays well with other dogs, both female and male, is not spoiled, and will hang in a yard without barking. What a great girl! NO CATS. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

Pebbles NCAR #671
Pebbles didnt look back as she walked down the driveway with Margaret! She wiggled and smiled the whole time as Margaret petted her. Miss Pebs now lives in Chico and will be an only dog soaking up all the love!

Pebbles is a Velcro and sweet 10 years young blue merle with her tail. She was surrendered to the LA County shelter because her owners moved to a nursing home. Apparently no family or friends offered to take her. She stayed there for 9 days and so we thought we should rescue her.

She came down with a very serious case of kennel cough after we pulled her and thankfully, her foster parents Jeanne and Bob took her to a vet where she got IV fluids and strong antibiotics. She was also matted to the max. Her tail and body couldnt be brushed due to the dense matts. Were working on it slowly and she already looks and feels much better.

Pebbles LOVES children and all adults. This is a great, senior Aussie and just beautiful, too! Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/9***

Teddy NCAR #672
Teddy is a ginormous ENGLISH SHEPHERD(70 lbs) with his full, fluffy tail. He is4 years old, neutered and playful. Hell bark when someone comes to the door or on the property, but will warm up quickly. He landed in the LA County shelter because he nipped his owners 3 year old child after "playing with him all day" according to his owner. No broken skin.

His owner surrendered him to the shelter where he was marked as an Aussie mix and Rescue only. A rescue person contacted me and sent me only his head shot, so I, too thought he was an Aussie and had him transported to Grass Valley. As soon as he got out of the car I realized he was NOT an Aussie and did some research and found his previous owner's number.

We sent Teddy back to his breeder where he's going to be fostered until the perfect home is found for him. If you love beautiful red coated dogs with big fluffy tails, like to go hiking, have no kids under 12 and NO CATS...he's your boy! He plays well with playful dogs...especially girls! Fostered in Pomona, Southern CA. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/4***
Sweetie NCAR #676

Sweeties 83 year old owner is in the hospital after having a major stroke. Her son who lives in LA brought Sweetie up to the Sanctuary for me to meet and she totally suits her name!

Shes living at her house with a care taker coming in every day to feed her and water the yard.Sweetie has been living outside day and night for several months.

Sweetie is 6 years old, healthy, likes all people, gets along with other dogs and is good around children and infants. Shes not been around cats, but she doesnt seem prey driven to me. We would like to get her into a foster or permanent home ASAP. Shes in Sacramento. Please take her in if you canwe have no space at the Sanctuary right now.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/3***

Lefty ID #25081
Calaveras Animal Shelter

Lefty is a super boy! He needs a grooming, may have been on his own awhile. Left is an Aussie or Aussie mix who is just too good to pass up, just look at his pictures and you can see why. He weighs 41 pounds, 5 years old and neutered. We wonder why his people arent looking for this terrific dog. We named him Lefty because when he greets you he wants to shake hands with his left paw. After shaking your hand, hes ready for a walk and does very well on leash. Lefty is well mannered, will sit and likes other dogs. Hes not real interested in playing ball, but he is interested in being with people. We think hes about 5 years old and since hes already neutered, he can go right home with you and get settled into his new life with you by his side. If you love Australian Shepherds, you will love Lefty.

Contact: Calaveras County Animal Services
891 Mountain Ranch Rd, San Andreas.
Phone: 209-754-6509
Email Eileen at

Johnny ~ Tulare County Animal Shelter

Johnny came to our shelter as a stray. He likes other dogs and is full of fun! He is super energetic and always looking to play. He is very friendly and a handsome looking boy. He is available for rescue and adoption. If you would like to sponsor Johnny just call the shelter to find out how...

Contact: Tulare County Animal Shelter, Visalia, CA
Email Tulare County Animal Shelter

Doogie ~ Klamath Humane Society

Doogie is spayed / neutered. For more information, or to check the availability of this pet, please contact the shelter at 541-882-1119. Due to time constraints emailed inquiries may not receive a response, please call for information.

Contact: Klamath Humane Society, Klamath Falls, OR
541-882-1119 ext. 0
Email Klamath Humane Society

Cali ~ Tehama Co Pet ID 09-15-10 4
Cali, 4 years old, 65 lbs; Cali's owner released her because she growls at children when she is eating; we found Cali to be a pretty girl, enjoys being outside, sweet, loves attention, gorgeous coloring, gives kisses; intelligent, knows the commands sit, down, and shake, interacts well with people, not interested in toys, adorable, fairly mellow, enjoys exploring the play yard, responsive, agile, loves to sit next to you, has been well cared for, loves to be scratched in those good spots, lovable and content, peaceful, well behaved, darling girl, in need of a home without children or a separate eating area away from children; heart worm negative, spayed.

Contact: Tehama County Department of Animal Services, Red Bluff, CA
Email Tehama County Department of Animal Services

Cassie ~ Lassen Co Pet ID 8068
Beautiful black tri purebred aussie. She came to our shelter as a surrender with two of her puppies. We have already adopted out one puppy but still have one available. Cassie is sweet as can be and loves attention! Up-to-date with routine shots.

Contact: Lassen County Animal Control, Susanville, CA
707 Nevada St., Susanville, CA 96130
PET ID #8068
Email Lassen County Animal Control

Denver ~ Lassen Co Pet ID 8070
Cute puppy. Was surrendered along with one of his litter mates and his mother Cassie. This puppy is solid black with just a little white on his chest and toes. Friendly but shy, about 9 weeks old. This little fellow's littermate has already been adopted. Up-to-date with routine shots.

Contact: Lassen County Animal Control, Susanville, CA
707 Nevada St., Susanville, CA 96130
PET ID #8070
Email Lassen County Animal Control


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