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October 2011 Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.

Quigley NCAR #769

Quigley went home with Peter and Judy to Petrolia on the northern coast. They liked his gentle nature, and he took to them right away too! Hell be with Peter and Judy all the time, go to the beach and hang out with them wherever they are.

Quigley is a sweet, 7 year old black tri whose owners died. Hes used to be with his person 24/7 and loves being inside the houseor basically wherever his person is!

He's not comfortable around other dogs...he's worried, like he's been jumped. He's very easy to love, just seems worried at the Sanctuary, so I try to give him alone time with me whenever I can. Very handsome and very nice boy. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/22 ***

Teddy NCAR #686

Teddy goes home

Teddy is a mellow 10-12 year old black tri we rescued from the Sacramento County shelter. He was very shut down and seemed stiff in his back legs, so we took him right to our vet where he got an exam and blood panel to make sure he's healthy and heartworm negative...and he is!

We've fattened him up on great food, he's on anti-inflammatory meds and salmon oil, and he's doing and looking GREAT! He's got a little skip in his step now and will chase after a ball! Hes housebroken, has a slight hearing loss and is easy to have around. Fostered in Fresno.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/22***
Danny NCAR #768
Danny goes home

Danny is a 6 year old mini red tri who was a stray at the Amador County shelter several times as his family wouldnt allow him in the house and he pushed through the back fence continually. He wanted to be with the children! This last time they opted to leave him at the shelter. They stated in the surrender form that he has had the GIGANTIC growth under his chin for several years.

We took him to our vet and he has a cyst on his salivary gland which was removed by our surgeon on 9/27. Surgery was a great success and he's doing great!

This boy is a love-but, loves children and is OK with cats. Hes ready for his new home!
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/22***
Champ, NCAR #34
Champ went home to Penn Valley with Barbara and Jim where hell get all their attention all of the time! Champ was EXACTLY what they wanted and were thrilled for him!

Champ was surrendered by his owner to the Stanislaus County shelter for reasons unknown. Hes 3 years old, and I would guess a Pomeranian/long haired Chihuahua mix. Hes housebroken, sweet, funny and about 8 pounds. He was out of time at the Stanislaus County shelter. Fostered in Sacramento.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/22***
Hana NCAR #696
Hana goes home

Hana turned 4 years old on May 23, 2011. She's a 45 pound, spayed black tri purchased as a pup. One of the family members in Hana's family is very ill and requires a lot of medical attention. Hana is not getting exercised and owners feel she'd be much better off with a family who can make her a priority.

She knows several commands in Japanese, such as: Sit, Wait, Shake paw, Fetch Ball/Slipper/Newspaper, Turn Around (Chase Tail), Bow, Down, Stay, Roll Over, Go to Bed, Beg. I'm doing my best to teach them to her in English! She prefers adults to children and gets overly excited when people visit. She loves playing with her ball- she has a chuck-it and will play fetch endlessly. She likes work, eg bring newspaper. She's not fond of loud noises or being carried or held. She is eager to learn, loves learning new tricks and is easily excited because she is starved for attention.

She can hang out or be busy and is no pushover....herding, agility and/or rally might be good activities for her. NO CATS.

Hana is in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/16***

Champ NCAR#733
Champ goes home

Champ is 13 and utterly delightful, sweet,and easy-going. He belies his age, has bright eyes and good hearing. He likes to fetch a ball, too.

His owners have serious health issues and had to move to assisted living where no dogs are allowed. Champ was loved and well cared for. My heart melts when he looks into my eyes. Champ lived with cats, children and is smart, housebroken and well behaved. He asks for pets from every visitor to the Sanctuary! Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/14***
Lucy went home to Lodi where shell spend all day with her new Mom and granddaughter, Madison.

Brody went home to Pleasanton where Devin, age 6 will throw the ball as much as Brody wants!


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