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October 2014 Recently Adopted Aussies

View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Ready is an 8 year old black tri whose owners are too frail to care for her. She’s only 37 pounds and in great shape.

She’s living with a family member who has 5 other dogs and she wants Ready to receive more attention. Ready is sweet, sweet, sweet, loves to cuddle, easy on a leash, and loves to be by her person’s side. She goes on long walks, is housebroken and a great companion. Ready is in San Anselmo.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/17***
Tonka NCAR #920
Tonka is a 150-pound, purebred Great Pyrenees that I found on Highway 49 in April. A kind woman helped me stop traffic and I called him and he got into the back seat of my Prius. It was really something to see! Both of my Aussies got into the front seat to make room for him!

Our vet guesses he's 3 years old and Tonka is clearly a house dog who has perfect house manners, enjoys the outdoors and gets really excited when he sees a hawk in the sky and chases it as long as he can. He's fine with cats and my little dogs and mostly fine with all the Aussies. If he wants space, or is waiting to be fed, he can be a bully and put a dog on it's back just to prove "he's the boss" but he does absolutely no damage. We think he'd be happiest as an only dog, or could live with a playful female and certainly with cats.

Tonka can open sliding glass doors, door knobs, gates and practically any latch just by using his nose. He wants what he wants when he wants it! I've taken him swimming in the mountains and he stayed with the group nicely. Due to his immense size and smarts, he does best with positive, happy commands. He'll park it if I try to force him to do anything – no way does that work! This boy is amiable, easy-going and smart. He loves being brushed and even shampooed! I love this boy and am working with Great Pyrenees Rescue to find him the perfect home. OK with cats. Application required. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Click here for a video of Tonka

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/16***
Emma is a 9-year-old, spayed black tri whose owners have had a life style change that keeps them away from the home for 10+ hours a day. Emma is not fond of strangers, and likes to be with “her” people. She also doesn’t like other dogs and will nip and growl at them. Emma is loyal and is a good watch dog. She’d do best in a quiet, rural home with a fenced yard where she’s allowed to spend most of her time inside with her people. Emma is in Pioneer. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/15***
Missy NCAR #945
Missy is a 6 year old small blue merle girl who was confiscated with her kennel mate Mookie (below) by Placer County Sheriffs due to cruelty and neglect at his former home. She and Mookie were thin, full of foxtails and lived in filth.

Missy loves all people and children but does not like other dogs in her face, especially near her food. She’s fine with Mookie, and is getting better with all the dogs at the Sanctuary. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/6***
Quinn is an active 8-year-old, 60-lb. mix who was adopted as a puppy from the Santa Rosa Humane Society. He has had obedience training and knows Stay, down, Free, load up, heel, around back, all the way. With hand signals.

He sleeps on his dog bed at night, is good in the car, but gets bored if left in the yard alone all day and can dig and get into mischief.

His owners had children and find they don't have time to exercise him daily, so they are hoping to rehome him with folks who are active and can take him along for exercise.

He grew up with his brother, and both killed chickens, cats, 2 opossum and 1 skunk.

He is super high energy and needs to run DAILY. He likes fetch and returns it nicely. He's lived with cats, but strange cats in the yard are TROUBLE! He loves people, is very loyal to "his" people, is high energy and well trained. Quinn is in Santa Rosa. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/2***

I would like to introduce you to Rickie, a little 4 year old male reddish brown chiweenie that weighs approx 9 lbs and is the sweetest, although very timid, little charmer that you would ever want to meet. Rickie came to our rescue after his owner, the owner that he had known for his first 3 years of life, suddenly died. Rickie was passed around to a couple of rescues because he would try to bite and growl due to being so scared. Once he came to live at his present foster home where he received a lot of TLC dished out very patiently, he blossomed. He is still a little standoffish when meeting new people, but again, with patience he warms up and is a little sweetheart. He gets along well with all of the other dogs in his foster home and plays for hours with the other small dogs there until it's time to curl up in a soft warm spot and take a nap. He sleeps well in a crate at night and doesn't fuss. Rickie has some potty training issues and will need a refresher course on how to use a dog door. Rickie can sit up on his little back legs forever and wait for a treat or most importantly to be picked up and cuddled like a little baby in your arms. Rickie is being fostered in Lodi.

Please contact Suzy with Beagle Rescue at (916)240-1576 or e-mail:


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