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Recently Adopted Aussies

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Rocky NCAR Puppy #70
Rocky went home with Dr. Kelly to Fairfax today. He will be her constant companion and hang with her when shes working at her vet clinic, or be at her side for hikes!

Rocky was found in a neighborhood. He was scratching on doors trying desperately to get into a house. His finders put up flyers, walked the neighborhood and spoke to passers-by, but no one knew him or had seen him before. He stayed with his family for about a month, where he lived with children of all ages and other dogs.

Rocky is almost 5 months old now, 24 pounds (too thin), and will be ready for altering at 6 or so months of age. He is confident, wants to be right by my side or at least near me and ready for a puppy obedience class. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

Luke NCAR #966
Luke is a friendly, playful 10 year old blue merle boy. I've taken him snow hiking, he swims in our pond, and belies his age! He came in at 63 pounds, and is now closer to 55 pounds.

His people have a nasty neighbor who reported Luke twice within 36 months to Animal Control for "making her take a defensive posture" when he approached her and her dog.

Luke needed to get away from that neighbor, and I'm happy to have him here at the Sanctuary! Luke is goofy, playful and headstrong. His only triggers are kids on skateboards or bikes - he will give chase. Luke loved his cat sibling, is great off leash in open space, pulls like a freight train on leash (Easy -Walk harness or Gentle Leader recommended) He has been shaved repeatedly so his coat has no luster, and is growing in thinner than it should. I hope he looks better in time. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/16***
Moto NCAR #974
We rescued Moto when he was only 6 months old. He is vision impaired and his hearing is 100%. He was adopted in 2009 and lived with a family with very young children and 2 older Aussies. Moto is now 6 years old. His family is in the military and has been sent to Washington DC and can't find a rental house that will allow 3 dogs sadly, his family gave him back to us.

Moto is a lover of a dog, full of joy and loves to play outside. He likes to sleep on the floor by a door and loves nap time. He responds very well to voice and likes to stick close to humans. He has no behavior issues, no chewing, digging, biting or barking issues. He gets along well with other dogs, even when eager puppies try to play by biting around his face. He has shown no aggression. He loves to welcome his people home with a treat, like a shoe or a sock that he does not chew.

Moto is eager to greet cats, and cats don't like he'd do best in a home without cats because one swat to his eye and his vision would be lost. Moto LOVES, LOVES, LOVES CHILDREN! Hoping to find a family with an able bodied, friendly dog to adopt Moto. This is a sweetie pie! Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/16***
Cody is a 10 year old, red tri mini Aussie whose owner died. The care giver took him in and asked us to help find him a home. She said hes a lover boy! Very sweet, likes every dog or person he meets, and lives with 3 dogs in her home. Hes hugely overweight and needs to drop at least 15 pounds. We don't know how he is with cats.
This is a real sweetheart. Cody is in San Jose.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/1***


Ruby and Oscar
Ruby and Oscar are 10 and 11 year old Brussels Griffons. Ruby is red, Oscar is blonde and they both weigh 10 pounds each. Their owner has a new job that requires lots of travel, so were looking for a great new home for them. Ruby and Oscar are extremely well behaved and bonded to each other. These cuties are loving and sweet and must be placed together. They are in Sausalito. Application required.
Contact: Kim at


Kirby NCAR #
Kirby is a sweet, 13 pound Jack Russell mix we rescued from the shelter in Modesto. He's a lap dog, couch potato and likes quiet. Dont think young children are his cup of tea. Our vet cleaned his teeth and guessed he's 3 4 years old. We're happy that we gave this boy who lingered at the shelter a chance for a wonderful home. Fostered in El Dorado Hills

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/9***
Digger NCAR #987

Digger is a 7 year old, 45 pound, gentle black tri boy whose owner died. No family members or friends can take him.

He likes cats, walks well on a leash, isn't used to living with other dogs, yet does fine meeting them. He guards his food from other dogs, but not from me! He loves his stuffed toys, likes water and is a sweet boy who I think would be happy being someone's one and only. He lived with one woman his whole life. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/9***

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