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September 2004 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Gypsy NCAR #129

Gypsy and her family
Gypsy is living a great life in Elk Grove. She takes a one mile walk with her mom every day and loves living with two children and a chihuaha mix!

Gypsy is an 8 to 10 year old purebred Border Collie that came in as a stray to the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. A shelter volunteer called me, so I took Gypsy into the play yard and found a somewhat shut down, terribly neglected and overfed diamond in the rough. Although she passed temperament testing, Gypsy was being passed over for the younger pups at the shelter. We just had her spayed, had some fatty masses removed, and she's now enjoying her recuperation in a foster home where she'll be treated like a queen. Her mats will be removed, she'll be bathed and brushed and "brought back to life". Thankfully, Gypsy is heartworm negative. She seems to be an easy-going and calm girl who is about to become "My Fair Lady."

Gypsy is doing great! She had a hair cut at the groomer's and was a really good girl. She has some hip problems, cause her back end shakes a lot if she stands too long. Yet, we walk/jog about a mile everyday, which she absolutely LOVES. She is extremely well mannered, easy going and completely house trained. She even knows how to use the dog door. She is awesome with kids, other dogs, ignores cats and is genuinely a happy girl.

Gypsy will follow me or my husband (if I'm not home) into whatever room we are in. She lies next to you and doesn't really care if you step over, around or on her, just as long as she is near you! She makes my heart sing with her sweetness, love and loyalty. She sleeps on the floor as close to my side of the bed as she can possibly get!! She's a lover!!

She is still not very interested in chasing toys, balls or sticks, but she likes chewing the tennis balls. She also does NOT BARK, not at all!!! She looks good, and is a few pounds lighter too! Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/22/04***

Photo right: Here's Nellie and Trixie playing at the beach in Victoria, Canada! This couple drove all the way to Fresno to adopt Nellie and camped all the way back to Victoria. LUCKY NELLIE!

Nellie is a 1.5 yr. old Aussie with her fluffy tail. She's a beautiful, dark blue merle. She likes other dogs and is your typical smart Aussie. She has a medium activity level for an Aussie, and has a very sweet temperament. Nellie came out of Tulare County shelter as a stray. Fostered at Noah and Friends Sanctuary in Clovis, near Fresno. Contact Teri at

***ADOPTED ***

Smiley and her Dad
Smiley is a sweet-natured, young Aussie-Cattle Dog girl who was hit by a truck on June 26. A good samaritan took her to a vet's office for care. After 4 days at the vets office, she had to spend 4 days in the county shelter waiting for her owner to come for her. No one came, so she came to us! She has recovered from a severe blow to the side of her head and bruised hips and legs. She's doing great and loves going to the dog park every day to play with the dogs.
See NEW Smiley video [151 KB]
Smiley was an angel during the half hour opthamalogical exam. The specialist looked in both her eyes with a bright white light and thoroughly examined her eyes and determined that she is OK and no further treatment is required. The blow did damaged tendon along side her eye, so her eye is slighly crossed. She sees fine, but has lost a little peripheral vision.

Smiley is about the sweetest dog you could meet, and fits right in with everyone. She sleeps on the floor next to my bed, likes the dog park, and sits sweetly for treats. She is housebroken and uses the doggie door. She is curious about cats, but not aggressive. She travels easily in the car, whether in a crate or loose in the van. She sits for pets and gives lots of kisses and would be safe around older children. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/17/04***
Meadow is a 1-yr old spayed blue merle female who is deaf. She loves playing with toys and being with her owner. She is housebroken, crate trained, and great in the car. Meadow loves attention and is very outgoing. She knows some hand signals, is up to date on shots, walks well on a leash, and is microchipped. Meadow knows sit, down and come using handsignals. For more information, contact private rescuer Megan at in Lake Matthews, Southern CA.

***ADOPTED 9/15/04***
MARCI - ID#A139114
My name is Marci and I am a spayed female, black and white Australian Shepherd. The shelter thinks I am about 2 years and 0 months old.

For more information about this animal, call:
Stanislaus County Animal Services at (209) 558-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A139114

***ADOPTED 9/15/04***
MAVRICK - ID#A141157
My name is Mavrick and I am an unaltered male, blue merle and tan Australian Shepherd mix.
The shelter thinks I am about 5 months old.
I have been at the shelter since Aug 29, 2004.
This information is 3 hours old.
Back To List For more information about this animal, call:
Stanislaus County Animal Services at (209) 558-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A141157

***ADOPTED 9/15/04***
Stockton Red Tri Boy - ID#A060920
I am a neutered male, red and white aust shepherd.
My age is unknown.
I have been at the shelter since Sep 02, 2004.
This information is 9 hours old.
Back To List For more information about this animal, call:
Stockton Animal Shelter at (209) 937-8274
Ask for information about animal ID number A060920

***ADOPTED 9/15/04***
3 female aussie mix pups
Here are a few pics of the Aussie-mix pups. The girls are 5 weeks old, will be ready for adoption in about a month or so. Meg, Mimi and Bebe are their names :-)
They have alot of white, but so far vision and hearing are fine. Thank heaven! Contact Terri at

***ADOPTED 9/14/04***
Blue Merle, female, deaf
This little 10 week old female Blue Merle was born deaf. She needs a home where her owner(s)is home most or all of the time, and she needs to be trained with hand signals immediately. She's completely healthy, very outgoing and Aussie smart! If you are interested, have the experience and time to give to her, please submit an online application. Thanks!

***ADOPTED 9/11/04***
Frankie lives with Rod and his Aussie "Nakai" in Freemont. Frankie will go on lots of road trips and get lots of attention and training in his new home.

Frankie is an 18 month-old, neutered Red Merle Aussie. His family adopted him 8 months ago from a shelter in New Mexico and moved to California to be near their new grandchildren. Unfortunately, Frankie has a bit more herding instinct than they feel they can trust around their grandkids, including some slight nipping at fast moving heels! For that reason, we would like to find him a home with older children, or no children. Frankie is smart and obedient, and knows sit, stay down, heel, come and fetch. He loves his squeeky toys and is very loving and devoted. He's up to date on his shots, neutered, and very healthy. He has lived with cats and other dogs, and is fine when left alone in the yard or the home. He can be a bit territorial, so he should be introduced to strangers coming into the home. Frankie is in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/10/04***
Lucky Patches is being adopted by his foster family!

At age two, Patches found himself suddenly "orphaned" when his owner died unexpectedly. Patches looks like a Border Collie mix, but his temperament is more like a Lab. He is very playful and active, but settles down nicely in the evening when he is affectionate and sweet with his foster family. Patches loves to play ball and romp with other dogs. He is great with the children (aged 6-8) in his foster home and would be a wonderful family dog. Patches' ideal situation is a home where someone is around a lot and he has at least one playful young dog or child to play with, and where he will get plenty of attention and exercise. Patches is a little cautious with adolescent boys and some men, although the more he comes out of his shell, the more confident and outgoing he becomes. Patches is a real gem -- can you provide just the right setting? Contact: Greta at

***ADOPTED 9/7/04***
Mocha lives on an acre of fenced land in West Marin, where she gets to go on hikes on and off leash every day. She has already learned to stay out of the way of the two older cats in the family! Her new owners think she is the best dog ever, and the cutest too!

Mocha is a darling 5 year old spayed female red tri Aussie with her fluffy tail! She was an owner surrender to the Fresno shelter because they had no time for her. She spent her days and nights in the backyard.

See Mocha [356 KB]

Mocha is as sweet and lovey as it gets! She gets along well with her foster brothers and gives them their space. She follows her foster mom around everywhere! When she comes to her side she spins and sits! She gets so excited to go for a walk that she barks gleefully for about half a block before settling into her walk. She is perky and energetic, and likes to jump up on the benches at the park! Maybe agility is in her future! She walks well on a leash and has good recall. She's fine with children over 8 and is crate trained and housebroken. She's a velcro Aussie who is happy just to sit by your side! Fostered in Santa Rosa. Contact Cyndi at

***ADOPTED 9/5/04***

Chloe NCAR #1

Chloe and Kendra
Chloe lives with Zak, a 100 lb. Bouvier, 3 kids and a stay at home mom in Woodside. Everyone, including Zak is in awe of Chloe's Frisbee skills! Chloe gets to go to the beach in Carmel where she and Zak soak up all the attention they attract!

Chloe spent the first year of her life tied to a tree. A wonderful woman convinced her owners to give her up to rescue and she was placed right away into a loving home where she adored the children. Unfortunately, Chloe learned to jump the fence when her owners left her alone in the back yard. She also chases cats aggressively, so with tears in their eyes, they returned her to us.

Chloe is almost 3 years old and we know her perfect forever home is just around the corner. Chloe has many endearing traits! She's affectionate, beautiful, quiet, fast at running (though not great at catching), has exceptional house manners, only jumps on the couch when invited, and is a true "cuddle-bunny" and a great conversationalist!

THIS IS A TERRIFIC FAMILY AUSSIE! She adores children, all humans and plays well with most dogs. She plays Frisbee, loves off-leash walks on hiking trails, and is obedient and very, very loving. Did we mention she loves children?

Chloe's perfect cat-free home would be: With a family where she has someone with her most of the day, like a person who works from home, or can take her along to work. She can also be left alone inside all day and could be an apartment dog, as long as her owners are active, and will make sure she gets plenty of running exercise like trips to Ft. Funston, dog parks or off-leash areas in the East Bay or Contra Costa counties. Chloe is located in Berkeley and we'd like to re-home her as soon as possible.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/5/04***
Lisa is a 3-4 month old female Aussie Mix (possibly with German Shepherd) who is available to the public today, Sunday, August 29. She was a stray, and will go fast!

Manteca Animal Shelter, Phone 209-239-8480.
Location: 208 E Wetmore Street, Manteca.
Lisa's ID # 032520A.
Hours: Open every day 10 AM to 4:45 PM DAILY, Closed daily from noon to 1:00 PM. This little girl will be taken to the Farmer's Market between 3 and 7 PM on Tuesday if not adopted Sunday or Monday.
Farmer's Market is in Library Park between West Center and West Yosemite.


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