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2006 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.

Bonnie lives with Sylvia in San Rafael. Bonnie will go to work Sylvia and spend her days right by her side....just what the doctor ordered!

Bonnie is a 10 year old breeding Aussie from the El Dorado Aussie Puppy Mill. She is Sadie's half sister and has probably given birth to 100 or more puppies in her lifetime. We had her spayed, her teeth cleaned, foxtails removed, and she's a healthy, happy Aussie girl who loves to play and swim.


Wyatt NCAR# 169

Wyatt playing it cool
Wyatt is a thinking dog....always weighing his options. He trusts me completely and this will transfer to his new owner. He was adopted several months ago, but his owners gave him back when he proved too anxious and fearful around their young neices and nephews. We believe Wyatt to be about 4 years old.

Wyatt's history: He had been seen running around the Martinez area for months and was finally picked up by Animal Control. He studied us intently with his beautiful amber eyes and wanted to be with us, but not the center of attention. He had fishing line tangled in his feathers - proof that he had been on the run awhile. He liked petting and brushing...he even gave us kisses on the cheek.

Commotion, crowds, strangers, people making sudden moves or kids running around make him anxious. He is very protective of the house and the car, too. Sudden movement above him makes him hit the deck or nip. He hasn't broken the skin, but it comes from nowhere and must be taken seriously. We know that a quiet household without children and a dog-savvy person is a must for Wyatt. He knows many commands and is extremely smart and obedient. He is used to making his own decisions yet will trust "his leader." He can live with dogs, has lived with a cat and should be introduced to people in the home while on his leash. The good news is he looks to me for reassurance and settles down quickly.

I feel very safe with Wyatt at my side or in my car...he would protect me.

Wyatt must be managed due to his protective nature and nipping history. However, he has a goofy side that's so endearing! He dances when he plays fetch, and jumps around and gives me kisses every morning when he wakes up! He really is an amazing boy. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact

Video of Wyatt playing with friends [238 KB]

***ADOPTED by Kim and moving to Grass Valley!***
Friday, NCAR #295

Friday lives in Atherton with a huge yard and people home with her all the time. This lucky 10 year old has a wonderful life ahead of her.

We pulled this girl on Friday, hence her new name! She was a stray in the Shasta County Animal Shelter in Redding who came in with another female Aussie mix. They wandered to a house and made themselves at home on the front porch! She stayed at the shelter a month!

She's a senior Velcro red tri with her long, fluffy tail. She tested positive for heartworm and has just completed treatment. She'll be just fine! She's glued to my side, isn't fond of other dogs pushing into her space when she's near me...kind of typical, older Aussie behavior. I've groomed her, given her a bath, crated her, clipped her nails....she's OK with it all. She can live with cats, too! Fostered in Lafayette. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/23***
Rufus NCAR#
Rufus was adopted from the Yolo shelter about 6 months ago. He's a very handsome black tri who is about 2 years old. His owners work long hours and although they run him at least once a day, he's bored at home and starts finding things to do. He's crate trained, but his owners don't feel it's right to crate him 9 hours a day. He's about 50 lbs, very healthy, knows sit and lie down, plays ball and jogs with his dad daily. He's very friendly towards strangers, a bit on the submissive side, and gets along with other dogs. He does not bark, even at strangers and love his belly rubbed! Rufus is in Davis. Contact: Kim at

Mishka will be 1 year old on Jyly 31. She is a Pomeranian;Doxi;Chihuaha mix and about 13 lbs. She loves EVERYONE, even cats. She talks and is good all around! She was taken from a home that neglected her. Fostered in Magalia. Contact: Katri at

Poppy is a gorgeous red merle who turned 7 years old this past July. She's 52 lbs, housebroken, crate trained, and has completed 3 sessions of obedience with Perfect Paws in San Francisco. She knows sit, sitstay, off, offstay, stand, standstay, front, down and downstay. Poppy has lived with two other dogs and a cat and her favorite activities are playing Frisbee and chasing balls. She chases and has nipped at the shoes of running toddlers and small children, and because her family has a small child and another on the way, they are looking for a wonderful new home for her. Poppy is friendly, energetic, loving, attentive, athletic and well behaved. Application required. Poppy is in Santa Rosa. Contact Kim at

Esprit is a 2 year old gorgeous , tri-colored Aussie girl. Esprit has been at the shelter for such a long time and despite this, she is super loving and sweet to all she meets. Esprit is very smart, and like all Aussies will need mental and physical stimulation. She is NOT a super high-charged girl and stays peacefully in her kennel all day without barking or acting stressed. Esprit chooses her friends; she likes some dogs, but not every dog.Esprit would prefer not to live with cats. Come in and meet lovely Esprit today. She deserves a kind and loving home after being here for such a long time...

Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society
2700 Ninth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
Phone: (510) 845-7735

***ADOPTED! Wahoo! ***

Logan, NCAR BC mix

Tom and Logan
Logan lives with Judith and Tom near the coast. They are being patient and working on socializing this young and somewhat fearful boy. So far, so good!

A gracious volunteer in Oregon has rescued this boy from a northern CA shelter. He has already been treated for heartworm in his foster home and is recuperating nicely.

He loves everyone and all dogs and even cats! he's a VERY nice one year old boy. He's very sweet, easy-going and at this point, very calm. Fostered in Southern Oregon. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/13***


Maya and Evelyn
Maya and Evelyn at home in Lake Almanor! Evelyn got EXACTLY the Aussie she dreamed about!

Maya is a kind and gentle little Aussie who found her way into the Merced Animal Shelter. She is a cutie and good on the leash. She is approximately 4-5 years old and about 40 pounds. Mary has a terribly matted coat, foxtails and is a sweet, sweet girl who has been neglected. We're about to change that!

Fostered in Chico. Contact Kim at

Maya lives with Evelyn at Lake Almanor. Here's Evelyn's letter to us after 2 days with Maya:
"What a delight this little girl is! I'm so lucky to have her. She loves to play and seems to enjoy her walks. We left her in the house last night while we were gone for about 2 hours and came home to nothing disturbed! When I was ordering her ID tag yesterday, I found an old one of Reba's (recently deceased Aussie) and of course started to cry. Maya got off her bed, came over and climbed on my lap and gave me a big kiss. What a love! Thank you for rescuing her."

***ADOPTED 9/12***

Jelly Bean
"Bean" as we now call him, is used to getting his way....but it's not too bad, cause he weighs only 4.8 pounds and is less than a year old...he is trainable for sure. If he doesn't want me to wipe his face or doesn't want to get out of the car and if I force the issue, he has lightly nipped me, but he's improving daily. He gets along with all the big dogs in my home, seems to ignore cats, likes to sleep on the bed with other dogs, isn't food aggressive and isn't yappy! He adores Cosmo.

He needs to put on a few more before getting neutered. This boy was litterally scooped up from a busy street. No one looked for him. Contact: Kim at

KJ was surrendered to the Clovis Animal Shelter cause his owners were moving. He is a gorgeous 2 year old red tri who is good with kids, cats and other dogs. He's good on a leash and and seems to be an all around nice Aussie boy. Application required. Contact Teri Rockhold at KJ is at the Clovis Animal Services, 908 Villa Avenue, Clovis, CA 93612. Phone: 559-324-2450

***ADOPTED 9/12***

Prince lives with Laura and his siblings Kody and Abbie in LA. Laura is the perfect Mom for the Little Man! He gets to go to work with her and play on 25 fenced acres!

This little guy is solid as a rock, and tiny!!! He's Aussie/BC mix and from tiny stock! He's deaf and totally VELCRO. He's about 13 weeks old and weighs only 13 pounds." Paw Prince" has quite a little strut...I can hear him coming down the hall! He was an owner surrender to the Clovis Animal Shelter. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/9***
Libby, ID #44223
Libby is a 1 year old spayed female Australian Shepherd. She is very energetic and friendly. Libby loves to run and jump. She could be a great agility dog, or companion for an active person. Libby is very sweet and enjoys a good petting session, with a few back scratches and tummy rubs thrown in. Libby has been spayed, rabies vaccinated and microchipped courtesy of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine! Meet Libby at the Yolo County Animal Services Shelter.

Yolo County Animal Services Shelter

Jewels is a fabulous red tri Aussie or Border Collie who is approximately 9 years old. She's being treated for heartworm and is still available. Please give her a wonderful home!

She's at the
Healdsburg Animal Shelter
Phone: 707- 431-3386

Sully is a male aussie mix at the Tehama County Shelter.

Tehama County Department of Animal Services
Red Bluff, CA
Phone: 530-527-3439

Dixie is a sweet 8 year old aussie shepherd mix. For more information, call the Salinas Animal Shelter at 831-758-7285 and ask for animal #33104.

Salinas Animal Shelter
Salinas, CA
Phone: (831) 758-7285 ext. 0


Bear lives in Sebastapol with his new family who love him! He gets to run daily and loves spending time with the kids!

Bear is a 15-18 month old black bi mini Aussie. Zoom! Zoom! He's quick, agile, fun and sweet. His only issue is he's food aggressive with other dogs. He'd be best as an only dog, but his food aggression can be managed by separate feedings or feeding him in his crate. He's an absolute sweetie and although knows nothing but sit, is pretty well mannered and responds to commands. He likes table tops and cars, tractors and running around in the house. He also doesn't like any dog to get close to his person when there's food around.

Bear or Bearie as his foster parents affectionaltely call him NEVER makes a peep! No barking and doesn't scratch at the door to get in. He's great with everyone, even little kids. But we wouldn't want a small child to get between him and another dog fighting over that is a biggie. Fostered in Galt.

VIDEO of Bear playing with Patch at the SPCA [238 KB]

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/8***

Sadie lives with Noel and Parker in Sacramento. Sadie will get to go to work with them and have a wonderful life. We're thrilled for Sadie!

Sadie was one of Arthur's favorite breeding bitches. Over her 10 year life at the El Dorado Puppy Mill, she had as many as 15-18 litters of puppies...she was always pregnant, giving birth or nursing. In fact, she was pregnant when we had her spayed. We gave her several baths, groomed her which she loves, had her teeth cleaned, foxtails removed from her ears and got her up to date on her shots. This is a lovely girl. Adopted 9/7

***ADOPTED 9/7/06***

Red NCAR #303

Andy, Red, Linda
Red is Linda and Andy's constant companion in Los ALtos Hills. He's very happy hanging in the yard, attending obedience classes with Linda, or going to the dog park...we're really happy for him!

Red is a handsome and energetic 15-16 month old red merle who was found running down a busy street in Redding. He's the poster boy for WIGGLE BUTT and the nicest boy you'll meet. He is pushy and has some puppy-like behaviors, but is very loving and loves everyone....even uniformed men! An Aussie savvy owner (read "good leader") would love this boy! He graduated from a 10 week obedience class...wahoo!

He knows how to jump a fence, but hasn't tried it in his foster home where he plays with his Aussie siblings and has a doggie door to the house. We'd like to find him a home where he'll get continued structure and training. He loves the dog park and can live with a playful, well mannered dog or dogs.

Red loves to swim and he took off after ducks and just swam and swam, but came back when he realized it was futile! Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/4***
O'Jo is a 3 year old shepherd mix whose owners are travelling a lot, so he's left alone most of the time or boarded. He's lived with them since he was a young puppy and he's very nice, but a bit possessive about his food. He weighs about 65 pounds, is housebroken, up to date on his vaccinations and heartworm prevention. He graduated from obedience classes, too! He knows sit, down, kennel up, let's go, and "take it" for bone treats. He's an inside and outside dog and is used to staying in a big kennel run when no one is home. He has nice house manners and doesn't get up on the furniture. He is happy and friendly around other dogs and solicits pets from strangers. He has lived with two cats and leaves them alone.

Although he was raised around 2 small grandsons, we don't recommend he live with small children. First, he does not like to be held down in any way, and second, because he is food aggressive. He'll stare and growl if you reach for his food bowl before he's done eating. He loves to play with the balls, and his frisbee. He's a nice dog for an adult home where they will manage his issue with food. O'Jo is in Brentwood. Contact Kim at


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