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September 2009 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.

Elkie and Flicka

Elkie, Flicka and family

Elkie and Flika were well taken care of by a nice gentleman in Auburn who passed away. They have been living with relatives while their house is cleaned up and sold. Now the relatives must return to Michigan and cant take these girls with them.

Elkie and Flika are 8 year old sisters and sweet, sweet, sweet. They are housebroken, calm and easy-going, and have lived with cats. Elkie is the adorable runt and is a dilute, meaning her coat is almost blonde and she has little pigment.

9/14 Update
Elkie lost her vision overnight. We took her to our opthalmologist who determined she had a partially detached retna and some swelling in her left eye. She lost vision in her right eye due to a detatched retna years ago, but no one knew. We are treating her with steroids to see if some of her vision returns in her left eye once the swelling goes down. She may or may not be a candidate for lazer surgery....we'll know in a few weeks.

We also gave her a full exam with our general veterinarian who determined she has sebacious adonitis, or inflammation of the glands that produce hair folicles. Her scalp has greatly improved due to herbal remedies that her foster mom is giving her. She's in good hands!

9/17 Update
The prednisone reduced the swelling and she's back to normal! She goes back to her eye doctor on 9-29 for her follow up exam. YAHOO! We are all celebrating, can you hear us?

We will adopt these darling girls together. So far, we've spent $400 on her care, any help is appreciated. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/27***

Tina NCAR #483

We had to have several tests done because Tina has an irritation near her vulva. Tests and medications cost $600. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Tina turned 10 on April 1, 2009! She's gorgeous, has the stamina and energy of an Aussie half her age! She LOVEs the ball and LOVES to swim. She is OK with dogs, but would prefer living as an only dog. She loves all people. She has a gorgeous coat and weighs a little over 60 pounds. She's incredibly loving and Velcro. Her owners have serious illnesses and asked us to find her a loving home.

Tina is about as perfect as an Aussie girl can get. She'd do best as an only dog or with a mellow male Aussie and absolutely NO CATS! Swimming opportunities would be great! Fostered in Martinez. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/26***
Chester NCAR #xxx

Chester & family
Chester is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier we rescued at the 11th hour from the Stanislaus County Shelter. He was in sick bay and not up for adoption because he has a funky ear. Thanks to Jean and Bob our Modesto volunteers, who pulled him and drove him to our Sanctuary! This 4-5 year old boy had double ear infections for a long, long time. He scratched his ears so much that he deformed one of them. We got his ears cleared up, his teeth cleaned, neutered and his hernia sutured. Hes a new little man!

I really love Chester . Hes fun, affectionate and has learned to come when called. He stays when told to, and is agile, playful and loving. He likes car rides a lot! He barks at children which surprised me, but I take it as a sign hes used to adults. Hes about 10 pounds and I think he could do agility and for sure obedience. Hes gone on hikes with us and had his first swim! But his ears got funky again after swimming, so we needed to treat them to clear it up. Hes become very tolerant of ear cleaning and he is good when being groomed, too. Fostered in Grass Valley . Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/26***
Small Purebred Dogs Looking For Homes

Another Chance Animal Welfare League recently took some small dogs from a commercial breeder (aka:Puppy Mill) - these poor dogs have lived in a kennel their whole life and have been used to put cash in someones pocket.
All of the dogs have been temperament tested. They were scared, but showed no problems with being handled, and no aggression regarding food. In fact, most of them took little bites of food right off my fingers. We're updating vaccinations, and having them heartworm tested. They are being boarded awaiting spays and neuters, and can go to foster homes as soon as the surgeries are done. Since these dogs have lived in kennels their entire lives, they are probably not house trained. They are, however, crate trained and might be OK on leash. It's probable that none know anything about kids, so we recommend a home with older children versus little ones. We don't know whether they have cat-manners.

REGIS - ADOPTED King Charles Cavalier, male, 9 1/2 years-old. He didn't want to come out of the crate, but once he came out, he seemed happy to look around, sniff the air, walk in the rain, and be petted. He had no interest in the wonderfully smelly food I offered, he was too busy taking in the sights and sounds. Regis seemed OK being on a leash. He is named for Regis Philbin.

GRETCHEN - ADOPTED Jack Russell terrier (rough coat), female, 8 years-old. This dog was more than ready to get out of the crate when it was her turn! Her stubby tail wagged the entire time, she was easy to handle, carry, pick up. Gretchen wanted to get moving and pulled on the leash. She is just as adorable in person as her picture.

SASSY - ADOPTED Japanese Chin, female, 7 1/2 years-old. Sassy is a retired show dog. Even though she was very shy, her tail wagged the entire time we worked together. We were told that of the five dogs, Sassy is the most mellow.

Contact: Sherry Frahm at
Another Chance Animal Welfare League
PO Box 308 , Millville , CA 96062
(530)-547-PETS (7387)

Lucy NCAR #594
Update 9/19 Lucy is overweight and is on a weight loss program along with her brother Bonnaroo. She's being fostered by Susan in Palo Alto.

Lucy is a gorgeous red tri. She and her bother Bonaroo graduated from beginner obedience class when they were 1 year old. They have been around other dogs, lived with 2 cats and a 3 year old child. They know: come, sit, stay, nap (go to their crate) walk well on leash, and go to door to potty
Lucy actually seeks children out and follows the 3 year old, but Lucy will play and play with dogs and loves sprinklers!  Both love being loved and Lucy is a consumate companion and will follow you everywhere. They will be five years old this coming January.

We are helping Lucy and Bonnaroo find a loving home by the end of September when their owners need to move to an apartment. Fostered in Palo Alto. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/26***

Misty is a 6 year old mini red merle who has been loved with food for the past several years. Her owner became seriously ill and asked us to find her a loving home. She is epileptic, and her seizures are under control with potassium bromide. She also is on thyroid pills so she can trim down to a healthy weight of 30 - 35 pounds.

Currently she is 50 pounds. We also had 7 teeth removed and her teeth cleaned as the pain from the infections was prohibiting her from eating kibble..poor thing! Thank goodness for our Medical Fund because her vet bill and medicine cost us $700.

This girl is sweet, sweet, sweet! She loves children, cats and can live with other dogs. She loves her stuffed toys, is easy to have around and I'm thrilled to be getting her healthy and into a loving home. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/26***
Ursa NCAR #538

Ursa lives in Davis with Mary and Chuck. She goes to Bodega Bay, Lake Tahoe, the dog park, long walks and just about everywhere her people go! This is one happy girl who landed her dream home.
Ursa means Bear in Latin...and a cuddly bear she is! She's a 3 year old Aussie girl who sat in the shelter for 6 months before a family adopted her. She was fine with the kids, but NOT with their 9 cats! So the owners asked us to take her.

She hears well and has partial vision. She's anxious to get a treat from your hand, so small children with food are unfortunately at risk with Ursa! She's loving and follows me around and hears me call every time! Shes responsive, fun and a bit chunky. She lived with children and is a happy girl who wants to stay close to people. She's a sweetie for sure. No cats! Fostered in Davis. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/14***

Harley NCAR # 502
Harley and family

A woman contacted us who had lost her husband 2 weeks prior, then lost her home. She had no place to take her 6 year old Aussies. She brought Harley and Kody to the Sanctuary.
Harley and Kody weren't taken anywhere, weren' t walked and didn't go to the dog park or get socialized with other dogs, they just had each other and when a new dog approaches, they wind each other up! Thankfully, they are good with people. Kody found a wonderful home in December, now it's Harley's turn!

Harley is fostered with a female Aussie and is adapting nicely...they get along famously. He's very affectionate and loving and wiggles up to his foster mom for pets. He's good with all people, and can live nicely with cats. With a patient person who doesn't take him on leash walks where there are other dogs, or go to a dog park, Harley will do just fine. Fostered in San Carlos.

Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/12***
Red merle female
This girl is sweet, sweet, sweet! She's MAYBE a year old and was hit by a car. Her owners couldn't afford the vet bills, so she was surrendered to the Sutter County shelter in Yuba City.

She's fine with cats and a bit shy about bouncy new dogs, but is gaining confidence in her foster home. We rescued her 8-13 and she'll be transfered to the Butte Humane Society in Chico. Contact Kim Thompson at

This cute girl is available for adoption at the City of Fallon Animal Shelter in Fallon, NV.

Contact: City of Fallon Animal Shelter
1255 Airport Rd Fallon, NV

Black Bi Male
Shelter staff named me GENE. I am a neutered male, black and white Border Collie/Australian Shepherd. The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old. I have been at the shelter since Aug 07, 2009.

For more information about this animal, call:
Merced County Animal Control at (209) 385-7436
Ask for information about animal ID number A059136

***Rescued by Border Collie Rescue of NorCal***
PLEASE CONTACT THE SHELTER DIRECTLY AT 530 527-3439 FOR ADOPTION INFORMATION Bear is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

Tehama County Department of Animal Services
Red Bluff, CA

***Adopted 9/13/09***
Hattie came to Butte Humane Society from another shelter. She lived in a foster home before coming to our shelter, and her foster mom wrote this about her:

Thank you very much for taking Hattie into your program; she is very loving and simply needs a home that will provide lots of exercise, discipline, and affection to bring out her best. She does chew; demolishing 2 Kong knock-offs, the Velcro tie around the lamp cord, and opening walnut shells for herself & the other dogs. I caught her chewing my dresser one day, but she stopped when I redirected her and the damage isn’t that noticeable. She is a jumper (on people & counters), but this is getting better. I suspect her previous home was not into positive reinforcement because sometimes it can take a long time to stop her jumping & pawing, leading a co-worker & me to suspect they were harsher in their discipline and she hasn’t yet learned that the more severe correction she’s come to expect isn’t going to happen. She understands the “sit” command, even when food is not involved. She does bark & whine when she can’t get to me, whether it’s because she is on a tie-out while I water my roses in the front yard or in the crate at night. She does eventually settle down at night, but doesn’t sleep through the night, and it has nothing to do with needing to relieve herself as I’ve discovered. She does well around my adult cats, but will chase them if they run. She is doing well with my dogs, and respects Dora’s “grrrr” when she’s decided Hattie is getting too close. She is beginning to really relax…rolling around on her back while snorting and participating in a game of fetch.

Here at the shelter Hattie has been sociable with everyone she meets. She responds to "sit" and "shake", but sometimes you have to ask a few times before she complies. She pulls lightly on the leash, but is easy to walk. She is playful and silly and will roll around on the ground on her back to ask for belly rubs! She stays close to people and we have noticed that she does jump up on people and counters. She has gotten along with every dog she has met here at the shelter. She would likely do well in a home with another friendly dog or two. An assertive, dog savvy cat would be o.k as well. We don't recommend that she go to homes with children under the age of three due to her breed. Adoption $150
Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 9/13/09***
Nikky NCAR #572

Nikky and family
Nikkys owner died and he spent a week boarded in the Martinez shelter. No family members wanted to take himbelieve me, I tried. So we pulled this dear boy and hes doing well at the Sanctuary. He wants to play, will fetch a ball and is very easy going. HE LOVES CHILDREN! He's being fostered in a home with two young sons and he follows them everywhere and wants to be with them.

Nikky turned 8 on March 17, 2009 and lived mostly inside and was raised around children. He seems interested in cats, yet backed off from a hissing cat. He has a pretty blue burst in one of his eyes and his coat is shaved to his at the Martinez shelter because his mats were so bad. Hes small and easy-going. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/4/09***


Kiwi lives with Boomer, his new Aussie brother and an adoring family of humans in Rocklin. Kiwi will get training and lots of love and guidance from the entire family!

Kiwi is a young aussie mix male pup who was abandoned and luckily came into the SF SPCA. He is about 11 weeks old. He is very smart and already very people focused. He sits to get attention and is so eager to do whatever you ask him to do. Hes really amazing for such a young pup.

Kiwi is very confident, especially around dogs and puppies...he holds his ground. This confidence means his handler should be experienced in strong willed dogs and provide strong leadership.

The trainers at the SF SPCA really want him to go to a home where he will get the stimulation and training he needs, so asked us to take him into our program. Kiwi is in Grass Valley. Application required.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/25***

Soup Bone URGENT
My name is Soup bone and I am a male, white and black Australian Shepherd mix. I am estimated to be 10 years old.

For more information about this animal, call:
Kings County Animal Control at (559) 584-9214
Ask for information about animal ID number A032463


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