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April 2004 - Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.

Shelby & Mom
Maya is now Shelby! She and her Mom are devoted to each other. We just saw her at the reunion and she looks like she is loving life!

Maya is a 2 or 3 year old spayed female black Tri Aussie with possibly Border Collie mixed in. She was found in West Sacramento over a week ago and no one has answered the ad in the paper. She has her long fluffy tail with a white tip on it and two ice blue eyes. She likes being in the house, is house-broken and is pretty calm.except if my other dogs start romping and barking! Then Maya feels uncomfortable and thinks she has to settle things. She wrestles and plays beautifully with Logan, a very calm, easy-going dog. If the other dogs start playing rough and bark, shell try and stop it in appropriately, so we feel shed be fine with another calm dog or as an only dog. She has become very devoted to me already, likes to go out for walks and is just fine meeting new people and dogs. Fostered in Berkeley. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/27/04***
Cruzer STAAR # 3959
Cruzer is an absolutely gorgeous neutered blue merle with nice copper trim. I think he's about a 7-8 month old puppy and weighs 35-40 pounds. He's very mouthy, will chew just about anything including you. This guy is very sweet and loving but hasn't had any training. He's learning his manners very fast and is busy-busy. As an adult he will be med. to med.-high energy, even now he runs like the wind and turns on a dime. He's very friendly, loves to play with other dogs and plays ball too. Don't know about cats but can easily have him meet one. He's current on shots and is heartworm negative. Due to his energy level only older children please. He'll need a home with lots of time devoted to him and obedience classes are a must! Contact: Sue Trapp at or 831-659-4853.

***ADOPTED 4/25/04***
Camellia is a beautiful spayed, registered blue merle Aussie. She's 7 years young and needs a forever home real soon. Her owner is heartbroken but needs to place her. This sweet girl is reserved with strangers but warms up quickly. She's about 43 pounds and sight-impaired in one eye. She has not been raised in an urban environment and would do well either placed alone or with her sister, SusieQ (below) in a country setting. She loves to play with her fleece balls, loves to snuggle and will make a great companion. Please call Kathy in Camino at 530-644-2342.

***ADOPTED 4/25/04***
SusieQ is a beautiful, registered, spayed black tri Aussie. She's 7 years young and needs a forever home real soon. Her owner is heartbroken but needs to place her and one of her other girls named Camellia (above). SusieQ has not been raised in an urban environment, and would do best either placed with her sister, Camellia or by herself in a quiet, country setting. This sweet girl is reserved with strangers, but will warm up as most Aussies do. She weighs 55 lbs. and is medium energy and will make a great companion. Please call Kathy in Camino, CA at 530-644-2342.

***ADOPTED 4/25/04***
Dejon is a spayed female Aussie mix, 5 years old, and has one brown and one blue eye. She was found as a stray with tags, so the shelter contacted the owners but they never came to pick her up. This sweet, friendly girl can sit, shake and roll over. She passed temperament testing and is up to date on all shots. She goes up for adoption 3/30/04, so get there quickly!
Contact: Sonoma County Animal Regulation, or 707-565-7100. Open Mon. and Sat. noon-5pm and Tue.-Fri. noon-7pm. Closed Sundays.

***ADOPTED 4/20/04***
Meet Lucy, a really, really sweet and friendly 6 montn old Aussie/Border Collie! She was just pulled from the Shasta Animal Shelter as she had spent more than a month there and was out of time. Carrie pulled her and brought her to Sacramento, but unfortunately, Lucy's foster home fell through and she desperately needs a foster or forever home asap! She's aobut 30 pounds and has a docked tail. She's pretty cautious around other dogs and seems fearful, but friendly. She'll be fine once she gets a home of her own. If you can foster Lucy even for a few weeks, please contact Carrie Moore with Sacramento Independent Animal R escuers,, 916-723-3506 . Located in Sacramento.

***ADOPTED 4/20/04***
Teddy NCAR

Teddy had a new home before his little paws hit Sacramento! I knew of a family in Sacramento who was grieving the loss of their last dog and was in need of this tiny, loving Aussie! Teddy has a new family with kids who adore him - he's a happy boy!

I got a call from the Fresno SPCA because a family had just surrendered a 4 year old mini Aussie. They were moving...who could leave this creature behind? Teddy was raised around small children and is very social.

***ADOPTED 4/19/04***

Jack and Mom
Jack NCAR #108
This little ball of love on 4 legs was adopted by parents who love him as much as he loves them. He gets to go to work with his dad and is making new friends all the time at Fort Funston.

Jack is a 9 month old black tri Aussie boy, about 45-50 pounds. Are you looking for a really fun companion? Jack is it! His family had to move to Europe and could not take him along. He was then left with the mother-in-law where he proceeded to run amuck! Jack has had some training, but needs exercise and structure and limits put on his behavior- after all, he is a puppy. He still likes to chew things and will get into trouble if left unattended. But Jack is a terrific young dog with lots of potential. He is great with other dogs, fine with cats and good with children, but would do best with kids over 12. He needs to be in a home where someone is home the majority of time, or with someone who can take him to work. He is being fostered in Rocklin. Contact: Nancy at

***ADOPTED 4/18/04***
Elmo NCAR #105

Elmo & Kevin shake
Adopted by a family with a young boy, Elmo met "his boy" and never took his eyes off him. He apparently really wanted a boy of his own!

Elmo is a beautiful black tri who was found wandering around a Sacramento neighborhood. No one answered our newspaper ad. We think hes a little over a year old. He loves people, likes dogs, plays well, and is inexhaustible, yet not hyper. He has open, loving energy and could be an only dog or live just great with another Aussie. He retrieves very nicely and lets you have the toy or ball very easily. He likes to have something to chew, and sleeps happily in his crate every night. He is learning not to jump (learning down and off) and his recall off-leash is good. He fetches a ball and Frisbee great, and loves to run along side any dog! He needs training on a leash, but hes responding well to a Halti or gentle-leader. We are looking for a home where Elmo will continue to receive training and get the exercise and stimulation he loves. He uses the doggie door and likes to go in and out of the house with me. Hes been a dream to foster! Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/18/04***
NICKY (aka Nickerbocker)
Nicky wound up in the perfect family. She tested positive for heartworm and her family is seeing her through the recovery before they get her a companion. So for right now, she is keeping quiet and getting lots of love.

NICKY is a 7 yr spayed female red merle. She's about 40 pounds. She has the sweetest disposition I've ever known in a dog and can spend hours just lounging on your couch sleeping (or watch whatever tv show that's on. I think she prefers HGTV over Bloombergs). She loves children and grew up with two young kids before we came into her life. She will chase cats. Nicky is full of personality all expressed through her big brown eyes. She will put up with other dogs but tend to be the alpha female. She is more solitary and does not require other dogs to play with. Her favorite activity was fetch the ball in the waves, swimming and body surfing in the Pacific Ocean. She will be perfect for a single adult who enjoys solitutde and no-fuss companionship, like a writer. Nicky is not your typical second chance dog. Her life story is full of miracles. We hope your family will be the next chapter in her wonderful life. Home check required. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/13/04***
Meet Ralph! Hes a nice boy that a family gave up to the Grass Valley shelter. He looks like he may be part sight hound, as hes almost 24 inches at the shoulder, very long and leggy, loves to run and shows a lot of interest in cats. He weighs only 46 pounds! He is almost 3 years old, neutered and current on all shots. He walks well on a leash, is housebroken and rides well in the car. He was born November 1, 2001, is in great shape and just needs a family to love. Contact Ruth at

***ADOPTED 4/12/04***
Shelter Boy

Wrigley and Family
One of our supporters saw "Shelter Boy" on our site and drove the many miles to Stockton to spring him from doggie jail. His name is now Wrigley and he has another adopted brother named Harley. We just saw him at the reunion and he looks healthy, happy and loved.

This beautiful blue merle is in the Stockton Animal Shelter. He is a 2 year-old neutered male whose owner surrendered to the shelter for getting into a dispute with his Queensland (Cattle Dog). The staff say there may have been a $300.00 vet bill, so the owner asked Animal Control to pick up the dog. We will post more information on this poor boy as soon as we have it.

***ADOPTED 4/6/04***
MAX (aka Malibu Max)

Max, Toby and Mom
We just saw Max at the reunion! He looks wonderful. He has a brother aussie named Toby who plays with him constantly. He looked confident, loved and very happy.

MAX is a 5 yr neutered blue merle male at about 30 pounds with papers. He's an active dog and requires to be exercised twice a day. He loves to ride in the car, unfortunately, he will want to step on your right shoulder and stick his head out the moonroof. So he does best in a convertible or you have to use a gate to separate the luggage area in an SUV. (What can I say, he was well loved and spoiled!) Max loves to play fetch, particularly with semi-deflated football or soccer ball on the beach. He will keep chasing if you keep throwing them. He has a natural herding instinct and will heard dogs and sometimes young children in the dog park (although he tends to be the peacemaker as he always tries to break up dog fights by separating the aggro dogs). Max is used to living inside a house and is completely house broken. Although he's had no formal training, he obeys sit and stay (mostly). He would be best with an active family with a large yard (perhaps some sheep?) who can spend time to play with him. Max was a love token gift I purchased with my last penny (literally) and he deserves a wonderful loving family as he will provide abundant joy, love and fun antics. Home check required. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 4/4/04***

Ernesto adopted in April
Diego adopted in March
Diego and Ernesto are either brothers or father and son. They came in together as strays. They are a bit shy, but friendly to humans and smush affectionately up against anyone who wants to pet them. They are VERY similar - both blue merles, have their tails, looked a little goofy when they came in, but have cleaned up nicely! These boys are young - staff gueses one is 1 year old, and the other may be 2 or 3 years old, but it's hard to know for sure! They are both gentle, and both like other dogs and are available for adoption. Children over 12 OK.
Contact: Berkeley Humane Society: 510-845-7735, dial 2 for adoptions, then 0 for the front desk.
Or email:
Location is 9th St. at Carleton, Berkeley. Hours are 11-7 Tues-Sun.

***ADOPTED 4/4/04***
Syd is about 18 months to 2 years old. Hes a very cute, neutered male Aussie mix. He looks mostly Aussie, but the other part may be husky because his coat is really thick and his tail is really fluffy. He is extremely sweet and loves people. I watched him play gently with a 4 month old Aussie pup. He is crate trained and gets along great with other dogs. He was surrendered to the Haven Humane Society because he needed more attention than his owners could give him. Hes fine around other dogs, friendly and a good boy. Sydney is at the Humane Society of Butte County. Contact: Katri Wilson at 530-343-4396.

***ADOPTED 4/3/04***

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