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August 2005 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Blue Merle Girl
This pretty blue merle girl will be spayed and available for adoption on Friday or Saturday. She's at the Kern County Shelter in Bakersfield

Kern County Shelter
201 South Mount Vernon Avenue
Bakersfield 93307
Phone: 661-868-7125
Adoption and Redemption Hours:
Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Wednesday 2:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Buddy, ID #A008143
This beautiful red merle boy needs your help. He's approximately 3 years old.

Hollister Animal Shelter
375 Fifth Street
Hollister, CA 95023
(831) 636-4320
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am -12:00 / 1:00-5:00pm
Closed Sat, Sun, and Holidays

Black Tri, ID #A074180
This sweet little Aussie / Border Collie mix is at the Stockton Animal Shelter.

Stockton Animal Shelter
1575 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA 95206
Phone: 209-937-8274

***Redeemed by Owner***

Adorable Aussie mix puppies
Adorable Aussie mix puppies available at Tri Valley Animal Rescue in Dublin, CA. The rancher who brought them in said their mom was an Aussie...not sure about their dad, but they were born on a working ranch. Contact Shannon at They are currently at the
East County Animal Shelter,
4595 Gleason Drive,
Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: 925 803 7040

Turk I.D: 59233
If you are looking for a large, well behaved and friendly dog- this is your guy- Turk is a real sweetie= gets along fine with other dogs-- he is already neutered

Tulare County Animal Shelter
Visalia, CA

Channing is outgoing, athletic, and eager. A little bouncy at first on leash, she settles down after a bit. She sets a good pace for you as you jog, checking back over her shoulder every so often to make sure you're keeping up. Channing is a talker and greets everything with what sounds like a hoarse cough (she may have been de-barked). Keep this dog busy, include her on your runs, and maybe try a little agility training. She appears to be house-trained and will sit and shake paws. She's a charmer and a very attractive girl. 50 lbs. ~3 years old.

Friends of the Fairmont Animal Shelter
2700 Fairmont Dr.
San Leandro, CA 94578
Phone: 510-352-0598


Ripley, NCAR # 229

Ripley with Liz, Patrice and Louis
Ripley will jog daily, spend most days with his Dad and attend obedience classes with Liz. What a lucky boy!

If you're looking for a young, fun Aussie and don't have a fenced yard, have an 8 foot wrought iron fence or electrified fence.... Ripley is your boy! Ripley was owned by a woman who didn't contain him and he was picked up several times by Animal Control. Guess she got tired of paying the high fees for an intact dog and gave or sold him to someone without informing her about the fence jumping. In just 3 weeks, his new owner surrendered him to the Sacramento SPCA. Reason? "Because he jumps our fence and he is alone for 14 hours a day and we can't keep him in the house."

This is a really nice 22-month old boy. He rides well in the car, plays with other dogs nicely. He should not live with cats...he chases them aggressively. He enjoys (soon to be a thing of the past!) jumping fences, even if he's with people or other dogs. He needs to have an electrified fence, 8 foot wrought iron fence, or live in an apartment or condo. He will go into another yard and greet people and comes back when called. He loves people! He loves balls, is very affectionate and will make a great companion. He walks ok on a leash and is fine meeting strangers. He weighs only 45 pounds, is neutered and needs a home of his own where people will manage his "talents." Fostered in Marysville with an electrified fence! It works! Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/28***
Patches is a pretty 1.5 year old blue merle with her long, fluffy tail. She loves kids, is very shy with new people, but warms up quickly. She plays well with small dogs and loves attention. She doesn't seem to mind cats, but she hasn't been around them much. She's relatively quiet, not much of a barker. Patches has a nice pedigree as well as a nice temperament. Her tail was intentially left long, and she was recently shaved for the summer months. Her coat will come in beautifully soon. We do not recommend shaving Aussies' coats! She'll be spayed prior to adoption. Patches is near Marysville. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/24***
Tawney is a very sweet dog. Her family moved out of the country and left her behind. She was saved from going to the pound. She likes to play fetch and do tricks for treats. She can roll-over and shake. She knows the basic, sit, stay, down or off, lay down. She is mostly an indoor dog and is house trained. She enjoys playing fetch and can do some pretty crazy leaps for a toy. She gets along well with cats, dogs and children. Please give her a home to call her own.

Woodland Vet Hospital
Woodland, CA
Phone: 530-666-2461

***ADOPTED 8/22***
Mocha, ID #A067533
Mocha is in the Adoption Kennel at the Stockton Animal Shelter. She was JUST temperament tested on 8/18, after being at the shelter since 8/1. We would like to find her a good home as soon as possible. Our foster homes are really, really full, so if you're looking for an Aussie and will "spring her", we'll be available to help you post adoption!

Stockton Animal Shelter
1575 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA
Phone: 209-937-8274


Katie NCAR #201

Wolf, Katie and Ricky with Mo in Meyers Flat.
A photo from Positive Vibe Dog Ranch. Today was the first day I left Katie with dogs with fence open. She was sitting in the driveway and welcomed me home with a great greeting. All is well!

Katie is a very nice 4 year old spayed Aussie girl who was surrendered by her family because of dog aggression. We have learned that not all dogs set her off! She has played nicely with some female and male dogs, but has been aggressive towards a submissive male as well as a small dog who approached her while it was off leash. She walks well on a gentle leader, but if a dog barks at her she'll bark back and wants to investigate.

This girl is great around men, women, children and toddlers. Besides being gorgeous, Katie is quite calm and one of the sweetest Aussies I know! She likes children and cats - she actually wants to play with the cat in her foster home! This is the perfect companion for a family that would like to play with her on their property, take walks in areas where there are infrequent opportunities for her to encounter other dogs. Fostered in Burlingame. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/20***
Black Tri boy ID # A11790
This boy looks like he could be all Aussie...maybe Aussie Border Collie mix, but he sure is cute! He's neutered and his ID is A11790.
He's available on 8/8 at
Santa Cruz Animal Services,
580 Airport Blvd,
Watsonville, CA.
Phone: (831) 454-7303.

***ADOPTED 8/19***

JAG, NCAR #230
Jag lives with Emily and her parents in Marysville. He's soaking up all the loving, brushing and hugging!

Jag is one nice boy who greeted me with smiles and a huge wiggle! He had been fostered in Nevada, but we felt he'd find a home sooner if we brought him to California. He was a stray into the Reno shelter and was obviously well taken care of and well socialized. His foster mom ran ads looking for his owner, but no one surfaced. He's about 3, engages in play very sweetly with other dogs and has lived with children ages 3 and up. He is a silky black tri with gorgeous amber eyes and a wonderfully soft coat. He likes to jump up for attention but corrects easily and with consistancy, should give it up completely! This is a great dog who will enjoy being part of a family and will make a nice companion for a playful, nice dog. Fostered in Santa Rosa.

Update from Jag's fostermom: He's really a sweetie. He should live with gentle people who aren't harsh ashe's soft & sensitive. Really good natured boy and gets along with everyone (our birds & cats) really well. He does want to chase the horses when they run, but I think he'd quit with just the slightest of training on recalls. He really wants to please and doesn't want to get in trouble or have you unhappy with him. He's a nice, nice boy. Everyone thinks he's so pretty, which he is!

You were right about the water. He LOVES it. He was so cute the first day here. I filled up the pool and at first he ignored it, then as I was watering some flowers, I watched him carefully and slowly wade in step by step, then ease himself in. He laid in there for the longest time just looking around at everything going on around him. Not a care in the world!

Video of Jag playing with Elliot [297 KB]

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/17***

Yosi NCAR #184
YOSI is a 12-14 month old male, double merle Aussie who is deaf. His eyes are just beautiful and he sees perfectly. Yosi is a mini Aussie and will probably top out at 30 pounds. He's darling and energetic! Yosi loves to play with dogs and would be good with older children. He is living with cats, but shows a lot of interest in them! YOSI is a loving little guy who is learning things at lightning speed!

Update from his foster mom 5/2: Yosi is doing really well. He knows sit, stay, come, lie down and cookie! He loves to ride in the car and enjoys playing with his Aussie siblings. He loves to grab one end of a rope toy and have Rosie on the other end and then run as fast as he can! He also pulls Rosie around on her's hilarious! His favorite place to sleep is still the toy basket with all four feet in the air - he snores, too! Yosi is easy to live with and incredibly loving. A total Velcro Aussie who needs a playful dog to pal around with!

See Yosi fetch his frisbee [131 KB]

Yosi is being fostered in Ft. Bragg. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/15/05***

Leroy is a treasure! He's an easy-going, neutered male Aussie or Aussie mix who loves people and doesn't like trouble! A Jack Russell terrier started a fight and Leroy ran away fast! This is a nice, nice boy so deserving of a home of his own. He loved being groomed (need a new photo!) and is just a sweetheart.

Please visit him at the
Sacramento SPCA 6201 Florin Perkins Road, Sacramento

HOURS: Tuesday - Sunday, 11 - 6 PM

***ADOPTED 8/14***

Pup 1 - Ripley ADOPTED!
KC's Pups NCAR

Pup 4 - Lancer ADOPTED!
PUPPIES ADOPTED! KC (Casey) above is their father. Their mom is a 45 pounds terrier mix. You can read more about them on our features page.
Read about the puppies, available for adoption! To meet them, please submit an adoption application.
Fostered in Lodi.

Video of Dollie and the pups [390 KB]
More Video of Dollie and the pups [371 KB]
See the puppies [33 KB]
Contact: Kim at

More KC pup photos

Bridget - living happily with
Dorothy and Larry in Lodi

Annie - living happily with
Carmen and Jim in Seattle


Rebecca and Newton in Carmel Valley adopted Buddy and Chip. Both Rebecca and Newton work from home and take daily walks to the river where Buddy loves to swim laps and where Chip is learning to get more than his toes wet!

Buddy is a 5 year old black tri who is extremely lovey and a little anxious. His life really threw him a curve when his owners abandoned him at the vet's office. He had a wound and his owners didn't want to pay to have it stitched. They said they'd sew him up with fishing line, so when the vet threatened to report them for animal cruelty, they opted to leave him there.

He's lived with children and other dogs and cats, but this boy thrives on attention and is the classic "Velcro Aussie." He wants to see me all the time, and pushed through a screen to jump out of the house to find me when I left for 1/2 hour. This anxiety should go away in the right home with someone who will work with him by going away for short periods of time to start. He rides very well in the car and is a nicely behaved boy. He doesn't jump fences, but might find a way out of a yard if he's given an opportunity. He's neutered and current on shots. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/13***

Kenai NCAR #219

Abby & Katie
Kenai (now Katie) and her sister near Half Moon Bay. Life is good!

Kenai, NCAR #218 (formerly Pepper from the Yolo County shelter) Kenai is a 2 year old, small blue merle. She's about 25 pounds and quite shy, but coming out of her shell nicely in foster care! She's getting lots of attention and sleeping inside at night. This girl is playing with another young female Border Collie nicely.

Update from her foster mom: Kenai has opened up and is a very sweet girl. She is smiling all the time these days, gaining confidence, loves to be petted, and is really bonded to me - so I am sure she would do the same with someone else. I've been taking her to the dog park. At first she was scared and only wanted to stay glued to my she runs around and plays with other dogs but still checks in on me every few minutes. She is getting better every time. She has also learned to come when called, even out of large groups of dogs at the park. She can sit, stay, go to her crate, sit at crosswalks, come when called, leave it (treats and food and other dogs), and we are working on lie down.

Kenai gets air! She can jump more than three feet in the air straight up when she is excited about something, like food, a walk, or the dog park. She is pretty good about not jumping ON me (though she forgets sometimes), but instead just jumping into the air. She is also very FAST (as fast as my BC at least) and motivated to please. I think with the right owner Kenai could be a really amazing sporting dog. She is portable, quiet, capable and very trainable. She has absolutely NO prey drive that I can tell, however. She does not chase balls or cats or try herding other dogs or anything...just a general all around sweet small dog who likes to play and to be with her person all the time. She also does not have any separation anxiety issues
and can be left while one is at work with no worries, but she does like a lot of attention when you are there and solicits a lot of pets. This is a very good girl!

Fostered in Oakland. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/7***
Hayward is a 3-4 month old Aussie pup who came into the night box at Hayward Animal Services. He weighs only 13 pounds. He's full of fun and life and slept the whole night through in his crate in the master bedroom. He's a delightful boy who has a little lingering kennel cough and will be available for adoption in a few weeks. Fostered in Santa Rosa. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/7**
Riley is an 8 month old female BC/Aussie mix who was surrendered to the Haven Humane Society in Red Bluff. Riley is good around children, but herds them! The's fun, active and ready for training! Fostered in Chico. Contact Jeanne at

***ADOPTED 8/7***

Cookie NCAR #222
Cookie is a low key, sweet heart. Nothing seems to rattle her, even the race track! Her owners surrendered her to the Stockton shelter for reasons unknown. She's 8 years old and seems to have lived her life having litters of puppies and staying outside all day. Her puppies must have been gorgeous, as she has blue/amber marbled eyes and a beautiful face. Her coat is totally sun bleached. Thanks to daily brushing, her coat is coming back nicely! She enjoys brushing and getting pets and is happy to hang around with her people. She gets excited now when her foster mom gets the leash out! She goes on short walks and sits down when she's tired and ready to go home. Her foster mom is working on her endurance by taking her on longer and longer walks.

She trots over when called and is tolerant of her foster Aussie brother Pico whose antics are lost on her! She has warmed up to the people in her foster home and has wiggled into their hearts. She walks OK on a leash because she wants to follow her person anywhere! She got a clean bill of health from the vet and is heartworm negative. She is a big girl at 67 pounds and could lose about 5 pounds. Fostered in Danville. Contact Jennifer at

***ADOPTED 8/4***
Tippy will be spending his days playing Frisbee at the beach in Santa Barbara.

Tippy is about a year old, he's a neutered, blue merle with brown eyes. This guy is very low energy unless you bring out a ball or a Frisbee then he's a powerhouse. He gets along with other dogs and cats. He's a real sweetheart, a little shy but very loveable. He's 60 pounds and has an easy to care for coat. He's current on shots and heartworm negitive. Please contact Sue in Felton CA at 831-601-3350

***ADOPTED 8/2/05***
Brian is a beautiful 5 year old blue merle adopted from the Fresno shelter 4 months ago. No one knew he was deaf! His owner has 4 other dogs including a puppy and feels he can't give Brian the life he deserves and wants him to have training and more attention. Brian loves all people and children and is an easy going boy. He lives well with cats and likes the dog park. This boy is a jewel eager to learn hand signals and be your companion. Brian is in Fresno.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 8/1***

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