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December 2003 - Recently Adopted Aussies

View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
STAR is a 5 month old blue merle. She's spayed, up to date on shots and a really nice girl. She has been raised around children. The children in this family are allergic to her as well as Cassie, their 3 year old lab/chow mix listed on owner listed dogs. Contact: Kim Kuenlen 916-451-7400 or

Pearl is an 8 week old pupppy that was also pulled from the Fresno shelter. Contact Teri at

***ADOPTED 12/25/03***
Reba is a 2 year old blue merle girl looking for her forever home. She and her two pups, Austin and Annie, were left at a horse ranch in Wilton and, while appropriately fed, they were not given much attention. Reba is a sweet, gentle girl, although we don't know much about her. She will be spayed and brought up-to-date on her shots as well as checked for heartworm prior to adoption. At this point, we don't even know that she is housebroken, but this is easily accomplished with an adult Aussie. Reba is currently being fostered in Sacramento. Contact Nancy Dougan at or call (916) 435-8009.

***ADOPTED 12/24/03***
Sparky NCAR

Marky & Dad
heading out to work.
Sparky, now Marky, was placed on a farm and took to it like a fish to water. We have pictures of her riding on the tractor with her Dad. She is very, very happy.

Sparky is a 6 year old, spayed, dark blue merle with beautiful copper eyes. She was turned into the shelter in Redding because the owners were moving. She is very affectionate, plays ball and loves all people. She is crate trained and housebroken and knows basic commands. Although she doesn't hurt them, she likes to bully other dogs, so she would do best as an only dog, and would not be a candidate for dog parks! We would like to find her a forever home quickly as she lived in the shelter for a few weeks and we're trying to make it up to her! This is a very affectionate and mellow Aussie girl who is ready to bond with her new family. Fostered in Brentwood. Contact Kim Kuenlen at or call 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 12/20/03***
Boo is a 15 month old, neutered, male, Lethal White, Australian Shepherd. Lethal Whites are the result of merle to merle breeding. This usually causes the dogs to have hearing and sight impairments. Boo is deaf, but does have 50% sight in his right eye. He spent the first 13 months of his life living in a home for the disabled and is very well socialized. Boo is currently living in a foster home with 7 other dogs, 2 cats and 2 parrots. He loves everyone. Boo is easy going and happy to just hang out with his person. He is pretty good on a leash. Boo loves to go for car rides and spend time at the beach. He would make a super therapy dog. Boo does not seem to know or care that he is different from other dogs. Boo is a happy, healthy, and loving boy. Contact: Abbie Reiten cell # 415:722-1629.

***ADOPTED 12/19/03***
Ashley STAAR ID#3781

Ashley napping with her boy.
Ashley is soaking up the love in her new family.

Ashley is an 8 year old spayed female blue merle. She lived with a family her whole life, but when they kept two of her pups, the family attended to the pups and Ashley became a burdon. Ashley found ways to sneak out of their back yard, so they relinquished her to their local Humane Society. Currently, Ashley is doing very well in her foster home where she's getting the attention she craves. She loves...really loves... to play fetch! She was raised with young children, knows the commands sit, down, stay, come and heel. Although she gets along with other dogs and cats, she probably would prefer to be an only dog with an owner who is home most of the day, or takes her along on outings. She's an energetic girl who will make a fun and loyal companion. Fostered in Napa. Contact: Nancy Dougan at 916-435-8009 or

***ADOPTED 12/19/03***
Balou is an approx. 7-year old, neutered, male, classic blue merle Australian Shepherd with a docked tail. He is gentle, kind, quiet, mellow and very tolerant with moderate energy . Balou appears to be housebroken as well. He does well with other dogs and loves to ride in the car. Balou also seems to have had some obedience training in his past home. He is not good with small children and needs to be in a home with adults and children over the age of 12, who have had prior experience with being around dogs. Balou is a true gem and he will make someone a wonderful companion and loving pal. Contact: Connie Perry, Dog Adoption Coordinator, Best Friends Animal Society,, 43-5001 Angel Canyon Rd., Kanab, Ut. 84741, 435:644-2001 Ext. 223

***ADOPTED 12/18/03***
Cricket STAAR #3776
Cricket went to live on the Northern California coast. Her mom and dad had lost an aussie not long before and were ready to fill that void in their lives. Cricket is now living a wonderful life with tons of love.

Cricket is a 5-6 year old darling blue merle who was surrendered to the Sacramento County Animal Shelter by her owners for reasons unknown. She's sweet natured and solicits hugs from everyone! She's getting along well with her foster dog siblings. She is a 40 pound velcro girl with a wiggly butt who is looking for her special person. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim Kuenlen at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 12/17/03***
Cheyenne STAAR #3774

Cheyenne watching the cat door in her new home.
Cheyenne is living in Sonoma with a freelance writer so she is spending most of her days with her Mom. They go on lots of roadtrips. Imagine Cheyenne with her nose out the window and you can see she's enjoying the cat.

Cheyenne is a sweet and active 2 year old blue merle who was surrendered to the Sacramento SPCA by her family. They bought her from a breeder when she was 9 weeks old. While she was growing up, they had two more children. She slept in their 7-year old's bedroom, but during the day she was left outside alone, probably because of the two new babies in the house. Cheyenne looked for ways to get out of the yard, so she was labeled an "escape artist" and surrendered. Cheyenne is as nice as Aussies get. She loves going in and out of the doggie door, plays nicely with my other Aussies, loves to greet everyone, yet doesn't jump up on them. She is very interested in meeting new dogs and is very curious. She is light on her feet and runs really fast! She will snuggle next to you with her head on your pillow if you let her. The ideal home for Cheyenne would have a solid wooden fenced yard, a doggie door to the house, and people who are home a lot to give her the training and attention she deserves. She needs daily off-leash exercise and would do great living with another nice dog. She would excel at agility once she's been through obedience. She's lived with goats, horses and children aged 8 and 10. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim Kuenlen at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 12/16/03***

Reno at the reunion with both his Mom & Dad standing behind him
We just saw Reno at the reunion. He is looking very loved and happy!

Reno is a well trained, 10 year old Red Merle who needs a great new home. His owners have no choice but to move to a place where Reno would be forced to be an outside dog, and they won't do it to him. They are selflessly looking out for his best interest. Reno likes to perform tricks and playing catch is his passion! He knows several commands and is a good boy. He loves to swim! His owner's son threw a ball from his raft on a lake, and Reno would catch a ball, then swim out to the boy and give him the ball, then swim back to shore, catch the ball again and do it all over again! He acts like very young dog - he's not even gray. He's fine with kids over 8 years old, and would probably do best in a home with another Aussie, or as a single dog, as he's not driven to play with other dogs unless they are Aussies! Reno is in Loomis and needs a new home by early January, 2004. Contact: Kim Kuenlen 916-451-7400 or email

***ADOPTED 12/14/03***
Razz is a striking blue merle with his tail and a new haircut! He has been at Rescue Ranch in Yreka, CA for 3 years, and we're trying to help him find his very own home. He's about 4-5 years old and neutered. He's good, gentle natured, listens well, housebroken, and loves to ride in the car. He's okay with dogs, cats and children, and a good companion and protector. Very affectionate and loves to be in the house. He would make a great family dog or someone's companion. Fenced yard required. If you can provide this nice boy a home, please contact Mary at Rescue Ranch at 530-475-3525 or or Nikky at or 530-475-3525. Yreka is about an hour from Redding.

***ADOPTED 12/4/03***
Bridget is a senior female Black Tri Aussie - we think she's 7 to 10 years old. She is being fostered by a volunteer at the Amador County Animal Shelter who totally understands her! Bridget is very, very mellow and loves lounging around and really isn't driven to chase balls or play. She is slow and deliberate and spends most of the day lying around or getting pettted! She adores human contact and is an easy girl to have around. Bridget gets along with both cats and dogs. She has a mild and gentle temperament and is just a nice all-around girl. This is not an Aussie for an active family or for someone who wants an energetic dog! If you would like a nice Senior Aussie, please contact Margaret Tessaro at (209) 295-4714.

***ADOPTED 12/3/03***

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