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February 2004 - Recently Adopted Aussies

View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.

Pax and his family
Paxton is now 9 months old, weights 60 lbs. and graduated #1 in his obedience class. He is having a great time in his new home in Novato.

Pax means peace in Greek, and that's what I feel when I look into his beautiful amber-green eyes! This is one lucky 6 month old boy who will go to a wonderful home where he will be appreciated for his intelligence and receive the training and attention he needs to be a terrific adult Aussie. He sits and listens when I talk to him, he rarely jumps up, and is learning to sleep in his crate. He played calmly and lovingly with a 9 year old girl, but we haven't been around toddlers yet, so we would prefer to place him in a home without any! He loves belly rubs and is adjusting easily to his new foster home. He doesn't seem mouthy even though he is still at teething age. He plays fetch and is eager to learn.
See Pax Fetch! [180 KB]
see Pax play with foster sibling [75 KB]
Pax is a Red Merle with a tail that wags constantly! Fostered in Sacramento.
Contact Kim Kuenlen at or call (916) 451-7400.

***ADOPTED 2/28/04***
Meet Taz- isn't he beautiful? This boy is 4 years old and about 45-50 pounds. Taz is a high energy Aussie who would do best as an only dog or with a female. He has grown up with toddlers, but still may be too exuberant for them. Taz is excellent with people and other dogs and has never been around cats, but should be able to learn to live with them just fine. He is crate trained, housebroken and knows basic commands. His family has to give him up because their 2 year old child, for some unknown reason, is absolutely terrified of dogs. Contact Nancy Dougan at or call (916) 435-8009.

***ADOPTED 2/28/04***
Riggs was an owner surrender along with his friend Bandit. Riggs is a happy, boy who is outgoing and loves to be around people. He is around 7-8 years old and is currently a bit overweight at 66lbs. He is already neutered and ready to go to his new home. He does pretty well on a leash but could do with a refresher course. He seems eager to please and very smart. He is in URGENT need of a new home. He is a Border Collie Mix.

***ADOPTED 2/27/04***
Coty (impound # 40895, kennel 5) is a 5-year old blue merle Australian Shepherd with two blue eyes. He is very sweet and good with other dogs. He is the victim of a divorce and is hoping you will open your heart and home to him.
Napa Animal Control. 942 Hartle Court, Napa, Ca 94558; Phone 707 253-4381; Adoption fee $58

***ADOPTED 2/26/04***
Oliver Staar #3963
Oliver, aka Ollie, is a 1 year old neutered black tri with a docked tail. He's a sweet, gentle boy who loves to be in your lap, which is OK because he's only 38 pounds and 19 inches tall. He's looking for a home with another dog to play with, an owner that wants to be with him most of the time, and a cat is OK too. He's just a nice boy looking for his forever home. Please contact Sue Trapp in Carmel CA at or 831-659-4853.

***ADOPTED 2/25/04***
Banjo is a three year old special needs dog. He is just perfect in all ways, except he will have an occasional epileptic seizure. Currently he has seizures on the average of once a month and usually during the night time hours. He has registered papers with the ASCA and AKC and comes from a long line of Champion Aussies. He has even placed best of show but now must enter the "altered" category as he is neutered.

Banjo knows 30 commands and will go into a down-stay with a hand command at fifty feet. He's happy to walk in the heel position on a leash. He loves cats and gets along great with other dogs but his favorite people games are playing tug of war or fetch the toy. He will nudge a toy into your lap at every chance! Be prepared to play with this boy! He is not a barker even when he sees a dog from the window or a stranger at the door. Banjo loves people, he is one happy Aussie. He is non-destructive and only plays with HIS toys, not your shoes and other items you leave laying around. He is completely house broken with never an accident. He has the sweetest disposition and has no social issues whatsoever. In fact, he is in perfect health as Epilepsy is not considered an illness.

Banjo's owner is heartbroken to find him a new home. The owner is single and cannot afford daycare for Banjo while he goes to work and feels it is unfair to Banjo to leave him alone for 9 hours during the workweek. This beautiful boy deserves someone at home to help him if he has a seizure. Therefore, we are looking for a retired person or a family that will have a greater chance of being at home with Banjo. Previous experience with canine epilepsy is important/required. Banjo takes anti-epilepsy medications but the maintenance costs are not excessive. See lots of pictures and stories about Banjo at his own website at Banjo is located in San Francisco. Contact Nancy Dougan at or call (916) 435-8009.

***Adopted 2/24/04***
Bandit is a reserved but friendly guy who does excellent on a leash. We are guessing that he is around 7-8 years old and currently weighs a compact 45lbs, but could stand to lose a few. He has shorter legs and an adorable puppy face. He is already neutered and there is a small adoption fee. He was an owner surrender for unknown reasons. He is in need of a new caring home. He is an Australian Shepherd, Cattle Dog Mix. See his friend Riggs above.

*** ADOPTED 2/22/04***
Tigger NCAR
Tigger is a 9 month old red merle, who is already a big boy at 55 pounds. This is one Aussie who needs a JOB! He is smart and active and willing to do anything asked of him. He is fine around other dogs and okay with cats (he still wants to play with them. Cats aren't very appreciative). Tigger needs someone who is experienced with dogs as he is a pushy adolescent in need of a strong leader. Contact Nancy Dougan at or call (916) 435-8009.

***ADOPTED 2/11/04***
Simon is a handsome and playful 5 year old Red Tri. His owners know that he deserves more attention than they can give him, so they have asked for our help. He's sweet, playful and well trained. He knows several commands, walks well on lead and off, and is eager to please. He loves being brushed, petted and "talked to" and ADORES playing with children! Simon is a big boy at 65 pounds, up to date on his shots, micro-chipped and very well-mannered. He has lived around livestock, and has only given chase a few times, but corrects easily. Simon is a friendly and sweet boy looking for a new family to love. Located in Valley Springs, near Stockton. Contact Kim Kuenlen at or call (916) 451-7400.

***ADOPTED 2/10/04***
Kealy is a petite (spayed) female Queensland Heeler. She is a medium size dog and weighs only 34 lbs. Her beautiful coat is the color of wheat with touches of red. She can run like the wind and outruns our other foster dogs easily. This pretty girl was picked up as an injured stray in San Joaquin county. We rescued her, paid for her veterinary care and fostered her. Once Kealy has bonded with you, she will be your friend for life. She can be very cuddly at times and is a very smart girl. Recently she discovered the fun of fetching tennis balls, a game which entertains her for hours. She knows the command sit and come, and loves to go for walks. Kealy is housebroken and is about 14 to 16 months old. This lovely, smart girl is looking for a home as an only dog, or home with another male dog or submissive female. She's agile and fast and loves to ride in the car and be with you. Contact: Mary at Friends of Canines Animal Rescue, Tracy, CA. or (209) 832-2783.

***ADOPTED 2/8/04***

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