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February 2005 Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Beam, Shelter ID # 193962 is a 10 month old male Border Collie/Aussie Mix at the Sacramento City Animal Shelter on Front Street. He is very people oriented and wants to be as close to you as possible. He has lots of energy and would benefit from obedience school and then possibly agility! This is a nice boy

***Moved to Aussie/BC Rescue***
Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie, Australian Shepherd Mix
Size: Medium
Age: Senior
Sex: Female
I.D: 02-04-05 1

Ethel is a mellow mature girl who is a bit reserved in the shelter but is very sweet and gentle. She is 10+ years old and is a bit over weight at her 35lbs. She is currently kenneled with several puppies and is tolerant of them. She walks well on leash and has a calm, easygoing personality. She is patient, likes to be petted and have her pretty tan merle coat brushed.

***Moved to Rescue Group***

Austin NCAR # 176
Austin, previously Hans, is a delightful Aussie-Husky and possibly Cattle Dog mix. He's very good with cats! He walks up to them, says "Hi" and walks away - a couple of times he's even give them a quick lick! He's also been playing with lots of different dogs with different personalities in his foster home and boarding kennel. He's been very stable with all of them. He respects the dominant ones and is gentle with the submissive ones. He's really quite an amazing guy!

We took our dogs to meet Austin today...what a doll! Big and beautiful! Ran around and said hi to the new dogs, was very polite and happy to see us. He didn't jump up...good thing since it was so muddy! He is playful and cuddly, and loves people and other dogs. Fostered in Brentwood. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/26/05***
Jovi NCAR #178

Jovi & her new family
Jovi (previously Stella) is a cutie pie! She's 10-14 months old and sweet and anxious to get attention. She knows sit, but it's only for a second, then she wants to be in your lap. We're working on sit/stay! She is very engaged in people and slightly timid of other dogs. She should do nicely in a home where she'll be enrolled in an obedience class and where she'll get plenty of exercise and attention so she grows up to be a very nice Aussie. Because she's still a bit mouthy, we think she might be a little too much for children under 8-10 years of age.
See video of Jovi [365 KB]

Fostered in Sacramento Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/26/05***
Stryker NCAR #171
Stryker is an 8 year young blue merle whose owner is serving in Iraq. He's 65 pounds and in great shape! He's house broken, great with kids, and loves to lick kittens. He's professionally trained with hand and verbal commands. He's very energetic and loves to run, play, fetch, and give lots of kisses... he's like a big puppy. He's playful with other dogs. Fostered in Concord. Contact: Kim at


Released to the shelter by his former owners for unknown reasons. He is 1 year old and weighs approximatley 52 pounds. He is reported to be good with children, other dogs and cats. He is a very sweet friendly boy and loves people. He loves to be close to you and will sit right next to you. He comes when he is called and has excellent manners. His tail is in constant motion as he is such a happy boy. He is a smart boy and knows the command, "sit". He is a mellow easy going boy and gets along well with his kennel mate. He is inquistivie of his surroundings and observes what goes on around him.

Ozzie is being fostered with Aussie-Border Collie Rescue of Nevada. Website: Contact: Kathy at

***Moved to Aussie/Border Collie Rescue***

Princess Sunny
Here's Princess Sunny and her new sister! Sunny also likes the Belgian Shepherd and all the activities in her new home in Santa Cruz!

Sunny will be one year old in February! She's a darling, friendly black tri who is bored in her current home. She lives with another female dog, loves to fetch and run and is a smart little girl! She has been kept outside 24/7 and sleeps in the garage at night which doesn't give her enough human interaction or stimulation. This is a friendly little girl who travels well in the car and likes children. Located in San Jose. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/21/05***
Shelter Aussie Mix - Special Needs San Clemente, CA
Information on Deaf Aussies

Nibbles is an 11 month old Australian Shepherd mix that was turned into the San Clemente Shelter because his family didn't know how to deal with a deaf dog. He's really good at Frisbee and agility. He is a white Aussie and is deaf.

He has very little time left before the shelter puts him down.

He is cute, loves to amuse himself for hours playing with his toys, he even will open up the toy box and pick out all his favorite toys. He is the best Frisbee dog, he catches in the air and never misses. He knows hand signals for come, sit, down & walks well on a leash. He loves other dogs, there isn't one that he doesn't like or doesn't like him!

He is protective of food and bones, so anyone who is interested needs to be aware of this and would need to work on it with food exchanges and food bowl exercises. He would best in an adult only home who lead an active lifestyle. He has made significant progress at the shelter and could continue to make progress once in a home environment. He would make a fabulous agility or frisbee dog, just for fun or for competition. If you can help, please contact: Sheri Grant at 949-551-6992.


Pico NCAR #147
Pico is a smart, big, lovey 7 year old blue merle with the most gorgeous marbled brown and blue eyes. His owners divorced and neither could take him, so they surrendered him to us. He was 15 pounds overweight and spent his days and nights outside in a kennel for the last 10 months. Thankfully, children played with him, so can be a very friendly boy.
See video of Pico playing [267 KB]

See Pico cuddling with his foster dad

Update: He's lost 10 pounds in foster care, gets walked regularly and had his teeth cleaned! He's looking and doing great!

Pico's foster mom is taking him through obedience and basic agility. This big boy really comes alive and will do anything for treats! He even goes through the tunnel because he knows something yummy is waiting for him at the other end. Pico is very lucky that his foster mom has taken the time to learn everything she can about him and has introduced him to lots of new experiences.

Pico is cat aggressive, but OK with most dogs. He LOVES to run around the dog park, but has a found a few male Goldens he isn't fond of. We think he'd do best as an only dog because he really craves human attention. He will need a home where his owners will give him daily exercise and keep him on his current weight loss program! He has counter-surfed, so he shouldn't be left alone in the kitchen with left-out food!

He is crate trained and likes to "chill" in his crate. He rides happily in the car and likes to watch traffic or look for squirrels. He is a pretty mellow guy, but can be the classic pushy Aussie who will take advantage of too soft an owner. He has also shown that he can guard his toys if he feels that someone might take them away. Pico would do well in an adult only home where he is loved and appreciated for his comical quirks as well as his intelligence, and where he'll continue the great lifestyle he's had in foster care. Fostered in Danville. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/18/05***
Callie NCAR #167 and Lady NCAR #168

Callie and Lady are Aunt and neice who we would like to place together. They've lived together since Callie was born. Callie is an exceptionally nice 8 year young blue merle. Callie is on Rymadil for a little arthritis, and would do well being on glucousomine with condroiten. Lady is also on Rymadil and glucousomine with condroiten. Both are in excellent shape, have had the best care, including teeth cleaning and regular grooming.

They are love bugs who are wonderful around children and are used to being around other dogs of all ages. Callie will chase a running cat, but leaves them alone otherwise. Lady doesn't care about cats! These wonderful Aussies are fostered in Sacramento! Contact: Kim at

***Adopted Together!***
Thunder is a young Australian Shepherd Mix pup who is about 7-8 months old. He was found abandoned in the rain tied up on a 3 foot chain. He is neutered and good with cats. He is submissive to other dogs but loves to play with them. He is great with people and he is gentle. He is also good with kids. He is a very active boy and needs some room to run and play with his people. He loves to give kisses.

Thunder is in YUBA CITY at the Sutter Buttes Canine Rescue. Phone: (530)-695-3814.

No...he's not a mini Aussie! Sunny is a neutered, 4 year old Chihuahua mix. He was found awhile back, but no one responded to the fliers or the ad in the paper. He's living with a dominant dog who does not like him so sadly, his foster mom is looking for a great new home for him. If you want a great lap dog who loves to play, Sunny is it! He's housebroken and just a doll! Located in Sacramento. Contact Dorren at

Red is a red Cattle Dog mix who has an even and gentle temperament. He has had a tough start in life and was hit by a car and had a back leg amputated. He is neutered and the redness on his forehead has diminished a bit...we're not sure if it's sunburn, but we'll have a vet check it. He is good with other dogs and cats. He walks well on a leash and does not run away off-leash. He fetches like a pro and likes children. Red really wants to go to a new forever home. We think he is 10 months old. If you would like to own a wonderful, happy dog, Red is for you! Located at the Sacramento SPCA on Florin Perkins Road. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 to 6 PM.

***ADOPTED 2/14/05***
Emmy Lou
We don't believe Emmy Lou is a Bernese-Aussie mix, she may be all Aussie. We only have these photos of her. If you're near Visalia, please make a trip to visit her
! Bernese Mountain Dog,Australian Shepherd Mix
Size: Medium
Age: Young
Sex: Female
I.D: 137868

***ADOPTED 2/14/05***

Callie NCAR #167
***CALLIE ADOPTED 2/13/05 ***

Callie and Lady are Aunt and neice who we would like to place together. They've lived together since Callie was born. Callie is an exceptionally nice 8 year young blue merle. Callie is on Rymadil for a little arthritis, and would do well being on glucousomine with condroiten. Lady is also on Rymadil and glucousomine with condroiten. Both are in excellent shape, have had the best care, including teeth cleaning and regular grooming.

They are love bugs who are wonderful around children and are used to being around other dogs of all ages. Callie will chase a running cat, but leaves them alone otherwise. Lady doesn't care about cats! These wonderful Aussies are fostered in Sacramento! Contact: Kim at

***CALLIE ADOPTED 2/13/05***
Auggie is now named Cody and living with his two Aussie siblings! His new family adopted an Aussie from NCAR awhile back and is hooked on the breed!

Auggie is a very nice boy at the Calaveras Humane Society. We will post more about him as we know more. He'll be available on Tuesday, Feb 8. Please contact Amy Monsen, Director at 209-728-2969 or The shelter website where Auggie and other dogs are posted:

***ADOPTED 2/13/05***
Tater is a 1 yr. old blue merle Aussie. There may a bit of something else in him, but he's predominantly Aussie. His toes are white and he has his fluffy tail. Tater is great with other dogs and as extremely affectionate. He is pretty calm for a young boy and does fairly well on a leash. Tater weighs about 55 lbs.
Clovis Animal Shelter
Contact: Teri at

***ADOPTED 2/11/05***
Spokane NCAR #174

SPOKANE lives with Kelly and John in Oakland where she goes on long walks in the hills and family trips in the Vanagon! They love her energy, her intelligence and her beautiful fluffy tail!

Spokane is a 5 year old blue merle with her fluffy tail! She was turned into the Yolo County Animal Shelter for reasons unknown. (This shelter doesn't require surrender paperwork) We do know that she's fun, affectionate, playful and housebroken! Her beautiful coat was badly matted, so we had to shave some of it off during her grooming. She likes any kind of stuffed toys and tennis balls and likes taking them outside through the doggie door. She begs to be played with and is very happy girl. She slept in a crate all night and enjoys being in the car. She has been debarked but hasn't shown us any indication that she's excessively barky. She knows sit, shake and is extremely attentive. Fostered in Oakland.
See video of Spokane [143 KB]

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/8/05***

Tuk NCAR #160
Tuk is going to live in Antioch with Teresa and Joshua. His new parents both work from home so he will get lots of love and attention.

Tuk is a 2-3 year old love bug! We think he's an Aussie-Spaniel mix - he could almost pass for a mini Aussie! He's very tiny at 33 pounds and needs to gain some more weight. He is over his pneumonia and is showing his fun personality. He's stolen the heart of his foster dad!

He's a cuddle bug who loves his foster dad and eats like a St. Bernard! He was a stray who came into the Clovis Animal Shelter and was never claimed. He's very sweet and has nice house manners. Fostered in Woodland. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/6/05***
Chelsey NCAR ID #155

Chelsey lounging in her favorite spot
Chelsey will live in Davis with her new mom and dad. She'll get plenty of time with her mom who will take her everywhere with her and take her on power walks!

Chelsey is a lovely, 2-3 year old blue merle. She's doing well in foster care with 3 other Aussies, although she likes to push her way into the center of attention. She's moderately active and mild mannered...but determined to get pets in true Aussie fashion.

She loves to sit for pets from people and although a mellow girl, will play with puppies and playful adult dogs. She's a bit insecure, and when confronted with new situations, often seeks petting and reassurance from her foster mom. She's good on a leash and enjoys car rides. She sits in the back with a harness on or lies in her crate. We'd like her to be the only dog in her new home and continue obedience training to build up her confidence and give her more to learn.

This is a very nice Aussie girl for someone who wants a devoted Aussie companion. Fostered in Woodland. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/6/05***
Toby, NCAR #163
Toby is adored by Lori and her family. Lori is a dog trainer who has already begun obedience with Toby and will eventually get him into Agility.

Toby is a 15 month old mini Aussie. He's neutered, up to date on his vaccines and weighs 32 pounds. His owner had him since he was a puppy and realized she was unable to give him the attention he craves. He's very "high drive" with incredible intelligence and energy. This great boy is not for the average dog owner. We are looking for a home where he'll get the stimulation and training he needs to channel his energy and challenge his mind. If you want to do Obedience, Flyball, Agility or all three, this is your boy! His foster mom says he plays too rough with cats! Fostered in Brentwood. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/6/05 ***
Mickey NCAR #139

Mickey is a 2 or 3 year old mini Aussie from a shelter near Fresno. He was adopted on July 3, 2004, but the senior dog in the family didn't like him and shunned all his attempts to play, so we are finding him a new home. He is a double merle mini Aussie with his fluffy tail. The ophthalmologist says he has full vision in one eye and none in the other.

He likes children and seems to be OK around cats, but since he has vision out of only one eye, we'd prefer to rehome him where there aren't any cats or where they are proven dog-friendly. He loves to play ball and would do great with an active family where he can stay busy. He chases squirrels and has energy to burn. Mickey is very fun, weighs just 20 pounds and is very ball driven!

See How Mickey Loves his ball [321 KB]

Mickey is totally about play and fetching his red ball. He is doing great playing with his two Aussie siblings in his foster home! He's loving and very quick and should do well in obedience, agility or flyball. He loves the dog park. This is a darling, fun boy who can go anywhere and be happy. Fostered in Santa Rosa. Contact: Cyndi at

***ADOPTED 2/3/05***

Marcus NCAR#

Maxie and Kai
Here's Marcus (now named KAI) with Maxie in his new home in San Carlos. Kai lives with his new mom and dad, their daughter and Maxie, a darling 11 year old black tri. Thank you to Wendy for adopting this beautiful boy straight from the shelter! He's a jewel!

Marcus is a young red tri with a fluffy tail and healthy coat. He is approximately 59 pounds, patient, mellow, loves attention, observant of surroundings, enjoys pets and will nudge your hand for more. He is an easy going guy and loves treats.

Update 1/29/05 Marcus has heartworm. We caught it early and he will be just fine. Lucky boy! Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/3/05***
Grace NCAR #170

Joe, Grace and Charlotte
Joe, Gracie and Charlotte leaving for home in Santa Cruz! Gracie now lives near the beach and a big park with an 18 month old Aussie boy. She's going to obedience classes with her mom too! Lucky Gracie!

Grace is a very sweet 10-month old black tri. Her owners kept her outside all day and night and she jumped their 4 foot fence to find some people or something to do. She got hit by a car several months ago and thankfully was not injured. The parents did not want her inside, and thought that she simply needed more than 1/2 an acre. The size of the yard was not the problem - being left alone was! She was raised with children and other dogs and is a happy, soft girl. She is sleeping in a crate in the bedroom and goes in and out of the house all day. This is a playful, cautious and a typical velcro Aussie. Fostered in Santa Rosa. Contact: Cyndi at

See Grace Video [381 KB]

***ADOPTED 2/3/05***

Miko's new mom saw him posted on our web site and drove 2 hours to Hollister to adopt him. She says, "He's doing GREAT and loving it here. I already have him signed up for obedience classes, and he's sooo smart! Not sure if he will need those classes! Haha I've only had him for two days, and he's already housebroken, crate-trained, will sit for food, and I just taught him 'down' and we're working on 'stand up' from a down position. What a smart and beautiful pup."

This 7-8 month old, blue merle, boy is deaf. He's very sweet, gentle and playful. He is current on shots, neutered, healthy and ready for his forever home.

Information on Deaf Aussies

Please contact
West end of South Street / Hollister, CA 95023
(831) 636-4320 (831) 636-4321 (fax)
Hours of operation: Mon. thru Fri. 9-5 Closed Sat. Sun. and Holidays

***ADOPTED 2/3/05***

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