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February 2007 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.

Suzi NCAR #375

This is a 12-15 month old blue merle with natural bob tail. She's perky, loving and playful...and just a bit bossy around some "unfamiliar" dogs, but is easily corrected. She's just darling, average activity level and seems housebroken.

She is hard headed and should not be with "too soft a handler" but responds well to gentle persistence. She's got a really soft coat and is small at 35 lbs. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/28***

Posey, NCAR #

Stitch and Posey are brother and sister Aussie/Golden Retriever mixes. They were surrendered by an elderly couple who could not care for them any longer.

Posey is great with other dogs and all people. She's learning to come when called and having fun playing with all the other young dogs at the Sanctuary. She will benefit from an obedience class and continued training. She's almost 7 months old and has a nice temperament. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/24***
Bear NCAR #346

Bear is a darling red tri. He's fun, sweet and gets along with other dogs and has learned to live with a cat! He's just about perfect, although he can ggrrrr a bit with certain dogs when he's close to his person...but it's slight. He'd be fine with another playful, nice dog, or could easily be a constant companion for a person or couple. Children over 8 OK. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/21***
Coco is a 2 year old red merle. Her owner just moved to Sacramento from Florida and his new job requires that he travel a lot, so we're looking for a great home for her. She plays nicely with other dogs and is well behaved alone in the house. She is very reserved and timid around strangers, but warms up. She can also be protective of her owner, so a quiet home is best for her where people will manage her. I found her to be a very nice and energetic girl who would love to be someone's constant companion. She has a little quirk....when someone throws a stick or ball...she'll snap at it in this needs to be worked on in her new home. Coco is in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

Taffy ID: 01-29-07 7
Taffy, breathtaking beautiful girl, gorgeous markings, soft silky coat, playful, loves to play fetch, will bring the ball back to you and gently spit it out at your feet, in your hand, in your lap, etc. so you can throw the ball again and again, can be obsessed with her tennis ball, definitely has had an owner who worked with her, lovable, sweet, happy, friendly, responsive, outgoing, intelligent, lively, knows command sit, walks nicely on a leash

Tehama County Department of Animal Services
Red Bluff, CA

Dusty ID: 1771
This is a great boy! He was dumped in the desert and left to die. Luckily this fellow has a strong will to live and made his way to a ranch house. These nice people called Lassen County Animal Control and they went and picked up Dusty. He is a great dog but can be male dog aggressive. Dusty appears to have had a tough life and can be a little shy in new situations. He is also shy with men and hand shy.. Please come and give this guy a wonderful forever home where he wont be just tossed away. Dusty is a red merle mini Aussie (he is a large Mini)

Lassen County Animal Control
Susanville, CA



2/20 Rescued at the 11th hour by a local Rescue group. More info will be posted soon.
Australian Shepherd, Adult, Female
This is a sweet Blue & white merle Austrailian Sheperd . She is a very mature, mello girl and already spayed

***Rescued 2/20***
Baily is a 3 year old female border collie/aussie mix. She weights 39 lbs. Baily is right on top of it! This witty girl aims to please and is quick to learn and to get the ball! Baily likes to chase cats, so she should probably not live with them. Baily is light on the leash and sweet. Take her out and you'll fall in love! Come meet Baily at the East Bay SPCA in Oakland, 8323 Baldwin St. Oakland, CA 94621

East Bay SPCA in Oakland
8323 Baldwin Street
Telephone: 510-569-0702



Muffin and Erin are best buddies in San Rafael. They go everywhere together, even to Erin's office. Muffin's learning quickly and loves being the apple of her mommy's eye.

Noel is the last of the pregnant Aussies from North Fork Aussies (the El Dorado County Aussie Puppy Mill) She gave birth to 3 pups including Muffin on 11/12. Noel is a small, 8 year old blue merle who will be ready for adoption in February.

Muffin is a nicely marked, small black tri. She's playful yet seems more low key than her siblings. She can be held easily, sits for treats and likes to run after and pick up a ball or Frisbeel....we're working on bringing it back.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 2/16***
Vaughn NCAR #185
Vaughn is a big, 3 year old red merle who was adopted from us about a year ago. Unfortunately, Vaughn has proven too fearful to live in San Francisco where there are stimuli and strangers at every turn. Vaughn is head shy, fearful of men, trucks, loud noises and sudden movements and has nipped. He is too reactive for the city and sadly, his owners know they must find him a quiet home.

Vaughn is extremely smart! He learned to open doors, has been through obedience and behavior training and knows: Sit, down, stay, stand, stay, turn-around, roll-over, wave, lie down, shake, sit-up with both paws, and knows how to go to each owner when told. Vaughn needs a quiet, adult only, rural home where his people will manage his issues and make sure he doesn't make bad decisions. Vaughn is in San Francisco.
See Vaughn Fetch [276 KB]
Contact: Kim at

***Owners are Keeping Him***

Linda, Cody & Bob
Cody lives with Linda and Bob in Cameron Park. He gets to spend all day with Bob and loves going on vacations in their motor home.

Holly NCAR#399
Holly is a very sweet, shy miniature Aussie who is in need of home with lots of love but the savvy to give this girl confidence. She is a wonderful pet with her family, scared of strangers, but there is no bite in this girl. When I took a hold of her leash, she struggled a bit but then let me pet and cuddle with her and take her for a walk. My confidence gave her confidence. Hollys new home should be patient but not give in to her fears. An obedience class with an understanding instructor and then perhaps an agility class would go a long way to bringing Holly out of her shell. She is fine with other dogs, and will do fine with children over 12 who are comfortable with dogs. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact Nancy at (916) 723-3647 or

Blue Merle Male at Stanislaus Shelter ID number A200202
This DOG - ID#A200202 I am an unaltered male, gray and black Australian Shepherd. My age is unknown. I have been at the shelter since Feb 05, 2007. This information is less than 1 hour old.

For more information about this animal, call:
Stanislaus County Animal Services at (209) 558-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A200202

Sydney NCAR #394

Sydney is now Sandy's constant companion. Sandy lost her beloved Teddy, a blue merle 8 months ago and was ready to love another Aussie. Sydney fit the bill in every way!

Sydney is a gorgous, 6 year old blue merle whose owners turned her into the Sacramento County shelter for chasing a Chihuaha. She is an absolute love and rides well in the car. She's trimmed down from 71 lbs and is on her way to being a fit Aussie girl! Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 2/6***
Keesha, NCAR #310

Keesha now named Chloe lives with Shirley in Stockton.they go just about everywhere together!

Keesha is a 3 year old black tri from the Somerset Puppy Mill. Warren sold her as a puppy to a family who promptly put her in the back yard where she spent her days and nights, went nowhere, did nothing and interacted with no people other than her immediate family. Then, after 3 years, her "family" surrendered her to the shelter where she flunked miserably. That's when I got the call. She is coming around, but will always be shy. THere's not a mean bone in her body, she just needs to be with people and go places and slowly, she'll be OK. She's darling, small, has lived with cats and dogs and crates. She loves running around with her friends, and can jump a 4 foot fence to be with them! Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

2 year old black tri who is adorable. His owner died, so his daughter is caring for him until the perfect person comes forward to adopt him. Contact: Kim at

Turk showed up on a family's doorstep on Thanksgiving morning. They posted fliers, put ads in the papers and waited for a response. It's now a month later and no one has stepped forward. He had a slight limp when he arrived which has maybe he was travelling a long time, we don't know. We do know that Turk is a doll! He was loved and trained in his previous home. He knows sit, stay and lie down, walks fine on a leash and sleeps in the bedroom every night. He's about 5 or 6, neutered and gets along with the dogs and cats in his foster home. He is fine with strangers, children 7 and over, doesn't bark excessively or jump up on people. He loves his stuffed toys and is easy to have around. The people who found him have a small house, children and several animals and feel it's too crowded for another dog.....otherwise they would keep him. Turk is in Stockton. Application required. Contact: Kim at

Spot is a 9 year old neutered Australian Shepherd mix. He is a very sweet, although somewhat shy, guy. He is calm, loving, okay with cats and ready to live the rest of his years in his forever home. For more information, please contact:

NorthBay Canine Rescue & Placement
Petaluma, CA
Phone: 707/795-7575

Max is a 6-7 year old red merle who is absolutely wonderful. We had to shave his coat because it was 95% matted and full of way to brush him! Max will be gorgeous again when his coat comes back. He wiggles his butt non-stop, talk about a happy, loving dog! He has a FABULOUS temperament. He is fine with other dogs, absolutely loves everyone he meets and knows some basic commands. Fostered in Fresno. Application required. Contact Teri at

Australian Shepherd Mix, Medium, Adult, Male, ID: TCAC077478A
What a beautiful guy! Nehi is an adult male Aussie mix, who is looking for a good home. He is very sweet and affectionate, and would especially enjoy having someone who is willing to return his love. If you would like to have more information about Nehi, please have his ID number available, and contact the shelter.

Tulare County Animal Shelter
Visalia, CA

Australian Shepherd Mix, Medium, Adult, Male, ID: TCAC077443A
Blue is a very sweet and affectionate adult male aussie mix. He would really like a loving home to call his own. If you would like more information about Blue, please have his ID number available, and contact the shelter.

Tulare County Animal Shelter
Visalia, CA


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