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January 2004 - Recently Adopted Aussies

View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Magic is a 6 year old blue merle with his fluffy tail! Due to family illness, he needs a new home. Magic is playful, active and friendly towards everyone and is fine with children. He gets excited when he sees other dogs, but he's not aggressive - just happy to see them! He has the typical playful curiosity and attentiveness of a bright Aussie, so he will do well in a home where he gets daily exercise and continued training. He's smart, listens to you, fairly well-behaved and a great companion. Magic is neutered, up to date on his shots, and is currently on Frontline and Interceptor Heartworm preventative. Magic is in Oakland. Contact Kim Kuenlen at or call (916) 451-7400.

***ADOPTED 1/31/04***
Sydney is a 4 year old blue merle girl who weighs about 38 pounds. She originally came from the Martinez pound. This little girl has a sweet temperment and loves to snuggle- a real "velcro" dog. Sydney loves to travel in the car and generally just wants to be where her owner is. She is NOT good with cats and other small animals (which is why she needs a new home) , and would be best as a only dog or with a mellow male dog. Contact Nancy Dougan at or call (916) 435-8009.

***ADOPTED 1/27/04***
Lady is a senior black tri who wandered onto a cement plant in Elk Grove on December 22, 2003. She was dragging a broken harness and had no collar or ID tag. The nice men at the cement plant fed her and kept her warm - she stuck to them like glue. They were certain someone was looking for her and contacted us for help. We have notified the Sacramento SPCA, placed an ad in the Bee and posted her on our website, but no one has come forward. She had recent abdominal surgery and has been well cared for. I took her to the vet and she's in good health. I took her to the groomer who spent an hour with her while I watched and Lady is very used to pampering! She even closed her eyes in sheer bliss while having her coat blown dry! See Lady at the groomers! VIDEO LINK [250 MB]

We believe her family went away for the holidays, hired a pet sitter, and came back to find her gone. We hope her family comes forward, but are beginning to take applications for her adoption in case that doesn't happen. This is a very nice "Lady Aussie"! Contact Kim Kuenlen at or call (916) 451-7400.

***ADOPTED 1/24/04***
Rowdy is a wonderful Blue Merle who turns one year old this month! He has all his shots, is neutered and is in excellent health. His eyes are mostly blue, though one eye is marbled with brown. He loves running and playing and retrieves tennis balls until you get too tired to throw them. He can catch a Frisbee like a pro. He is friendly and eager to please. He is comfortable around water and swims in the river. He gets along with the other dominant female dog in his home and likes to play with any dog he meets. He has not been given formal obedience training, but knows COME and SIT, walks on a lead just fine, and goes into his crate when he's asked. Because he likes to spend most of his time outside, he is not quite housebroken, but he will learn quickly. He's a sweet boy who doesn't get upset when his toys or food are taken away. He seems fine with children, although he hasn't met too many in his neighborhood. Rowdy's owners feel Rowdy would be better off in a home with a large yard where he can play as much as he wants! Rowdy lives in Healdsburg, CA. Contact Kim Kuenlen at or call (916) 451-7400.

***ADOPTED 1/21/04***
Mallie NCAR
Mallie is a 5 y/o spayed, female, red tri, Aussie with a beautiful coat. She is a loving companion, with a sweet, gentle temperament. As Aussies go, she is tall, weighing in at near 80 pounds. Mallie learns commands easily and is obedient. People are her favorite! She wants to be around them as much as possible, and loves to be petted. In fact, she'll "talk" to you, asking for attention. Mallie knows the basic commands, will "give you five" and says "please" for a treat. She needs to be with owners who will give her regular exercise and attention during the day. Contact owner or 650-366-7638 in Redwood city for further info.

***ADOPTED 1/18/04***
Jolie is a young blue merle girl with a docked tail. She is sweet, shy and fine with the other dogs she's been around. Jolie was pulled from the Fresno shelter and is being held at a very crowded animal sanctuary in Clovis. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, please contact Teri at Noah's Friends Animal Sanctuary at

***ADOPTED 1/17/04***
Regis is an adult male blue merle. He's being fostered in Noah's Friends Animal Sanctuary. We'll post more as we know more about him. Please contact Teri at Noah's Friends Animal Sanctuary at

***ADOPTED 1/17/04***
Annie NCAR

Dad with Annie and Sammy
Annie and Sammy were placed together. Sammy is a great companion for this little shy girl and we know she and Sammy will blossom in their new home.

Annie is a confident, 8 month old spayed Blue Merle. We rescued her with her brother Austin and her mother Reba from a ranch where they were "left behind". All were placed into separate homes, but unfortunately Annie and the young female Aussie in her new home began fighting, so we are looking to find her a home without another young, confident female! She is a relatively calm girl and does a lot of observing. She is very graceful and confident for her age, and plays well with both the male and female Aussie in my home. She has adapted well and is a really nice girl. She can be placed with another nice male dog and would be fine with older children. She should continue training in her new home. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact Kim Kuenlen at or call (916) 451-7400.

***ADOPTED 1/15/04***
Sammy NCAR
Annie and Sammy were placed together. See above.

Sammy was in the right place at the right time. I was pulling an Aussie from the Sacramento County Animal Facility when I noticed this black furry jumping bean. He jumped at least 3 feet in the air! I came over and saw his matts dragged on the ground, both from behind his ears and his hind quarters. His right front leg was slightly shorter than the other. His kennel card said he came in through the night box. This boy had been badly neglected and was dying for attention, yet was as happy and bouncy as could be. After I pulled him I got him groomed and he cleaned up great! Sammy's staying in my home with 4 aussies and has the sweetest disposition! Sammy is probably an Aussie-Border Collie mix and 3-4 years old. He's neutered and has a long fluffy tail with a white tip. He's learning that he doesn't have to jump for attention anymore, but probably do best in a home without toddlers! He loves people and is easy to have around. Contact Kim at 916 451-7400 or email

***ADOPTED 1/15/04***
Sunny STAAR ID #3779

Kylie and Mom
Sunny's name is now Kylie. She now lives with her Mom in the Bay Area in a home up against a parkland area. There are lots of hugs, walks and tennis balls in her life. We just saw her at the reunion and she is looking more confident and very happy.

Say Happy Birthday to Sunny who turned 2 on December 9! This little 40 pound red tri will fetch a ball and drop it into your lap as long as you're willing to throw it. She is ready for Agility, Flyball or what ever you'd like to teach her. She had a litter of pups in August, so her coat hasn't come in yet. Just after her pups were placed, her owner died and her life changed drastically. She was banished to a back yard for 3 months and had a hard time adjusting to being an outside only dog. She was used to going to wineries, shopping and almost everywhere with her owner. We would like to place her in a home where she can be with her people as much as she wants and where she can fetch the ball or frisbee to her heart's content. She likes to go everywhere, loves to cuddle, sleeps on the bed with her human and is a very attentive girl. She gets a bit nervous around commotion or rough-housing, so we believe an adult household or household with children over 12 would be best. She's fine with other dogs and cats, but she'd do best with a mellower dog who wouldn't compete with her for attention. Sunny is pedigreed, spayed, heartworm negative, knows basic commands and is an extremely agile Aussie! Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim Kuenlen at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 1/15/04***
Katie is a very nice spayed, Aussie mix. She came to us from the Stockton Shelter. She was an owner surrender, due to escaping the yard...her owners wouldn't let her in the house, so she was very unhappy and looked for ways out of the yard to find people! Unfortunately, we've heard this story often. She's under two years old, full of energy, good with other dogs and great with people and children. Due to her energy, she should go into a home where she'll get training and where children over 10. She plays daily in our dog play groups! She's at the San Francisco SPCA. Business hours are: daily 11-6pm, closed early Christmas & New Years Eve, Closed on Christmas and New Years. Phone number: 415-522-3500 and website: We hope you can find room in your heart to adopt Katie!

***ADOPTED 1/15/04***

Granite and sister Zoe
Granite went to a wonderful home with a sister aussie named Zoe, who was also a rescue dog. He is very happy with her and his two adoring parents!

Granite is a "mini" blue merle Aussie. He's very light gray with light blue eyes. Granite is also being fostered in the over-crowded animal sanctuary in Clovis. Please contact Teri at Noah's Friends Animal Sanctuary at

***ADOPTED 1/14/04***
Moose NCAR

Moose Poolside
Moose is in a wonderful home. Here's a shot of him poolside working on his tan.

Moose is a 4 year old red tri Aussie who needs more attention than his owner can give him. He has been raised with young children (toddlers) and is wonderful with them. He is in need of obedience training and socialization with other dogs, but is not aggressive, just overly excited. Moose's favorite game is playing fetch. He is located in San Ramon. Please contact Nancy Dougan at or (916) 435-8009.

***ADOPTED 1/11/04***
JEZEBEL (JESSIE) is a 7 yr young, spayed, female, purebred, black tri, Australian Shepherd. She weighs approx 50 lbs. Jessie is housebroken, good on and off leash, great with cats, livestock and she loves children of all ages. She is a very bright and eager to please dog.( not to mention VERY cute too!). Jessie has had basic obedience training and is quick to respond to commands. She loves to spend time with her people, get brushed & lavished with attention. Jessie will be happiest in a solo dog home as she is not as content when sharing her folks with other dogs on a daily basis. Going for rides in the car, working for a treat, romping, hiking or just relaxing in the house are also high on Jessie's list of favorite things to do Contact: Hollie Lama or 707-795-7575

***ADOPTED 1/5/04***

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