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January 2005 Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Wally NCAR #158

Wally, Dan & Laurel
Wally lives in Sacramento where he'll be trained to understand hand commands. This happy boy will go on trips to the beach in a luxurious motor home!

This fun red merle was a stray. He's neutered, plays fetch and Frisbee and is a very funny 2 year old boy! He is a double merle, a puppy from a merle-to-merle breeding. We evaluated him and gave him little scratches on his butt, so each time he returned the tennis ball, he began coming back rear -end first! He had everyone in stitches. He's deaf, but doesn't miss a beat and is very attentive.

Wally is doing well in foster care, playing nicely with his foster brother. He's sleeping in the crate, loves playing in the water outside, loves his tennis ball, etc. A sweet, sweet boy! The opthamologist reported that he has an operable "incomplete cataract" in his right eye which slightly impairs his vision in that eye, and that he has 100% vision in his left. He loves to retreive as well as "herd" 5 gallon white buckets in the yard. He watches his foster mom for clues and watches his foster brothers for dog clues. This is a fabulous dog with all the right traits. A Velcro Aussie who loves the world!
Wally in the Yard 1
Wally in the Yard 2
Contact Kim at

***Adopted 1/30/05***
Ballou NCAR #161

Gabriel, Ballou and Charlene
Gabriel, Ballou and Charlene in Half Moon Bay. Ballou will gets lots of beach time!

Ballou is a 1 year old spayed blue merle. She's been raised around all sorts of animals and likes cats and other dogs. Her owners got her when she was a puppy and gave her lots of love, but their demanding jobs prevented them from giving her the stimulation and training she needed. Her owners felt she deserved more in life and with tears in their eyes, asked us to find her a wonderful new home. She likes children and would do best in a home where she'll get training, another Aussie to play with, and plenty of human attention. This girl is friendly, playful and has a solid temperament. She loves petting and can be handled easily. She's food motivated, quick and agile, but not hyper. She is quickly adjusting to her new life in foster care and enjoys being in the house with her foster family and two Aussie siblings. Fostered in Santa Rosa. Contact: Cyndi at

***ADOPTED 1/29/05***
Bella is about a year old, 40 pounds and has her long fluffy tail. SHe was adopted several months ago from the Fresno SPCA. The family who adopted her have cats and she's cat aggressive! She's also a handful, and no one in the family seems to have the time to take her through obedience training. She's housebroken and sleeps on the couch or on a dog bed and would do best with someone with time to devote to her. She likes children, but small children under 10 may excite her too much! Bella is a smart girl looking for a more qualified home. Located in San Anselmo. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/28/05***
Checkers, NCAR #162
Checkers is a 6-month old spayed female black tri Aussie. She's beautifully put together and has a very good temperament. This girl was surrendered to us because her owner couldn't give her the attention she deserves. Checkers spent her life outside barking at the neighbor's horse. Now that she's in foster care, she's soaking up lots of attention and responding very well to training. Fostered in Brentwood. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/24/05***
Shadow NCAR #156

Lilly and family
Shadow, now named Lilly and her new mom and dad in Yreka!

This cutie pie is a 7 month old Aussie mix, lived with children, is spayed, housebroken and crate trained. She did not get much attention or training so we are looking for a home where someone will be with her a lot and give her guidance and training. She is very loving and should become more confident in the right home. We pulled her from the shelter in Redding where her owners surrendered her because they were moving. She is very sweet, and doing great in a home with other dogs. Fostered in Chico. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/23/05***
Red Merle Girl
This beauty is an 8 month old female red merle. She's at Haven Humane in Redding, CA. We will post more about her when we get more information. Contact Michelle or Sandy at the shelter. Haven Humane Society, Phone: 530-241-1653. Email Michelle at or Sandy at

***ADOPTED 1/17/05***
Wylie is a young Aussie who is more social than Luna and seems fairly calm. You can read all about him at Luna and Wylie's story. If you are interested in adopting Wylie, please submit an adoption application to us or contact Contact: Kim at
See his companion Luna below.

***ADOPTED 1/16/05***
PIPPIN NCAR #157 (formerly Jessie)
Pippin or "PIP" as we affectionately call him now, is a two year old, neutered Border Collie rescued from a family who was neglecting him. He spent 4 days locked in a garage while the owner went to LA. Neighbors rescued him and easily got written permission from his owner to give him up to rescue. This is a sweet boy who is under-nourished, shy, but willing to warm up. He has had a limited range of life experiences and is frightened easily. He is learning to trust strangers, but will still bark at them at first. He is fine with a Yorkie as well as two Aussies in his foster home and likes to play with every dog at the dog much so that he doesn't come when called! He is now crate trained and housebroken. He is recovering from a flea allergy and his coat should come in soon. He loves his ball and will play catch by himself if no one is around to throw it for him! Border Collie lovers will really appreciate Jessie! Despite his rocky start, he seems basically resilient and friendly. We'll see how he is on sheep and give updates soon. Fostered in Napa. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/16/05***
Roamy is a 6-year-old Neutered Male Australian Shepherd. Although his name indicates that he may wander off and “roam”, he is really more of a Velcro dog. He wants nothing more than to be with his owner and spend time with them. Roamy was very overweight when he came to us and is on a strict diet now. He has currently lost a total of 10 pounds, but should probably loose at least 10 more. It was also determined that he has a thyroid condition that is easily treated with medications. He must be on the medicine for the rest of his life, but it is under $10 a month for the pills. He eats the pills with his food, so no struggling with him! Roamy is an absolutely wonderful housedog. He has NEVER had an accident in his foster owners’ house, and is very good at signaling if he has to go out and go to the bathroom. He is extremely loving to both the man and the woman of the house and is good with dogs, cats, parrots, and livestock. Roamy loves to play fetch and he “talks” to you when he is excited. He is crate trained, he knows how to sit, he will go to his bed when told, and he walks well on leash. He is also excellent off leash and stays within voice range. He comes back immediately when called. It is important to understand the Aussie temperament and their little quirks. Like many other Aussies, Roamy is very shy with new people. He hides behind his foster owners and would prefer it if people just ignored him. He would do best in a household with no children. Roamy does like other dogs, but can sometimes become aggressive with other dogs with dominant personalities. He would do best in a home as a single dog, or with an easy going female. Please consider this dog to be your new friend. He will be your faithful companion. His adoption fee is $200 plus a $50 training deposit. All dogs can be seen at Petco or by appointment unless otherwise noted. BEFORE YOU EMAIL US, PLEASE SEE THE MAIN PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE FOR DATES AND TIMES OF ADOPTION EVENTS AND FOR GUIDELINES TO ADOPT A DOG FROM 4 PAWS. We can only answer questions about animals on this site by email. We are unable to return phone calls about pets available for adoption.

***ADOPTED 1/13/05***
Sissy NCAR
Dolce (formerly Sissy) lives a great life with her new mom and dad. She goes jogging several times a week and to the park where she plays with other dogs. She also loves to play with the cat in her home!

Sissy is a mature, spayed female English Shepherd. She's polite and OK with other dogs. We pulled her from the very full Merced Shelter and she's being fostered in the Bay Area. This is a very nice girl! Contact: Greta at

***ADOPTED 1/12/05***
Check out this cool looking dog! She's an Australian Shepherd and is very likely pure. We can't see anything else in her. She has the lovely Blue Merle coloring which is the hallmark of that breed. Great Gal. She's friendly and gets along with other dogs and all ages of children. Her former owner gave her up because of her barking. But she received no training or didn't seem to have any playtime. This is a great dog with a lot of potential, if you'd just give her a chance and a lot of love. Her name is MORIAH and this 3+ year old is stunningly beautiful, come on by and see for yourself. We now have a new Adoption Form that has to be approved before any of our pets leave. You can find it at Go to Dept. Listings...Then to Animal Control...Then to Adoption Form. If you are coming to the shelter to see MORIAH, call to see what to bring. Their number is (209) 223-6378.

***ADOPTED 1/10/05***
Meet BLUE, a wonderful White/Merle Australian Shepherd Mix. He is a Handsome dog with light blue eyes. He arrived at our shelter over a few weeks ago. The sad thing is that no one came looking for him. BLUE just loves to go out on long walks and play outside, eager to please, and very smart, he is just waiting and hoping that someone will come along and want to make him part of their family. BLUE seems to have had a little training because he seems to know how to shake hands. We now have a new Adoption Form that has to be approved before any of our pets leave. You can find it at Go to Dept. Listings...Then to Animal Control...Then to Adoption Form. If you are coming to the shelter to see BLUE, call to see what to bring. Their number is (209) 223-6378.

***ADOPTED 1/10/05***
Jake was adopted into a home in Redding where he will be going on trail rides and getting lots of love and attention!

Jake is a beautiful red tri Aussie boy, 6 years old, neutered weighing only 45 pounds. He is up-to-date on all his shots and heartworm prevention medication. His family has had him since he was a puppy, but now find that their lives have radically changed and they just don't have the time to give this boy the attention and exercise he needs. What Jake really needs is to be with his family all the time. Being left alone for long periods of time is very stressful for him, and so his ideal home would be with someone who works at home. He currently lives with a 3 year old child and is very good with her. However, because Jake is somewhat fearful when meeting people for the first time, it is probably best that he not live with toddlers, at least not right now. With training and socialization, Jake should become a far more confident dog. He is great with other dogs and lives with cats. He is located in Elk Grove. Contact Nancy at

***ADOPTED 1/10/05***
Black Tri neutered male
Black Tri neutered male, about 2 years old, very sweet with a great personality, likes to play. Is overweight and needs grooming.

City of Salinas animal shelter, 144 Hitchcock Rd., Salinas, CA 93901,Phone 831.758.7285 Open Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Pearl in Red Bluff Shelter - I.D: 11-16-04 6
Pearl is a gorgeous lady and she shows off her regal beauty and distinctive coloring quite well. We are guessing her age to be around 8 years old and she currently weighs 46 pounds. She is a very easy going, casual girl. She is also a quiet, gentle girl, who is observant of her surroundings and always aware of what is going on. She seems to be a healthy girl even though she is older. She is responsive to you but also likes some time alone. She didn't show us that she knows any commands but she may be bluffing. However she does walk well on a leash. This mellow girl is in need of a grooming and then she will be set to spend her time with you in a new forever home.

Tehama County Animal Shelter
1830 Walnut St.
Red Bluff, CA

Pearl is a shy and beautiful blue merle girl...maybe 9 months old and already weighs 50 pounds. She will require a stable home environment and gentle, consistant guidance. Located in Fresno. COntact: Teri at

Dixie has been reunited with her owners. They left town and both their dogs got out. Had they both had current ID tags on, they would have been returned earlier! Please know that ID tags are so important to have on your dog 24/7!

Dixie is a 6 year old female Aussie mix. Nice house manners and easy to be around. She was found last week in North Sacramento. No owner has surfaced from the ad in the newspaper and the fliers and notices. If you are interested in meeting Dixie, please contact Kim at

Daisy May, NCAR #149

Daisy May and Family
Daisy was adopted by Sarah and her daughter Jessica in Hayward, CA. Daisy plays with Chico, a Chihuaha, but mostly snuggles with Sarah and Jessica who adore her.

Daisy is a 5 - 7 month old Border Collie/Cattle Dog/Aussie mixed puppy. She fun, curious, energetic, confident and quite smart! She loves to play with other dogs she knows, but is a bit fearful and aggressive with strange dogs, but we're working on that. We hope to find a home where people appreciate her intelligence and energy and will enroll her in puppy obedience class so she learns WHILE she's playing!
See video of Daisy [262 KB]

She loves watching me in the mirror, and sometimes runs around the back of the mirror to find me, but mostly she understands it's a reflection and turns around to say, " did you get there?" She is learning to "leave it" when a dog growls at her, or doesn't want to play with her. She would do well with another playful young dog, either female or male as she is still quite the puppy. She's potty trained, spayed and crate trained. This is smart, a bit dominant and fun girl who loves people! Children 8 and older OK. She's living with an 11 year old girl and a chihuahua and a senior Aussie and doing great. Fostered in Hayward. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/4/05***
Charlie is an energetic 7-8 month old tri-colored beagle pup who is looking for a new pad to call his own. His previous owner's just could not keep up with his energetic puppy self! He loves everybody- adults, children, other dogs (though a little timid) and is curious about cats. He is healthy, current on his shots, and is up to date on heartworm prevention. He is crate-trained, house-trained, but still a puppy - manners, like getting his front paws on counters, were not taught in his first home so he is slowly learning in his foster home. Did I metnion that Charlie was active? He loves to run and run and run. Charlie knows how to walk on a leash and, as with all beagles, needs to be on a leash when not in a fenced-in area. He is charming and sweet and very affectionate, sensitive and soft.This little guy is eager to please and just wants to find a family that can keep up with him and show him the love he deserves. If you would like to learn more about this precious puppy, please call Nancy at 916-435-8009

***ADOPTED 1/1/05***

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