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January 2006 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Geraldo, ID #A086885
At 6 months old this guy is very handsome! Geraldo is a guest at the Mendocino County Animal Care and Control Shelter.

Mendocino County Animal Care and Control Shelter
298 Plant Road
Ukiah CA 95482
Phone: 707-468-1673

Black Tri Puppy, ID#A387112
This cute little black tri boy is waiting for you at the Kern County Animal Control in Bakersfield.

Kern County Animal Control
201 South Mount Vernon Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93307
Phone: (661) 868-7125

***ADOPTED 1/31***
Tejon, ID#05-0328
Tejon is a 11 month old black tri with his tail. He is extremely sweet and very dog social. Tejon arrived pretty shy but is progressing each day. He is housebroken, bright and calm for such a young man.

Clovis Animal Shelter
Clovis, CA
(559) 324-2450

***ADOPTED 1/28***
Baron NCAR #266
Baron lives in Hidden Valley Lake with his new family. He's finally gotten what he wanted his whole life...the love of a family. He goes to greet the two girls at the bus stop when they return from school and attends their tea parties!

This is a sweet 18 month old red merle with amber eyes and a sweet disposition. He was surrendered to the Tracy Animal Shelter by his owner cause "he just wants to be a lap dog." He lived outside and slept in the garage. He's doing great in foster care, uses the doggie door and gets along with all the foster dogs, including Nacho the Chihuaha!

This guy just wants pets and will crawl in your lap if you let him. He ignores cats and seems to be a one person Aussie. He kept his distance from a toddler and would probably do best in a quiet, adult home. He shows no signs of aggression, he just wants to be near his "person." Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/28***

Holly, NCAR #262
Holly lives with Dexter, a Corgi mix and their familyin Los ALtos Hills. She gets her tennis ball thrown for her A LOT and will start obedience school soon.

Holly is a 15-18 month old purebred Border Collie. She's very playful, loves to chase the ball or a toy and is very cuddly. She gives kisses and can "turn it off" to snuggle. She's a pushy, loving little thing that wants her way, mostly when a toy is involved, or when she doesn't want to go into her crate ~ but she corrects easily and rolls on her back for tummy rubs!

She was too much dog for a family with a 1, 3 and 6 year old - but I think she could live with children 8 and over...especially if they threw the ball for her! I'm sure Holly could be a whiz at Flyball, Herding or Agility. We tried her with a pony and her instincts were good, she listened to commands...just needs to learn their meaning!

She needs a home where she'll get the training and stimulation that an active and smart Border Collie deserves! Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/28***
Blue Merle Female, ID#A174587
This blue merle girl is at the Stanislaus County Shelter.

Stanislaus County Shelter
2846 Finch Road
Modesto, CA
Phone: 209-558-7387

***Redeemed by Owner***
Sydney, NCAR #274
Sydney lives with Scott and Beatriz in Sonoma. He has a few acres to play in and his Dad works from home. What a great deal for Sydney!

Sydney is a 13 month old, stunning black tri who has been living with 4 other Aussies and a cat. He's sweet, fun and easy to handle. He is fine with a cat, chickens, and is cautious around horses. He's 63 lbs. and 23" tall, and he has his long fluffy tail. Fostered in Santa Rosa. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/27***

A385936 Male, Black Tri Aussie Kennel C24
formerly in the Kern County Shelter , now with Animal Friends in Pacific Grove.

CONTACT: Debra at

***Rescued by Animal Friends Rescue 1/14***
Blue Merle Female, ID#A014670
This pretty blue merle girl is at the Santa Clara County Animal Care & Control.

Santa Clara County Animal Care & Control
12370 Murphy Avenue
San Martin, CA 95046
Phone: (408) 683-4186

***ADOPTED 1/20***

Blue Merle Female Shelter ID#A382748

THIS GIRL HAS BEEN THERE SINCE THANKSGIVING! They believe she's about 2 years old and seems very nice.

Contact: Kevin, Executive Director, Bakersfield SPCA


***ADOPTED 1/19***

Red Merle Girl
This sweetie was rescued by Animal Friends Rescue. She was in the Kern County Shelter in Bakersfield where they are constantly overflowing with herding dogs. She's being fostered near Santa Cruz. We'll post more about her soon. Contact Sue Trapp at

***ADOPTED 1/22***
Max, NCAR #
Max is a gorgeous black tri who was surrendered because his family was moving. He sits, lies down and walks well on a lead. He's easy going, 6 years old, has lived with cats and dogs and just a sweet heart. Fostered in Oakland. Contact Kim at

**ADOPTED 1/21***
PEARL (formerly Blue Merle Female at Yuba County Shelter)

Carrie & Pearl

We took this sweet, purebred Aussie girl out of a crowded shelter because she was running out of time. This girl is shy, but warms up with a nice wiggle quickly. She can easily live with cats, too! Fostered in Marysville. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/22***

Bailey, NCAR #244
Bailey lives with Patty in Foresthill. He has an Aussie sister, lab brother and has already begun obedience training. He and his siblings have a fenced acre to play in and get to go on adventures in the foothills.

Bailey is a delightful, energetic, and very large 10 month old black tri who turns one on Valentine's Day! . He was too much for an inexperienced older couple to handle so they contacted us. He loves people and other dogs and seems fine with older children. He's 50 pounds and will likely weigh 60-65 pounds when full grown. He's learning house manners, is housebroken and understands sit, down and come.

He pulls like an ox on a leash, so learning leash manners is first on his agenda! He is learning to fetch and eagerly plays with dogs at the dog park. Bailey needs daily running exercise and is ready for an obedience class..or two! Fostered in Sacramento. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/22***
Jenna, NCAR puppy
Jenna lives with her new family in San Ramon. She is a happy puppy who gets lots of love and attention from her new family.

Jenna is a tiny, 9 week old, tri colored, Aussie-spaniel mix. She's sooooo cute! She has a curly top head and gorgeous black tri markings. Playful, silly and bright. Pretty energetic, but does calm down nicely. She's a clean girl in her kennel, and hangs out in the cat enclosure with 8 cats for a good portion of the day...they all get along famously! Jenna is in Sacramento. Contact Kim at
***ADOPTED 1/21 ***
Ray NCAR #268
Ray (now Cooper) is living in Berkeley with his sister Molly and his parents Belinda and Dylan. He has begun obedience class and gets daily romps at Pt. Isabel or nearby parks.

Ray is a 12-15 month old, soft and sweet black tri. He's over-the-top friendly towards ALL people and just a "happy to me" type of boy! He hasn't had any training, and hasn't learned come. This will change in his foster home! This is a darling boy who should continue obedience training in his forever home. What a doll! Fostered in Oakland. Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/20 ***
Blue Merle Female, ID#A014670
This pretty blue merle girl is at the Santa Clara County Animal Care & Control.

Santa Clara County Animal Care & Control
12370 Murphy Avenue
San Martin, CA 95046
Phone: (408) 683-4186

***ADOPTED 1/20***

Blue Merle Female Shelter ID#A382748

THIS GIRL HAS BEEN THERE SINCE THANKSGIVING! They believe she's about 2 years old and seems very nice.

Contact: Kevin, Executive Director, Bakersfield SPCA


***ADOPTED 1/19***
This is Conrad, a beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd. He's pretty shy and it takes him awhile to get to know you. He likes to explore on his own and takes his time to warm up to people. Our photographer thought he was nervous in his surroundings, which is very common in a shelter environment. Once he warms up, he's a very sweet fellow. Conrad didn't display excessive energy and walked well on a leash. Are you the right home to allow this beautiful boy to blossom? If he sounds like the gentle companion you're looking for, please come to the San Martin Animal Shelter to meet Conrad.

San Martin, CA
Phone: (408) 683-4186

***ADOPTED by Ros from Alameda 1/15!***
Dean, ID#12-27-05 3
Dean, 3-4 years old, 54lbs, docked tail, lovely colors, intense gaze, people orientated, soft, alert, responsive, smart, knows down and sit, prancing gait, graceful moves, observant, patient, reasonable reserved with new people and things, good boy, well behaved, quiet, watchful, gorgeous, great guy, nice disposition.

Tehama County Department of Animal Services
Red Bluff, CA
Phone: 530/527-3439

***ADOPTED 1/17***
Jeckel, ID#A080063
Jeckel is a 2-3 year old blue merle male at Adopt A Rescue Pet in Las Vegas Nevada.

Adopt A Rescue Pet
Las Vegas, NV

Heckel, ID#A080062
Heckel is a 2-3 year old red merle male at Adopt A Rescue Pet in Las Vegas Nevada.

Adopt A Rescue Pet
Las Vegas, NV

Prince Valiant
Hello, I'm a 8-9 mo old red merle male that is looking for a forever home. While I'm waiting for my forever home, a foster home is needed. I was rescued from a shelter on my last day because I have a supreme personality.

Adopt A Rescue Pet
Las Vegas, NV

Australian Shepherd Mix
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
ID: A078173
She is in kennel 006 at the Stockton Animal Shelter, 1575 S. Lincoln Street, Stockton.

Justin, ID#A087358
Justin needs to get out of the Mendocino County Animal Care and Control in Ukiah. He's a small Border Collie mix, with a lovely red and white coat, and about a year old. He is 38 lbs., fully vaccinated and neutered. He has BC energy....which makes it very hard for him to be in the shelter for much longer. This is a very nice young boy ready for his new home!

Mendocino County Animal Care and Control
Contact: Marcela Parra (707)272-0198

***ADOPTED 1/6***
Female Blue Merle, Humboldt Shelter - ID#A024236
I am a female, blue merle aust shepherd. The shelter thinks I am about 8 years old.

For more information about this animal, visit: Humboldt County Animal Services Ask for information about animal ID number: A024236

Faith, NCAR #273
Faith, now named Scout, will live with Katie (age 6) and her parents Lori and Steve in Fairfield. This family is active and have had an Aussie before and understands their needs.

Faith is almost 4 months old and is full of energy, love and puppy herding drive! She lived with a 4 year old who put up with her nipping and chasing, so we're working on correcting that. She's a good little girl who needs the right home so she can grow up into a nice, adult Aussie. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/16***
Dakota, NCAR #268
Nacho and Dakota live in Elk Grove with Alex (age 4) and his parents Peter and Kimball. They were looking for an Aussie to adopt and fell for sweet Dakota. They also found Nacho really entertaining, so when Alex fell for him, it was a done deal! The two foster bunkmates landed a fabulous home where they have fun together and get lots of attention from their new family.

Dakota is a one year old female Blue merle who was surrendered because her owner called her "uncontrollable" cause she dug out of the back yard. She also stated that Dakota was kept in the back yard 24/7.

This girl is Velcro - good off leash and on, and lived with two teenagers, and another dog. We don't know about cats yet. She's a darling 43 pound girl with average energy level for her age. Fostered in Sacramento Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/15***
Nacho, NCAR # 256
My neighbor found Nacho running down the street in my neighborhood. We've placed an ad, posted fliers and checked for a microchip. He's under a year old, purebred Chihuaha who LOVES people and playing with other dogs. He's about 11 pounds and is an absolute RIOT! He loves being held, likes to play with stuffed toys and is now crate trained. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/15***

Cheech, NCAR #267

Here's Cheech, now named "Chico" resting in his new home in Lodi.

This young, gorgeous blue merle boy was a stray at the County of Merced Animal Shelter. He's about 32 pounds and is a happy, wiggly boy. His foster mom named him after her favorite San Jose Sharks player Jonathan Cheechoo!

Cheech knows sit and seems very engaged with people. He even greets strangers enthusiastically. He ignored the cat in the vet's office and seems just fine with children...although he isn't drawn to them. Fostered in San Jose. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/8***

Fuzzy and Spook
Spook and Fuzzy are Brother and Sister Australian Shepherds looking for a new home. Their owner cannot keep them and Sierra Cares is helping to advertise. They were 3 years old on Halloween, are friendly, and are good with other dogs and cats. They owner would like them adopted together if possible. Sierra Cares has foster homes near Fresno, CA and typically does not adopt out of State. They are up to date on shots and altered.

What a way to start the NEW YEAR!! They look fun!

Sierra Cares Animal Advocates
P. O. Box 488
Oakhurst, CA 93644
Phone: (559)683-1214

***ADOPTED 1/7***
Shelby ID: 12-05-05 24
Shelby is a large adult female Border Collie, German Shepherd Dog Mix. She is a sweet and gentle girl. She is approximately 1.5 years old, weighs 57 pounds, and is a happy easy going girl. She has a gorgeous thick tri colored coat that is need of some grooming so her coat will truly shine. She is a happy, people oriented girl with her tail constantly wagging. She is a delightful girl; calm and well mannered. She has an adorable expression that goes along with cute ears. She adores attention and is quick to respond to people. Shelly has a great personality and is eager to learn. She already knows to take treats gently from fingers and the command, “sit”. She has an even temperament and makes happy grunty sounds when you pet her in just the right spot. She is such a pretty girl with her tan markings and smiling face. She came into the shelter as a stray with her brother, Orion and they take great comfort in the company of each other. Se is a bit unsure of the shelter environment but is content when she is outside. Shelly will be a wonderful companion with some extra TLC.

Tehama County Department of Animal Services
Red Bluff, CA

Black Tri Female, ID#A046602
This 7-year old female, black tri Aussie is at Washoe County Regional Animal Services.

Washoe County Regional Animal Services
2825 Longley Lane
Reno, NV 89502
Phone: (775) 353-8900

Marshall, ID #27
Marshall is about 18 months old and just gorgeous. He has a soft coat, nice coloration and the prettiest eyes ever. He does well on a leash. He has been sharing a kennel with two other dogs, 1 a female and 1 a male. He is not at all aggressive. Marshall is approximately 1.5 years old and will be neutrered prior to leaving our facility.

Kings County Animal Control
Hanford, CA
Phone: 559-584-9214

***ADOPTED 1/6***
Reecee is a 4 month old, sweet, fluffy Aussie mix. She's incredibly darling, smart and fine with other dogs. She'll probably be a pretty big girl when fully grown. She was seized with 40 other animals in a horrible cruelty case. The shelter is requiring a $75 training/obedience deposit along with her regular adoption fee of $90. This is a fine pup. Contact Teri, Adoption Coordinator at

***ADOPTED 1/6***
Washoe Black Tri Male - ID#A047513
I am a neutered male, tricolor Border Collie mix. I am estimated to be 9 months old.

Washoe County Regional Animal Services at (775) 353-8900
Ask for information about animal ID number A047513

***Redeemed by owner***
Kobe, ID#A492022
This beautiful female black tri is at San Jose Animal Care & Services.

San Jose Animal Care & Services
2750 Monterey Road
San Jose, CA 95111
Phone: (408) 578-PAWS

Daisy NCAR #260
Sydney, now named Daisy lives in San Francisco with her new family. She loves her brother Sydney...who had the name first! They are regulars at Ft. Funston and Delores Park.

Sydney (now Daisy) is a 2 year old black tri who has had a frustrating life. She has moved from home to home, always being an outside only dog starved for attention. She has not learned much, but corrects easily. She is extremely interested in playing with other dogs, has high energy and a completely sweet disposition. She's very determined and will bark and bark at a dog trying to make him/her play with her. She even got 9-year-old Tess to chase her!

She knows no enemies and will eagerly soak up all the love, attention, play and exercise given her. Sydney yearns to be in an active home where she can get the stimulation, guidance and training she craves. She's very affectionate and simply needs to learn basic boundaries. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 1/6***
Red Merle, ID #A488745
This male red merle Aussie mix is at San Jose Animal Care & Services.

San Jose Animal Care & Services
2750 Monterey Road
San Jose, CA 95111
Phone: (408) 578-PAWS

Reggie is a gorgeous 5-6 month old purebred Australian Shepherd with a red merle coat. He's housetrained, neutered, vaccinated and wormed. He has crystal blue eyes and a full cotton coat that curls at his 'wiggle butt'. He should be about 55 pounds when full grown. This sweet guys greets you with a big smile and a warm wet kiss. Reggie is a smart boy who is learning all basic obedience commands in hand signs because he's deaf. Some advantages of being deaf? He never barks at the door bell, isn't afraid of the vacuum cleaner and sleeps like a log. Don't let his lack of hearing fool you though, he's all aussie puppy! He's fostered in the Santa Cruz area. Call Sue at 831-335-8193.

Animal Friends Rescue Project
P.O. Box 51083
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Phone: (831) 333-0722

***ADOPTED 1/3***

Buddy NCAR #180

Buddy and his new family!
The look of love
Buddy giving a look of devotion
Buddy lives in Concord with Jeff and his family, including two small children. Buddy was gentle with his children and Jeff especially liked Buddy's calm, loving demeanor.

Buddy is a 7-9 year old Australian Cattle Dog (Red Queensland Heeler) with his cute, fluffy tail. He's about 45 pounds and a lean Sweetie! He is peaceful, gets along with other dogs and likes to go on walks, but doesn't have to go EVERY day! He was found in the streets, and the woman who found him would have kept him if he didn't chase her cats! This is an easy-going, undemanding boy who is happy hanging around inside or out. He smiles when his foster dad gives him ear rubs and even plays with his foster sisters!

Update from his foster parents: What a doll Buddy is! All he wants out of life is a little attention and to be allowed to curl up quietly at our feet. He is patient with Chili and he worships Tasha, snuffling in her ear and bringing her toys (Her Princessness, of course, is disdainful). When we go for walks at night he falls in right beside me and gives me no trouble. Buddy's a great companion for anyone looking for a calm, velcro dog!

This boy isjust a doll and deserving of a cat-free home of his own! Fostered in Woodland. Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 1/3/06***
Callie just turned 1 year old. VERY sweet. She lives in my house with the shelties, ACDs and cats. NO problems. Housebroken, crates, loves to play ball and frizbee, reliable off lead

For more information have them contact:
Ann McQuillen
Performance Rescue
or call 530.620.3000

***ADOPTED 1/2***

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