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July 2005 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Bandit STAAR #3973
Bandit STAAR #3973 is a 3-4 year old, neutered, beautiful, red merle, aussie. This boy is very sweet and loving. He's calm and low key but will play ball. He walks calmly on leash and know basic commands. He has one amber eye and one blue eye. He's heartworm negitive and current on shots. He's overweight now but should weigh 55-60 pounds normally. He gets along well with other dogs and cats. He's fostered in Los Gatos. To meet this guy please call Sue at 831-335-8193 or for more information call Marla at 408-395-3358

***ADOPTED 7/31/05***
EMMA #226
Emma is a 5-7 year old Aussie/Cattle dog mix who we pulled from the "bursting at the seams" Sacramento County Shelter.She weighs 48 pounds. She's been an outside dog who is learning quickly to love being inside and outside!

She dances in a sprinker or in water sprayed from the hose... she just LOVES it! The wetter she gets, the better! She's easy to handle, likes car rides, and gets along with all the dogs in her foster home. She's very responsive when you call her. We will try our best to see how she is with children and cats. But for now, she would do well getting daily exercise, losing about 8 pounds and being loved.

Update from foster mom: Emma is such a loving girl. She is always nearby without being needy. She learns quickly and of course has adapted easily to being inside as much as she wants. Easily trained, food motivated. She has good dog sense, easy on a leash, loves the car and "going" with me. She is a joy to watch in the water. She likes it moving, not really interested in the doggy pool.
Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/31/05***
Teddy, NCAR #222
Teddy is an adorable 6 month old black tri boy who was surrendered to the Sacramento SPCA by his family because they were moving. They had him since he was 7 weeks old and he lived outside 24/7. This is a good boy who is desperate for attention. He ignores cats, seems happy to play with all the dogs in his foster home, and is ready for training. He kissed me all the way home from the shelter. He took a bath without any struggle and seems quite compliant. He's a big boy already and will probably be a 60 pound adult. He's adapting well to his new surroundings and we'll post more as we learn more about him. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/31/05***

Pup 3 - Annie
KC's Pups NCAR
There are only 2 darling 9 week old aussie mix puppies left! KC (Casey) above is their father. Their mom is a 45 pounds terrier mix. You can read more about them on our features page.
Read about the puppies, available for adoption! To meet them, please submit an adoption application.
Fostered in Lodi.

Video of Dollie and the pups [390 KB]
More Video of Dollie and the pups [371 KB]
See the puppies [33 KB]
Contact: Kim at

Black Tri boy ID # A478617
Georgeous Black Tri male, age unknown.

San Jose Animal Care & Services
(408) 578-PAWS
Ask for ID # A478617

***ADOPTED 7/25***

Charley & Blue
Here's a happy Blue with Kyle. Blue will live with Tom, Karen, Kody and Kyle in Novato.

Blue is a loving mellow boy who enjoys being with his people the most. He's seven years old, weighs about 65 pounds (but could loose a few), neutered and up to date on all his shots. He loves children and gets along well with other dogs. We're not sure about cats but will let you know soon. He loves going for a walk, and is easy on the leash. We don't think he has spent a lot of time in the house because he has had a couple accidents, but is a quick and willing learner. No accidents in the last two days!! This is a sweet dog who deserves a loving home with a family that will lavish attention on him. Contact: Cyndi at

***ADOPTED 7/25/05***
This is a neutered red tri Aussie boy! He's 4-6 years old and should make a nice companion!

Washoe County Regional Animal Services
Phone: 775-353-8900
Ask for ID A037423

Aussie or Aussie/BC Mix
This nice male black tri, ID 294436 was adopted and returned for fence jumping. He passed the shelter's strict temperament testing and needs a home that understands he can't be left in a yard all day! He wants to be with his people!!! He's in the adoption kennels...please rescue him!

Sacramento County Animal Care
4290 Bradshaw Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95827
Phone: 916-875-5232
Open Tuesday thru Saturday, and Wednesdays till 7 PM.
Ask for ID 294436

Caleb is a 2 year old big furry boy from the Merced Shelter who we transferred to Clovis. He's so sweet and we had no foster space, so Teri graciously offered to foster him at the Clovis Shelter till he finds his forever home. His coat is very full, but will be gorgeous after some work! He had many foxtails and stickers and will be professionally groomed this week. He hopped right into the crate to travel. He's got a great temperament and let Teri pull, poke and prod as she yanked a comb through him! He kept giving her his big paw! He had little reaction to all the barking dogs as he walked to his kennel...he's vwery easy-going. He has nice white teeth, so we're guessing he's not older than 2 or 3. The office cat hissed at him and he was shocked and then tried to make friends with her. He probably weighs about 60 lbs. He has an Aussie head/body, a BC tail that's white tipped and curled at the end, and ticking on the lower legs and feet. Caleb is just a sweet, big boy! Fostered in Clovis, near Fresno. Contact Teri Rockhold, Adoption Coordinator, Clovis Animal Services at

***ADOPTED 7/25/05***
Milly, ID#A162821
Milly looks about 2 months old at the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter, 2848 Finch Road, Modesto, CA, Phone 209-558-7387. Ask for ID#A162821


There are 3 darling, healthy 9 week old aussie mix puppies. KC (Casey) above is their father. There mom is a 45 pounds terrier mix. You can read more about them on our features page.
Read about the puppies, available for adoption! To meet them, please submit an adoption application.
Fostered in Lodi.

Video of Dollie and the pups [390 KB]
More Video of Dollie and the pups [371 KB]
See the puppies [33 KB]
Contact: Kim at

Rusty STAAR #4071
Rusty now lives part time in Santa Cruz and part time in Portland Oregon. He's being trained
as a therapy dog.

Rusty is a handsome, small, 7 year old red tri, neutered. He's about 16 inches and should weigh 30 pounds, though he's overweight right now. This guy is very sweet, housebroken, walks calmly on leash, loves to play ball, go for car rides, gets along with other dogs and cats. This guy is the perfect companion. He's current on shots and is heartworm negative. He's fostered in Los Gatos, CA. To meet him, please contact Sue Trapp at 831-335-8193 or for more info contact Marla at 408-395-3358.

Black Tri, ID#476697
This boy is neutered and at San Jose Animal Care & Services. He looks like an Aussie, but could be a Border Collie...hard to tell from this photo! You can visit him by going to the shelter at 2750 Monterey Road, San Jose, CA. Phone: 408-578-PAWS or

Melody is a 5 year old spayed female Australian Shepherd with a beautiful black tricolor coat and a natural bob tail. This girl is loving and quiet but still has lots of energy for play, jogging, hiking, whatever you'd like to do, she's ready to go. She's 47 pounds, up to date on shots and heartworm negative. She's housetrained and doesn't chew. She can't live with cats. Melody is fostered in Salinas, CA. To meet this girl, please call Debra McCraw with Animal Friends Rescue Project, 831-422-1269.

***ADOPTED 7/20/05***
Bromley was running down the middle of Highway 174 near Grass Valley one rainy night. Kathy picked him up and took him home. No one answered ads in the paper and no one put up any fliers. She took him to her vet where he tested positive for heartworm, so she had him treated. WHAT A LUCKY FELLOW!

He's now heartworm free, fully vaccinated and ready to be neutered before going to a home of his own. The vet estimates his age to be 4 years old and we believe he is an Aussie-Cattle dog mix...although his demeanor and his eyes seem Aussie. Bromley is an absolute jewel. He gets along with Kathy's Sheltie, all people, and her 4 year old grandchild who pulls toys out of his mouth! He is a calm boy who perks up when you play fetch with him! He has learned his new name and came to me when I called him. He waits for a moment when you put his food bowl if he wants to get an OK before beginning to eat. Bromley will be available after July 5 and an adoption application is required. Fostered near Auburn. Contact Kim at


Baby Katie
Baby is a 15-18 month old blue merle girl whose owners couldn't manage so they surrendered her to the Yolo County shelter. They adopted her from the Sacramento City Shelter in January. She is very spry and has learned to jump a fence. She is a great candidate for an active person living in an apartment or home without a yard.

As with most Aussies, she loves to be by your side. Her previous owner told me that if she was left alone in the yard, she'd jump the fence to play with the neighbor's dog. She was great with 3 children, was glued to her mom's side, yet they surrendered her because they couldn't solve the fence jumping problem. She has not shown any signs of wanting to jump the fence in her foster home. She does, however, want her foster mom and her food all to herself and will growl at other dogs when they come close to her while she's getting petted. We are working on that, but think she might do best as an only dog. Fostered in Woodland. Contact: Kim at

Kallie is a 1 ½ year old, spayed, bi-laterally deaf “Cowboy Special”. Officially she is an aussie mix, but there is definitely some hound (Catahoula is my best guess) in the girl. Kallie has responded very well to training via hand signals, she knows “sit”, “stay” and “lay down” and “show tummy” and has a wonderful recall in the yard or home. Kallie will require a lead for hikes and such as she is prone to roam if left un-tethered. We are diligently working on this issue. This beautiful girl is crate trained and reliably housetrained and is UTD on vaccinations. Kallie walks well on leash with a Sprenger collar and minimal correction. Kallie is currently 60 lbs and is a strong dog with significant herding drive and should not be placed in a home with young children.

Kallie has had some problems with dog reactivity, but she does very well after slow, methodical introductions to other friendly dogs and she fits beautifully in our pack here with 3 other male border collies. Kallie has been trained to a soft muzzle so she can be taken for walks and such without being a risk to unknown dogs she may meet along the way. This will enable her adopters to integrate her into a home with a friendly, tolerant dog with equal energy with relative ease if they wish. Although I would not recommend Kallie as a “dog park dog” she is loyal and intelligent and independent. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and she is a real joy to have around. Kallie is respectful of cats that are dog savvy and has been a delightful addition to her foster home’s pack.

Because Kallie is deaf, a secure yard and a commitment to keeping her safe and well exercised is an absolute requirement. Training a deaf dog is not really any more difficult than training a hearing dog if you are consistent in your efforts. There are organizations and information available online and Kallie’s foster mom would be happy to continue to act as a resource if needed.

Kallie’s foster mom would be happy to discuss her training and progress with you, an approved adoption application will need to be on file prior to meeting Kallie. For more information, please contact Danielle at or phone (209) 834-2111 or Terri at email

Information on Deaf Aussies

Shelby is a beautiful 8-year-old Blue Merle. She's slight at 36 pounds and quite agile and very energetic. Her owners had children and find that they can't take her rollerblading and running the way they used to. She prefers a quieter home with lots of opportunities to get exercised and petted! Shelby seems like a perfect candidate for active owners who want an energetic, "go everywhere" Aussie. She is smart, knows several commands and should be enrolled in obedience class with her new owner to break her bad habit of not coming when called! She also might be a candidate for agility and maybe herding. She chases and nips at bicycles, scooters and trucks and should be taught to leave it or not be put in positions where she's off leash when wheels go by! We're looking to find sweet Shelby a home where she gets what she needs - she's a loving girl who adores belly rubs and grooming and being with her human! Located in Vacaville. Contact: Kim at

Fonzie is a funny little fella with a soft silky coat that has handsome white and red patches. He is a young adult; we are guessing approximately 1 year old and weighs 44 pounds. His thick coat will need some regular brushing but Fonzie loves to just sit and get the attention. He is a happy boy who is friendly and responsive to people. He is playful and smart, quickly learning sit and down. Fonzie does bark at strangers, but is learning to quiet when told its ok then will happily greet the new people. He is a nice guy who is ready for love and adventure in a new home. Contact Diane at or 925-462-6480. Tuffie's Animal Rescue

***ADOPTED 7/13/05***
The people who adopted Roady, had also adopted a neglected rescue two years ago and have since spent what was needed on medical bills, taken him to get pics with Santa and Easter Bunny and spoiled him more than rotten... and now they want to bring this baby into their home - lucky Roady couldn't ask for a better home.

This little guy needs a home.... He was thrown from a moving vehicle on Hwy. 44 and luckily only suffered a little road rash. Luckily someone saw it happen and scooped him off the highway before even more tragedy struck.

He's currently at Millville Vet and needs a foster home right away....and a real home too. Please let me know if you can help this sweet innocent puppy find the kindness he deserves.

He's approx. 12 weeks old, male, and a terrier mix.
Contact Sandy at Redding

***ADOPTED 7/13/05***

Pup 5
Pup 5, Kenna
Kenna now lives in Antelope with Deborah and her family where she'll get lots of love and training. WAHOO!

***ADOPTED 7/12/05***
Royce NCAR #218

Royce and his new family
Diana, Royce and Tom in their home in Fair Oaks. It was love at first sight! Royce will go everywhere with Tom and as one can see, gives him kisses!

Royce, formerly in the Dublin Animal Shelter was a stray who came in with raw pads...maybe he was on the run for a long time. He was owned and loved by someone! We are guessing he is 4-5 years old and although he's a big boy at almost 60 pounds, he's quite lean! He's easy to have around, is good off leash and on, did fine at the dogpark, is housebroken, neutered and will jump in the crate in my car or in the house. He's quite the talker...just trying to tell me something, like I'm hungry or bored or I want to go for a ride! He gets a little anxious if I leave him, but he calms right down. He doesn't like dogs getting near his food bowl or a treat that's within his range, and will bark or shove away dogs who get near it, but he doesn't hurt them. He plays with Dollie and can be a goof ball! This is a nice boy. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/11/05***

Jessie, the puppy that looked like KC was adopted by Vince and his family. Jessie will have a wonderful life playing with three children and getting training so she grows up to be a wonderful girl!

***ADOPTED 7/9/05***
Beauty is appropriately named! This sleek young girl is available at the

Stansislaus County Shelter
2846 Finch Road, Modesto, CA.
Phone: 208-558-7387.
Ask for Animal ID A153605.

Brady ID #A158231
Brady ID #A158231 is a young neutered male Aussie mix who has been at the Modesto Shelter for 3 weeks. What engaging eyes and darling face!
Available NOW at the Stanislaus County Shelter
2846 Finch Road, Modesto, CA
Phone: (209) 558-7387

Isabella, ID A075638
Isabella is a 7 year old spayed, blue merle Aussie mix. She's a big girl at 70lbs who is gentle and easy going. She needs to be on meds for incontinence. She likes going for walks and spending time with her humans. She has been shaved, but will probably have a fluffy coat in a few months! With her easy going and affectionate nature she would be a lovely addition to almost any family. Isabella has not lived with children in the past but would probably do fine with older children. She could live with another dog that is on her energy level. With proper introduction she should be ok with cats.
Humane Society of Sonoma County
5345 Sebastopol Road, Hwy 12 West, Santa Rosa, CA
Phone 707-542-0882

Queenie lives with Mike and Sue and will go on hikes and playdates!

Queenie is an adorable 5 year old black bi Aussie girl. She's spayed, up to date on her vaccines and healthy. She is crate trained, has lived with a 7 and 10 year old child, a cat and another dog. She likes her stuffed toys and would do well with more stimulation that she's currently getting. She likes chasing and being chased by another dog and would do well in a home that understands Aussies. Queenie is located in West Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/10/05***

Blue is an 18 month old beautiful blue merle. He was found in the country near Bakersfield. Lucky for him, a wonderful woman found him and brought him home.

The owner surfaced, but decided he didn't want to keep him. He purchased Blue (whose name was Buddy) along with another dog and didn't have any time for him. In fact, the other puppy got out and killed by a car, so Blue was tied up outside when he chewed threw the rope and ran away. He weighs about 70 pounds, knows some basic commands and is a calm, easy-going boy. He doesn't like the little dogs in his home, so he needs to be an only dog. He seems to do fine around children, but does not fetch. He loves to run around on 1/2 acre and hang in thebed of a pick up truck, but he isn't fond of riding in the car, so that will take desensitization and time! This boy needs to stay in a ranch setting - but we DO NOT condone transporting him in an open pick up!! Located in Bakersfield. Contact: Kim at

Lucky Stevie is being adopted by his foster mom.
Stevie is a 14 week old "Double Merle" or lethal white Aussie. He's deaf and blind. He was surrendered to the Watsonville Animal Shelter by his breeder. He's being fostered by Jennifer in Salinas. Adoption application required. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/10/05***
Charletee is the only puppy left of this litter. SoCal Aussie Rescue has 5 black tri puppies, 3 male and 2 female. They are 10 weeks old and ready for adoption. Contact Katie at 661-943-1763 or Fostered near Lancaster, CA

Spike NCAR #204
Spike is a really nice, mellow, and elegant 8 year old black tri. He loves children, will bring in the morning paper and can jump 5 feet for a ball! His family had dogs all their lives, but he was their first Aussie. They acquired him from a neighbor as a puppy and said he's the smartest dog they have ever had. He was surrendered to the Merced Animal Shelter because they felt they were too old to give him the attention he deserves. He was loved and groomed, but not allowed to sleep in the house. Spike is easy going and as all foster Aussies, is very happy to hang out in the house and be near people. He was an only dog and so far hasn't shown a great deal of interest in doggy-play. He is afraid of thunder and power equipment like mowers and weed-eaters. He ignores cats! Fostered in Marysville. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/8/05***
Maggie is a beautiful 11 years young spayed blue merle whose owner turned her into the Martinez Shelter because "she had no more room in her back yard." She was surrendered on March 26 and was scheduled to be put to sleep on April 2 due to overcrowding at the shelter. Thankfully, a wonderful foster home came forward!

Maggie has adjusted to her foster home and actually plays with her foster dog siblings! She completely leaves cats and kittens alone. She's a nice girl who likes to ride in the car, is housebroken and very easy-going besides being beautiful! She has no health problems. Fostered in Fresno. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/8/05***
Sadie is a 2 year old Aussie mix who was found by the side of the road in Marysville. This girl weighs about 45 pounds, is spayed, and is up-to-date on all her shots and heartworm preventation medication. Sadie was brought in to the family to be a companion for their purebred Aussie, Jake. She is a very sensitive girl, very loving and affectionate. She likes to wrestle with her 'brother', Jake and retrieve balls. Like Jake, she also becomes quite stressed when left alone for long periods of time. Sadie is shy when meeting people for the first time, and needs training and socialization to develop her confidence. She is fine with other dogs and great with cats. Her ideal family would be with someone who is home most of the time and who has the time to give this girl the attention and exercise she needs. She is located in Elk Grove. Contact Nancy at

Female Blacki Tri Aussie
Female Blacki Tri Aussie
San Jose Animal Services
2750 Monterey Road, San Jose
Phone: 408-578-PAWS
Ask for ID A474425

Cooper, NCAR #219
Cooper is a darling, 12-16 month old black tri. He was a stray into the Merced ANimal Shelter and has wiggled his way into his foster parents' hearts! When Cooper first arrived he was afraid of many things, like getting in the crate, and going up stairs, and getting in the car. While he still hesitates and sometimes tries to avoid these things, it is getting easier by the day.

Cooper is house-trained and uses the doggie door with confidence! Cooper walks nicely on a leash. While out on walks, he's encountered cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Cooper has not shown fear of any of these things (a sudden loud noise can make him jump, but he gets over it). He also has not shown any tendency to chase bikes. He is gentle and friendly with children, and a 12 year old was able to handle Cooper on the leash. Cooper is very responsive and sensitive. When you pet and scratch him he moans with pleasure and hugs with his front paws - very endearing! He's playing well with Rosie, his foster Aussie sister. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

This is Decker. Black tri neutered male about 12 years old. He was originally at the Agoura Shelter with his sister, she was diagnosed with cancer and died in the run with him before they got a chance to euthanize her. He is a really HARD sell for any shelter or rescue because of his age. He is very quiet and almost depressed. Good with everyone. He is housebroken. Does anyone wish to adopt a sweet senior Aussie boy? Contact Jean A. Miller, Kennel Supervisor, Camarillo Shelter, Phone: 805.388.4341 ext.4357


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