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July 2004 - Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
RIO is a handsome and well-behaved 3 year old black bi. His owners will set sail on the high seas in a few months, and after much deliberation and heartache, they decided it's safer for Rio to stay on land. Rio is sweet and has very good manners. He has lived with a cat and other dogs. He likes his stuffed animals and tennis balls, walks well off leash with constant "check ins" with his people. Rio loves the water, running on the beach and loves to play with water coming from the hose! He knows sit, lie down, wait, come, and roll over. He's moderately protecive of his car and home, but has never shown aggression towards humans or other animals. This is a sweet-tempered boy who is fine with children and deserves a great new home. If you are interested in meeting Rio, please submit an adoption application. Rio is in Santa Cruz and Rio's owners are looking to place him in a good home in the Santa Cruz area near the beach.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/31/04***
This girl went into rescue with a bay area rescue. We are not sure which rescue has her, just that she's safe.

I am a female, tri color aust shepherd mix. The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old.

Clementine and is with Smiley Dog Rescue. Contact is Lynne at

Darby NCAR #144
Darby is a 1-year old neutered red merle, adorable, sweet little boy. If you want a cuddler, a love bug to stay by you while you do your exercises, it's Darby. If you've wanted the best of both worlds: a young adult whom you could mold, it's Darby. He's housebroken, will stay in a crate or by your side while you sleep (preferably snuggled next to you). He needs his basic obedience, and he's willing to learn. A little insecure, wasn't socialized as a puppy, but he's raring to go now!! Plays with other dogs, males and females, very submissive (so if you've been wanting a male to go along with your dominant dog, it's Darby. He loves to play with other dogs. Yes, he still likes to chew, but give him a dog chew and he's happy and content. And Darby loves kids (little kids and big kids). He will sit quietly while a small child approaches him. A big plus!! He lives just fine with cats, and has wiggled right into his foster mom's heart. Fostered in San Leandro.

Contact: Greta at

***ADOPTED 7/27/04***
HAM Milo ID # 6135
Ham was adopted by Carol and her family in Concord. Pictures coming soon! They are having a love fest.

Ham is a handsome hunk in his big pantaloons! He's an 18-month old Black Tri with a docked tail - exuberant and happy, but not overly active (though - not a mellow lay-about either!) He is a fine companion to other dogs, seems to be semi tolerant of cats if not friendly, well mannered though lacking in formal training . . . he would like to snuggle on the couch if he can get away with it. He is very affectionate . . . and a bit of a "Ham!" Ham does have serious herding instincts when it comes to joggers, bicyclists, skateboarders etc. So, he will be best suited to a more rural living situation in the country. He is great in the house - and loves carrying around toys and tossing them in the air and catching them . . . he is a lot of dog and a lot of fun! He is young and with some training will make an excellent companion for an active person or couple who are familiar with Aussies. Contact Lynne at with the Milo Foundation (

***ADOPTED 7/25/04***
XRAY's foster mom fell in love with him and adopted him.

X RAY is a beautiful and loving black tri with slightly impaired vision. He was taken to the vet who thinks it is NOT glaucoma, but "blue eye". Blue eye apparently happens as a negative reaction, at some point, to the distemper vaccination. He's been on dexamethasone to reduce inflammation around his eye and seems to be working VERY well. His sight cannot be restored totally, but he sees fairly well. He was bathed and groomed and is easy to handle...he's a LOVE and a gorgeous Aussie speciman. X-Ray is fine with cats & dogs. He has an incredibly sweet temperament and is about 8 years old. He's very mobile, but moves slowly because of his limited vision. His tail wags off his butt when he recognizes you! X Ray is located near Fresno. Contact: Teri Rockhold,

***ADOPTED 7/24/04***
Ozzie's name is now Cochise!
Cochise was adopted by an active family in Lake Tahoe. He gets to swim and will soon be going to agility classes!

Ozzie is out of the shelter and into a great foster home! He's in the ARPH (Aussie Rescue & Placement Hotline) program in Minden, Nevada...not far from Lake Tahoe. Good thing, cause Ozzie liked playing in the kiddie pool during his two hour "fun stop" in Sacramento! He's a nice boy, gave us kisses and came running to us when we called him enthusiastically. He crated easily for the long car ride and will certainly land a great home. Contact Kathy Givens at

***ADOPTED 7/24/04***
Logan ID NCAR #107

Logan & Mom

Logan & Sally
Logan lives with Sally, his new sister in Napa where he has a beautiful shaded back yard, lots of toys and even gets to go to doggie day care two days a week. His new mom understands Aussies very well and will give Logan the guidance and training he needs. What a lucky and deserving boy!

Logan is a 4-5 year old red tri that was a stray at the Sacramento County Shelter. This boy is submissive and is not comfortable meeting new people...but improving slowly. Logan was debarked by his previous owner, and his coat was completely sun bleached, so we know he was left in a yard with little interaction with humans. He reacts to harsh tones by cowering as if he had been abused. He will sniff a new person then come back to me or my dogs for reassurance. He plays beautifully with any nice dog, male or female, but loves the young females like Lilly and Ruby!
See Lilly and Logan Playing [395 KB]

He will fetch a tennis ball and give it up easily to anyone or any dog! He is housebroken and uses a doggie door. He is smart and anxious to be a good boy. He comes when called (unless he's found a new dog to play with!) and knows sit and is learning stay. He has a broken tooth that doesn't need immediate attention, but the vet said it would need to be addressed in the future by either extraction or a root canal.

He loves to go on car trips and does well off leash in open spaces and is doing well in a non-crowded dog park. He has a wiggle butt that never stops...even at the vet's office, and even when he's sitting down! He is very happy sleeping next to my bed, on my bed, or outside. If you're looking for a devoted companion for yourself and your other dog, this is your Aussie. Logan's perfect forever home would be where he will continue to receive gentle training and learn that people are OK. He would benefit from a "positive approach" obedience class, and would love to live with another playful herding dog who'll be his buddy. This is a very, very sweet boy. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/24/04***
Blue Merle boy - Sacramento Shelter
This beautiful Blue Merle boy is at the Sacramento County Shelter. He is not available until 7/23. Perhaps his owner will find him!

He is in a pen with another dog, but we can not temperament test him until he's available for adoption. The Sacramento County Animal Shelter is located on Bradshaw Road and Kiefer Boulevard. Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10-5, Wednesday evenings till 7 PM.

***ADOPTED 7/23/04***
Shasta is a beautiful female blue merle Aussie. She's about a year old. We know she's eager to please and seems like a nice Aussie! Call 707.431.3386, Healdsburg Animal Shelter, 570 Westside ROad, Healdsburg. Adoption hours: Tue-Sat 11 a.m.-4 pm Sun 12:00-4:00 pm You can view her posting at:

***Adopted from the shelter 7/20/04***
Remi is living on 60 oceanfront acres in Santa Cruz, having the time of his life!

Remi is a super, sweet, loving, intelligent 1 1/2 year old boy that's just happy to be alive. He was rescued by STAAR (Second Time Around Aussie Rescue) several months ago and received treatment for a broken leg. As you can see from the pictures, he's constantly smiling and is eager to please anyway he can. He runs, turns on a dime and plays just like all the other dogs, you'd never know he had the injury. He's a perfect gentleman, completely housebroken, doesn't chew, scratch, dig or do anything destructive.

His favorite thing besides car rides and playing in the surf on the beach is to get his tummy rubbed. He plays well with other dogs and enjoys meeting new people. He's lived with cats and as long as the cat is dog savvy, he does fine. He is a dominate male and would do best living with a female or mellow male dog. He's just a great guy, warm, gentle, calm, I just can't say enough about him. Remi is located in Carmel Valley. Contact: Sue Trapp with STAAR at or 831-659-4853.

***ADOPTED 7/19/04***
Sissy #446
Sissy's heartworm treatment
Sissy, a sweet Aussie mix who tested positive for heartworm got adopted! The great folks at the Calaveras Humane Society dug deep to pay for her heartworm treatment, and are doing a little fundraising drive. If you would like to contribute towards their efforts to save Sissy, please send your check to: The Calaveras Humane Society, P.O. Box 2065, San Andreas, CA. 95249.
Sissy is a cute Aussie mix in the Calaveras County Animal Shelter. She is one of those dogs that you would do ANYTHING to save. She just has that way about her and those gentle, gentle eyes. She is probably 2-3 years old and is on the small side at under 40 pounds. Sissy is a submissive "love bug". She is slightly shy, but oh so sweet. She allowed handling of her mouth and feet and then she rolled over for belly rubs. She is great on the leash and had an excellent "sit" and "down".

When you call or come in, PLEASE ask for this dog by it's adoption number, which is #446. They cannot "hold" an animal for you, but if you are coming a long distance, they will hold for your drive time. Her time is limited so come by or call today.... She is located at Animal Control in San Andreas off Mountain Ranch Road, Calaveras County (East of Stockton, in the foothills); phone is (209) 754-6509. Business hours are: 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday; Wednesdays open till 7 p.m. Saturdays 9 AM to 12 noon. Or contact Amy at

***ADOPTED 7/18/04***
BINGA - ID#A074093
I am a spayed female. The shelter thinks I'm a aussie blue merle and white aust kelpie mix. I am about 4 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Jul 08, 2004.
Humane Society of Sonoma County at 707-542-0882
Ask for information about animal ID number A074093

***ADOPTED 7/18/04***
Scooter STAAR #3958
Scooter now lives in San Jose with Joyce, her 3 year old deaf aussie and two cats.

Scooter is about 2 years old, neutered and current on shots. Poor guy had to be shaved at the vets office do to the amount of ticks that were on him. He's recovered from his ordeal and is ready for his forever home. He is very sweet, calm, gentle, loving boy who likes other dogs and cats. He really loves kids and would be fine with children 8 or over. His coat was full, long and beautiful. He's a blue merle with one brown and one brown/blue (marble) eye. Scooter is fostered in Los Gatos, CA. to meet him please contact Sue Trapp at 831-659-4853 or

***ADOPTED 7/18/04***
Lacy's foster mom is keeping her. Kathy said, "Lacy is doing so well at my house, I can't see rehoming her."

Lacy is a beautiful, spayed blue merle Aussie mix. She's rather slight and just 1 year and 9 months old. She was a stray pound puppy who wants to love and be loved. She needs someone who will move slowly to help her trust and get used to people. She is very sweet and will do fine with a patient person who will give her a chance. Lacy doesn't like cats and would do best in a quiet home without small children. Fostered in Marysville. Contact: Kathy at 530-674-8361.

***ADOPTED 7/17/04***
Young Male Border Collie

Jondo is going to live a wonderful life at Lake Tahoe with Mike and his daughter, Heather. His new owner was searching all over the country to rescue a young border collie and is thrilled that he found this adorable one so close to home! Lucky Jondo!

This is a young male Border Collie currently at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter on Bradshaw. His pen number is 361188 and he needs to get out of the shelter! He's passed temperament testing and is on the smaller side for a male Border Collie. T he county shelter is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 - 5.

***ADOPTED 7/17/04***
Adopted out of the SPCA with Kim's help.

Austra is a young, female Aussie mix. She is a transfer from another shelter that was too full to keep her - thank you Sacramento SPCA! She's under two years of age and a complete sweetheart. She's posted on the Sac SPCA website:
Her Animal ID is #77850.

Here's what the shelter evaluators say about her:
Austra has the most beautiful eyes and such a lovable personality that we just know you'll want to adopt this homeless pooch and love her forever. She is an affectionate, playful dog that likes other dogs [but should go to a home without cats], has shown us at the shelter that she is housetrained, loves to take walks and is a real people dog. She is looking for a home that she can spend a lot of time with her family since - - all dogs love being around their guardians, and Austra is no different - she would love to snuggle with you or take a walk, or play fetch. You name it, as long as she can hang out with you. Why don't you see if she could become part of your family and come in meet her.

Shelter hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Closed Mondays and some holidays.
Location: 6201 Florin-Perkins Road, Sacramento, CA.

***ADOPTED 7/16/04***
Annie was adopted from the Shelter!

Annie is a sweet 8 month old female Aussie whose owner turned her in. Sounds like her owner didn't know that he had a real jewel and gave up on her. She's sweet, playful and has very little training.

Her impound number is A218136.
She's at the Santa Maria Animal Shelter,
3415 Orcutt Road,
Santa Maria, CA 93455.
(805) 934-6119

***Adopted from the Shelter 7/16/04***
Lucky has wormed her way into her foster mom's heart and now they are both lucky! She will be staying with her foster mom, now forever mom!

Here's a great Aussie mix who would love to live with children! Lucky is possibly a 6-7 year old Aussie mix adopted last year from the Napa County Animals Shelter. She was turned in with her SECOND litter of pups. They all found homes, but nobody wanted the mama, she was so skinny and bedraggled looking. Lucky loves children! When she meets new children, she goes up to every single one, wagging, to greet them, and is very careful with the younger ones. She does like to chase cars or motorcycles, but knows it's BAD! She also likes to chase running horses, deer and livestock. Her mom is sad to have to re-home her, but she has horses and llamas and goes on long pack rides in the wilderness. She also lives next to a wilderness preserve, so Lucky is always tempted! Lucky's only flaw is she can't help wanting to chase deer and elk, which she encounters often in her current home. We're looking for a new home where she goes on walks and car rides, has people and children to love, and gets to sleep in her bed next to her owner. She is a very sturdy dog, weighs only 40 pounds and has had zero vet problems. Lucky is a great family dog located in Napa. Contact: Kim at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 7/16/04***
Turbo was adopted by Mary in Grass Valley. They will be running everyday. His new owner has experience with deaf dogs and is already teaching him hand signals. This is a wonderful home for this very sweet and special boy.

Turbo is a nine month old male Australian Shepherd. The result of irresponsible merle to merle breeding, he is deaf and has sight in only one eye. He has no idea that he is differently abled...he is a happy, playful boy, who loves life and loves frisbees.
See Turbo fetch the frisbee [25 KB]
He is funny and affectionate, smart and eager to please...he picks up on hand signals in a flash. As energetic as he is, he's very sweet and calms down easily when held. He is NOT DOING WELL IN THE SHELTER. If you would like to meet this beautiful and sweet boy, please call Cheryl at 530-272-8833 or Ruth at Turbo is located in the Nevada County Animal Shelter in Grass Valley.

***ADOPTED 7/14/04***
Sandy and Blue
Sandy and Blue got a home together with a couple that live in the Oakland Hills. We are so happy for Sandy and Blue. They were rescued from the Shelter just in time and given the chance to find the right family.

These two sisters were dropped off at the Lodi shelter by an owner who couldn't find a home for them. They were afraid in the shelter, but very sweet dogs. They were rescued from the shelter and taken to the SF SPCA where they were able to find the right home.

***ADOPTED 7/12/04***

Wily on a trail ride
Rylee has been re-named Wily Coyote. Her new owner says,"Wily is working out great and has a forever home with us. She plays with the poodles, respects the cats and horses, is a perfect trail partner with the horses and comes right away whenever she is called. She and I are signed up for a Basic Skills class in August. Almost everyday we go for a hike and a swim by the river. She is teaching the poodles more about swimming, fetching, and coming when called.

Rylee is an 11 month old, spayed Aussie/German Shepherd mix. A young boy brought her over to a neighbor's house and said that his father was going to take her to the SPCA. He asked his neighbor to please find a home for her. Lucky for Rylee, the neighbor is a volunteer for Great Dane rescue and is set up to foster dogs! Rylee was adopted a month ago, but the family brought her back because they found they didn't have enough time for her. Rylee is a friendly, nice dog and a quick learner. She likes being in her kennel run (which is huge because it's meant to house 3 Great Danes!) and plays well with the children in the house as well as the other Danes. She seems to be a dominant girl, so she would do best with a male dog or very mellow female dog. She's OK with running, boisterous kids and will take training easily. She loves swimming in the lake and going on trail rides and does great around horses. Rylee is located in Granite Bay. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/12/04***
Blue Merle Boy in Red Bluff
Adopted from the Haven Humane Shelter over the weekend!

This blue merle Aussie boy is at the Haven Humane Society in Red Bluff. He came in as a stray over the July 4th weekend and will be available to the public July 10. He is a cute little wiggle butt and they estimate his age at one year. We want him to go to a great home!

Please visit or ADOPT him at the Haven Humane Society, 7449 Eastside Rd off Hwy 273 just north of Anderson. Hours are Mon-Sat 8:30-5:00, but viewing hours are 11:00-5:00. They are open until 7pm on Wednesdays. Phone: 530-241-1653.

***ADOPTED 7/11/04***
Mini Mix in Oakland SPCA
We're not counting this little guy in our stats, but wanted you all to know he was adopted.

Look at this adorable little boy! The Oakland SPCA has him posted as a Mini Aussie mix.....he could be, but who knows? He's been there since June 12, so if you're looking for a small, smart and mellow dog...this could be your lucky day! He's only 25 pounds and neutered! For details, go to the SPCA site:


Dobby & Jazz
Dobby now lives in San Mateo with his new family including Sierra, their two year old daughter, and his Aussie sibling, Jazz! Dobby and Jazz play constantly. Dobby loves Sierra to crawl all over him!

Dobby is an adorable 13 month old neutered Aussie Mix who is full of love and playfulness. He loves children and is a happy boy. His owner needs to rehome him because she started a new job that keeps her away long hours and she feels it isn't fair to Dobby. Dobby is about 50 pounds, knows basic commands, knows how to fetch and is an active, friendly boy. He would do well with an active family who wants a young, child-friendly dog and are willing to take the time to give him training. He's been mostly outside and entertains himself very well by chasing lizards and playing with his squeeky toys. He loves to play with other dogs and loves people and kids. Located in Redding. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/11/04***
Lucky Dash got the perfect home. He was being fostered by Gwen and the two just seemed to know they belonged together, so he's staying! He gets to be an only dog with a dog savvy mom.

Update: Thank you to Linda and Ken, Gwen, Christine, Cathi, Meri, Jennifer, Coral and Nancy!
We raised enough money for Dash's foxtail surgery and his antibiotics! THANK YOU!

Dash is a sweet, handsome and big black tri Aussie. He came into the Fresno shelter as a stray, wearing a rabies tag from 1998. We rescued him the day before he was going to be put to sleep. Our vet estimates he's about 6 to 8 years old. Going on walks, being petted and going on car rides are Dash's favorite things to do. He's a little unsteady on uneven surfaces, we think his muscle tone needs improving, and we think he didn't get much activity in his previous life. He'll go up to anyone on walks and say hello...he's a nice boy.

He came down with pneumonia and was in sorry shape for two months - he was even hospitalized for a few days. He was a wonderful patient, and all the vets adored him. He's a bit protective of his home and barks impressively when people come to the door. He will also barrier bark if there's a dog on the other side of "his" fence. He isn't too welcoming when other male dogs enter the house either! We believe he spent his previous life in a back yard with nothing to do. He had never seen stairs, climbed into a car, or seen a lake before coming to rescue. Dash would be happiest living with a female dog or as an only dog. In the park or on walks, he solicits pets from adults and from children and is about the nicest boy you'll ever meet! He greets all people, kids and dogs very nicely. Both on and off leash, he's a dream. His behavior at home can be managed, so we'd like to find him a home where people enjoy his loving quality and will manage his territorial tendencies. This is a nice Aussie who will make a wonderful companion and a good guardian. Contact Kim Kuenlen at

***ADOPTED 7/10/04***
Ruby NCAR #140

Ruby, Mary & Steve
Ruby seemed to call to Mary and Steve in Oakland. They had recently lost their Aussie of 14 years and weren't sure if they were ready, but once they met Ruby, they knew she would make their lives whole again. They are both teachers and have the summer off to go hiking and camping with Ruby as well as enroll in obedience classes where Ruby is sure to excel.

Ruby is a 1 yr. old red tri female who was turned into the Fresno SPCA by her owner. Ruby has a sweet temperament and is a tad unsure - but she's making progress. She's fine with other dogs, we'll find out about cats soon. She is a nice girl who would probably be fine around older children, but because she's a bit untrusting and fearful, I think children over 12 would be best. She enjoyed the dog park and walks OK on a leash. She seems housebroken, but is sleeping on her bed in an X-Pen at night just to be sure!
See Ruby play crate games with Lilly [89 KB]
Fostered in Sacramento.
Contact Kim Kuenlen at

***ADOPTED 7/10/04***
Lilly NCAR #124

Lilly & her new family!
Lilly lives with her new family in Maraga where she'll get lots of walks, get to go to parks and get lots of love and attention from her stay-at-home Mom and two children. Lilly is especially sweet with the 10-month old baby. She'll begin her obedience classes soon.

Lilly and another dog were rescued from a very slippery sewage pond in Marysville. Some onlookers noticed them struggling to climb out and called Animal Control. No one came to the shelter to claim Lilly, but her buddy's owner came for him. The shelter manager taught her to sit and shake and said she seemed to be "thinking all the time". I emailed her photo and video to both Border Collie and Aussie experts, and their opinions regarding her breed are split 50/50 between purebred Border Collie and purebred Aussie, with one person stating he thought she might be an Aussie/BC mix! Her tail is very high and quite curled, but that doesn't mean she's not a's simply a "non-standard tail." Her movement seems more Aussie than Border Collie. She LOVES to find squirrels in trees and dig for burrowing animals, but when she isn't doing that, she's playing with Logan or Whitney.
See Lilly and Logan Playing [395 KB]

I know that Lilly has been making her own decisions for a long time. She's independent, won't come to me when called, and needs to learn to trust new people. She barks at anyone approaching, whether we're at the dog park, in the house, on the front lawn or in the car. If the stranger comes to her, she'll eventually stop barking and allow petting - she's not aggressive at all...just shy. She does approach strangers to say hello - but it takes her awhile. She also barks and feels uncomfortable around dogs barking and playing hard...she wants to stop it. She cannot be trusted off leash as she has to investigate everything and most importantly, does not come when called. Eventually, once she's exhausted and can't find anything better to do, she'll come to me! She is not a needy Aussie. She loves to play with other dogs - her favorite is wrestling. I think she prefers dog play to human play. The vet guesses she's under a year old. She weighs 38 pounds and she should gain weight and get a fuller coat once she's spayed and matures.

I would like her to find a forever home where this smart pup goes immediately into an obedience classes, go on outings and get a broad range of experiences with a knowledgeable owner who will teach her to trust and to obey. She's learning to fetch tennis balls. She sleeps in her crate or in a bed next to mine, is housebroken and doesn't show any destructive habits. I think she's OK with children. Fostered in Sacramento.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 7/10/04***
Abbie is staying with her owners. They have worked out the living situation so she can be with them.
Abbie is an adorable Border Collie/Queensland Heeler mix puppy. She is 7 months old, and a bit shy at first, and easily intimidated, but is so lovable. She needs a home where she can build up her confidence, and where the other dogs are easy-going! She could also be in a home without any dogs to compete with, too! She is totally playful and loving. Abbie is in Brentwood, on the border of Oakley & Antioch. This puppy needs to be rehomed quickly because of a move. Please email or phone Sue Beets at: or 925-513-7371.

***Back at Home***
Double Merle Girl in Visalia Shelter
This gal has been moved to AussieLads Rescue.
This is a spayed female who came into the shelter as a stray. She's about 18 months old and may be blind and deaf - but are not sure yet. She's great with other dogs and has had DHLPP and Bordetella on 6-22-04.

***Placed with AussieLads Rescue***
Cute Shelter Puppy
This is the cutest puppy in the shelter! He's a 5 -7 month old male aussie mix at the Sacramento City Shelter on Front Street. He has lots of energy and gives lots of kisses. He's identified incorrectly as a Queensland. He has a great temperament and we'd love for him to go to an "Aussie home". He's under a year, has a docked tail and weighs about 25 pounds. Go get him! Dog ID Number: 184660
Sex: Male, Age: Older Pup. Put to Sleep Date: 07/13/04

***ADOPTED 7/7/04***
One of our volunteers found Athena and we decided not to hold it against her that she wasn't born an aussie.
Athena is a very outgoing, playful 6 year old spayed Rott. She enjoys, playing ball with the boys or checking on the baby. She loves traveling or just relaxing next to you on the floor ( she will even climb in your lap and watch a movie if you'd like). She will talk to you for a cookie. Has attended Miss Manners Obedience class and is crate trained. She loves the water as well as the sun, yet can be in the house for long periods of time without problems. Athena's dream home would be a family with kids where she can be the only dog. Athena is in Modesto. Contact: Anne at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 7/4/04***
Jackson NCAR #139
Jackson's name is now Mickey and he's the 100th dog adopted with the help of NCAR! Congratulations Mickey and family!

Jackson is a 3 year old mini blue merle Aussie with his tail. He's neutered and fine with other dogs. His right eye has some vision impairment and he'll go to the vet to get a diagnosis. This is a nice boy who may be a product of a merle to merle breeding. Contact Kim Kuenlen at

***ADOPTED 7/3/04***

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