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June 2004 - Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Blue Eyes in Visalia Shelter
Red was adopted from the shelter but developed distemper. His new mom lost him to distemper not long after. Her open heart and compassion were a blessing to him. We are asking for donations to help her with the vet bills. Contact Kim if you would like to help.

This Red Merle Aussie boy is in the Tulare County Animal Shelter in Visalia. He's neutered and very, very sweet - he tried to get into the volunteer's lap! He appears to be about 2 years old and is available NOW!

Tulare County Animal Control,
14131 Ave 256, Visalia, CA 93292,
Phone: 559-636-3647.
The volunteer is Michelle Shanley at

***ADOPTED 6/30/04***
Aussie Boy in Visalia Shelter, Red Tri
Size: Medium
Age: Young
Sex: Male
I.D: 127365

Notes: stunning red aussie- he was surrendered because he jumps the fence- maybe he needs more attention and a JOB to do!! he is @ 18 mos old. Being fostered by a shelter volunteer, Please contact for Information: Jim @ (559) 798-2377

Valley Oak SPCA
Valley Oak SPCA Animal Shelter & Adoption Center
29016 Highway 99
Visalia, CA
Phone: 559 651 1111

***ADOPTED 6/30/04***
Sammy, NCAR #141
Sammy has been reunited with her owners. She is apparently very good at getting out of her yard.

Samantha is a young adult female Black Tri who has been running around the housing developments in Brentwood for more than a month. A dog-savvy person was able to get her into her car and brought her to one of our foster homes in Brentwood. The vet that issued her Rabies vaccination has been called, but so far, no one has stepped forward. Sammy only had her rabies tag on and no microchip. She's about 40 pounds, has a calm temperament and is rather reserved. Once she got to know her foster mom, she followed her around in true Aussie fashion, but she is initially more interested in other dogs than in humans. We will post more about her once we get to know her better.
See a video of Sammy [117 KB]
Fostered in Brentwood. Contact: Kim at

***Reunited with Owners***
Kona has finally been adopted to a GREAT home where she is running 3 miles a day, and soaking up all the attention as an only dog, and isn't bothered by any cats!

Kona is a 15 month old spayed female shepherd mix. She is a beautiful red color, weighs about 40 pounds and has great potential for agility or flyball. She is very smart and just look at all the commands her foster mom taught her! She knows: sit, down, up, off, stand, touch, speak, spin, twirl, say hi, say howdy, roll over, wait, stay, come, heel, side, over, watch me, sit up, in your room, on your bed, out. WHEW! Shes good with other dogs, but best with mellow males. (me too!) Shes being fostered in a home with 2 other dogs, but seems more interested in humans, so we think shes be great as an only dog. Kona will thrive in a home where she gets lots of running exercise, stimulation and training. She should not be in a home with young children as she is very active and exhibits prey drive that children would not appreciate! Located in Fremont. Contact: Tina at or 510-795-1906 or 408-577-2688 (wk).

***ADOPTED 6/21/04***
Tank found a home with a man on a farm with another BC.

Tank came into rescue when he was 6 weeks old...he came from a rancher who could not find him a home. He just turned 1 year old on April 30. He was placed twice, the first time he got returned because he had too much energy and the second time it was because he knocked their toddler down. DUH! An Aussie-lab mix puppy and toddlers are an unfair match! We're looking for a home where the children are sturdy: 8 to 10 years or older. Tank is a very sweet dog, is sensitive to harsh tones, loves to play and play, and would do great at agility. He's got lots of energy, will play fetch till your arm drops off, and will chase cats if they run. He loves everyone and is young enough to train easily, yet old enough to be out of the puppy stage. Fostered with Mixed Pup Rescue in Atwater. Contact:

***ADOPTED 6/20/04***
Missy from Merced NCAR #138

Cassie and her Dad
This sweet girl is a dream! She's living with Linda and Ken in Santa Cruz. Linda is a vet who has seen many Aussies and fell for the breed. She submitted an application and three days later spotted this Blue Merle girl on our website and called immediately. Cassie will go to obedience class, the beach and on camping trips - she's a lucky girl who has found a permanent spot in Linda and Ken's hearts.

This blue merle girl is in the Merced Animal Shelter. She's got her long, fluffy tail and is gorgeous! She's depressed and quiet in her kennel, but when a volunteer took her out in the play yard, she leaned into her and solicited petting. This could be your next Aussie!

Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/20/04***
Bodie NCAR
Bodie was adopted by a family in Rohnert Park and his Mom is a vet. He has a new huge yard. And it comes equiped with a new dog brother that he loves to play with. Not only does he have a new dog brother, Bodie has 9 cat brother and sisters!

Bodie is a 9 month old Aussie mix. He entertains himself with toys and chewies, plays fetch, is good on the leash, and knows basic commands.
Watch Bodie play fetch [176 KB].
Bodie is housetrained, rides in the crate in the car and doesn't mind at all, loves being with his people and other dogs. He is comfortable being the third dog in his foster home, and plays well with two other male Aussies. Bodie is used to being around other dogs and is very friendly. He greets visitors with big wags of his tail. His eyes are amazing! They are amber with green around the edges. He is learning to play not quite so rough, and is not as mouthy as he was when he first got into his foster home. He sleeps on his dog bed at night, or even with the other Aussie on his bed! We want to find him an adult only home where he will continue to have structure, and the leadership he needs. Fostered in Santa Rosa. Contact Cyndi Sanders at

***ADOPTED 6/20/04***
Mickey NCAR #130

Charlie and his new mom!
Mickey, now Charlie, is living in Berkeley with a grad student. His mom says he's been following her everywhere and sitting right beside her she thinks its sweet! Her parents came over to meet him and just LOVED him and he seemed to love them back. He's been great about following commands like sit and stay, except when he's distracted, which apparently happens anytime there is more than one person in the room. Charlie will start obedience classes soon.

Mickey is a quiet, 50-pound 3 to 4 year old blue merle who was picked up along with a Beagle by the Manteca Animal Shelter. He's loving, calm around all the barking dogs at the shelter, and seemed to take everything in stride! He has one ear that likes to stand up as well as flop down, one eye that's marbled blue and brown, and he has a nice face and coat. He kissed me and asked for hugs. He was full of foxtails, so he's been getting lots of brushing, which he loves. He likes all people, and is not at all fearful or shy.

Mickey is getting used to his new name, but needs a lot of work on recall. He knows how to speak, lie down and roll over on command, so somebody taught him tricks, just not basic obedience. He is learning to walk on a leash, becoming housebroken and learning to "leave it". He corrects easily. Mickey would be happiest as an only dog because he seems preoccupied with posturing with the males and sniffing the girls in his foster home. This should subside in time now that he's neutered, but we still believe he'd be happiest having his humans all to himself. He's not aggressive at all, and gives up food and treats easily...he just wants to be glued to his person's side. He will let you know if he doesn't want you to do something. He whipped his head around and put his mouth on my arm when I grabbed his collar to guide him thru a doorway he didn't want to go through. He's not aggressive, just a typical pushy Aussie who is used to getting his way. We think it's best he's not placed in a home with small children. Mickey is a really nice and very smart Aussie who would be very happy being someone's forever companion. Contact: Greta at

***ADOPTED 6/20/04***

See Clementine's
new "backyard"
Amy NCAR #132

Clementine & Mom
Amy is now called Clementine and lives with Cathy in Bolinas. Her new mom is a writer, working from home and is happy to have the companionship of Amy. She'll go for long walks on the beach and stay away from foxtails. She'll get to go everywhere with her new mom, which is exactly what this poor neglected girl needed.

Amy is a 4-5 year old blue merle who was a stray picked up by the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. She is very thin and has been suffering from ingrown foxtails in her feet for a very long time. I bathed her in the shelter before her spay surgery - she was a big mess! While she was under for her spay surgery, the vet removed 10 foxtails from her feet and toes, so we're keeping a close eye on her to see if she may have more. Amy is being fed high calorie, healthful food so she puts on about 6 to 8 pounds. She doesn't like other dogs getting near her food - it's evident that she has had to fend for herself for a long time, so understandably, she needs to eat by herself, away from other dogs. She does not show any food aggression towards humans, and is playful with my dog when there's no food around!
Look at her video with Kim's smaller mini Aussie [285 KB]

Bad Hair Day?
Want the t-shirt?
Update from her foster mom: Amy has not warmed up or played with either of my two dogs yet. She tolerates Boomer because he sits so nicely and quietly but Bailey has been hiding from her. Maybe they'll have it worked out in a few more days. She totally ignores the cats! They walk by and hang about and she pays almost no attention to them. She has been loose (no leash) in the house all afternoon and has not bothered any cats or the guinea pigs. She is still very nervous and constantly moving around, and of course she wants lots of attention from us. She loves being brushed and sat still when I went to cut the mats from around her ears. I was able to put my hand on the food bowl and then to pick it up and all she did was keep trying to eat. No growling or snapping. Her feet look a little better every day. She will be going to the vet on Thursday morning and the groomer tomorrow. Fostered in Martinez. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/17/04***
Jack NCAR #131
Jack's new parents were looking for a second dog and companion to their 1 year old aussie girl, Gracie. Gracie and Jack hit it off and he loved his new folks, too, proving he's not really too big to be a lap dog. Both these high energy, very loving dogs have a great home with each other and their humans. They will take him swimming and camping and this weekend are starting obedience training with both the dog-kids.

Update from Jack's new mom: Jack's favorite thing to do right now is swim in the river. He swims really, really well - as well as any lab. Jack and Gracie play really well together - we never tire of watching them. We've installed doggie doors so the "kids" can come in and out as they please. Jack thinks that is the coolest thing. He still chases and catches flies (and sits there and chews them because he knows it grosses me out!), but he is so gentle and kind with our two cats its really amazing. He's a great dog.

This beautiful, fun-loving 10 month-old boy can hardly stop wiggling. He loves playing with dogs, but breaks off to get attention from humans. It's just hard to pet a moving target. He has gotten along with everyone at the dog park. He knows basic commands (sit, come) and is just a joy. He is a high-energy dog, needing lots of exercise and playtime. He's smart and willing, so consistent training will help him be a fabulous companion. He goes easily into his crate to sleep at night. He has a deep chestnut coat with dark copper markings and is really a beautiful dog. More news as we learn about Jack. He was an owner surrender. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/16/04***
Maddie NCAR #121
Maddie, now Molly, met her new Mom and dog companion, Yogi, for the first time at a local park. Molly is a little shy at first and her new mom seemed to understand her right away and let Molly make the first moves. Molly loves to play with dogs and her new brother is a 10 years young golden/shepherd mix that really loved her and welcomed her into the family. Which was great since her new mom said, "It's up to Yogi."

Maddie is a sweet, 3 year old Aussie mix. The family she lived with since she was 8 weeks old surrendered her to the Fresno SPCA because they were moving. She knows basic commands: sit, come, stay, leave it and learns easily. She walks well on a leash and is housebroken. She has lived with children, and is fine with dogs and cats. She has been an inside/outside dog, always sleeping indoors at night. She is always close by and seems very willing to please. All her vaccinations are up to date. We are still learning about Maddie, but have already discovered that she doesn't like the vacuum or lawn mower! This is an easy-going, sweet, loving girl looking for a new family to call her own.

Update from foster mom: Maddie has discovered toys. She's always got a soft toy with her. She LOVES to play with her foster mom's other young aussie and gets along easily with all the dogs in her foster home. She is gaining in confidence and security everyday. She is a little barky at new situations, but has not been threatening. One of her favorite pastimes is to watch the trees for squirrels, the other is playing in the sprinklers! Maddie will make a great easy-to-be-with companion.
Maddie's Sprinkler Fun (slideshow - Maddie playing)
More Sprinkler Fun (slideshow - Maddie playing)
Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/15/04***

Stryker (right) with mom and brother
We had him clipped for the summer and he looks like a puppy again! He loves his "little brother" the black lab (5 months). They are totally inseperable and great playmates. We take them to the lake and out to see the horse and they have tons of doggy friends and play dates. We took him to the lake we have never seen an Aussie so tired before. :)

Stryker is a beautiful 9 year old registered Blue Merle who needs a new home due to a divorce. His registered name is Divinities' Silver Strike's Equal, and is quite a looker! He has a beautiful coat and one blue marbled and one brown eye. He's neutered, about 50 pounds and up to date on his vaccines. His owners debarked him because "he barked at every noise in the yard". He's active and would do well with another playful Aussie, or could make a wonderful companion for someone who wants a mature Aussie. Stryker is very smart and friendly and walks well on a lead. He chases and will nip people on roller blades and bicycles, but this can be managed through training and prevention. He is very friendly, even to strangers. He has lived with a cat, bird and both a female and a male dog. His favorite activity is playing fetch and getting pets. He's a fast learner and easily trained (read food motivated!!) We are looking for a new home for him where someone will be with him a lot of the time and take him on lots of outings and keep him away from rollerbladers adn bicyclists. Stryker will make a nice companion. Located in San Jose. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/13/04***
Shrimpy got adopted by a family with another mini aussie. Her new mom says, "She warmed up to us very quickly and she got along with our dog Chester better than we had even hoped for. I think they're going to be buddies."

Shrimpy is a small, spayed blue merle who was a stray in the neighborhood. Rather than relinquish her to the shelter, her foster mom got her spayed, vaccinated and is making her a very adoptable Aussie! The vet thinks she's 4-5 yrs old. Shrimpy is very friendly with one person and reserved around strangers - she bonds with her person. She is very tiny, weighs only 29 pounds and is a bright blue merle with bright copper and some white. She has warm brown eyes. Located near Reno, Nevada. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/10/04***
Maxwell NCAR #106

Click to see Max's new home
Max is a very lucky boy. He was adopted by a family in Oregon who felt a committment to older aussies. All Max wanted was to never be alone, he got that and more! This is really special to see people with a calling to older aussies. And Max will reward their kind hearts since he is a great and loving boy.

Update from Max's family:
To all, Just wanted to let you know that both Diana and I have really fallen in love with Max. He has turned out to be the perfect fit into our little pack. Max has let us know that he feels the same about us too as he now gets upset when we are not within his sight. I can work anywhere around the place and he will always stay close enough that he can keep an eye on me. When we go for a walk he and Star will run on ahead but as soon as they are out of sight for a few seconds Max will come back to make sure I am not getting lost. He is blossoming into a truly great companion. Diana and I (and Max) would like to thank everyone at NorCal for letting us adopt him.
Dayton & Diana

Max is a 9 year old black tri who is the nicest boy you'll ever meet! Unfortunately, if left alone outside, he will search for people to greet, and will scale a fence or find a way out of a back yard. He escaped in July, 03 and was just found again last month, and his owner (while ecstatic to have him back) thinks Max would be best off with someone who is home more of the time. Max plays well with other dogs, loves children and has lived with cats. He belies his age and makes a wonderful companion. Fostered in Rocklin. Contact: Nancy Dougan 916-435-8009 or at

***ADOPTED 6/6/04***
Angie is a 2 year old spayed female red tri who was one of several animals taken in by the county due to an animal cruelty case. Angie is a friendly wiggle butt who is full of energy. We temperament tested her and she is very sweet and friendly. She looks like she was overfed and under exercised. For more information or to visit Angie, Contact Katri Wilson, Rescue Coordiantor at the Butte Humane Society, 2579 Fair Street, Chico, CA. Open Daily 12 to 6:00 PM, Wednesdays 12 to 7:00 PM. Phone: 530-343-7917. Or Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/3/04***
Lola Falana
Lola Falana is a 1 year old mix...either McNabb, Border Collie and or Aussie, we're not sure. We do know that she has a short, easy to maintain coat. She is super gentle, easy to handle & friendly. She's a calm girl who is a little unsure when first coming out of the kennel, and looks to her handler to give her comfort. She gets along with other dogs, she has not been tested with cats or children. For some reason, her ears have been cropped, but this does not affect her personality or health. She's patiently awaiting her new home where she will bond quickly with her family.

Please hurry to the Merced County Animal Shelter to meet her! Merced County Animal Shelter info: Shelter open Mon-Fri 9:30-1:00 2:00-4:30 (closed for lunch from 1-2) and on Sat 10:00-12:00 1:00-3:00. (closed for lunch from 12-1). They are closed Sundays & holidays. Phone: 209- 385-7436 option #3.

***ADOPTED 6/2/04***

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