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March 2004 - Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.

Diego and Ernesto are either brothers or father and son. They came in together as strays. They are a bit shy, but friendly to humans and smush affectionately up against anyone who wants to pet them. They are VERY similar - both blue merles, have their tails, looked a little goofy when they came in, but have cleaned up nicely! These boys are young - staff gueses one is 1 year old, and the other may be 2 or 3 years old, but it's hard to know for sure! They are both gentle, and both like other dogs and are available for adoption. Children over 12 OK.
Contact: Berkeley Humane Society: 510-845-7735, dial 2 for adoptions, then 0 for the front desk.
Or email:
Location is 9th St. at Carleton, Berkeley. Hours are 11-7 Tues-Sun.

***Diego Adopted 3/31/04***

Maya in his new home
Maya is a 4 year old neutered male Aussie. Isn't he beautiful? When his family moved away, they gave him to a neighbor, but he's decided he doesn't want him. He basically has Maya stay in the back yard all the time with nothing to do and no friends to come visit. He's up to date on all his shots and has veterinarian records. Maya needs a loving family with children to romp and play with. Located in Mariposa, CA.
Contact: Carol who lives down the street from Maya at or Kim at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 3/30/04***
Charlee is a wonderful three year old black tri boy who weighs about 60 pounds. He is full of personality; you can see it in his face! But because Charlee is an exuburant Aussie and just more dog than his owners can handle, they have reluctantly decided that, for Charlee's sake, he deserves a more suitable home. Part of Charlee's problem is that he gets very excited when visitors arrive and he has a hard time settling down. More exercise and obedience training will help Charlee to remain a bit more composed. Charlee is fine with other dogs, has never been with a cat and absolutely terrific with people and children of all ages. He adores the little ones although he may inadvertantly knock one over just because of his size. This boy would be a lovely family companion. Contact Nancy Dougan at or call (916) 435-8009.

***ADOPTED 3/30/04***
Carli NCAR #118
Carli is a 7-year old spayed female mini Aussie. She was given up by her family because they were moving ~ the #1 reason people give up their pets. She was raised with children, and is good around cats and dogs. She is a velcro black tri who is a fabulous constant companion. She likes to sleep up on the bed, be where you are and is used to getting what she wants! So if you’re not looking for a Prima Donna, do not consider this sweet girl! She’s a bit overweight at 37 pounds, but is as spry as a pup. Her smile is infectious and she likes car rides, walks and just hanging around. Foster in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 3/29/04***
Suzie is a cattle dog mix. She’s about 3 yrs. old, in good health, with the exception of a previously injured hind leg. She gets around just fine with a little limp, but it doesn't seem to bother her. She is a sweet and devoted dog, current on shots and heartworm negative. Suzie was adopted by an elderly woman a few months ago, but because she chases kids on bikes along the fence and is protective of her home, her owner relinquished her to the shelter. Suzie needs some training, playful exercise and reassurance in a loving home of her own. Suzie is being fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Debra Sandler, AnimalSave, 530-271-0220 or

***ADOPTED 3/26/04***
Rio ID NCAR #117
This handsome boy was found wandering in Brentwood and picked up by a kind stranger. Many attempts were made to locate his owners but no one has claimed him. Rio is gentle and sweet, with an adorable Aussie wiggle-butt. He is fine with other dogs, but unknown with cats or children.
Contact: Kim at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 3/24/04***
Trio NCAR # 118
Trio is an adorable 2 – 3 year old black tri who was a stray at the Yuba County shelter in Marysville. He has an amputated front leg. Joe, the kennel attendant fell for this boy and kept trying to find a home for him over the course of his 3 week stay in the shelter. Kathy, a volunteer with the shelter told me about him and drove him to Sacramento on March 12. I gave him a bath, took him in and out of my car, and over to his foster home where he settled in. He watched with great interest as his foster dad washed windows, and he likes “attacking” the water bucket!
Update: Trio has learned how to use the doggie door, the stairs and has become housebroken – in 24 hours! He loves water, and will play endlessly with a bucket of water, dragging it around and poking his nose into it. And…he loves running through the sprinkler! He’s going on car rides and learning about life in his wonderful foster home. He is fine with strangers and seems to be settling in well. Fostered in Sacramento.
Contact: Kim at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 3/22/04***
Freedom STAAR #3964
Freedom is a 1 year old, neutered, blue merle with a beautiful fluffy tail. His family couldn't take him to their new home. This guy is a jolly puppy, Mr. friendly, that will do anything for a hug. He was an outside dog all his life so he's learning house manners and doing very well. He likes to play ball and Frisbee but he's not obsessed. He's very velcro and bonded immediately. He's 40 pounds and should be closer to 50 at ideal weight. He's up to date on all shots and ready for his "forever" family. He's fostered in Carmel Valley, contact Sue Trapp at or 831-659-4853

***ADOPTED 3/22/04***
This handsome boy followed me home from a walk on El Pintado Road in Danville on Tuesday, Feb. 10 at about 2:00 pm. He was wearing a blue collar--no tags or microchip. The vet said he's mostly australian cattle dog and just over a year old. He loves playing with other dogs and seems to get along well with them. He doesn't chase cats unless provoked to do so. He's affectionate and busy, but I wouldn't say that he is hyper. He likes people and is really sweet. I can keep him as long as it takes to get him a home where he will have dog companions, human attention, an indoor lifestyle and lotsa love. He is neutered and up-to-date on his shots. Contact Nancy at 925-831-9939 or or Nancy Dougan at or call (916) 435-8009.

***ADOPTED 3/17/04***
Buddy is a 9 year old neutered Blue Merle ~ his birthday is 9/15/95. A family with two children got him from an ad in the paper 5 years ago. Buddy gets along with cats as well as dogs. This nice boy passed the temperament test at the shelter. Why is he in the shelter you ask? Because he keeps finding a way to get out of his back yard and walks to the shelter! Apparently, the shelter is just down the street from their home. He’s done this three times, and the fee to bring him home has escalated to $280 and the family cannot or will not pay. We would like to find him a home where he can live in a home with a secure, safe yard, and get the stimulation and exercise he is looking for! We will post a better photo of Buddy very soon.
Contact: Contra Costa Animal Services Martinez Shelter, 4849 Imhoff Place, Martinez, CA 94553.
Phone: 1-925-646-2995.
Hours: Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 10-5 and Wed 10-7 and Sun, Mon closed.

***ADOPTED 3/17/04***
This big girl was running around with a black chow and was hit twice by a car near Old Placerville Road and Routier Road. A good Samaritan took her to Sacramento Veterinary Surgical Center where she got X Rays and a full exam FOR FREE! What a great vet! She had no micro chip and no collar and was in heat. An ad has been posted in the Bee, but if no one claims her, she can be adopted from the Sacramento SPCA on Florin Perkins Road. This girl is as nice as she is large! She weighs 90 pounds! We guess she’s 2 to 4 years old, and a lab or mastiff mixed with another large breed. She’s very calm and has not been used to being in the house or in a van, although she enjoyed sticking her head out the van window during our drive! To meet her, contact the Sacramento SPCA. She is animal ID # 74172A.

***ADOPTED 3/15/04***
Coby, STAAR #3962
Coby is a one year old neutered, purebred, black tri aussie with docked tail. This guy loves everybody, kids, dogs, cats, just everybody. He's got the most beautiful long flowing coat! He's medium energy, very agile and FAST! He's housebroken, up to date on shots and heartworm negative. He's learning house manners and simple commands and is eager to please. He'll need obedience classes to make him the perfect pet. Coby is fostered in Los Gatos, please contact Sue Trapp at or 831-659-4853

***ADOPTED 3/14/04***
Ben NCAR #115

Ben in his new home.
Ben has a new brother, Hudson, and adoring parents. We are told he sleeps in one big crate cuddled up to Hudson.

Ben is a fun, young, black tri who came into the Sacramento County shelter with his brother. Ben is the larger of the two, and has a white blaze on his chest. He fetches the tennis ball and likes to be petted and gives little kisses. I think I saw him give me a little smile! He didn’t want to come out of the kennel at the shelter at first, but then came out and never looked back. He greeted all the other barking dogs in the shelter and never once barked back at them. I had to lift him into the crate in my van to drive to the dog park – he didn’t mind. I took him to the dog park along with Jerry and they enjoyed playing with every dog there, from a pug to a lab! He greeted, but didn’t chase, a 4 year old boy who was running around the park. This boy has a nice temperament from what we’ve observed so far.
See Video of Ben at Dog Park [167 KB]
Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 3/14/04***
Eli, NCAR #106
Eli is a wonderful 3-4 year old neutered black tri from the Madera County Animal Shelter. He has a thick, long coat and a big white blaze, and should weigh about 60 pounds (after he loses 10 pounds of chubbiness). And here's an added treat...he SMILES! His foster mom says his nick name ought to be "Dozer" because he is perfectly content to sleep at her feet all day while she works on a computer. This velcro Aussie is fine with other dogs, and okay with cats. He would do best in a home without children. He is being fostered in Rocklin. Contact Nancy at or 916-435-8009.

***Adopted 3/13/04***
What a name! Hurry and adopt this Aussie mix girl so she can have a real name! Spaz is listed as an Aussie-Kelpi mix. She's cute as a bug, 1 yr old and spayed! She is housetrained & good w/kids! What a find!! Spaz has been in the Haven Humane Society in Redding for a long time and deserves a home of her own! To meet her, please visit the shelter or contact Sandy Shelby, at 530-241-1653, or email: or The shelter is located at 7449 Eastside Rd. in Redding. The phone number is 530-241-1653. Spaz is waiting for you!

***ADOPTED 3/9/04***
Patch NCAR

Patch and her family
Patch is just soaking up the love in her new family.

Patch is a 1 year old female Terrier-Border Collie mix. Patch lived her first year in the back yard, never walked on a leash and never was allowed in the house. Thankfully, she got a chance to play with children and visitors, so she's social! She is adapting very well in foster care where she flies through the doggie door, sleeps in a crate or dog-bed at night and loves to play. Her absolute favorite playmate is Paxton, a 6 month old foster Aussie.
see them play [75 KB]

She was raised around children and cats and likes to be where everyone else is. She'll cuddle in your lap, too! She'd do best in a home with another young, playful dog. She's very smart and will thrive with a patient, calm owner who will take her through obedience training. She is current on her vaccines, heartworm negative and spayed. She weighs about 27 pounds and is extremely agile. This is a sweet girl looking for a loving home of her own.
Contact Kim at 916 451-7400 or email

***ADOPTED 3/7/04***
Jerry NCAR #116
Jerry is Ben’s brother, and also a fun, young black tri. He’s a bit smaller than his brother and has really bright copper eyebrows and just a little white tuft on his chest. He came right out of the kennel at the shelter and greeted me and all the other barking dogs with a wiggle butt. He likes being petted and gives little kisses. He comes to me readily when I call him, and fetches the tennis ball nicely. I had to lift him into the crate in my van, and he never fussed. He played nicely with all the dogs at the dog park – he has a really nice temperament. Ben and Jerry are very bonded, so it’s difficult to distinguish their personalities at this point. When we learn more about them we will update their bios. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at or 916-451-7400.

***ADOPTED 3/7/04***
Bear I.D: 02-19-04 3
Bear is a really nice, mellow black tri. He was an owner release but we don't know the details yet. Once we get any more information, we’ll add to his posting. Bear’s teeth are really beaten up and chipped, but chipped teeth are not necessarily an indication of old age. We’ll wait until the vet takes a good look at him before we guess his age. What a beautiful boy he is! The shelter volunteers say that Bear is sweet, friendly and easy-going. He currently weighs 55lbs but could stand to gain a few pounds! He is very well mannered and does great on a leash. He is very gentle and affectionate to all. He seems very smart, and is a loving boy who would love a new home and family.
Contact: Tehama County Animal Shelter, Red Bluff, CA.
Phone: 530-527-3439. Open MON-FRI, Office Hrs 8am to 5pm; Shelter Hrs 10am to 4pm.

***ADOPTED 3/4/04***
Dog ID Number: 178796
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 3 years Old
Put to Sleep Date: 03/10/04
Description: Border Collie/Aussie Mix
I need someone to be my diet planner/trainer. I am on the "chunky" side. (84lbs) Please help me get back into shape.
The shelter is located at 2127 Front Street, Sacramento, (916) 264-7387.
Hours of Operation: Sunday and Monday Closed
Tuesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

***ADOPTED 3/4/04***
Max is a 6 year old Aussie-Border Collie mix. (Although he looks more Aussie!) Max was surrendered to the animal shelter because his family just didn’t have the time to spend with him and care for their 2 children as well. Max is neutered, medium-large in size, has been an inside/outside dog, is house broken, walks on a leash and sits when asked. Shelter staff say he’s VERY friendly, VERY loving, independent, VERY playful, easy going, smart and alert, Max got along with their other dog and their children – so how could they give him up?

Here’s what a volunteer says about Max: ”I was able to reach the people who turned Max into the shelter and learned that he had lived with a 2 and 4 year old and was very good with them. He also was great with all the neighborhood dogs. She said she only saw him once with a neighborhood cat and he seemed fine. But he doesn't have a lot of experience with cats. She gave him a whole hearted endorsement and says he's a very good dog.”

Contact: Nevada County Animal Shelter, Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, open 1:00 pm, close 4:30 pm, Saturday open 1:00 pm, close 4:00 pm,, Sunday, closed.
Located at 14647 McCourtney Road, Grass Valley CA. Ph: 530-273-2958. Or contact Cheryl Wicks, Volunteer at or 530-272-8833.

***ADOPTED 3/4/04***

Zeus & sister
Zeus has a new little sister! This gentle boy is loved and secure in his new home.

Zeus is a darling 4 year old Blue Merle with papers. He needs a new home as his owners are sold their house and surrendered him to a shelter. Zeus has some vision problems which cannot be corrected - he sees, but not very well. He is great with kids and other animals, including cats. He has a sweet disposition and is a little on the shy side yet loves attention. He has always been an outside dog but would like to be inside with people. He knows several commands and is a nice boy who is calm and easy to love.
Nevada County Animal Shelter located at 14647 Mc Courtney Road, in Grass Valley Ca., 95949, or call to get information at (530)-273-2958.
Or Contact: Kim Kuenlen 916-451-7400 or

***ADOPTED 3/4/04***
Katie is a cute 18 month old shepherd mix. She's spayed, housebroken, and is updated on all shots. She is curious, playful, and smart! She likes to play fetch and brings the ball right back to you, knows sit, shake and down. She doesn't dig and is ok with cats, but if they run she'll chase them! She walks well on a leash, but wasn't walked by her previous owner so sometimes barks at other dogs which is easily corrected. She listens well and wants to please and would do great in an obedience class. She has become a nice member of her foster family, but really deserves a family of her own. We hope to find Katie a loving home with a fenced yard and maybe a doggie door, too! Children over 8 OK. Located in East Sacramento. Contact: Joanne at or 916-455-1632.

***ADOPTED 3/4/04***
Oops, I did it again. OK…OK! I know! But how could I not post this darling Brittany Spaniel! He came in as a stray to the Sacramento County Animal Shelter and is available for adoption on March 2. He’s shy and was looking frightened the first day I saw him. Two days later, when I took this shot, he was relaxing in the sun with his bunk mates!
Located in Sacramento, 4290 Bradshaw Road. Hours: Tuesday, Thurs, Fri: 8 AM to 5:00 PM. Wednesday, 8 AM to 7 PM, Sat: 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Closed Sundays and Mondays.
Phone: 916.875.5281. If you’re interested, please just go down and visit him!

***ADOPTED 3/3/04***
Dog ID Number: 178491 Cloe
Sex: Female
Age: Young Adult
Put to Sleep Date: 03/04/04
Description: Australian Shepherd w/Long tail
I am a beautiful girl with one blue eye and one brown. I have a long tail which is unusual. See how unique I am.
The shelter is located at 2127 Front Street, Sacramento, (916) 264-7387.
Hours of Operation: Sunday and Monday Closed
Tuesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

***ADOPTED 3/2/04***

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