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March 2005 Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Lyra is a cute, little cattle dog mix who was found running loose in the country. She is a little underweight and will be spayed soon. She is shy, afraid of loud noises, but not aggressive. She sleeps well in a crate at night with out making a peep. She loves to cuddle and doesn't bark unless the other dogs do. She has been getting along great with the dogs at my house and my parents. She is very sweet and eager to be your friend. She is not food agressive, and has never shown any agression towards any member of my family other than the cats! She is coming out of her shell and being a playful pup - we know she'll make some family a great dog. I have not seen how she acts around small children but she isn't scared of strangers who enter my house. Lyra is in Madera, CA. Contact Jackie at 559-313-7285 or

Bud is going "kennel crazy" at the Marin Humane Society. He's spinning and getting frenzied. This is a good boy who needs out asap. Bud is a 2 1/2 year old Catahoula-Aussie mix. He's a wonderful boy who was surrendered to the shelter by his family cause they were moving - they had children, but we're not certain of their ages. They kept him outside 24/7 and didn't spend much time with him. He loves children and loved it when the kids went outside to play with him, but it certainly was not often enough. This is a good boy who is great with other dogs and people, and may chase a running cat, but wouldn't hurt it. Bud has been under exercised and under stimulated and needs a good home where he's allowed in the house with his people and will get the exercise and training he deserves.

The Marin Humane Society
171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd.
Novato, CA 94949
(415) 883-4621

Chance is a young, male aussie mix. He was quite shy when he came into the shelter. He didn't even want to venture out of his pen. But out he came in short order and is learning that people are not so bad. We called him Chance because that's all he needs, the chance to show he will be a loyal and faithful companion to a lucky person or family. Chance is excellent on a leash, has rarely pottied in his pen, and thrives on consistency. Chance has medium hair and would love a person to call his own.
Corning Animal Shelter
Corning, CA

This is an 11 month old Aussie mix who was surrendered by his family because he chases the children. He's young and sweet.

To help, contact the Antioch Shelter at 925-779-6989.
Address: 300 L Street, Antioch CA
Hours: Open Monday-Saturday 10 am - 4 pm Open Late on Tuesday & Thursday until 8 pm

Cheyenne's Pups
Australian Shepherd,Border Collie Mix
Mom and one pup were adopted! A few puppies are left! 2 white and red, 3 black/ tri colored, 2 that look like Mom (see Gallery photo). We do not have information about individual pups over the phone or via email. Please visit the shelter and see them.
Size: Medium
Age: Baby
I.D: 02-22-05 15-21

Tehama County Department of Animal Services
Red Bluff, CA

Devin, STAAR #4098
Devin, STAAR #4098 is a 1 year old neutered blue merle with blue eyes. This beautiful big boy is a happy, happy fellow! He's very loving. Rides well in the car. Gets along with other dogs, don't know about cats. He has a beautiful coat but is about 15 pounds underweight at 50 pounds. He doesn't have any training or manners but is very sweet and will be easily trained. He's medium energy and enjoys laying at your feet. He's fostered in Lompoc, CA. Contact Sue Trapp at or 831-601-3350

This is Sugar. You know how you can just meet a dog and fall in love? That's what happened to me when I met sweet Sugar. She's very shy at first, but as soon as she begins to realize that she's going for a walk, she walks like a pro, right by your side, even when I took her off leash! She's very affectionate, but seems hesitant to give kisses. She knows how to sit and lay down, and with all the attention you give her, will learn more in no time! She comes when you call her or whistle, and will lay at your feet when she reaches you (how sweet is that?). Obedience classes are a great way to bond with your new dog, and there's no doubt that Sugar would shine! She has a very distinct, quiet, bark (that you might only hear when she's in her kennel here), that makes me wonder what she's saying. You might be able to find Sugar in the puppy run, in kennel 2 (if I don't get to her first!) Oh, did I mention that she's a volunteer favorite? She sure is! (mhs)

Size: Medium
Age: Young
Sex: Femalev I.D: 379219
Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation
Sacramento, CA

Zoey is 8 - 9 year old beautiful black bi Aussie girl with a silky coat. She has a natural bob and weighs 37 pounds. She is good with cats and most dogs and behaves wonderfully in the house and is housebroken. She came from a home with a single mom and 3 boys who are now grown & gone. Zoey is good with most kids, but we think kids over 10 would be best cause she can be "a little cranky at times!" Zoey is very smart and used to getting her way, so her idea home would be with people who are familiar with typical pushy Aussies! Zoey has been at the shelter way too long and needs a home of her own ASAP! Zoey is a love with a twinkle in her eye who the kennel supervisor has taken under her wing. Contact Jean A. Miller, Kennel Supervisor, Dept. of Animal Regulation, Ventura County Animal Shelter. Phone: 805-388-4341, Ext. 4357 or email Website:


Paisley NCAR #172

Paisley with Eric in her new home in Santa Cruz
Paisley lives with Eric in Santa Cruz where she'll live near the beach and be by Eric's side constantly! Lucky girl!

Paisley is a 11-12 month old tiny female Aussie mix. She's tiny at 22 pounds! She has a beautiful marbled eye, a silky coat with a long fluffy tail. She is living nicely with 6 foster Aussies and played with Mooch, the biggest in the group! She also has a crush on Zito!

She loves children and people and is a nice size to hold in your lap! She fetches anything, including tennis balls and socks! We is Ok with cats and loves children and cuddling. She can sleep in a crate or curled up with her human. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/18/05***
Kasi, short for MIKASI ("coyote" in Native American) was seen running loose in Petaluma for about a month. Finally, he ran onto a good samaritan's property where she was able to call him to her. This beautiful boy was entangled in a coyote snare and was a terrible mess. She got him to a vet and posted ads, but no one has responded. This lucky boy is living the good life now and is deserving of a great forever home. He's 2-4 years old, in good shape and has put on some weight in foster care. Fostered in Petaluma. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/16/05***

Larry and Cody
Cody lives with Larry in Reno where he gets to play Frisbee in the snow, the park or in the livingroom! Larry waited a long time before finding his perfect Aussie buddy and we're glad he found Cody!

Cody is a 7 years young Australian Shepherd who is in love with his Frisbee. This is a great Aussie who is great great with people and children. Cody is an extremely well trained dog and will be very easy to live with for any one who wants a really fun guy. He's always ready to play but settles down nicely when you tell him to ~ he's happy just hanging with his person. We think he'd do best as an only dog because he's shown a little jealousy when other dogs come up while he's being petted - he air snapped at them. Considering this boy was at the Mendocino Animal Shelter for almost 3 months, we think he's handling himself pretty well! He's already getting better about the jealousy and is very correctable with a "No". He has a beautiful coat that his foster mom has brushed continuously for two days! This is a great Aussie ready for his forever home! Make sure you like throwing a Frisbee! Fostered in Ft. Bragg, CA. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/13/05***
Abbie, NCAR #171

Abbie & Easy
Abbie lives with Easy, her new Aussie brother in Foresthill. She has her mom around almost 24 hours a day and gets to run around with Easy on a huge property in the country. Abbie likes Easy a lot and the feeling is mutual!

Abbie was a stray picked up by Sacramento County Animal Control. She's probably 3-5 years old, overweight and matted, but I took her to LaunderDog straight from the shelter and she's clean now! She's a sweet, little Velcro Aussie girl. So far, we've not seen anything we don't like. She took to a bath given to her by a stranger as exhibited in this photo! She greeted the other Aussies in her foster home nicely and came right to me when called. We'll post more about her as well as photos with a dry coat soon! Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/12/05***
Trooper is a 2 year old red bi Aussie mix - possibly part Border Collie. He had been living in a home where he was abused and the couple were fighting. Two dogs were removed from the home, and one was adopted and Trooper is being fostered by people who have other herding dogs. He is smart, fetches like a pro and is housebroken. He sleeps inside at night with three other dogs. Trooper may be the offspring of working dogs because he is quite intense, extremely smart, and needs direction and training to truly feel fulfilled in life! He also needs LOTS of love and attention to make up for what he lacked in his first home. He is good with other dogs and absolutely LOVES kitties - he had 4 in his first home! But most of all, Trooper needs the devotion of an owner who has the time and love to invest in him. He is very anxious to please and just wants to be loved and feel secure -- finally! This boy will excel in obedience, agility, herding or whatever fun comes his way. Fostered in Sebastapol, CA. Contact: Kim at

Australian Shepherd Mix
Buddy is a beautiful, happy and smart boy. He is about 10 months old, weighs near 52 pounds and his healthy, soft coat has gorgeous blue merle coloration. This observant, responsive boy loves to interact with people, is quick to learn and already knows the commands sit and down. He is a well mannered, friendly, patient boy who enjoys attention and is a loyal companion. This silly boy is quite the lover and has an irresistibly adorable face. Buddy is a real easy going guy who would make a great caring companion and friend to that lucky person.

Tehama County Department of Animal Services
Red Bluff, CA


Bonnie Blue
Bonnie Blue is a darling 6 year old spayed Aussie mix! She's great with dogs and people and is very easy to have around!

Update 3/4: Bonnie just had surgery to remove 3 bladder stones which will clear up her incontinence. This girl is totally loved by everyone at the shelter - they've invested a lot of money in her because they know she will make someone very happy! If you have time and are willing, please consider fostering or adopting this sweet girl. To foster, contact Kim at

To adopt, please contact Jeri Seiden, Manager of Special Needs,
Humane Society Silicon Valley
2530 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara.
Phone: 408-727-3383 Ext #871

***ADOPTED 3/9/05***
Freddy is a 4-5 year old neutered black-bi Aussie who has been at this shelter for almost a year. We just found about this sweet boy and hope someone wonderful will adopt him ASAP! He's perfect!

Please contact Sharon Felkins, volunteer at Mendocino Coast Humane Society at, The Mendocino Coast Humane Society is located at 19691 Summers Lane, Fort Bragg, CA or email Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/9/05***
Zito NCAR #177

Laurel, Cody, Gary & Zito!
Here's Zito with his new Aussie sister Cody and his parents Laurel and Gary. Zito lives in SF only 3 blocks from the beach where he'll get daily romps!

Zito is a 14 month old bundle of love and energy. He spent his life outside and slept in the garage. Thankfully, his owners realized he deserved more and asked us to find him the perfect home. Zito is a wonderful little Aussie boy at 35 pounds! He is not afraid of people and greets everyone with the same sweet enthusiasm...whether human or canine. He had his first trip to the dog park and did just great.
See video of Zito at the dog park [294 KB]

He comes running when called and crates easily. He's now housebroken and using the doggie door. This boy is so deserving of obedience classes and tons of attention and love. He will mature into a wonderful Aussie at about 40-43 pounds. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/9/05***
Aspen is a 16 week old, purebred, blue merle, neutered, male, mini Australian Shepherd. He's mostly white because he's the product of "merle to merle" breeding and that's why the breeder turned him into the county shelter. Aspen is probably deaf or hearing impaired and may have some sight impairment also, we're not sure because he acts just like any other puppy. These aussies are just like any other aussie, playful, loving, intelligent, etc. They always keep an eye on you, they are loyal just like any other aussie. They are easily trained just like any other aussie using hand signals. Adopting a special needs aussie is just like adopting any other aussie, you must make a commitment to make him a part of your family, keep him safe, take him to training and give him lots of love. He's fostered by Animal Friends rescue in Salinas.
To meet him please contact Debra McCraw, e-mail
Information on Deaf Aussies


Susan & Layla
Layla in her new home with Susan and her cat, Tigger in Hercules. Layla starts obedience training right away and may do agility some day. She walks around with her squeeky toys and makes her mom laugh out loud!

Layla is going to be two years old in March. She's a pedigreed, blue eyed red merle who has been under exercised and overfed! She's completely devoted to her primary caretaker, but hasn't received the attention she deserves so they would like to find her a home where she will! She's overly excited when she's around people because she's starved for attention. She's extremely excited to meet anybody, but will settle down after awhile. She's great around a 4 year old grandchild and all people. We took her to the dog park for her very first time and she was fine with most dogs approaching her, but she got worried and snappy when some males approached her or her owner. She obviously needs to slowly get socialized with other dogs. This is a nice girl who needs regular exercise and exposure to new experiences! Layla is in Roseville, CA. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/6/05***
Australian Shepherd,Border Collie Mix
Mom and pups were released to the shelter. Mom is 2-3 years old, sweet girl, a little afraid in shelter environment, pretty girl, okay around children, understands sit, down and no, mother of 7 puppies puppies.
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
I.D: 02-22-05 14

Tehama County Department of Animal Services
Red Bluff, CA

Sadie before the haircut
Sadie before the haircut
Sadie is a darling 10 years young spayed Aussie girl at the Amador County Animal Shelter. Her owner died and so to the shelter she went. She is good with children, dogs and cats. She has a sweet temperament and is a really nice dog. She had to be shaved because she was so badly matted. See before and after photos! The shelter is terribly full as of March 2 and we are desparately trying to get her rescued, fostered or adopted! If you can help, please contact Barbara at or 209-295-3640. You may also contact Kim at

The shelter address is 12340 Airport Road, Martell, CA 95642, just outside Jackson. The shelter's adoption form is on


Fly NCAR #165 and Mooch NCAR #166
Read about Fly and Mooch's new home!


Fly and Mooch are about the sweetest Aussies you'll ever meet. They are 4 year old littermates who have lived together since birth. They have lived with children, cats and other dogs.

Fly is a lovey, easy-going red merle girl with beautiful blue eyes. She loves to groom and play with Mooch and gently seeks hugging and petting from all people. She's about 63 pounds.

Mooch is enormous, but light on his feet! He weighs 95 pounds and needs to lose about 15 pounds. Sometimes he needs to back out of tight spots, and he does so gracefully! He is a sweet cuddly bear who grooms and wrestes with his sister.

Fly and Mooch are favorites at the dog park...and pretty much anywhere they go. Fly jumps in the crate in my car, and Mooch lies down in the back seat - they travel easily! They greet everyone in the same fashion... a gentle approach, soft eye contact and heads in position for lots of pets! Everyone remarks that they can't stop petting them! They will let any dog run after them and enjoy meeting everyone.

Fly and Mooch deserve living happily together with people who appreciate their incredible love for each other and their easy-going nature. A huge doggie door for Mooch would be a plus! They would make great Ambassadors for a family owned winery or home business! Fostered easily in a small house in Sacramento!

Please submit an adoption application and/or contact

***ADOPTED 3/5/05***
Matilda was found wearing an old collar that had grown into her skin. A good samaritan rescued her, got her healthy and now wants to find her a wonderful home. She's tiny and may be under 2 years old. She had no training, but has learned to sit, lie down and stays when people go through the door. What a smart and girl! Her favorite thing to do is SNUGGLE! Fostered in Sebastapol. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/2/05***

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