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March 2008 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Rosie (formerly Tia) went home with Jan in Orland. Jan really wanted a nice, senior Aussie and found her dream girl! Rosie follows Jan everywhere, and especially likes watching the baby goats!

Rosie was one of 3 ancient red Aussies that came in as strays at the Sacramento County Shelter.

Libby NCAR #442

Gina & Libby's new family
Libby is a darling, responsive and wonderful black tri. Our vet thinks she's 2-4 years old. She's a small girl who was a stray in the over crowded Clovis Animal Shelter. We pulled her along with Abbie, her kennel mate, who we've posted under Aussie mixes. Shes extremely fast and playful and loves, loves, LOVES Abbie....but has now taken to following me everywhere!

I brushed her for almost an hour and she loved it and was very patient while I removed lots and lots of matts. Shes a little barky when she wants something or when she's playing...but it's not incessant. She's liking the Sanctuary with all the dogs to play with! Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/30***
Gina NCAR #430

Gina & Libby's new family
Gina is a 7 year old black tri whose elderly owners said they had too many dogs to properly care for, so they asked us to take Gina and another Aussie named Sadie who has already been adopted.
Gina had a litter of puppies in October, so her coat is blown, but should come in nicely in 6 months. Shes ultra, ultra sweet, likes to get in really close to anyone who visits the Sanctuary and is just a doll. Very "unreactive" to sudden movements and noises, and plays well with puppies and all dogs.
Gina is the perfect "Nanny" who can be trusted around small children. She loves staying close, is very calm and enjoys simple pets. She is a beautiful girl and is ASCA registered. Fostered in Grass Valley . Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/30***
Flirt NCAR #

Flirty's choose Dave & Peggy for her new family
Flirt is a mini blue merle Aussie born 4/8/05. She stands at about 15 inches. Her owner was a mini Aussie breeder, and showed Flirt till she was about 6 months old. She fell on hard times and needed to rehome many of her Aussies, so we offered to help Flirt find a home.
Flirt has proven to be a fear nipper, so absolutely no kids. In fact, she needs a really quiet home with an experienced person. Her owner told us that she loves water and is a little Diva. She's housetrained, crate trained and loves soft toys. Her nose takes her everywhere and if there is food, she sniffs it out! She is a cuddle girl, enjoys snuggling on the bed and sleeping at her person's feet. She can be handled and even goes into the shower.

2/12 I have not become Flirty's person yet. She's been at the Sanctuary for almost 5 weeks and has yet to come to me. She's staying far away from me and will only come near me when I feed her.

3/13 Flirty stays close to me now and hangs around when visitors come to the Sanctuary. She won't allow us to pet her, but she does come in to get treats...and she sits beautifully! I can touch her for a split second, but that's it. She also comes into the house now...that's progress!

3/30 Flirty has chosen her people. Peggy and Dave have spent a lot of time with Flirty and know her quirks. Flirty adores them.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/30***
Abbie NCAR #441
Abbie is a 1 year old Aussie/ Lab mix whose owners surrendered her to the Stanislaus County shelter because they were moving. Shes darling, friendly, playful and strong She weighs about 50 pounds and has gorgeous amber eyes and a short, red merle coat.
Her tail is docked and she really is built like an Aussie, but her coat is short like a lab. She is friendly towards everyone, canine or human and is just a delightful girl who is housebroken, knows a few commands and would do well in an obedience class. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/29***
Fern, 5 years old, 49lbs, beautiful girl, enjoys being brushed, loves attention, happy girl, content, happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine, pretty coloring, quiet, gentle, calm, prefers to be one on one with her person, ready to bond with new owner, sweet girl, gets along well with kennel mate-Holly, lovable girl, well mannered, friendly.

Contact: Tehama County Department of Animal Services at 530-527-3439.

Wink, 2 years old, 33lbs, friendly, sweet, cute little boy, maybe partially blind, nice size, happy, loves to run around and play, energetic, cautious but reasonably so, seems like a fun guy, silly boy, enjoys interacting with people, loves attention

Contact: Tehama County Animal Services at 530-527-3439

Riley is a 1 year old neutered Australian Cattle Dog. Hes being rehomed because his owner isnt home enough to properly care for him.

Riley is a fantastic dog with a lot of energy and drive. He is a total sweetie and loves to play with other dogs. He has been known to nip at children, so we recommend no children and a handler/owner who is familiar with pushy, intelligent herding breeds. We urge obedience classes, too.

Riley would do best with an active owner. Running, hiking, agility, doggy day care..etc. He lived his life in a backyard with nothing to do, and we don't want history to repeat itself. He may take some time adjusting to "home" life. Suprisingly he doesn't seem to care about cats! Wahoo!

Riley is 45 pounds, up to date on all vaccines and microchipped. Hes being fostered with Lisa at her Pet Resort in Sacramento until a great home is found for him. Lisa invites you and your current dog to come and visit with him. Adoption donation $100.00 Contact Lisa at 916-202-0297 or

Alex is an adult male australian shepherd. He is already neutered, and is current on his shots. Alex is listed as a special needs dog because he is hearing impaired. That doesn't slow him down any! He is very playful, and walks well on a leash. He is good with other dogs. Alex is currently in foster care. If you would like more information about Alex, please contact his foster mom at

Mandy NCAR #435
Mandy is 18 months old blue merle whose owners got her as a puppy. She spent her life with two old big dogs outside in a kennel. There were children in the family, but they only played with her when they were outside. She didnt go for car rides or leave the back yard. Her owners surrendered her to the El Dorado County shelter because she didnt get along with one of their dogs Well..they put food in the kennel and the 3 had to fend for themselves. What a dreadful and stressful way to have to eat. Thankfully, the staff at the shelter asked us to rescue her.

Shes understandably shy, but has made great strides and gets along famously with the female Aussie in her foster home. Mandy is under 45 pounds and getting over many of her fears. Shes an inside and outside dog now and proving that she is resilient! Fostered in Placerville. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/24***
Maggie NCAR #428
Maggie lives in Berkeley with her new family, including two girls and two cats.shes having a blast and everyone adores her!

Maggie was 2 years old in October. She had a litter of puppies in September, two of which are at the Sanctuary. Shes very nice, is fine in the house or in the yard and is a good girl who is slightly dominant, but not aggressive.
She runs fast, plays well with the other Aussies and crates easily. She should be enrolled in obedience class in her new home. Maggie was surrendered with Leti and Fancy. Fostered in Grass Valley . Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 3/19/08***
Mac is such a sweetheart! I couldn't get over his wiggly butt when I was doing his temperament test. Since his tail is docked hiswhole body wiggles with excitement from the moment he sees you. Mac was anotherdog that we got from Merced that was in danger of being euthanized. We are so glad we saved him; he is such a loving dog. Mac is only about a year old and we think he is Australian shepherd/border collie. He is a very bright, affectionate dog. Mac immediately wants to jump into your lap when you sit down with him. He loves to be petted and get a good belly rub. Mac was obviously someone's loved companion at one time. He knows "sit", "stay", and he walks well on the leash after he has been out for a little while. He is very eager to listen and forms a bond with you very quickly. Mac met a lot of other dogs and greeted them all with wiggles and kisses. He got along with every dog we introduced him with, even the dominant ones. I think he would be fine in a home with another dog as long as they met first. Mac met our office cat and was fine with it; he didn't bother it at all. When he went outside he met our other office cat Grumpy (who lives up to his name) and got swatted. Mac stepped back and stared at Grumpy for a minute and then moved on I don't think he really cares about cats and should be fine in a home with one as long as he is introduced properly. Mac has a great temperament and is very social. He wants to meet everyone he sees. I think he would be a great family dog. He would be ideal for kids over five because he's a high energy mix. Mac is an amazing dog that is going to be a wonderful companion.

Contact: Butte Humane Society
2579 n fair st
Chico ca 95928
at 343-7917 ext 104

Harley is a beautiful one year old Australian shepherd/lab. He is very friendly and is the kind of dog that would be your shadow once he was bonded to you. Harley even has some obedience training; he knows "sit" "lie down" "stay" "come" and "heel", but he could work on his heel. He walks well on the leash most of the time, and is very eager to please. He is always looking back at you to make sure you are with him on walks. Harley was surrendered by his previous owner because he moved from a country setting to an apartment. Harley was not doing well as an apartment dog and his owner knew it would be best for Harley to go to a home with more space. Harley has been an indoor/outdoor dog that is housebroken. He would scratch at the door when he needed out and never had accidents. Harley was around people most of the time because his owner was only gone about four hours a day. He was left loose in the house and was good, but would occasionally chew something up. That's not bad for a one year old dog! If chewing became an issue, you could always crate Harley. When Harley was outside he was loose without a fenced yard and did fine. Dogs should always be supervised outside if you do not have a fence. Harley was around children over five and was fine around them. He played politely and was gentle with them. I think he would be fine in a home with older kids. Harley is a quiet and sweet dog that would do best with kids that understood how to behave around a dog and were gentle. Harley lived with one cat and was fine. When he met our office cat he was scared of it and did not want anything to do with it. I think he would be fine in a home with cats as long as someone took it slow with him and the cat was dog friendly. Harley lived with two other dogs and was great with them. I think Harley would be fine in a home with dogs, but would do best in a home with submissive dogs because he can be a little dominant. He did not like when a young dog jumped on him and avoided being around him but seemed at ease with older dogs. I think older dogs would be great for Harley. Harley lived with livestock and chased them. He never hurt them, but really enjoyed chasing them. I think he would be fine on a farm setting as long as he was supervised around livestock. Harley's previous owner describes him as "friendly and playful" and says that they loved his personality. They said he would do well in a home "with a lot of people". Harley is a wonderful, sensitive dog that deserves a great home.

Contact: Butte Humane Society
2579 n fair st
Chico ca 95928
at 343-7917 ext 104


Kody NCAR #257

Kody lives with Marie and Ed and their female Aussie (who stayed home for the big day!) Hes the perfect addition to their family and they love him dearly. As it should be!

Kody is an affectionate, 6-7 year old black tri who weighs 60 lbs. He's got gorgeous amber eyes and looks adoringly at me! We rescued him from the El Dorado County shelter. He is a total love and a boy who'll soak up as much attention as you'll give him! He also loves car rides and walks on or off leash. He loves tummy rubs, all people and is a real lover boy! Although this boy has gone on daily runs, he is really below average activity level and would love to snuggle on a couch with his person.

Kody cannot live with and should not be allowed off leash around small dogs or cats - he attacks them (doesn't kill them, but he's a big bully and will put them in his mouth!) He is OK with meeting new dogs his own size, and has lived in foster care with 10 other Aussies, but cannot be trusted around small dogs. He also has caught and killed a possum and a kitten. If you have country property and want a great companion and rodent hunter...Kody's your guy! He LIVES to be with people.

Kody is a total love bug who lets you do anything to him....just a doll. This is a real VELCRO boy for someone who wants a low energy Aussie. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 3/16/08***
Sadie NCAR #431

Sadie and family.
Sadie is an 8 year old red tri whose owners couldnt keep her anymore. She's about 62 lbs and has a low to medium activity level. Sadie is more confident than Gina and less needy but very affectionate and sweet. She's a bit bossy and would probably like to be the only dog, but she's not over the top! She likes being groomed and solicits pets. She's a nice Aussie girl. Fostered in Grass Valley . Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/10***

Romeo is a 3-4 year old blue merle. He's not leash trained, pulls pretty hard, but is a nice boy all around!

Izzy (formerly Blue Merle Girl)
Izzy lives in Modesto

This cute little girl is available at the Stanislaus county animal shelter in Modesto. For more information about this animal, call:
Stanislaus County Animal Services at (209) 558-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A228250
Contact: Kim at

Leti NCAR #439

Leti lives with Anne and Victor in Occidental, where shell go to obedience and possibly agility classes. Shell be with her new family almost always, which will make her a happy girl!

Leti is a gorgeous, blue eyed red merle who will turn 7 on April 25. Leti is Wolfhavens Scarlet Lady and ASCA registered. Leti is quiet, sweet and obedient. Shes on the small side and has a lovely coat. Shes comfortable on the furniture and is happy in the house. Leti was surrendered by her owner because she had too many dogs. Leti was surrendered with Fancy and Maggie. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/4***
Fancy NCAR #440

Fancy with her coat grown back in. She is sure happy at home

Fancy and family
Fancy has gone home with Sherry and Terry of Megabucks Aussies in Reno the loving people who bred her. Fancy will live with her mother, father and neice! Now thats a healthy line of Aussies!

Fancy is a soulful, 8 year old blue merle who will turn 9 on April 2. Shes Megabucks Fancy Lady and placed first in several ASCA shows. Fancy is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and just as sweet and easy to be around as can be. She has flea bite dermatitis that will clear up with regular flea treatmentshes another My Fair Lady story! Fancy was surrendered by her owner because she had too many dogs. She was surrendered with Leti and Maggie. Fostered in Grass Valley .

Fancy as a pup
Contact: Kim at

***Happily Reunited with Sherry of Megabucks***

Trevor NCAR #421

Suzi, Trevor & Rick
Trevor lives in Martinez with Suzi and Rick and will get to go to their country home on weekends! Hell have an endless supply of tennis balls, too!

Trevor turned 3 years old on December 6. He began avoiding and then growling at the 4 year old in his home. He eventually snapped at her hand, so we have taken him in at the Sanctuary.

Trevor knows many commands and really LOVES TO PLAY FETCH! He usually walks around with a tennis ball in his mouth. He's used to spending long hours alone in a back yard, and seems content to hang out with me and the other Aussies at the Sanctuary. He'll play fetch nicely and doesn't get snippy when other dogs go for the ball. He loves older children, teens and all adults. He lived with two cats and loves them. Trevor solicits pets from teenaged neighbors and likes car rides. He doesnt fear lightning or fireworks....and loves the hose!

Trevor knows sit, stay, lie down, leave it, take it, drop it, shake and comes when called. He is always dribbling a tennis ball and loves carrying it around. Trevor is about 60 lbs and a lovely black tri boy. He is OK on a leash, totally Velcro and good off leash in open space. I think he'd love to be an only dog, or live with a really laid back female dog. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/1***

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