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March 2009 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Lexi is a 10 year old Cattle Dog who is living with young children and has lived with other dogs. She’s very well socialized and quite healthy. Her owner moved in with his daughter and her children have allergies. Lexi is in Fresno . If you might like to adopt or foster Lexi, please call Gen at 559-824-4950

Our BELLA is a WONDERFUL very-very special girl...amazing that this fabulous dog didn't have her owners frantically searching for her! This 6 year old, is housebroken, good with children, extremely well behaved, walks very gently on a leash and if you hurry she can be yours!

This pet is up to date with routine shots.
This pet is already house trained.
Antioch Animal Services
Antioch, CA

Red Tri Male in Hanford
This is one cute little man! He's in Hanford at the Kings County Animal services
Contact: Teri Rockhold
Animal Services Manager
Kings County Sheriff's Department
559-582-3211 X2531


Earl needs a home where he'll get more exercise & attention than his owners can provide. Hes a 70 lb Catahoula mix (or so they were told). He's a really good dog with a very big heart -- very dedicated & loving to his family. Earl loves to go on walks & to the dog park, but his favorite, by far, is playing fetch. He will play fetch all day every day if he could. He can jump close to 5 feet in the air to catch a tennis ball. He has a lot of energy & loves to run, so he needs a lot of space to run & a lot of exercise. He's housebroken, trained in basic comands, good in the car, & trained to the Invisible Fence.

Earl is good with other dogs when off leash, but tends to get a little bit assertive when he's on leash toward other dogs. He can be protective of his home/yard when other dogs, people, deer, etc. walk by, but responds well to redirecton. He has a lot of energy & can get a little anxious / hyper & barks when he's at the vet, around people riding bikes, or small children. Earl has always done well with the three year old son in his former home .

Earl needs a home where he will get plently of exercise & possibly a "job.".

Contact: PLACER COUNTY SPCA in Roseville @ 916-782-7722



Bear lives with Lisa, Everett and Porter, his new Aussie brother. Bear especially loves lounging on the couch with Lisa as she’s recovering from a broken ankle!

Bear was taken to the Solano County shelter at the tender age of 1 ½ because his owner "had allergies." I wish the owner could know what happened to Bear after he dropped him off.

Bear flunked temperament testing because he was so shut down and sad...he couldn't be put up for adoption and his kennel card stated, “OK to pts” which means OK to put to sleep. Thank goodness shelter staff contacted us and asked that we rescue Bear right away.

Thanks to Debbie for pulling him for us and driving him to our Sanctuary where he ran around, played with most of the Aussies, and found himself again. I honestly don’t know how these dogs can be so resilient and trusting after being so poorly treated. Bear knows sit and come and is housebroken and is a nice, slender, red tri boy. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

Tiffany NCAR#330 Puppy Mill Aussie
Tiffany is happy watching TV with Laura and John, her new parents! Tiff lives in Foresthill and is happy to soak up all the love! Congratulations Tiffany!

Mama Tiffany is an ultra timid 6 year old girl. She gave birth to 7 puppies in our care in October, 2006 and all of them have found loving homes.

Tiffany needs a lot of time to learn to trust her person and is not a dog for the first time Aussie or even first time dog owner. She'll need a special, quiet home with a devoted person who will tether her to her for the first couple of weeks. She wants so much to be loved. Tiffany loves children and can live with grown cats.

She gets along well with other dogs, and is especially playful with puppies. She do best soaking up all the attention and learning to bond as a single dog, but could live with a playful, nice male dog - preferably and Aussie. She's making strides and now sleeps inside sometimes, will peek in when visitors come by and is becoming more comfortable and more confident....albeit slowly! Fostered in Grass Valley.. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/28/09***
Billy is a sweet, but very worried boy. He was shut down in the shelter, so Border Collie Rescue pulled him. We're not sure of his breeding, some are guessing Border Collie mixed with Bernese or Aussie, some say Border Collie/Spaniel and maybe Aussie.

He let the shelter workers comb out the mats behind his ears, & he bonded with one of the women there. He's not a happy-go-lucky dog - he's dear, but he's going to need some TLC & some confidence-building. He strikes us as a dog who bonds strongly with one person & who gets his confidence from that person. He is still young, however, so he may blossom quickly. He allowed lifting him into a crate and with slow gentle guidance, should be a nice companion for a quiet home. Billy is in Chico. Contact Contact:

Charlie is an 8 year old neutered Aussie who weighs 60 pounds and is a real doll. He's got his long tail and is housebroken, crate trained and had puppy obedience training. He knows: Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Come, hand or vocal. He sleeps outside, but comes in the house often. He likes car rides and lies on the floor. He's nice to dogs and people, even if they come into his home. He doesn't have any bad habits as far as we can find out!

He likes to play with plastic ice cream tubs by himself, fears thunder and fireworks. He lives with a Bassethound and a cat. Unfortunately, his people are moving to an apartment and can't take him with them. Charlie is in Vacaville.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/20***
Hugger was adopted from the Lake County Animal shelter after being rescued from a bad living situation. She's about 2 years old and looks almost purebred, but probably not! She's a pretty, blue merle who weighs about 35 pounds. She has been in her adoptive home only a month and has learned lots already. She's smart! She loves children with no restrictions, and is fine in the house and car alone. She has some separation anxiety and will dig, jump or climb fences to find her person…this is a problem.

Hugger is high-energy and incredibly smart. She is learning quickly the limits in our house but has been kept in a small back yard for 2 years which she often dug out of and then roamed free. She needs someone to be with her more, or have her well contained if left alone. She's lived with Chickens and cats…but will chase a running cat! She loves all toys and loves to chase balls. This girl is smart, beautiful and amazingly agile and quick. Agility or Herding would be excellent for her! Hugger is in Lakeport. Contact: Kim at

Gypsy is about a year old and was found running loose, abandoned in Pasadena. She's 45 pounds, silly and sweet. She was found by and being fostered by a dog trainer who has taught her the basics. Gypsy is housebroken and stays close. She's crate trained and is good on and off leash. She's not a barker and settles down nicely in a crate.

She's a bit timid, but warms up quickly. She loves to fetch, and would be a good obedience or agility dog. She has a beautiful coat, is healthy, playful, active, loyal and doing great. Fostered in Pasadena.

Contact: Miyoshi at

***ADOPTED 3/17


This 3 year old boy was surrendered to the Yuba County Animal Shelter because his owners said he "is too active for us" They didn't say he was deaf.....don't think they even knew.
He hasn't been taught anything and is just plain nice. He's learning to run around with his Aussie foster brothers and will chase them when they play fetch, but he doesn't pick up the ball. This is a darling, very sweet boy!

He is living with 3 cats and ignores them. He's Velcro and likes people very much. Fostered in San Leandro.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/16***
Luke NCAR #536
Luke lives with Doug in Berkeley. It's a match made in Heaven.
Luke is a talkative, smart and crate trained red merle. He will be 4 years old on May 15, 2009 and weighs about 45 lbs. He’s had agility training and knows many commands. He was acquired by a family with an 8 year old daughter who loves him, but Luke will allow only so much hugging, then he gets grumpy…he’s had enough! The family has teenagers who can do anything they want with him.

He knows: Sit, down, stay, off, leave it, watch me, kennel, come, here, load up, heel, get it He’s talkative, attentive and an all around great Aussie…just not keen on kids under 12. He also chases cats, squirrels, seems a bully around puppies, and really is a great Aussie for adults. He killed a squirrel that he caught in his back yard. He loves his Frisbee, is good on and off leash, just a gem! Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at


Bogey is a 1 year old Jack Russell terrier. His owners are moving to an apartment and can’t take him with them.

Contacts: Kelly at 916- 960-8401 or Pam at 916 608-5754.


“Jack” is an extremely intelligent, sweet, gentle, loving, loyal Jack Russell Terrier. He is currently being fostered at a home with two other Jack Russells (male & female). He has been displaced from his home twice already, and he truly deserves a long-term loving home that returns his loving nature with the affection he needs.
He gets along wonderfully with the other male & female JRT’s; they play together as a group everyday. He has some sensitivity issues with having been moved from home to home, and his foster mom has been working with him to help him trust them. His new owner will need to do this this as well; he is tentative & just needs to know he is safe where we is once and for all, and he’ll do just fine.
Jack is 6 years old, and very well behaved. He knows all the basic obedience commands and a few tricks too. He is not destructive and will quietly wait for you in the car or at home. His favorite game is chasing water from a hose. Please consider giving this wonderful boy a new home. Jack is being fostered in Roseville.

Contact: Heather at 408-667-7551

Red Tri Male
I am a male, brown and white Australian Shepherd.
Contact: Dana at
Merced County Animal Control at (209) 385-7436
Ask for information about animal ID number A052137

Blue Merle Male
I am a neutered male, white and blue merle Australian Shepherd. The shelter thinks I am about 1 year old.
For more information about this animal, call:
Kern County Animal Control - Bakersfield Shelter at (661) 868-7125
Ask for information about animal ID number A754915


Trixie NCAR #Pup 10

Trixie goes home

Trixie is a 10 week old Aussie puppy who is deaf. She was given to the shelter by someone who couldn't keep her anymore. Rather than give her back to the breeder, the person thought she’d have a better chance with us.

She is a pistol! VERY smart, alert, curious and busy! She sits for treats, plays hard with Moto, yet always follows me over playing with him. To learn more about deaf Aussies, go to and most good trainers will also teach hand signals, so training this girl should be easy! Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/8/09***
Gracie NCAR #506
Gracie goes home

Gracie’s about 12 to 18 months old. She is a delicate and sweet red merle Aussie mix with 2 light blue eyes and her tail. She’s very lanky and needs to put on about 5 more pounds. Her coat is also quite thin, but should come in fuller now that she's eating nutritious food.. She came into the Modesto shelter as a stray.

She is Velcro and doesn’t seem to know any formal commands. She now sits for treats, and doesn't jump up for pets anymore....well, hardly anymore. This is a sweet, easy-going girl. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/8***
Bailey NCAR #425
Bailey is now called Emma! Emma lives with a younger dog named Ammo. Check out the video of them playing.

Bailey is a 2 year old Aussie mix we rescued from the SPCA in Fresno where she was adopted and returned too many times . She’s deaf and an incredible fence climber. She is the nicest, sweetest dog ever.

She is absolutely a love with all people and children…..even toddlers. She is playful with other dogs, too. She’s a dream on a leash, but hasn’t had any formal training via hand signals. This is a nice, bright girl who hasn't a mean bone in her body and is so deserving of a permanent home where she'll be safe and get plenty of, love and training. A great place for her to live would be on a large ranch, or in an apartment with someone who won't leave her alone all day, or in a home with cement wall fencing! Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/8***
Sadie NCAR # 534
Sadie goes home

Sadie will be 13 in April. She’s healthy and happy and not on any medications....even her thyroid checks out OK. Her hearing is going, but it’s not gone! Her owners lost their ranch and they can’t have her in the apartment they rented. She’s lived with dogs, cats and horses and is an all around great girl. She's settling in at the Sanctuary and is delightful. She loves to go with me in the van and hangs out patiently.
Loves people and children. Fostered in Grass Valley.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/7***
Rio NCAR # 542
Rio goes home

Rio is a sweet, shy, blue-eyed blue merle who was found in Rio Linda. No one came for him at the Sacramento County Shelter, and he was too timid to show to the public, so we were asked to rescue him. He’s about 2, only 42 pounds and affectionate. Just needs a gentle, patient person to show him what the world has to offer. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/7***
Wilson is a 2 year old, 60 pound, neutered Red Merle. He's up to date on all vaccines and has lived with Oreo, his older brother his whole life. (see listing below).
He's very dog and people friendly and goes to the dog park regularly. He's lived outside with Oreo, and slept in a kennel at night. He's fine in the car. He seems to have no issues and loves chasing Oreo around the yard. He's lived with children we think he'd do best with another playful Aussie, or adopted with Oreo!
His family is moving out of the country where they cannot take him with them. Wilson is in Sacramento.
Contact: Kim at

Oreo is a 3 year old, 60 pound, neutered black tri. He's up to date on all vaccines and has lived with Wilson (see above) his whole life. He is social with all people and dogs and is used to going to a dog park regularly. He spends the day outside with his brother Wilson and sleeps in a kennel at night. He is a nice boy who has lived with children. He'd be very happy adopted with his brother Wilson! His family is moving out of the country where they cannot take him with them. Wilson is in Sacramento.
Contact: Kim at

Pepper (AO69730) is a cheerful medium-sized seven-month old tricolored neutered male Border Collie mix. This happy and highly intelligent puppy is very food motivated and a quick learner. Since Pepper is a puppy, he has plenty of enthusiastic energy and loves to run and play with soft toys. This smart and capable fellow looks forward to continuing his basic training in a loving and active home. Shelter volunteers note that Pepper is very attentive to people so he is highly trainable and in the hands of a caring owner will exceed expectations for being an obedient and well-behaved canine companion. Pepper is a very typical puppy who needs work and training, he will do best in an active family that is willing to spend time training him daily. Pepper much too entergetic and playful to live in a household with cats.

Contact: Yolo County Animal Services Shelter
2640 East Gibson Road
Woodland, CA 95776
530-668-5287 (press 0 to speak to a clerk).

Rocky NCAR # 539
Rocky lives with Mark in the East Bay and gets to go to work with his new Dad every day! This match is perfectly wonderful for them both!

Rocky is a big guy, 65-70 lbs and about 4-5 years old. He has gorgeous eyes, amber and blue. He came to a family's yard after the July 4th fireworks and never left! No one answered the ads in the paper, so the family kept him all these months.

Rocky is very dog reactive...especially bigger dogs. He's not sure what to do and will nip at their nose. He's not a dominant dog that goes for the neck...but still, he'd do best in a situation where he doesn't need to go on leash walks or encounter strange dogs.

He's spent a lot of time indoors bouncing from sofa to sofa playing with the man who found him. But he received no training and doesn't love to meet new people...he's reserved. Training would help him immensely. But he's a nice boy, gentle mouth and knows how to sit, and that's about it.

Rocky is big, strong, smart, and handsome. Boarded in Sacramento until an appropriate foster home or permanent home can be found.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/5***
Teddy is a 3.5 month-old Aussie/Lab mix pup, who was adopted by a senior woman who didn't recognize how much energy a pup would be; it had been a long time since she'd had one. In the weeks she had Teddy, she took wonderful care of him, so all he has ever known is kindness & good care. Teddy has a lovely temperament & gets along well with everyone he meets: humans, canines, & even felines. He has not been around small children, but we haven't seen anything in this pup that would make us worry. We'd prefer to place him in a home with children over 6-years-old. We believe he will make a wonderful companion dog for someone with an active lifestyle who wants a smart, energetic, athletic pal. Teddy is crate-trained. He is current on his vaccinations, worming, & heartworm preventative. He will be adopted with a neuter deposit, refundable when he has been neutered. To learn more about Teddy or to request an application to adopt email

Jaxon is a 1 year old black tri who landed in the Monterey Shelter. He's a bit reactive to children, so his adoptive family would like to find him a home where there are adults so he's not so nervous. He seemed fine meeting new people and dogs and we'll post more about him soon. Jaxon is in Pacific Grove.
Contact: Kim at

Gibbs NCAR #524
Gibbs is a 12-15 months old, big blue merle. He’s a silly, sweet, knock over your vase type of boy without a mean bone in his body. He loves to wrestle with boys and won’t lay a tooth on them. He doesn’t play fetch...has no idea what that’s all about. He’s all over the place on a leash, needs lots of activity and is a complete love bug. This boy must get obedience training in his new home and would probably do best with someone who has had and trained an energetic Aussie before. Gibbs is about 60 or 65 pounds and is living with 3 cats, but would like to chase them when they run! Gibbs is fostered in San Leandro.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 3/4***

Annie and her sister Lana

Annie and her sister Lana were orphaned in southern CA. They were found in a neighborhood and it was thought that someone had to be looking for these two beautiful sisters but no one came to take them home. They were out of time at the Bakersfield shelter, so we rescued them because the gals are very, very sweet and they will make a wonderful “instant” family for someone! They are both overweight and are now eating less, but it does not stop them from being active with all of her foster pals. Both are obedient and like cuddling, too!

Annie and Lana are truly bonded---they have so much fun together; are gentle; know general commands; and listen well! We know they miss their family---and would love to get into a real home!

Contact: Border Collie Rescue


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