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May 2004 - Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Kallie is a 6 month old, spayed, bi-laterally deaf Aussie/Catahoula mix. Kallie has responded very well to training via hand signals, she now knows sit and lay down, is crate trained and is 85% reliably housetrained. Kallie walks well on leash with a Sprenger collar and minimal correction. Kallie is currently almost 40 pounds and will most likely reach at least 55 pounds when she is full-grown. Kallie is a strong dog with significant herding drive and should not be placed in a home with young children.

Kallie is very Catahoula in temperament. She is loyal and intelligent as well as independent and a little stubborn. I assure you that Kallie is also a load of fun, her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and she is a real joy to have around. She would continue to shine in a home with other active dogs in the prime of their lives. Kallie may be bored if she did not have the company of another dog. She plays well with others, is respectful of cats and has been a delightful addition to her foster homes pack. Kallie came to us guarding her food bowl a bit, but that has been tempered by consistent quantities of food and a pack that is respectful at feeding time as well as exercises by her foster mom to desensitize her to the removal of her food bowl.

Because Kallie is deaf, a secure yard and a commitment to keeping her safe is an absolute requirement. Training a deaf dog is not any more difficult than training a hearing dog if you are consistent in your efforts. There are organizations and information available online and Kallies foster mom would be happy to continue to act as a resource if needed.

Kallies foster mom would be happy to discuss her training and progress with you, an approved adoption application will need to be on file prior to meeting Kallie. For more information, please contact Danielle with Border Collie rescue in Tracy, CA @ or phone (209) 834-2111.

***ADOPTED 5/31/04***
This is 3 year old neutered red tri. Hes gorgeous and very friendly. His owner surrendered him to the Butte County Humane Society in Chico, but were not sure why. He is currently available for adoption. For more information or to visit him, contact Katri Wilson, Rescue Coordinator at the Butte Humane Society, 2579 Fair Street, Chico, CA. Open Daily 12 to 6:00 PM, Wednesdays 12 to 7:00 PM. Phone: 530-343-7917. Or Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/29/04***
Jamie NCAR #123

Jamie and his family
Jamie was afraid of being alone and escaped from metal crates and jumped fences to look for people. He was adopted by a family in the Walnut Creek area and has gotten more confident that he belongs to them and they will always come back for him. He is a gentle, loving boy who now lives with people who love and understand him.

Jamie is a mellow and sweet, 60-pound blue merle who was found darting in and out of traffic in the Land Park area of Sacramento. He had no collar and no microchip and was full of fleas and ticks. He definitely seemed to be lost, so we were certain someone would answer the ad in the paper or the notices at the shelters. No one did.

Jamie is a calm boy who is learning to come to the name we've given him. He comes when I whistle! The vet believes he's about two. He showed us that he's not fond of being kenneled or crated, cause he broke out of a locked crate - bending the bars beyond belief. It was a miracle he wasn't hurt squeezing out. He seems to be fine now that he's an inside dog with a doggie door to my fenced yard!

He sleeps near my bed and seems happy to be part of a family. He doesn't initiate play with the other Aussies, yet he lets Logan groom him and wrestles a bit when Logan "starts it". He doesn't seem to want to fetch, but loves chasing birds and investigating animal noises he hears at the river. He loves to swim! He walked into the river and just swam around very confidently...checking out the fishermen, looking at the ducks and having a good time. He's good off leash, is housebroken, and walks pretty well on a lead. He's just been neutered, is heartworm negative and up to date on his vaccines. This is a calm boy who may be good around children, I'll know more soon. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/14/04***
Flash NCAR #109

Zeke & Mom
Flash is now called Zeke, since he was adopted into a family with another dog named Flash! We just saw him at the reunion and this loving, energetic boy is really in the right home! He gets taken on runs and has his aussie brother to play with and run off some of that energy. It was wonderful to see him loved and happy.

Flash is an 18 month old blue merle boy. This striking 60 pound boy is gorgeous, but he needs a particular type of home as he becomes very stressed when in new situations or meeting people who aren't comfortable with dogs. Flash is a high-energy dog that loves to play with other dogs - he plays hard, but is not the least bit aggressive. He is okay with cats, but should not be with children. He is predatory towards birds, whether they are caged parrots or ducks at the park. His ideal home? Fenced acreage where he can play with another dog, lots of love and attention and structure from an owner who is experienced with Aussies. He is best suited to be a stay-at-home dog, but with training, he could learn to deal with unfamiliar situations.

***ADOPTED 5/12/04***
Archie NCAR #122
Archie is a neutered, 2 - 4 year old black tri. He's about 50 pounds, has a docked tail and a long, full coat. He is house broken, playful, gets along with the other dogs in my home and ignores cats. Archie has leash aggression issues that can be solved with training. Archie plays very gently and would be great with an active dog, a young dog, or even small dogs. He is getting used to the comforts of being indoors and loves to be with his people. Fostered in Gilroy.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/12/04***
Beckett Milo ID #6158
Beckett is a sweet and mellow 4 year old boy. He's about 60 pounds, humble, needy and a tad dorky! He seems serious, but responds to love and attention and activity with other dogs. He's housetrained and a good boy. Rescued from the Sacramento County Animal Shelter he was a bit "shell shocked" and enjoys the TLC of a loving foster home. He's gone through abandonment - "hell time" in a shelter, severe kennel cough, transport and temporary holdings, baths, brushings (he has a lot of fur!) and has been patient through it all. He's also had good stuff : lovings and pettings and small romps in the park. He is still a little unsure, but is starting to feel better. Beckett clearly likes other dogs and enjoys spending time with people. He seems to be housetrained, and although has little "formal" training, walks well on leash. He has a good temperament and sweet disposition - he is ready for a loving home, continued nurturing and TLC - and soon lots of activity, long walks, romps at the beach?!? Fostered in Petaluma. Please contact the Milo Foundation at

***ADOPTED 5/12/04***
Sydney NCAR #126
Sydney is a 5 - 6 year old former rescue black tri Aussie who has lived happily with toddlers for the past two years. The problem is that she was placed into a family where one of her parents would not allow her in the house. Over the last several months, she started jumping the back fence looking for ways to get into the house with her people. Thankfully, they agreed to give her up to us so we could find her a new family. Sydney is playful, sweet and devoted to her family. Like every Aussie, she wants to be with her people 24/7 and will follow you around from room to room. She is playful, but mellow sometimes too. She gets along great with her 3 year old Aussie brother and has been bathed and brushed, and worked her way into the heart of her foster mom. This is a proven family Aussie! Fostered in Rocklin, near Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 5/8/04***
Hap is a handsome 2 yr old black tri neutered male Aussie with a tail. He is extremely timid, but sweet. He is also crate trained and gets along great with other dogs and cats. He is a nice and calm Aussie whose owner died and the daughter was unable to take him. Her wish is for Hap to go into a loving home where he'll get lots of loving and attention. Hap is in Redding. To find out more about him, please contact Chris with Aussie Rescue at

***ADOPTED 5/5/04***
Rudy charmed his way into the hearts of his foster parents. He is a special boy with a special home.

Rudy is a gem! Hes a 4-6 year-old male black tri whose owners relinquished him to the Fresno SPCA. His paperwork says he's good with kids, other dogs, cats, and is housebroken. They said hes a nice dog, but they cannot afford to keep him anymore. Because dogs dont have more than a few days at this shelter, he was sprung and neutered and is staying temporarily at the kennel managers house along with several other dogs until we can find a home for him.

Hes proven that he is totally cat and dog tolerant, but seems to have no idea what "play" is. He is very, very sweet and loves to just hang out with humans. Were not sure if he's been around other animals very much, but we do know theres no aggression at all, just indifference. Rudy is housebroken, crate trained, leash trained, knows basic commands and has GREAT recall. Call his name and he's by your side instantly. This is a wonderful companion dog for someone! Located near Fresno. Contact: Teri at or 559-906-8647.

***ADOPTED 5/1/04***

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