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2004 November Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Genta ia a beautiful, alert girl. She likes to go for walks. Would love a home with a nice sized yard and someone who is home often. Genta has been there since August 3! Someone please adopt this girl!
Shelter Location:
Oakland SPCA PeopleSoft Adoption Center
8323 Baldwin Street
Oakland, CA 94621

***ADOPTED 11/29/04***
Pearl in Tracy - ID #17701
Pearl, ID #17701 is a little 8 or 9 month old Aussie mix in the Tracy Animal Shelter. She was a stray. She's a great little girl who passed her temperament test with flying colors! She plays with other dogs and one of the cats at the shelter, has no food or toy aggression. Seems like a nice girl.

The Tracy Animal Shelter is very easy to find, just 15 minutes from Stockton.
Phone: 209-831-4364,
370 Arbor Ave in Tracy.
Shelter Hours: Noon to 5pm Tues-Sunday.

***ADOPTED 11/26/04***
Savannah NCAR #153
Savannah will soon become an Agility Aussie with Betsy who has an agility course on her property and trains with Canine WAG in Elk Grove. We'll be hearing lots more from Betsy and Savannah!

Savannah is a 2 1/2 year old spayed, high energy red tri Aussie. She weighs 35lbs, is smart as a whip and is up to date on her vaccinations. She knows sit, stay, heel and has lived inside and outside. She likes to play with any dog and will be persistant to get them to play with her. She doesn't like small children and will herd them. She also sometimes nips at bicycles or people as they are leaving the house. This girl has lived with other female and male dogs and is fine. She's also lived with birds and chickens. She loves to fetch a ball and loves to run and obviously herd! She is crate trained and on the barky side...she needs a lot of activity in her life. We are looking for a home where her people understand Aussies, and where she'll get exercise and training. We think children over 16 are OK. Savannah is being fostered in Brentwood.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 11/23/04***
Sadie NCAR #137

Sadie and Carol
Carol is Sadie's new mom. They are going to the dog park daily and Sadie has a wonderful yard with 2 pools and land along the river available for long walks.

See Sadie Prancing [87 KB]
See Sadie Running to the pool [136 KB]
Sadie is a female red merle mini Aussie. She has beautiful blue and brown marbled eyes, and long legs. She's a fast and agile little girl with a lot of energy! Her family surrendered her to the Sonoma shelter after she nipped their 5 year old. We don't know what happened because both parents told us they were not in the room at the time. However, we have seen her snap when she wants something, so we will not place her in a home with children.

She was the darling of the Sonoma Shelter. Her reviews are glowing, and she handled quarantine very well. Sadie is still a puppy. She is almost housebroken and loves to fly in and out of the doggie door! She knows how to retrieve well and loves to run with her foster sibling. She LOVES playing in her little swimming pool! She plays nicely with other dogs, though occasionally they have to put her in her place. She very much wants to please and is stuck to the side of her foster mom in true "velcro aussie" fashion.

She can be a little brat - and wants to get her own way. If a dog has a treat or one of her bones, she can get aggressive trying to get it! This can and is being managed by her foster home - and needs to be constantly managed in her new forever home if she's around another dog. She will sleep in a crate, but much prefers to sleep snuggled in bed with her foster mom till morning! Sadie is very trainable and needs an experienced owner to help her with her insecurity and her need to "have her way". She is smart, agile and very cuddly and can make the right person a wonderful companion. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 11/21/04***
Leila NCAR #113
This is a fabulous 10 year old blue merle Aussie with energy to burn. Leila needs to be the 'princess' and be included in everything. She loves to go and be with you every step of the way. Leila is a PERFECT family dog- she adores children, the rowdier the better. Unlike many Aussies that become over-stimulated by running kids, she just loves to be a part of the commotion without chasing or nipping at heels. Food is a major motivation........she could easily become overweight so you have to be careful she doesn't get into the cat food, although she is great with cats. She is an excellent watch dog with a big bark- but all she is saying is that she is happy to see you. Leila's got a heavy, thick coat that needs to be taken care of. Regular grooming and brushing helps tremendously. We've discovered that she has seasonal allergies so that will need to be dealt with (regular baths and occasional benedryl, for the most part). Daily walks and playing help to dispel her energy- she loves to retrieve and carry shoes around (not chew them, just carry them!). She needs to be a part of a family that just loves dogs. Leila was born in June of 1994 and is due for her rabies shots in September. She is currently on a flea/tick and heartworm regimen.

So why is her family giving Leila up? Life has become too chaotic and Leila is not getting enough attention and exercise. They felt that Leila deserved a family that would make her part of their own. Located in Sacramento. Contact Nancy at

***ADOPTED 11/20/04***
Adopted from the Martinez Shelter

Someone surrendered three, 5 months old Dutch Shepherds to the Martinez Animal Shelter on Saturday, 11/13. Dutch shepherds are herding dogs one can research by going to Shelter website: Click on Departments, then Animal Care. Martinez Animal Shelter, 4849 Imhoff Drive, Martinez, CA Phone: 925-798-1773. Closed Sundays and Mondays. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 11/20/04***
Majesty and Majoya
Majesty and Majoya are now living with Max in Washington, who was adopted by Diana and Dayton. They are lucky Aussies indeed!

Majesty and Majoya are 12 year old aussie sisters whose owner surrendered them when she lost her farm due to financial difficulties. Normally we do not try and keep pairs of dogs together. However, these 2 girls are very much bonded to each other and so we made the decision to try and adopt them out together. At their age we felt it was the kindest thing to do.

They have received excellent care and are in very, very good health. People seeing them for the first time estimate their age at 6 or 7. Majesty and Majoya are located in Lakeport, CA.
Contact: Tina Horat,
Home: 707-279-1532,
Work: 707-263-5380,

***ADOPTED 11/19/04***
Beau is an 11 year young blue merle neutered male with 2 blue eyes. His owners put him through the night box at a local shelter - he weighed 85 pounds. Beau is a real sweetie who is looking for a great forever home. He knows basic commands and is eager to please.He even fetches the newspaper! He loves to play ball and play with toys. This calm gentlemen walks well on leash without pulling and is a pleasure to take for car rides. He loves everybody he meets, his eyes light up and his wiggle butt shows his excitement. He's been playing with a 6 month old pup and has been gentle during play, but he is protective of his toys and bones to other dogs. He is a sweetheart with our 6 year old grandchild and can live with nice cats. He has lost ten pounds and is hypothyroid and will need to take inexpensive medication daily. To meet Beau contact Sue Trapp in Carmel Valley at 831-659-4853 or

***ADOPTED 11/18/04***
Cassie is an owner surrender to the Fresno SPCA. She's spayed, up to date on her vaccinations and a spry, 8 year old mini black tri! Her owner adopted her 5 years ago from the same shelter, but recently had a baby and has since adopted 2 other dogs. Cassie was unhappy with the changes in her life and seemed intolerant of a baby crawling all over her. At her age, she deserves to get all the attention she wants and so we are looking for a wonderful new forever home for her.
Cassie is currently with Aussie - Border Collie Rescue in Minden Nevada: Contact Kathy Givens at

***ADOPTED 11/17/04***
Jackson NCAR #148

Ileana, Jackson and John
Jackson lives in San Francisco with Ileana and John who adore him. He'll go on short works until he is done with his heartworm treatment, and work up to longer walks in Golden Gate Park.

Jackson is a calm and submissive 3-5 year old black tri. He was a stray that was picked up by the Yuba County Animal Shelter in Marysville. He had three puncture wounds on his head and most of his right eye was gone. If he could only tell us his story. Update: Dr. Mulvihill at Sacramento Animal Hospital surgically closed his eye and it's healing beautifully.

Jackson had his heartworm injections on 11/2 and 11/3. He had minimal heartworms, and should be good as new in a month. He can only walk on a leash around the block for exercise for the next two months as the dead heartworms pass through and out of his body. This will be fine with Jackson as he's a calm boy! Jackson heels beautifully and will make someone a wonderful companion. He greets people nicely, loves getting attention and is fine around other dogs, but seems to shy away from them after initial greetings.

We have received a lot of support lately, and we have Pico's vet bills almost covered. THANK YOU!  We need to keep a medical emergency reserve, so we're asking you for more help. Every donation we receive will go towards Jackson's medications, X-Rays, heartworm treatment, neuter and eye surgery which will ran close to $900... and that's with a discount from Sac Animal Hospital who we can't thank enough! If you haven't donated to NorCal Aussie Rescue, Inc. yet, this would be a great time! You can donate using Paypal, or mail a check to NorCal Aussie Rescue, PO Box 191661, Sacramento, CA, 95819. We are a California non profit corporation, 501(c)3, so your donation is tax deductible. All of us thank you for your support...without it, we cannot continue to save these wonderful Aussies. Sweet Jackson is being fostered in Sacramento and available for adoption. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 11/13/04***
My name is Katie and I am described as a female, blue merle and tan Australian Shepherd.
The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old. I have been at the shelter since Nov 09, 2004.
Contra Costa County Animal Services - Martinez at (925) 646-2995
Ask for information about animal ID number A400571

***ADOPTED 11/12/04***
Brandy is a one year old spayed blue merle. Her owner is very ill and his nurse is actually fostering Brandy. Brandy is overwhelmed by the big labs in her foster home and needs a home of her own. She's lived with cats and loves people. She's a bit shy and probably misses her owner. She is a sensitive girl who needs a quiet, loving home where she can gain back her confidence and be part of a family again. Brandy is in Los Gatos. Please submit an application if you are interested in meeting her.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 11/12/04***
Comma's was adopted to a wonderful gentleman with a miniature poodle and 9 month old aussie. They all came along to meet Comma and got along fabulously. He has done much research on communicating w/ deaf dogs and is excited to begin teaching her. He even bought a king size bed so all the dogs would fit. Lucky Comma!

Comma is a very gentle 2 year old double merle (lethal white) female Aussie. She is deaf with some vision impairment. She’s been this way since birth so she navigates through the world extremely well. She is a sweet, gentle girl that will need a fairly quiet home and probably another canine buddy to hang out with. She will need to build back her confidence, but she has progressed since she was pulled out of the shelter. She was originally adopted from the Fresno SPCA by people who received no information on deaf dogs, and was found a few months later running the streets of Fresno with no collar or tags. She’s having fun at Noah and Friends Sanctuary where she gets to play in the water and get lots of attention. She won’t chase balls, but loves to chase the dog that will! She is good on a leash, housebroken and crate trained. Her white coat is long, she has a black splotch on her rear shaped like a comma and her tail is docked. She’s small, weighing about 35 pounds. She’s good with other dogs and cats. Fostered near Clovis. Contact: Teri at

***ADOPTED 11/6/04***
Mick, short for McNibney is a 16 month old neutered black tri with his beautiful fluffy tail. This boy is ready for agility! He was purchased from a feed store as a one month old pup. He's healthy and up to date on his vaccinations. He has not had any formal obedience training and is a nice, "high energy" adolescent male Aussie who is smart and tries to get away with as much as he can. His owners are retired and now realize he's too much dog for them. He does know sit, stay, off and come. He is housebroken and friendly and has been allowed on the furniture. He's not friendly around strange dogs, but lives and plays nicely with another dog. He is friendly towards people both in his home and outside of the home. He likes car rides, playing fetch and running off leash in the woods with his doggie sibling. This is a nice Aussie who we would like to see in a dog savvy home, enrolled in obedience class and move onto agility or flyball. Mick could live with children over 12. Mick is being fostered in Redding by Chris Berg at or contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 11/6/04***
Emma STAAR #3971
Lucky Emma now lives in Carmel and will romp on the beach daily in her new forever home.

Emma is a 10 month old, red tri, spayed, female, mini aussie. Emma gets along with other dogs out at play but is protective of her toys and would do best being an only dog. She's very loving, wants to be on your lap and doesn't know a stranger! She does bark alert at any noises, loves to go for car rides and play with her toys. She's medium energy, 26 pounds and 16 inches. Emma is fairly "mouthy" so we think she'll be fine with children over 12. She has cats in her foster home but she chases them. She's fostered in Salinas, CA. Please contact Sue Trapp at 831-659-4853 or

***ADOPTED 11/5/04***
Chase is a 5 year old, registered neutered blue merle from Twin Oaks. His registered name is Twin Oaks II Chasin' The WInd. He's 55 pounds, in terrific shape and has lived with his current owners since he was 8 weeks old. His owners had a baby and feel they cannot give him the attention he craves and deserves. He went from inside dog to outside only dog and is not adjusting. Although Chase lives with a 9 year old Aussie, he's restless, anxious and miserable. He needs to be with people who will let him in the house, take him on outings and give him attention so he regains his sense of belonging. His owners are doing absolutely the right thing for Chase. Chase knows sit, stay, down, speak and will heel on lead fairly well. He also is trained to go potty in one area of their yard. Chase is an active boy who would make a nice jogging partner and who will respond well to lots of stimulation such as obedience, herding and agility classes. Due to his breeding lines, he would likely excel on a working ranch too! He is fine with children, but probably a bit much for toddlers. He is sweet and has a solid temperament. This is a great Aussie who has lots to give. Located in Sacramento.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 11/2/04***

Martinez Blue Merle Boy
This beatiful blue merle boy is approximately 3 years old, very friendly, neutered and available 10/28. Take a chance on him! Someone loved him once - he could be your next companion!
Shelter website:
Click on Departments, then Animal Care.

Martinez Animal Shelter,
4849 Imhoff Drive, Martinez.
Phone: 925-798-1773.

***ADOPTED 11/2/04***
Boris, ID# 878
Boris, ID# 878 is at the
Shasta County Animal Shelter in Redding.
Phone: (530)245-6065

He's young - maybe a year old and very friendly. His tail is docked. What a find!

***ADOPTED 11/2/04***
Mattie's family worked with NCAR to find ways to manage and channel her energy and found they love her too much to give her up. Congratulations to them all.

Mattie is 2 - 3 year old female Aussie mix. She is a pretty dark blue merle, weighs 40 pounds, and has her long, fluffy tail! She knows sit, wait, lie down, stay, be still, come, and 'mind your manners' and is up to date on her shots. She sleeps in a crate, LOVES to ride in the car, and is a pretty good guard dog, although is learning "be still" when delivery people come to the house. Her owners are looking for a wonderful new home for her because Mattie is being attacked by the other female dog in the house, and because Mattie tends to herd aggressively their four children. It's especially bad when the children invite their friends over and run around the pool - Mattie is very anxiously trying to control them all with barking and nipping at heels. TYPICAL young, untrained herding dog behavior. Mattie also likes to chase their cat, but never catches it. She is being managed right now by not being allowed to be poolside with the children. Her owners would like her to have a happy life with adults and lots of attention without another dog regularly bullying her! Mattie is very smart and very curious and would do well with an owner who wants to channel her energy and intellect in agility and/or obedience. Mattie is Visalia.
Contact: Kim at

***Owners Decided They Could Keep Her***

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