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2005 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Red Tri ID #A170134
This male red tri has been at Stanislaus County Animal Services since October 25, 2005.

Stanislaus County Animal Services
2846 Finch Road
Modesto, CA 95354
(209) 558-7387


Bronson, NCAR #245

Cooper and Matrix
Bronson, now Cooper, lives in Oakland where Matrix, age 8, will throw the ball endlessly! The whole family loves Cooper's gentle, sweet demeanor and we couldn't be happier for him!

This is a fabulous and gentle boy! He's easy-going when meeting new dogs, plays sweetly with children, is friendly towards strangers, rides fine in the car...need I go on? He doesn't need a lot of yard because he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to fetch anything...anywhere!

You can throw a toy, ball or stuffed animal in the living room or down the hall and he's happy for as long as you'd like to play. He puts the object it in your lap, too! He's gentle on a leash and gets along with everyone. We guess him to be 6-8 years old. Fostered in Nevada City and will come to Sacramento week of 10/2. Contact Kim at


My owner moved and left me alone in the house. The landlord found me... I just can not figure out why this happenned. I have LOTS of spunk and life left in me even though I am about 10 years old. Will you give me another chance to be a faithful companion? I am really a nice dog. To read more about this beauty go to Lucy's page at

Lucy was rescued from the Mendocino Shelter by BONES, located in Covelo.

Contact: Barbara at

I am a female, tricolor aust shepherd mix. My age is unknown. I have been at the shelter since Oct 17, 2005.

For more information about this animal, call:
Yuba County Animal Care Services at (530) 741-6478
Ask for information about animal ID number A078422

Reno Female ID#A044005
I am a female, blue merle Australian Shepherd. The shelter staff think I am about 7 years old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 13, 2005.

Washoe County Regional Animal Services (formerly Reno Animal Services)
2825 Longley Lane
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 353-8900

***Redeemed by Owner***
Red Tri ID#A043945
I am a female, red tri Australian Shepherd. The shelter staff think I am about 5 years old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 12, 2005.

Washoe County Regional Animal Services (formerly Reno Animal Services)
2825 Longley Lane
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 353-8900

Male Border Collie Mix ID#A076474
I am a male, tricolor border collie mix. My age is unknown. I have been at the shelter since Oct 18, 2005.

For more information about this animal, call:
Stockton Animal Shelter at (209) 937-8274
Ask for information about animal ID number A076474

***Redeemed by Owner***
Sweet Girl - Adopted!
This girl is sweet as can be and basically just naps when she is not on a walk. We had her teeth cleaned and one removed so she eats well now. She came to us as a stray. Perhaps you know someone who is looking for an older companion dog. Contact Ruth at the Nevada County Shelter in Grass Valley. Let's get her out! Ruth Rasmussen at

Lady is a sweet six month old Australian Shepherd mix. She'll stay pretty small and we hear that she's great with kids! If you're looking for a family dog- please rescue her! Lady is currently in a kill shelter, so if you are interested in learning more about her, please act fast! She will be spayed prior to adoption. and is located at Kings County Animal Control in Pen C-10. If you are interested, please call Kara Johnson at (559) 925-1798 or e-mail her at

Kings County Animal Control
Hanford, CA

Black Tri Girl, ID #A112348
This little girl needs your help! She looks like an Aussie/Border Collie mix. She's at the Santa Cruz County Shelter in Scotts Valley.

Santa Cruz County Animal Services
27 Janis Way
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Phone: 831-454-7303
Ask for ID #A112348

Jordan is a darling boy who has lots of energy- but also likes to take long naps . . . he is a puppy still, afterall! Jordan would love to come home with you and show you why he's man's best friend! Jordan is currently in a kill shelter, so if youare interested in learning more about him, please act fast! He will be neutered prior to adoption. and is located at Kings County Animal Control in Pen D-14. If you are interested, please call Kara Johnson at (559) 925-1798 or e-mail her at

Kings County Animal Control
Hanford, CA

Black Tri ID#A061783
I am a female, black tri Australian Shepherd. The shelter staff think I am about 5 months old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 5, 2005.

Monterey County Animal Services
160 Hitchcock Road
Salinas, CA 93908
(831) 769-8850


Gizmo was surrendered by his owners because he had a Guinea Pig in his mouth and growled when the owner tried to take it. Guess what? He dropped it and the owner was able to pick it up. But the owners felt he was too risky to keep. After a long conversation with the owners, I feel very sure that this boy is just fine! Heck...he had just fought off the lab and he was VERY invested in that Guinea Pig! Gizmo is fine with cats, lived with children aged 9 and 6 and was fine with a 3 year old...but he does jump up a bit in his excitement. He has lived outside in a kennel 24/7 and despite this, doesn't seem territorial.

Gizmo just turned 2 in May and is neutered and living with another neutered Aussie mix at the very full shelter in Manteca. Volunteers have taken him for a walk and say he's fine on a leash. They have assured me they will hold him another week. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in this boy -just email me at

Manteca Animal Services
208 E. Wetmore Street
Manteca, CA
Phone: (209) 239-8480
The Animal Shelter is open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 4:45. They are also open Wednesday evenings till 7:00 pm.

Black Tri, ID #A075737 ADOPTED!
This female black tri Aussie is at the Stockton Animal Shelter.

Stockton Animal Shelter
1575 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA 95206
Phone: (209) 937-8274

Blue Merle, ID #A075837 ADOPTED!
This female blue merle Aussie is at the Stockton Animal Shelter.

Stockton Animal Shelter
1575 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA 95206
Phone: (209) 937-8274

Black Tri, ID #A075403 ADOPTED!
This male Black Tri Aussie is at the Stockton Animal Shelter.

Stockton Animal Shelter
1575 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA 95206
(209) 937-8274
Ask for ID #A075403

Lady lives with Steve and Cheryl in Sacramento. She often goes to work with Steve, gets daily walks at McKinley Park and will go hiking and backpacking!

Lady NCAR #249
Lady is a lovely blue merle with her fluffy tail. She was turned into the Visalia SPCA because she escaped the yard one too many times. She is 6 years old and spayed and was an outside dog only.

Lady is now in our foster care program and is a total Velcro Aussie...wants to go everywhere with her foster mom and is not interested in leaving the yard or home! She would make a nice family dog! Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

Chick is a 4 year old, small Red Merle. He's an outside dog due to human allergies in his home, and he has developed a severe lick granuloma. His owners think it's due to his allergies to grass, but we think it's due to anxiety and could be treated with anti-anxiety drugs for a short period of time. They need to rehome him asap, so we hope someone might give this boy a try, have him live inside with his people, and treat him with these new medications.

Chick has lived with 2 female dogs and gets along fine with them, seems okay with cats, fine with kids. He loves the 12 yr old! He's not destructive, no digging and is well behaved. He was purchased at a Pet Store, was told he is a mini, but he's about 40 pounds, so he's a small standard size. Contact Kim at if you would like to help Chick.

This really nice, female blue merle came from the shelter in Kern County. She is about 4 yrs old, very sweet and gentle, quiet in the house but does suffer from separation anxiety. She'll be HW tested, altered, vac, and wormed 10/8. She gets along with the other dog nicely, and seems so far to be good with a 3yr old little boy. She walks really nicley on a leash - glued by your side as if she were heeling and does this with no commands. She sits and downs. She does not like to be in a crate or be left separate from her people. She barks when left behind, but will eventually settle. She slept nicely on the floor next to the bed... quiet as a mouse. She seems housebroken. She is being fostered near Santa Cruz by Animal Friends Rescue. Contact: Debra at or phone 831-422-1269.

Roper NCAR #220

Roper and Ed
Roper lives with Ed and Helen in Wilton. They fell for his soft and sweet temperament. Roper's got acres to run around on, horses to "watch," a kitty to cuddle with and dogs next door for play dates!

This is a one year old, blue merle Aussie with a tail. This gentle boy was adopted from and then surrendered 8 months later to the Fresno SPCA. We haven't a clue why! He's fun, gets along with kids and other dogs and seems to be a great boy who wasn't taught very much by his former family. They adopted him from the same shelter when he was just 3 months old. He likes to play ball and begs you to come chase him, he's good around horses and likes to run and play... even with an elderly Cocker Spaniel! Fostered in Fresno.

Update on Roper: Such a sweetheart! He's a bit of a talker and is very lovey. He's good with cats, good with an 11 week old Aussie puppy, has had no accidents, uses the doggie door, isn't food aggressive, wants to please, and should get into obedience class! He loves your lap! He's still quite puppyish and lovey. Fostered in Sacramento.

Contact: Kim at

Kelly is a purebred red tri Border Collie. He's a sweetie pie who is either watching or kissing me every waking minute. He weighs 30 pounds and has beautiful amber eyes. This boy was a stray into the Kern County shelter in Bakersfield. He's tatooed and may have been a working dog, but no one claimed him. He loves everyone and every dog, as if he lived with a pack of dogs and big family. He's agile, curious and we're enjoying the experience of getting to know him! Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at


RILEY NCAR #247 (formerly Tye from the Corning Animal Shelter)

Debbie, Lennie, Sadie and Riley!
Riley lives with Lennie and her daughter Debbie in Oroville. He'll live at both homes and play with his new Aussie sister, Sadie! He's so happy he could hardly sit still for this photo!

Riley is a gorgeous blue merle Aussie who is quite slender and long....but he'll fill out once he matures. He's 10-11 months old and has had a hard life. His owners tied him to a tree in front of the Corning Animal Shelter not once, but twice! Debbie from the shelter contacted us after temperament testing him thoroughly and guess what? He's a DOLL!

He's in my home now playing with all the Aussies, including Tess who has no sense of humor, but manages to play a bit with him. He can get selfish when a dog get near his food or his person when he's being petted, but he's easily corrected...he's just starved for attention. He's friendly with kids, humans and dogs of all sizes. He approached strangers at the dog park politely with his tail wagging. He likes chasing after a ball, running like the wind and being free! Contact Kim at

B.B. King
B.B. King is a handsome Aussie mix whose days are numbered. The shelter is over-crowded and he's been there a very long time. He has great markings, is alert and seems very smart. B.B. is approximately 1 1/2 years old and about 50 pounds. Please visit him now and consider fostering him if not adopting him!

Merced County Animal Control
Merced, CA
Phone: 209-385-7436

Sable Aussie, ID #A434365
This 2-year-old male with his tail looks to be a Sable Aussie. He will be temperament tested on Oct 6 at Contra Costa County Animal Services. He's shy, but eventually gave kisses to our volunteer who visited him. We'll post more soon.

Contra Costa County Animal Services
4800 Imhoff Place
Martinez, CA 94553
Phone: 925/335-8300

Winnie, ID #A113016
Winnie is a female Black Tri Aussie at Santa Cruz County Animal Services.

Santa Cruz County Animal Services
580 Airport Boulevard
Watsonville, CA 95076
Phone: 831/454-7303

Black Tri Girl, ID #A020065
This 3-year-old black tri girl is at Washoe County Regional Animal Services.

Washoe County Regional Animal Services
2825 Longley Lane
Reno, NV 89502
Phone: 775-353-8900


Cooper, NCAR #232

Greg, Trece and Cooper!
Cooper lives with Greg and Trece and their 4 cats in Suisun Valley. He will spend most of his day with Greg who works from home, and will have lots of opportunities to the barn where he'll play with other dogs. In time, he'll go on trail rides too!

Cooper is an 18 month old neutered red merle. His owner died and his grandson surrendered him to the Auburn shelter. He's housebroken, has some house manners, and doesn't jump on the furniture. He'll sit by you to be petted! He was left alone in the back yard alot and he nips and moves you around to get what he wants!

He gets along with his foster Aussie siblings. He was raised with cats but we don't know if he'll chase him. Children in the home were 5 and 8, but he's mouthy, (never bitten though!) so an experienced home without small children would be best to continue the training he's getting. He is a smart, good boy who will do well in an experienced home.

Update from his foster mom: He is a very sweet boy who loves to cuddle and LOVES attention. Cooper wants to establish a deep emotional connection with his human. He loves to play catch and is very soft mouthed taking treats and giving up toys. He is also very biddable during play and training. He is a soft dog but responds well to correction but does best with positive reinforcement. He behaves very well in the home and lies down immediately in the car. He loves car rides! He plays well and vigorously with other dogs and does not protect his food, letting other dogs eat out of his dish. He is extremely smart and learns quickly and eagerly. Because he is smart he will need an owner who will spend time with him in the home environment and give him clear boundaries and training. He needs a job, be it as a close companion or as a sporting/competition candidate. He will also need a secure yard as he is very clever about opening gates and finding holes in fences. He does not, however jump fences! His main training issues are jumping on people and mouthing them when he wants attention.

Fostered in Auburn. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/9***
Black Tri Aussie Mix
This big boy was found in a parking lot in Sonora. He's about 70 pounds and very friendly. He is neutered and about 1 year old.

Darlene at 209-532-1818 or
Jennifer at

German Shepherd Puppies
Taken to the MARIN HUMANE SOCIETY 10/6
3 German Shepherd (appear pure) pups were abandoned and are being boarded by German Shepherd Rescue due to a lack of foster space. They can be adopted or fostered now! Luna is a pretty brown pup with a small crescent shaped scar on her back, Sweetpea is an all black pup, and Bruno is a bigger all black pup. All settle down nicely when held...all are quite active when left together to play!

**LUNA, BRUNO and SWEETPEA will find their forever homes this weekend. If interested, contact the Marin Humane Society***
Sheila #246
Sheila is a really great dog. She's a blue merle Aussie mix who is 5 years old. She's playful with other dogs, attentative and adapted quickly to being surrounded by 6 playful Aussies! She happily jumped into the back seat of a car with a 10 year old boy and should make a fun family dog. She's playful and OK with cats.

Fostered in Chico. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/8***
FLASH, ID #070405
Flash is a four year old male blue merle Aussie. He is a gorgous dog who needs a home where people understand Aussie temperament - they want to be with you whenever possible! He loves attention and wants to be with people. Flash is very well mannered on a leash and listens well. What a wonderful find!

You can meet him at the
Lodi Animal Shelter
1344 W. Kettleman Lane
Lodi, CA 95242.
Phone: 209-333-6741
Contact: or Jennifer Jordan at

***ADOPTED 10/3***

This boy wandered into a family's yard 2 weeks ago. No one answered the ads or fliers. This boy is darling! The vet guesses he's 4-6 years old. He's friendly, goofy and likes other dogs. He lets an 11 year old take him for walks and will make a wonderful companion! He was neutered 6/16.

Barry is somewhat dominant, in that he doesn't liked being pushed. If forced to do too much, he will growl, but will correct his behavior. Although he is easy-going, he should be placed in an experienced home where harsh training methods are not practiced. His foster mom can rub his tummy close to his surgery site and he nuzzels and closes his eyes and gives gentle whines. He loves hanging with the kids while they play basketball. Motorcycles, fire sirens and bikes don't bother him, he doesn't blink an eye! Even sudden sprinklers going off or when the garage door opens - he is nonchalant. He is fostered in Folsom. Contact: Nancy at

Carlton Morse is a very handsome blue merle boy. He is approximately 4 years old and about 45 pounds.

Merced County Animal Control
(209) 385-7436


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